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Funeral Poems

Funeral Poems. Read and share great examples of all types of poems for funerals. This list of funeral poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. These beautiful, moving, and comforting poems for memorial services and funerals have the words that most of us do not have at these difficult times. Read them as a eulogy or include in an obituary. However, these funeral poems are not just for funeral services; they can merely be a way for poets to celebrate life or deal with the emotions of when a loved one dies. Read short, long, best, famous, and contemporary examples of funeral poetry. 

New Poems

Old Woman

She slipped into a coma,
fell away,
her ghost groping;
not blind, but blinded,
as if the life in her head
were too bright.

We bundled her things,
squeezing shoulders,
taking deep breaths
dizzy with relief.
A nurse hastily covering
gray naked toes.

The old woman found herself
on her mother’s lap.
Dead pets,
impossibly...Read More
Categories: funeral, poetry,
Form: Free verse

As The Case Maybe
Maybe the bird on the tree sings,
It is a beguiling performance;
Sending auditory mating signals
Teasing with a song and dance.

Perhaps the blood-eating insects won’t attack,
Irritating bloody mosquitoes are everywhere;
They are dirty species and are dusk feeders,
These parasites need UV light to...Read More
Categories: funeral, emotions,
Form: Quatrain
That Blue Dress
That blue dress
That keeps peeking at me
From under the pile of clothes
Amassed in my room
Seems to giggle at the sight of me!

Drenched in sweat,
Breathless out of crying so much,
My nose runny
And my will, dead,
I tell myself I must be looking
Like...Read More
Categories: funeral, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
Leave Taking
Leave Taking
by Michael R. Burch 
Brilliant leaves abandon battered limbs
to waltz upon ecstatic winds
until they die.
But the barren and embittered trees,
lament the frolic of the leaves
and curse the bleak November sky . . .
Now, as I watch...Read More
Categories: absence, age, autumn, bereavement, death, farewell, funeral,
Form: Verse
Premium Member if she needed - - -

if she needed the light,
i would have roped the sun-
for she was my reverie of sight,
(my only one)

for words can never express my depth,
metaphors can’t give ease to my pain-
for she was the one who...Read More
Categories: funeral, death, memory,
Form: Verse

What if today were my funeral
8 Dec 2019  12:23 PM

If today were my funeral and all who knew me came
What would you say how would you feel and would you be the same

I hope that my life was worth your time
I hope that I...Read More
Categories: funeral, death, life,
Form: Rhyme
Waste No Time
We were friends for years
Then you alarmingly disappeared
With no notice, no warning
To my heart, it's jarring
It's pierced my inner core
I won't be seeing you anymore
We always planned to have that drink
And carry on about the good ole days
I know you're...Read More
Categories: bereavement, death of a friend, friendship, funeral,
Form: Ballad
Hymn for Fallen Soldiers
DPAA Hymn for Fallen Soldiers
by Michael R. Burch

Sound the awesome cannons.
Pin medals to each breast.
Attention, honor guard!
Give them a hero’s rest.

Recite their names to the heavens
Till the stars acknowledge their kin.
Then let the land they defended
Gather them in again.

When I...Read More
Categories: bereavement, courage, death, devotion, eulogy, funeral, soldier,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Laura Lee's Funeral
Laura Lee's Funeral

                                     ...Read More
Categories: funeral, absence, allegory, bereavement, death, death of a
Form: Free verse
Went to a Funeral Today
Went to a Funeral today

Who says Death isn't all that ?

Personally i had a great time 

What's not to Love ??

Free Bar

Free Food

And left me with something else to remember

Than in actual Fact

He is Dead now

And that wasn't in fact...Read More
Categories: funeral, death,
Form: Free verse
Perdon si te lastime Dios ya me perdono
La conciencia no aguanto el remordimiento
el sufrimiento va consumiéndome Lento
pero se bien que yo me Lo eh ganado
eh pecado y por ti seré castigada 
puedo mentirle a Los demás pero a ti no dios 
se que observas cada paso que...Read More
Categories: blessing, cry, faith, family, funeral, god, goodbye,
Form: Dramatic Verse
A Snowy Heart
That day when I had to say...........
Was the hardest day ever
Every year is the same after that

I think about you often
On that day, is all day long
You were here
Having our love back
Holding you so tight
Hearing your voice, call my name
This...Read More
Categories: farewell, funeral, goodbye, grief, lost love, memory,
Form: Free verse
Williams Since 1066

First a quick word on Robert the Devil,
whose turbulent  life turned out quite a revel.
He fathered a child on a poor tanner's daughter
then dashed to repent in Jerusalem's quarter,
but on his return, sad to say, he died,
yet he set...Read More
Categories: funeral, fate, history, leadership,
Form: Didactic
hace calor esta noche, la ciudad de Los Angeles la mejor ciudad para soñar con el cielo y las estrellas y la luna llena yo quiero llenar mis venas de heroina para morir y viajar ala luna y no regresar...Read More
Categories: funeral, adventure, angel, anger, city, death, depression, destiny,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Street Boy Dies at Twenty Six
Funeral of a street boy from Lawrence Kansas.
Handsome lad, bi-polar, twenty-six and a half.
Dressed like a bobsled team with fake heads some days.
His mother refused to renew his motorcycle license.
This led to his death.

He feared the police would ticket him...Read More
Categories: funeral, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, death,
Form: Prose Poetry
The Pain of Love
The Pain of Love
by Michael R. Burch 
for T. M.
The pain of love is this:
the parting after the kiss;
the train steaming from the station
whistling abnegation;
each interstate’s bleak white bar
that vanishes under your car;
every hour and...Read More
Categories: age, bereavement, death, farewell, funeral, pain,
Form: Verse

I am passionate in regardless requiem
I dress ridged and deploring
I need shed tears for my sorrow I bewail and bemoan
I am related to elegy
I vacation at the cemetery
My job is lamentation writing up funeral chant a burial hymn
I desire...Read More
Categories: funeral, analogy, appreciation, bereavement, humanity, leadership, song, sympathy,
Form: Free verse
Cement Shoes
With a heavy heart,
the sorrow in it 

And with...Read More
Categories: funeral, corruption, death, mystery, perspective,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Use to Be
Use to Be

My best friend... 
I would bring things to you. 
You needed or wanted. 
I would talk to you for hours, 
about whatever you thought, 

You made me laugh, 
sometimes you made me cry. 
most times…
you made me...Read More
Categories: faith, farewell, forgiveness, freedom, friendship, funeral, independence
Form: Narrative
A nice couple The Tale of Jean and William Part 1 2 and 3
A nice couple. The Tale of Jean and William. Part 1

Jean Fallen was born in 1999 and had a lonely childhood. 
She grew up in Redfern but never went to school.
She lived with her mother and was regarded as “simple”.
Jean...Read More
Categories: funeral, 10th grade,
Form: ABC
Coffin Trees- Part Two
William ran until he reached the grave, out of breath. The gravedigger had just finished maintenance, and had gone home. William peered around nervously, and tiptoed over to the newest grave. The stone tablet read:
He poured...Read More
Categories: funeral, dark, grave, tree,
Form: Prose
Coffin Trees- Part One
In the small town of Willowsberg, in the 1950s, it was said that the ground was magic. The rumor was that if you buried a man with a seed in his hand, and watered the grave with blood every full...Read More
Categories: funeral, dark, grave, tree,
Form: Tail-rhyme
The Passage
POEM "THE PASSAGE" by martin gedge

On the outside looking in

I'm the passage on the wind

shadow serpent of the heart

born of light to pierce the dark

keeper of the gravely soul

as death will follow where I go

for eyes to wonder while they...Read More
Categories: dark, funeral, god, grave, heaven, home, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Amid the Jagged Shadows
"Amid the jagged shadows of mossy leafless boughs; " 
                              ...Read More
Categories: funeral, angst, anxiety, death, death of a friend,
Form: Rhyme
Meth Bomb, Homicide Village, 
Diverse Culture Site, Crown Town, 
Kendaltucky and Johnny Appleseed's Homestead; 
Tremendous and Troubling and Tortured, 
Town of the Long Face: 
They say you are explosive, and that is valid; I know of the white powdery crystallized...Read More
Categories: funeral, absence, child, home, old,
Form: Free verse

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