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Friendship Poems

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Friendship Poems. The best poems about special and true friendships. Most people feel it’s essential to have real friends, but what makes a great friend? Well, these poems are a celebration of the close bonds of friendship and the people who make you laugh and encourage you. So, let's see how poets beautifully express themselves about the ones they are close too. Read and share true, funny, beautiful, and short friendship poems with your special him or her. 

New Poems

Premium Member A Light at the End of the Tunnel
"What a fine day for a picnic," my friends all said,
In the dog days of summer, with the hot sun overhead.

We would all go for a swim, and then have a fine lunch,
And would return refreshed and happier, we had...Read More
Categories: adventure, dark, fantasy, friendship love, home, light,
Form: Couplet

Premium Member Have You
Have You

Ever wondered how it happens?
How the last person stays, 
How they make sure, everyone else gets out?

Ever wonder why?
Is that important? 
As long as we are safe, 
does it really matter who sacrificed;
or more specifically or…
even more importantly what...Read More
Categories: angel, dance, friendship, grandparents, growing up, heart,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Bio Modified - Introverted Encourager
Christian, puzzle-solving, athletic, musician
Who loves his bride, his children, his lineage. 
I think love is the key to most locks, joy is attainable, peace is achievable.
I feel blessed to be alive, lucky to be in love, amazed by warmth of...Read More
Categories: friendship, art, daughter, grandchild, son, wife,
Form: Free verse
Change of heart
Now that you're thinking,
Away from the crowds,
Now that you're able,
To stay in all night.
What matters most to you?
Is it freedom? Is it time?
The city is renewing,
The clouds look intact;
No worries, let's wait,
Life pauses sometimes.

But now that you're thinking,
That you're by...Read More
Categories: anxiety, care, change, emotions, friendship, heart, time,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Photograph
The three of us were all in shorts
that gorgeous day in June.
We had a little radio
To play our favorite tunes.

Rachel had her leather jacket,
me a halter top.
But Cheryl outdid both of us
with legs that went non-stop.

It’s been forty years since...Read More
Categories: friendship, age, youth,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Just Do What You Say
Why don't people do what they say their going to do.
Why do people commit to help then not follow though.
Maybe it's because it's just not that important to them.
Or somehow, somewhere it got lost in their interim.

Whether it's their just...Read More
Categories: friendship, anger, confusion, trust, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Shopping in the clouds
You’ve walked those streets a thousand times and still
                      You end up here. Regret none of it –Dorianne Laux

...Read More
Categories: art, birthday, community, friendship, holiday, joy,
Form: Free verse
We have friends
Close with
Still communicating

Thinking they are forever there
In the moments to come
Talking about random things
Going deep in our souls

Doing everything
Being there
For each other
Hopefully for a lifetime

The thing is
There is no control
For all of them to stay
Being initiative
To understand
To look...Read More
Categories: absence, best friend, betrayal, destiny, friend, friendship,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Bio Modified Independent Traveler
Independent,                                       ...Read More
Categories: friendship, books, sunset, travel,
Form: Bio
Premium Member A Sunny Day
A sunny day for you,
a sunny day for me.
A day to say,
I love you.
A day for you to say,
you love me too.

Written Date: 3/31/2020...Read More
Categories: friendship, day, love, me, sun,
Form: Free verse

An herb used to calm an upset stomach,
Can also heal bodily stress and anxiety.
Yet for a certain troubled man who drives truck,
Grown bitter from life’s unfulfilled expectancy;

Who without good seeds of taste sown does say,
“Decrease healthy interactions of relation’s conduct!”
Does...Read More
Categories: anxiety, depression, faith, friendship, stress,
Form: Free verse
i have never
There is a love in me that’s unknown,
like a seed
I’ve never sown

A life with miseries alone,
for a pain
I’d never groan(ed)

A heart that needs to atone,
for things
I’ve never known

A feeling of hopelessness,	
for a life
I’d never own(ed)

...Read More
Categories: anxiety, friend, friendship, god, lonely, lost, lost
Form: Narrative
Dom Lies
I had a friend who was full of snideness 
said I nicked his bike but I was in Cyprus 
told people for years with total slyness 
bitterness is always a trait with surprises

What’s more is he made up this story,...Read More
Categories: friendship,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Bouquet Of WILD ROSES
A bouquet of  WILD ROSES
I have received today
youth of colours
warmth of Summer
the nectar of the soul.

A bouquet of  WILD ROSES
I have received today
bounties of petals
paths of scents and flavours
the garden of the soul.

A bouquet of  WILD ROSES
I...Read More
Categories: appreciation, beauty, dedication, friendship, garden, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Lady I Am Honoured To Befriend And Ink My Recognition
I have a dearest sweet friend
my love and gratitude to her of no end

She is of great beauty and deep truth
to send me her Love in a gift of youth

How would I conceive my very age
When deep inside young in...Read More
Categories: appreciation, beauty, dedication, friendship, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme
It’s amazing what a chat can do,
Pen, email, blog or video;
When relationality exists,
The problem does not persist.

You say here, I say there,
The ear saturates care;
With honour we dare on,
For care and share patreon.

Dominique Webb...Read More
Categories: character, devotion, feelings, friendship, health, inspiration, internet,
Form: Heroic Couplets
Premium Member No More
No more hand shaking,                                    ...Read More
Categories: friendship, death, food, sick,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Being With You
Under the canopy of the pine trees we lay,                               ...Read More
Categories: friendship, day, sky, star, tree,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Perhaps

Perhaps it is, perhaps it isn’t? 

Perhaps it’s just what we’ve been given?

Perhaps for you it’s so far away?

Then why do you think perhaps for some it’s here to stay?

Perhaps the grief and pain it brings makes it more like...Read More
Categories: appreciation, for her, for him, friendship, humanity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Woven Are These Pages In Poetic Verse
Woven are these pages in poetic verse,

With bare threads of our deepest feelings,

You will find laughter, tears and remorse,

and words of wisdom, prayer and healings.


Healings now come from prayer,

On my knees I will be,

Did I just see an angel...Read More
Categories: friendship, angel, anger, wine, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
The lady down the lane
Grandma Bown was her name
She's my lady down the lane
She actually live next door you see
For a very long time, she lived next to me.

I have many memories with her and Grandpa Bown 
She always lifted me up when I...Read More
Categories: childhood, friendship,
Form: Rhyme
She passes by every day
A smile and nothing more
A neighbour on the close
She lives by the next door.

A mystery is to me,
Never a word she said
I wonder who she is
Maybe she’s filled with dread.

One day I shall speak to her,
What...Read More
Categories: friendship,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member the lady down the lane
slap you with a word
then, cross arms and wait
that's how she'd get you ... Grace Cleaves
out-of-the-blue idiosyncrasies that she'd notice in you
laid quite flatly in your lap
for you to comment on ... or not
all conversations started thusly
for she'd make all...Read More
Categories: appreciation, friendship, loss, memory, nostalgia, woman,
Form: Free verse
The Other Day
Although I know failure is success postponed.
That her refusal; my failure 
Implies that this is another way NOT to do this.
But I can't take this any more.

The other day I saw her doing her pedicure.
A light-skinned girl
Her face magnificent to...Read More
Categories: friendship, africa, allusion, anger, angst, anxiety, art, fantasy,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Gossip
Oh gossip where is your sting,
you are here today and hurting others for days to come.
Oh gossip how shy you are,
pretending to say nothing to anyone.
Oh gossip to say and to hear can't you just go away,
go away and don't...Read More
Categories: friendship, hurt, today, words,
Form: Free verse

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