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Friendship Poems | Best Poems About True Friendship

Friendship Poems. The best poems about special and true friendships. Most people feel it’s essential to have real friends, but what makes a great friend? Well, these poems are a celebration of the close bonds of friendship and the people who make you laugh and encourage you. So, let's see how poets beautifully express themselves about the ones they are close too. Read and share true, funny, beautiful, and short friendship poems with your special him or her. 
Premium Member Seraphim
Seraphim a sacred angel a heavenly being, She appeared before me in a vision with her radiant smile and golden wings consoling me in my distresses holding my hand assuring me that everything will be...Read More
Categories: friendship, angel, blessing, devotion, dream,
Form: Bio

Premium Member An Unusual Place
"Mind and hearts connected with love and light of Universal Consciousness-- what does life look like on a planet like that?" Unseeking Seeker I arrive at this planet of turquoise skies. ...Read More
Categories: friendship, 12th grade, adventure, change,
Form: Free verse
The Weekend
I had a dream of you last night I forgot which came first You or the dream of you People may think that I’m crazy I sit at the same spot every weekend Waiting for you to show...Read More
Categories: crazy, feelings, friendship love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I like my Sundays funny
I like to laugh on Tuesday's.The music says That's Cool. No fooling, I do magic. I disappear on cue. You got reason for your witness. The stands not best at night. It's heavy and they're...Read More
Categories: blessing, care, conflict, friendship,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Kind Gestures
Show a gesture of warmth to all you meet Offer each one the least- a pleasing smile! A kind gesture can give others a new start Geniality generates joy, creating a comfy feel Offer each one the...Read More
Categories: care, cheer up, friendship,
Form: Pantoum

Building walls
Bridges can build communities through peace Until we create obstacles which divides us all It can be said it about protection so will peace Life will become greater if we learn to co-exist Death one sole purpose is...Read More
Categories: community, friendship,
Form: Acrostic
Unlocking enslaved brains Breaking unbreakable chains How enormous is his humongous Grace We fail if we perceive success is by virtue of race Many believe in science Others have faith in signs Because of their own experiences And perhaps life's...Read More
Categories: africa, christian, friendship love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Queen Bee
Queen Bee Buzz, buzz, buzz... Great Queen, I hear your song. Making honey with your workers... all night long. Sweet nectar of the forest, sweet liquid sugar of life, teased away from the flowers, one soft...Read More
Categories: friendship, best friend, confidence, endurance,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I'm Really Not That Bad
I’m Really Not That Bad Another day, and still I sigh This constant struggle makes me cry Unkindness is the reason why This battle’s all uphill And for the ones who fail to see, this pain that makes its home in...Read More
Categories: care, friendship, perspective,
Form: Rhyme
The community
There comes a time when we need support Helping each others in times of great need Everyday isn't as dark if we have support Cometh the hour, so does all our friends Other won't realise our friends in hour...Read More
Categories: friendship, best friend, care, community,
Form: Acrostic
You wonder why me Being with you makes it an adventure floating in the ocean one day wild big waves storm, not knowing what will happen the next day warm calm sunny as nothing happened before Is inspiring a trip to...Read More
Categories: cute love, friendship, life,
Form: Free verse
I posted a new short story - seniors
I have another piece that's too long for here - so it's in "Short Storries." It's called "Seniors" - about a High School graduation party I know I could take things out - but then it's not...Read More
Categories: friendship, graduation, humor, school,
Form: Free verse
I On the Firth betwixt Carlisle and...Read More
Categories: friendship,
Form: Rhyme
Deep Inside me
I feel like I'm drowning down in the deep sea trying to escape from all my problem(my pain) ...Read More
Categories: friendship, 8th grade, abuse, anger,
Form: Bio
Enriched with sweetness of friendship delight Bubbling midst love’s joy, not sugar-coated We savor chats of chocolatey sprite Grateful for vibrant bonding, grace-salted. While coffeing, we honeyfy talk-bliss Reminiscing high school festive days Lollipopping during breaks … not to miss Licking cake-icings,...Read More
Categories: friendship, blessing, christian, encouraging, friend,
Form: Rhyme

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