Sad Poems

Sad Poems. Above are examples of sad poems about life, depression, love, and more. Yes, believe it or not, poetry about sadness can help you lift your spirits when you feel down or are unhappy. It is a natural feeling and one that all people experience but talking about how you feel and writing about sadness can put you on the road to healing. Regardless of the reason, or even if there doesn’t seem to be one, reading and sharing poetry can help you when sadness holds you in its grip. These poetic works will help you to learn how to write poetry about sadness and see how the best poets from all over the world write this form of poetry.

New Poems

Paint splattered canvas
With symbols of faces
Explosions of colour, vivid and bright
Psychedelic images with ugly expression
Leering from pictures as if to cause fright
Brush strokes, defiant and deliberate
Can the artist see something elusive to you and me?
Space-age faces with huge brains and...Read More
Categories: sad, 10th grade,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Whip Whistle
Whip Whistle Garden Spot

There is a garden. 
It is in a small town, in the middle of the park. A place has been dug up on purpose. 
No one was angry when it happened. It was just fine, with all...Read More
Categories: sad, art, dance, first love, freedom, good morning,
Form: Free verse
Online Dating Failure Number 1
Tim is tall. Handsome.
Works in an office.
Like all of the others
he looks kind of polished.
They say small talk is dead.
So I ask for a date.
The chat's a bit stale so
I just tell him straight:

"I'm not really that pretty,
I'm not particularly...Read More
Categories: sad, age, fun, funny, funny love, love, romance,
Form: Rhyme
A Forgotten Love
A Forgotten Love

That which I yearn for
I left somewhere in the past
My lovely fall dream

When my winter came
Long lost in spring was she gone
My sweet sad sorrow 

A thought of fall days
Lost in thoughts of tomorrow
May of what will come

Hope...Read More
Categories: sad, hope, lost love, love, remembrance day, seasons,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Christmas That Almost Wasnt
( The Christmas That Almost Wasnt )

Christmas was getting closer, Emma Lou was feeling sad
This year would be different, cause she wouldnt have her dad
He was far away fighting, protecting freedom for all kind
Emma Lou wiped away a tear, happiness...Read More
Categories: sad, christmas, family,
Form: Rhyme

We Need Good Governance
They were not killing the ganja field
They were polluting our land. 
Chemically implementing every thing that grow to feed rastaman
The Prime Minister with his weak invention.
Is no longer able to feed us food without chemical.

Everywhere you go you see.
Rasta selling...Read More
Categories: care, community, fear, sad,
Form: I do not know?
Bunch Of Goons
A bunch of goons.
Feeding fodder for fodder.
And what happens?
Great poets slip away!
Read and decide!
Don't base your comments
on the surety that they
will feed your sad ego!...Read More
Categories: sad, art,
Form: Burlesque


                   ...Read More
Categories: sad, anger, deep, fate, how i feel, journey,
Form: Monoku
Flashes that echo
Sudden flash evanescing slowly 
Cracks in a concrete sky
Leering over mountains of clay
On this very day it comes apart
Peeling away like withered bark on a tree

Kill me............kill me

The end of days
Prolonged pain

Suffer to eat
Eat and suffer
Paradoxal misery
Limbo land of black...Read More
Categories: sad, conflict, dark, depression, emotions, fantasy, health, horror,
Form: Narrative
my life you set the tone
now your gone
am here all  alone
i need you home
things i did
though it was cool
now and sad 
going mad
these are
...Read More
Categories: sad, adventure, anger,
Form: Prose Poetry
Sad Eyes
I don’t recognize the image reflected in my mirror
Be gone I scream
She moves her lips but I can’t hear her
Please disappear
She can’t be me, I refuse to believe her
This must be a dream
I try to get away but she pulls...Read More
Categories: depression, sad,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member All Roads Lead Back
Loneliness no one wants to know,
In its deepest shades of blue;
But for dear ones once loved so,
All roads lead back to you.

When roses don't smile, sad days, sad days,
As when comes summer clouds so mild,
But cheers, not all will be...Read More
Categories: sad, angel, bereavement, flower, god, heaven, jesus, sunshine,
Form: Rhyme
You left me without a reason why
You said you loved me, it was a lie
Now I sit in the dark and just cry
Folk notice my demeanor and pry
I shut them out tell the goodbye
I just want to heal,but hurt is...Read More
Categories: heartbreak, hurt, sad,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Silent Christmas
It's going to be a Silent Christmas

Now that my Star has Gone

Our tree Stands Bare and Lonely

Without YOU here at home

I'll watch the fading Pictures

Of Christmas times before

Remembering happier moments

Warm Hugs hanging on the Walls

It's gonna to be a Sad...Read More
Categories: sad, christmas, i miss you,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Awful War
Killed by Enemies
Legs blown off sometimes
Exploding Mine Field
Morphine helps little
Eyes close for last time

Buddies are sad
Morale goes down
Honored by taps
Flag draped coffin

Sad mothers
Sad fathers
Bugle dirge

...Read More
Categories: sad, war,
Form: Diminished Hexaverse
the demise
The demise
When someone dies
It is sad
However, when someone near us dies
We sit up and reflects
Upon lives fragility.
The good thing is he didn’t
However, fell asleep at the hospital
In the night.
Silent and without fuzz.
My brother had many children
I didn’t
knew them well
he was...Read More
Categories: sad, animal, appreciation, art,
Form: Blank verse
hate love

Broken heart,
Tears dripping,
Red eyes,
Wet handkerchief
Lost love

Rhetorical questions
Sweet sad memories
Broken promises
Can bare the pain

Unfulfilled wishes
Cursing all day
Wishing 4 amnesia
I hate love

No reason to live
Lord take my breath away
She was my purpose

Stephen mastel
2019...Read More
Categories: sad, anger, betrayal,
Form: Free verse
Tears Of Heart
The sea of my heart is full of foul
The tears of pain begins to howl
Yet it pleads to be free
Like a fruitful growing tree
I hoped for the pearls of happiness to come
But it disappeared as darkness made me numb
The Love...Read More
Categories: sad, angst, break up, feelings, memory, nostalgia, poems,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Your Time
To climb the climb so high
I count to three...then blink my eye 
My mind, I see...your life gone by  
When will you flee...when will you fly
You hold the open the sky 
To set you free...and say good-bye...Read More
Categories: sad, death, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Goosebumps of Love and Woe
               I have a cassette,
         a video recording of my mom and dad;
     ...Read More
Categories: sad, father, mother,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Goosebumps Where Did You Come From
Out of the blue from head to toe,                                ...Read More
Categories: blue, body, goodbye, happy, sad, time, today,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Broken Heart
It’s sad that, sometimes, when love happens
It happens to one and not two
One falls madly into the joyful passion
While the other is merely amused

When this happens, hearts are broken
Though they will likely heal
It’s no stretch of the imagination to say
Love...Read More
Categories: sad, friendship, friendship love, inspiration, relationship, romance, romantic,
Form: Free verse
nothing but this life to live by

I met familiar faces on streets
I used to call them "friends"
But things went unusual
when they started to be unwell
I'm pretty much sure!
They saw me waving my hand.
But they rolled their eyes out me
and just walked and passed by.
I sent messages...Read More
Categories: sad, friend,
Form: Narrative
Coffee Shop views
Coffee Shop Views

The lady near the door,
Sat quietly, as she tightly held her cup,

Her sad, knowing eyes,
Fixed upon a world, 

A world way beyond the window,
In another place.

At her side, an elderly man,
Silently looking on,

Hardly a word was spoken.

And as...Read More
Categories: sad, change, deep, desire, imagination, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Love's Grief

Dear LORD,
I am grieving
My innards quiver
Once words flowed
Now are silenced
Aged health changes
Seem cruel-
Dementia, aphasia
Memories, experiences leave;
Those who remain
Dear LORD,
Teach me
Help me to be strong
Show me how to help
Show me how to live
Silence my being
Increase my capacity
To love without love
To...Read More
Categories: age, health, prayer, sad love,
Form: Free verse

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