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Slam Poems

Slam Poems. A poetry slam is a writing and performance competition in where poets recite their original verses without props, costumes, or music. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read and share great examples of short, long, best, famous, and modern examples poetry slam.

New Poems

Truth and love on the rocks
12+ year's but who's counting

Without a single touch or kiss

Nor 1 solitary date

And no 1 to blame but me
And all my baggage of yesterday
Still waiting to be claimed at lost property

Forget my bravado
My broken record game face

My go to heartbreak...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse

If the hat fits wear it slam
I am even bored and hate the sound of myself complaining

But i think it's the only thing i am truly any good at

...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse
Black Universe Slam
There is a world above ours

Built opon fire and flowers

Where the other's live

Who only the enlightened can see

Who sound like dried up scratching
crusty leaves

Tumbling down your garden path after dark

As the leftovers soundly sleep

Never knowing the sunset of the moon...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse
How favoured a thing that nature will curse us  
While I shall not!
The pandemic is not a coincidence,
It is meant by nature to balance the book;
Technology has overpowered death,
We live longer,
So overpopulation is fortified.

How favoured a thing that nature...Read More
Categories: anger, anxiety, emotions, slam,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
What to do with down time slam
What to do with all this down time ?

Now that i have cleaned the house

Done the garden 

And reorganised the shed

Nothing left to do

But ponder on the bad stuff

That which gives us sleepless night's

And frightens us to death

...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse

Lost my Voice Slam
I ask myself ?

Where has my voice gone
during all of this ?

Why has my pen run dry ?

Why have i said or wrote nothing ?

How can i truly call myself a poet ?

If through word's and thought ?

I am simply...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse
The current situation brings confusion together,
The comfortable advises given become unpleasant,
Not one legislation has been approved,
The compensation for the needy is stagnated,
The misrepresentation of president Trump is a waste of time.


The mighty idiotic President Trump, not only he is...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse
Slam Dunk King


Topic: 2020 NBA All -star Game (Slam Dunk Contest Champion) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...Read More
Categories: slam, sports,
Form: Acrostic
Pretty in Pink
Pretty in Pink

Far more pretty than anything
i have ever seen before nor since

Read or wrote about or underscored

You are the flaming grass of winter

Blowing across my neighbors lane

That never feels the same

To either you nor i

When looking up at cloud...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse
What matters most to me
You posed the question

So i will answer

What matters most to me

In simple terms is my family

For i fear not for myself

As expendable am i

But those i love

And have come to rely on

Are not

And should anyone or anything
come between us

Be truly...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse

Are we writters or fighters SLAM
Are we a group of writters ?

Or simply a malicious spiteful ?

Group of in-fighters ?

Only out for ourselves ?

With no 1 left 

To prey upon

Because they forced everyone to leave

Because they wore there heart on there sleeve

And we were just...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse
SLAM The Bullying SLAM the Haters Good Folk are Leaving
Better to be on the end

Of feckless bullying

Than to give into the virus

Of childish trolling

Because no 1 likes

When a hater triumphs

It's the 8th most deadly sin 

And gives credence to those

No 1 should give a damn about

Because if  they...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse
Anyone think ?

Its about time ?

To Ban ?

Bat Soup 

And come to think of it

Rhino Horn


Shark Fin Soup

But Heaven Forbid



All those who crave her

...Read More
Categories: fun, slam,
Form: Free verse
The Lady down the Lane Craig Cornish Poetry Contest SLAM
The lady down the lane

Who resides at Cottage Number 19 

The Ambulance just took away

I did not know her actual name

Nor where she came from

If in fact she even received vistors

Or had a family of her own

Nor where or when...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse
Falling Black
I am aware i torture through you

And my confession and pennance
only bore you

But they are the only thing that get
me through this

When you don't call me and leave
me drunkenly passed out on my back 

Starring at my bedroom ceiling
crying tears...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse
Lockdown nothing to do but catch up and write about it SLAM
With the world in lockdown

What is left to do ?

But log onto soup

And write about it 

It's a sorry state of affairs

In solitary confinement

Such as doing simple math to 
while the time away


Counting how many sheets are on 
a single...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Life Of The Wise
I sense one’s sight, I wiggle my tail
My cheeks are kissed, I shriek in silence
My ears receive joy, it’s kept in my mail
I laugh in my visions. This makes no sense

I sleep in bed just to dream of some friend
I...Read More
Categories: slam, character, judgement,
Form: Rhyme
Welcome to,





But fair warning come prepared 

All is fair in love and war 

...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse
Does anyone have the slightest clue ?

Exactly what the hell is going on ?

And if you do ?

Can you please lend me some money ?

Because i have a ton of bills to pay

And i am self-employed

So no work ,
No pay

And...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse
Round Table
King Arthurian of legend

St George

St Patrick

Mary Magdalene

To the Da Vinci Code

My toilet

My drug use

I remember i could read

I was a trainspoter

A night prisoner

I wrote during the war of the roses

Of the kings last stand

On B roads

Dedicated to marching knights

For weapons...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse
The tire
The tire ran on the roads,
at a speed of the flash it ran,
the tire was rogue,
it was black and SLAM,
it violently crashed in to the car;
breaking glass and metal and parts,
as if it had control on how far,
and it knew...Read More
Categories: slam, funny,
Form: Rhyme
TT off Jan
The T.T's off

Sorry Jan

Sorry I.O.M
...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse
Toilet Paper
Toilet paper

Has anyone got any ?

Because there is none in the shop's

Toilet paper is totally sold out

Due to panic and fear

But what really scares me

Is if this is how we react to CO19

Then what will it be like

If something far...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse
Definition of SLATE

Can anyone please lend me ?

A cleaning cloth

...Read More
Categories: slam,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Could be a Trap
Pink tulip roses covering the landscape in unprecedented beauty
Leading the night dwellers down a primrose path to dissipate fear
The army waits inside the empty castle, armor and shields ready
Small animals scurry through the brambles, attempting an escape.

The sun is fading...Read More
Categories: slam, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th
Form: Prose Poetry

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