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Friendship Poems | Best Poems About True Friendship

Friendship Poems. The best poems about special and true friendships. Most people feel it’s essential to have real friends, but what makes a great friend? Well, these poems are a celebration of the close bonds of friendship and the people who make you laugh and encourage you. So, let's see how poets beautifully express themselves about the ones they are close too. Read and share true, funny, beautiful, and short friendship poems with your special him or her. 
Premium Member The Mean Girls Club
I heard that there is a group called the mean girls club. An elite group of poetesses that some like to snub. A strong group of women who have each other’s backs, and band together against petty and...Read More
Categories: friendship, anti bullying, community, encouraging,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member birdsong
mocking birds merely echo, faultless parroting ~ crowed into the ears of the questionless...Read More
Categories: friendship, trust,
Form: Free verse
This Day We Celebrate
“This Day We Celebrate” written by Michelle Lynn LeBlanc 2023/09/22 This day we celebrate our birthdays Although this card is specifically for you Even though we missed your special day There's no way to forget a friend so...Read More
Categories: birthday, friendship,
Form: Rhyme
Last days of summer
Feet in the sand, do you feel free? Breathe in the sunlight Sky blending in the sea Skin glowing bright Make memories, they say Let them bring you back You'll see they will play Like tingles down your neck Don't want to go...Read More
Categories: friendship, august, beach, boyfriend, emotions,
Form: Rhyme
Jade and Onyx
Oh, once upon a time I saw a bird. The bird was sitting, lonely, on a tree. I looked at it and it looked down at me. Then it flew off and left without a word. I thought to...Read More
Categories: friendship, absence, betrayal, bird, friend,
Form: Sonnet

Perils of Perfectionism
I skipped my knitting group two weeks ago alas, I had zero progress to show............. But I explained (it did fascinate her) knowing I'm a big procrastinator ;-) ...Read More
Categories: anxiety, confidence, friendship, homework,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Fifteen Poets
If l had to hand-pick fifteen poets from Poetry Soup To meet and a share day I know exactly who l would pick Without doubt straight away We are all drawn to different personalities Solely from the words we...Read More
Categories: day, friendship, poets,
Form: Rhyme
We So In like Befriending Nurture encourage Bonding midst the frequent God loving kindness and witness Being friend whom sticks closer than any other even a brother Alleluia 9/20/2023 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2023© Fibonacci POETRY VERSE ...Read More
Categories: friendship, analogy, appreciation, caregiving, devotion,
Form: Fibonacci
Emilia Bunny
Zafar Khan fruiter Musami Emilia Bunny, You shall be fuking honey bunny Sunny....Read More
Categories: boyfriend, friendship, girl, kiss,
Form: Rhyme
True Facebook friends
Finding a true friend is very rare Someone who'll always be there Through the good times and the bad Is something I've never had I was lied to every day It's the price I had to pay Just to feel friends...Read More
Categories: friendship, happy, social,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Saying Goodbye
Saying Goodbye I am bad about saying goodbye. I hate doing it. I don't want to do that, at all, ever! It makes my heart heavy, my legs get stiff, and my arms hang at my sides......Read More
Categories: adventure, forgiveness, friendship, funeral,
Form: Free verse
It's All in the Application
Jon and Paula are two long-time, firm friends of mine. Once you get to know their tastes, they both are just fine. Meet Paula Redd, whose bite can sometimes cause you pain and Jonagold, two treasures from the...Read More
Categories: 11th grade, allusion, friendship,
Form: Quatrain
Canadian Snow
My path is icy But love has melted away And my feet surely Tread on the firm route That is lined with Deep friendship Deeper even than The cold Winter That Jack Frost has Clamped around my house I felt trapped But kindness Gentleness Inexplicable love Has...Read More
Categories: friendship love,
Form: Free verse
Oh, Weeping Willow
Oh, weeping willow - friend to me ...Read More
Categories: friendship, tree,
Form: Monorhyme
The one thing you can never be too poor or too sick to give
I hope you are listening, Because there is a message worth hearing, That on your future well-being, Will have dramatic bearing, As to the life you will be living. Take heed of this message, And you will feel safe to turn...Read More
Categories: friendship, age, appreciation, blessing, celebration,
Form: Didactic

Specific Types of Friendship Poems

Read wonderful friendship poetry on the following sub-topics: best friend, birthday, boyfriend, brother, beautiful, girlfriend, goodbye, haiku, husband, relationship, sibling, sister, wife, and more.

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