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Sad Poems | All Types of Poems About Sadness

Sad Poems. Above are examples of sad poems about life, depression, love, and more. Yes, believe it or not, poetry about sadness can help you lift your spirits when you feel down or are unhappy. It is a natural feeling and one that all people experience but talking about how you feel and writing about sadness can put you on the road to healing. Regardless of the reason, or even if there doesn’t seem to be one, reading and sharing poetry can help you when sadness holds you in its grip. These poetic works will help you to learn how to write poetry about sadness and see how the best poets from all over the world write this form of poetry.
A SKELETON IN THE CUPBOARD: Sometimes I scream up inexplicably, Since the nation is failing inextricably. Everything seems to be stagnant, And transgressions are at rampant. People dyeing through bad causes, Makes my mind orbits in brad courses. The...Read More
Categories: anxiety, community, confusion, sad,
Form: Dramatic Verse

Dora Gouws, into God's Hands
I Dora was 82 this year My onetime neighbor Three years back I was new again From USA, I backtracked She inspired me about Africa again II Jesus, she loved Thee well We pray, shalom, live to tell If an ordinary, great South African Bye Tanie...Read More
Categories: sad, age, appreciation, death of
Form: Free verse
The End of School
Outside, free and happy Teachers in the shade Loving you and hugging you Having the best day Summer on your mind Baseball games, water parks Spending time with family Skinned up knees, mosquito marks School is the best place As it comes to an...Read More
Categories: angel, education, grief, sad,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member We are in trouble
My heart aches like never before and I have seen a lot in life It is heavy, weighs on me like a ton of bricks, even though broken I carry it around, I work hard every day...Read More
Categories: america, angst, heartbreak, sad,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Are You Guilty
Is there anyone who can explain to me why someone in the Soup community would gripe about those on the lists, ranting on with their pen in clenched fist? How important can the lists possibly be to set someone's nerves...Read More
Categories: angst, happiness, sad,
Form: Rhyme

Dapit Hapon
Paggising Sa umaga, palagi akong natatanaw ang araw. Sumisikat at Nagniningning, habang nararamdaman ko ang init nito. Tulad ng pakiramdam ko sa tuwing nababalot ako Sa init ng pagmamahal mo. Dahil ramdam ko parin ang mga yapos, gapos...Read More
Categories: grief, love, sad love,
Form: Rhyme
My Cries
My cries are like the wind banging aginst windows My heart is like a chained up room thats always closed, and no one knows that I'm a tired soul I smile with my...Read More
Categories: anxiety, fate, sad,
Form: Rhyme
Sometimes, I Feel Confused in my Skin
The reason I’m writing this is because I’ve messed up greatly There’s no way I can get out of this rut and I’m stuck in my misery I felt like leaving the situation and I ended up...Read More
Categories: confusion, feelings, sad,
Form: Free verse
My Gramma s Couch
Won’t you please take me back To the brown couch at my Gramma’s house With the big gold-framed antique mirror over it And hand me Grampa’s old transistor radio Covered in leather with glorious knobs That brought me the...Read More
Categories: family, grandmother, sad,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Some Fell Upon Stoney Ground
Seeds were sown on fertile soil while SOME FELL upon STONEY GROUND (This is a poem about one of the latter) Oh affluent lady in smart design Scurrying to Tim’s bar to taste of wine But one and all...Read More
Categories: abuse, destiny, sad,
Form: Rhyme
She's fine
She asks for what she wants but not what she needs. She wears her humor as a mask. Her anger is a constant flame surrounded by fuel. The darkness lurks in every corner of her mind. Her life...Read More
Categories: sad, angst, anxiety, depression, identity,
Form: Free verse
How utterly shocking it was To see his smile fading like a flower Withering in summer's hot sun, He who with his ‘Good Morn' would pause ‘Pon delivering office papers And daily supply of goodwill...Read More
Categories: sad, death of a friend,
Form: Elegy
False Accusations, Part VI
DETECTIVE The detective sighed, sitting at his desk, he’d been working this job for many years, he remembered when Jessie had cried rape, could recall her interviews, and her tears, only to be proved the crocodile sort, she had never answered...Read More
Categories: sad, abuse, evil, loss, lost
Form: Epic
False Accusations, Part V
...Even worse as his youngest grew bigger he noticed things that had him quite alarmed, the kid had blue eyes, Whitney’s had been brown, his were brown too, he could not understand, his facial features were not like Jerry’s, he...Read More
Categories: sad, abuse, evil, loss, lost
Form: Epic
False Accusations, Part IV
...A child who’d never know a father that had deserved him more than she could tell, knowing that she must lie to her husband, the truth of it would not end very well. The moments when she should feel...Read More
Categories: sad, abuse, evil, loss, lost
Form: Epic

Specific Types of Sad Poems

Read wonderful sad poetry on the following sub-topics: boyfriend, breakup, cry, death, depression, feeling, friends, girlfriend, goodbye, heartbreak, kids, life, rhyme, and more.

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