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Spider on the ceiling
There's a spider on my ceiling
He's been sitting there all night
From the moment that I spotted him
He gave me quite a fright.

Even at the long off distance 
He appears to be quite big
I've never really liked them
ever since I was...Read More
Categories: spider, animal, anxiety, conflict, insect, scary,
Form: Verse

Premium Member 'Autumn Leaves Falling'
Autumn leaves of purple, orange, bright yellow and gold,
fall as I walk along on a day brisk cold.

In my hand a vermilion red leaf brilliant still although dead,
with love I trace it's delicate spider web thread.

All the trees have...Read More
Categories: spider, autumn,
Form: Couplet
I Saved A Sparrow
I have had a close eye to eye encounter with a squirrel in my yard.
A neighborly cat gave me a greater respect and appreciation for all cats.   
A run-away German Shepherd proved to be harmless after a moment's...Read More
Categories: spider, bird,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Autumn is Here in all Her Glory
Crows, bats, witches, haunted houses, goblins, ghosts and me
Pumpkin bread, corn pudding, warm caramel apples my way.
Delicate intricate spider webs between my house and garage.
Holding me in a delighted way on an October day.

Stringy gooey gritty globs of pumpkin slosh...Read More
Categories: spider, autumn, seasons,
Form: Light Verse
The Water Hole
Round eyed cat studies the merits of the day
Meanders through a labyrinth of thorny grass
Four legged wildebeest never knew what hit it
The water is so cool and refreshing by the by
Heads hang low over the over populated location
An oasis in...Read More
Categories: spider, adventure, africa, animal, anxiety, conflict, death, water,
Form: Free verse

Sad reality
This world is a lonely place full of phony fakes drug addicts killers and pedophiles and those who rape
lowly snakes who pretend to smile but only chase the dollar signs coz that cash really motivates 
there's alot of good people...Read More
Categories: spider, abuse, addiction, africa, age, anger, change, depression,
Form: Blank verse
Webs Abandoned
Spider long ago abandoned
Flown away and left his home
Sticky mess entangled caught you 
Struggle in duress for life
You find yourself a victim 
Too invisible formidable 
Forces silk like steel designed
The more you struggle deeper still
No longer for a purpose 
Lingers...Read More
Categories: spider, analogy, deep, insect, jesus, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Autumn in Her Glory
Crows, bats, witches, haunted houses, goblins, ghosts and me
Pumpkin bread, corn pudding, warm caramel apples my way.
Delicate intricate spider webs between my house and garage.
Holding me in a delighted way on an October day.

Stringy gooey gritty globs of pumpkin slosh...Read More
Categories: spider, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Haiku
silvered fractals vibrate wildly
eight-legged creature watches
butterfly wings ripping, tearing strands

scanning, strumming, threads too heavy
Arachnoid instantly focused 
spider's supper waits ahead

slow down, too fast, too quick
silently struggling, finally unshackled
soaring, gliding floats free

...Read More
Categories: spider, image,
Form: Sedoka
Premium Member Spider
Spine chilling
Revolting creature

My inspiration for this poem is the huge spider I just saw outside on my garage door while I was out with my dog tonight.  I was in close proximity of what I believe is a wolf...Read More
Categories: spider, anxiety, fear, scary,
Form: Acrostic
Three Female Ghosts of Thailand


(A woman’s head with viscera hanging down from her neck.
She paralyzes like ice-cold lightning).

Where will you be tonight when the moon is shut?
Woman hater, where will you be
when the womb of your soul is shut tight?

Krasue will chant these...Read More
Categories: spider, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member The I Am Sorry People
I am sorry. It’s just the way I was made.
I’m sorry. It is in my genes.
I’m sorry. It is my pattern.
I’m sorry. But I warned you.

Being with the “I’m sorry people” is a challenge.
They do not want to take responsibility,
And...Read More
Categories: spider, life, people,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Sunlight
'Twas after a frosty night,
I caught a glimpse of sunlight,
Sparkling on a spider web,
Miracle, enough said, 
Patterns so intricate,
Did not brush aside, delicate,
Yes, 'twas after a frosty night,
Spied a web of sheer delight!...Read More
Categories: spider, beautiful, inspiration, nature,
Form: Free verse
We love to make lists,
To describe, name, number.
How can it have value,
If not on my list.
As logger I stand
Before the green forest,
The numbered trees
Are ones to cut.
The forest cut down
Is only to me
Bigger box to live in,
A shiny new car,
The...Read More
Categories: spider, anger, animal, nature,
Form: Free verse

The Boy is  three,  his sister, two

I can’t hear your water
Make it bigger 
The windows are colorful
Rainbow indigo
Like a pillow 
Because it’s colorful 
Why you say that  to me?
Why why why?
I’m gonna go in this cave
This cave...Read More
Categories: spider, adventure, children, fun, imagination, innocence, nature, water,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member A House Haunted
It stood there
looking empty and old,
neglected and sad
with windows shuttered,
covered in shadow 
both day and night,
hovered over 
by trees whose branches
disguised the house
and made it seem 
a part of the 
overgrown landscape, 
completely surrounding it,
keeping strangers and unawares
at bay.

It stood...Read More
Categories: spider, halloween, house, mystery, nostalgia, time,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Shh Water Spider is Sleeping
The water spider is sleeping.

She stared at the raised clear bubble on her friend’s wrist
Then she ran away screaming.

...Read More
Categories: spider, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Hippie's Lament
Hippie's Lament

And like, everyday it is the same, 
you wake up to a nightmare world called earth, man,
and the people on the screens tell you what’s real,
telling you this is real, and telling you that is fake, and 
all this...Read More
Categories: spider, angst, anxiety, depression,
Form: Free verse
Twilight composers - Repost


Here on the night before yesterday’s dream,
twilight composers retreat
Laughing at whispers a’ flow on the stream,
happily taking a seat

Practicing meadowlark lyrics to sing,
strumming a toadstool in tune
Awaiting the light that the fireflies bring,
blinking a wink at the moon

Tulips with tambourines...Read More
Categories: spider, good night,
Form: Rhyme
A Kind of Truth

How terrible and perfect
the shark and the spider.
How forever unknown, 
much more than we 
who try to explain them are.

Weigh the salt, weigh the water,
weigh the dust.  Put it in a bucket
with a hank of hair,
add a soupcon of...Read More
Categories: spider, poverty,
Form: Blank verse
All is Signal

you think I'm simple minded because I'm nice
when all I said was never fear knowledge
after assassinating my inner constable
to no on stage ill effect whatsoever
jury selection being finally recognized 
as a ghost in the compulsory banquet gravy
tilting the scales of...Read More
Categories: spider, how i feel,
Form: Free verse


Who can a spider spy?
I, the fly, with my little eye?
Why do flies fly?
And spiders spy?

15  September   2019
...Read More
Categories: spider, animal, society,
Form: Footle
A Spider's Tale
I must say that it was a very mild and doubtful assumption because I could not understand how and why a spider would allow himself to become trapped in his own web.  That is why I was compelled to...Read More
Categories: spider, animal,
Form: Narrative
Mother Spider

We now in the UK have hit that time of year with summer now coming to end, one way I can tell this is; spiders feeling the change in the weather decide to pack their bags from the...Read More
Categories: spider, summer, vacation, winter, wisdom,
Form: Haiku
Getting a Bad Rap
If I weren’t afraid, 
I’d probably like spiders.
Instead of panicking around them 
I could admire their true beauty,
intricate and complicated web designs 
and the fact that they catch and eat their prey 
suspended in air in such a clever way...Read More
Categories: spider, appreciation, fear, insect,
Form: Free verse