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Funeral Poems | Examples of Funeral Poetry

Funeral Poems. Read and share great examples of all types of poems for funerals. This list of funeral poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. These beautiful, moving, and comforting poems for memorial services and funerals have the words that most of us do not have at these difficult times. Read them as a eulogy or include in an obituary. However, these funeral poems are not just for funeral services; they can merely be a way for poets to celebrate life or deal with the emotions of when a loved one dies. Read short, long, best, and famous examples of funeral poetry. 
MY TURN It was so tragic, I laughed out loud Not because I am cold or insensitive But my emotions just got scrambled An unconscious response or reflex But it was an inappropriate outburst In those regrettable circumstances When sadness should really...Read More
Categories: funeral,
Form: Free verse

Powder in Envelope Blues
I hate myself for all the bad choices I’ve made Indulging my senses, killing time and getting bad grades I could-a been a doctor or lawyer or Gerard Way Now I hate myself for all the bad...Read More
Categories: career, funeral, retirement, work,
Form: Lyric
Psycho Counselling
Police grabbed mahsa and forced her to sit in Police vehicle.Her brother tried to intervene but his arm was twisted behind his back.After he disentangled himself. Morality Police told her brother that his sister would be...Read More
Categories: funeral, addiction, death, drink, drug,
Form: Bio
Neanderthals and Torajas Buried the dead With no cost... Within Cave-like holes The dead did easily Exhaust… ===== === Lying posture Or standing To a corpse Does this matter...? Does the dead know Whether their souls fly In airplane or Helicopter…? ===== === Like Shahjahan And Taj Mahal Egyptian Monarchs Built Pyramids...Read More
Categories: funeral,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Prediction
Unless we are one We rise against each other The victor is none War sounds the human alarm As we lie hopeless together We die in our own arms....Read More
Categories: conflict, confusion, death, funeral,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member The Queen Of Our Hearts
Queen Elizabeth II is dead The whole world seems to be wailing, mourning All day and night long, from early morning To very late of the dead Of the night. The Queen’s pictures Are everywhere. Different features Of the deceased Queen...Read More
Categories: death, england, funeral, loss,
Form: Rhyme
We Don't Approve, You Know
We don't approve, you know. Approve of what? The folk who go to London, or who don't The folk who get the flowers out, or not The folk who want to queue, the folk that won't We don't approve,...Read More
Categories: confusion, england, funeral, grief,
Form: Sonnet
Pages of your book
Pages of your book By Michelle Morris 09/09/2022 The snowflakes come down Like a flurry of white hope Upon the grave that we stand around The ground silent like our souls The pastor gives a beautiful service Words I cannot hear Not...Read More
Categories: courage, death, emotions, funeral,
Form: Rhyme
Part 1: As English as Sausage, Egg, Chips and Peas
A most remarkable parish spire! and, widely acknowledged as Just such...constantly commented upon being seen for the Very first time. Pressed into the church's soft sandstone walls, the shallow Indentations from ball and shot left over from...Read More
Categories: appreciation, bereavement, funeral, goodbye,
Form: Free verse
Queen Elizabeth II was her name Quite familiar in the world was her fame! Her Majesty was the fascination of the time Hardly one may forget her face, in the lifetime! Kindness was her message Kingdom held her as the...Read More
Categories: funeral, bereavement, death of a
Form: Couplet
THANK YOU MA'AM - In memoriam Queen Elizabeth II
In memoriam: Queen Elizabeth II died on 8 September 2022. May she Rest in Peace. Gracious and a constant all my life, not bending to public opinion o’ strife, your sharp wit could cut like a Bowie...Read More
Categories: death, funeral, grief, memory,
Form: Sonnet
England's Greatest Pride- Christen Kuikoua
Your years have been long and beautiful You Ruled with Power and Might Your majesty and your reign were not in question Because God made you our greatest pride Unfortunately, today you disappeared in the middle of the unknown But...Read More
Categories: funeral, blessing, devotion, england, family,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Funeral Poem: Brightly Fyom The Night Sky
Another star is twinkling now, From the sky at night, For your soul has flown to Heaven And there it shines so bright. You could not have been more loved During your time on Earth, For you caused so much happiness, With...Read More
Categories: funeral, dark, death, death of
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Life Well Lived
Long ago in the Carib Isles did sow a seed, that fruit a laboured vineyard bears - the blood of the vine born to earthly grow bore its mortal increase one hundred years. Whom in...Read More
Categories: funeral, tribute,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member The Pitiful Parable of Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete is Peaceful Peter now, Married life has altered him, and how. He used to be a honky tonker Always spoiling for a fight, Now he's always home with Mama And in bed by nine each night. It was a...Read More
Categories: funeral, husband, marriage, wife,
Form: Narrative

Specific Types of Funeral Poems

Read wonderful funeral poetry on the following sub-topics: baby, brother, christian, dad, friend, funny, grandmother, happy, husband, mother, religion, sister, uncle and more.

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