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Friendship Poems | Best Poems About True Friendship

Friendship Poems. The best poems about special and true friendships. Most people feel it’s essential to have real friends, but what makes a great friend? Well, these poems are a celebration of the close bonds of friendship and the people who make you laugh and encourage you. So, let's see how poets beautifully express themselves about the ones they are close too. Read and share true, funny, beautiful, and short friendship poems with your special him or her. 

New Poems

Premium Member THE PUZZLE
The gigantic puzzle of our happiness can never be completed Unless the cardinal piece of friendship has been put in place! © Demetrios Trifiatis 17 April 2021 ...Read More
Categories: friendship, happiness,
Form: Couplet

Premium Member My Garden of Friends 1 2 3
1 My garden of friends I cherish so dear, Some blossom quickly and some take a few years. Some show up here and some over there, They are all so unique and that's why I care. 2 Each of our lives...Read More
Categories: care, friendship, growth, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
Woman you are monumental flower monumental is your beauty beauty of so noble subtlety ...Read More
Categories: friendship, allusion, appreciation, extended metaphor,
Form: Free verse
Guess he was inspiring for love-loss-poetry, Hope he brought and I was taught from initially... Friends without commitment Driven not so much, We grew and drew friendship anew Neither in a rush. Never even met you How foolish to waste time, To...Read More
Categories: friendship, lost love, math,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Recipe for Friendship
Yes, I know there are many books on how to make friendships last. But when you reach a certain age, you recall friends that came and passed. I doubt there's a course in Friendship, but there is an age-old recipe. It...Read More
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, dedication, friendship
Form: Rhyme

Sunshine When Skies are Blue
You've always been there by my side Been along for the ride So you need to know it's true You're my sunshine when skies are blue. From state to state, place to place, You were with me in every case....Read More
Categories: friend, friendship, friendship love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member What You Done
What You Done If it were you; the thought of you refuses to leave. Your thinking stains me; there's more here than you believe? You have created something unique; but so cruel at times, too! I have to say that I...Read More
Categories: faith, forgiveness, friendship, god,
Form: Prose
Sun, so welcoming. ...Read More
Categories: drink, food, friendship, imagery,
Form: Free verse
My Promise
Truth can be hurtful Aw! I know it's spiteful! Insensitive even But I don't know to speak otherwise Never learned to, probably never will. So here is my promise; To upset you with the truth Since you are wise, I believe You will...Read More
Categories: emotions, feelings, friendship love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member FRIENDSHIP
She knew her friend was hurting…despite brave attempts to hide her pain…despite her efforts to be sunny…she couldn’t stop the rain. But her friend saw through her sadness…she could see the suffering in her friend’s eyes…because...Read More
Categories: friend, friendship,
Form: Rhyme
It began as a day like any other, In the oceans deepest depths, Until a Kiwi and an Ausi, Decided to have a picnic at the bottom of the Ocean, In the deepest part of the Mariana Trench. They...Read More
Categories: friendship, analogy, best friend, character,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member True Friends
Each of you are special to me, The friendship you've shared you shared for free. You never ask for anything back And believe me, I keep track. So my dear friends I beg you today, To know in my heart...Read More
Categories: emotions, friendship, heart, together,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member In Six Small Squares
We meet on screen in six small squares To stay in touch, as each one shares What’s going on, the latest news; To do so, Zoom is what we use. We’re scattered now, so our routine Of monthly dates where...Read More
Categories: friendship,
Form: Rhyme
A feeling
A night hosting my strange dream I’m dying for my landing near you O dear! Here is a voice Can you hear it? stealing me to try to meet your eyes and carefully read your face How come you could be taken for...Read More
Categories: dream, friendship love, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Take My Hand
Take my hand Let me lead you into the beautiful wilderness. Take my hand Let me show you the way into the picturesque countryside. Take my hand Let me shepherd you into the righteousness of the light. Take my hand Let me...Read More
Categories: beautiful, care, friend, friendship,
Form: Free verse

Specific Types of Friendship Poems

Read wonderful friendship poetry on the following sub-topics: best friend, birthday, boyfriend, brother, beautiful, girlfriend, goodbye, haiku, husband, relationship, sibling, sister, wife, and more.

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