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Violence Christian Poems | Violence Poems About Christian

These Violence Christian poems are examples of Violence poems about Christian. These are the best examples of Violence Christian poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse |


Jerusalem, in the white of night,  
  with all the ages steeped upon your shoulders, 
  and the tombs of fading kings; 
  history has been unkind to thee, 
  and the desert sea laden with endless enemies ----
  thou shooting star who shawn too bright! ----
  how wan the dying rose with Mecca roaring in the wind! 
  how it whispers a new witchcraft.... 

A new shackle the zealots bring, on hallowed ground.... 
  where angels fear to tread, lest they spill blood,
  like the lot of man, the rockets shall bring peace, they say!
  and from the east the Palestian, crushed like grapes in a winepress,
  betwixt Hebrew and madmen; 

'O Jerusalem, how the Lillie's lilt in thy wan shadow, 
  how the purge of men shudders to hear your final breath....
  no sun shines on thee like a risen Christ; 
  no banner he bears but love, 
  no weapon formed but wisdom to silence paranoia;
  lay down your swords, and he shall rebuild thee in three days

'O Jerusalem,
  you old arrid hero,
  who needs but the nectar of peace to heal thy ancient bones,
  an old name whispers on the wind.....

Copyright © Keith O.J. Hunt | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

Our Limited Understanding

What did he mean
when he said
turn the other cheek?
Does it mean
violence isn't the answer
and peace is always the way?

Is it to deny the natural
carnal response?
To challenge the older laws
that have long been ensconced?

Maybe it's a come on
to the ungodly
"Give me what you got
I have no need to be afraid."
Maybe he meant
our bones are fragile
but our hope is not?
It shall never rust nor decay.

Surely a punch in the face
is no threat to one's life.
If a man put a gun to your wife
would you just let her die??

(surely life is precious
but God have mercy
should it come to this)

Should we cast down our weapons,
trade them for pruning hooks?
Is that what Jesus meant?
Or perhaps, maybe,
it begs you to take a deeper look.
and gaze at the wisdom God has sent.

Does it not surely mean that hatred
can't be snuffed out
by more hatred?
There are many trials we go through
but one thing we must know
is that love should always be sacred.

When he stated
Ye are the Light of the World
does that not imply
that the world itself is DARKNESS?
It's a gloomy forbidding place
with many pricks and thorns:
why add to the harshness?

For now it seems
we see through a glass darkly.
Having trouble deciphering
the passages and what they meant.
What about Romans 13
where it says, Execute vengeance
against those who do evil?
To whom is it referring
and to what extent?

Our limited understanding
leaves us grounded.

NOTE: This was written in response (and inspiration) to Liam McDaid's poem titled Thou Shalt Not Kill. It's a very fascinating topic, and one where I don't quite have answers...

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2014

Details | Dramatic monologue |


   Who's that staring through my window walls, with eyes as old as time
the clock has not yet moved and the wind outside has died
no breath for me to find nor the strength to check the time
unless the minute hand is lying theirs a chance i may have died
I wish this all a dream but the eyes i see dont lie, they have told me with their watching that all men do really cry
yet in vain is all my wishing but perhaps this is delusion of a sedimentary man with his mind ripe for losing 
Come at me then red devil, I shout within my mind yet the tension I had hoped for was delayed and rather dry
no ravishingly velvet flame encircled this such room, nor were the furniture and ottoman  thrown like an old shoe
marvelous the time in which a demon throwns your home and his only one intent is to stare right through your soul
 to that i bid goodnight to you, to do as you wish, regardless of the manner I am nothing more then fish. to be shot out of a barrel for a fellow such as this
If you do deem it fit that I wake another morning all i ask is that the clocks all please return to working order

Copyright © chriss todd | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Cain's Self Denial 2015

  Cain's Self Denial 2015

4 a m again alone,
In a room full of peers
A raging war is being fought,
Confined between your ears
Drafted into battle, with no enemy to engage
Yet volunteering unwillingly fueling dueling rage
Mystic river flows, with the blood of innocent
No longer even knowing, or caring how truth was bent
Angry at nobody, and everyone in between
Sabotaging yourself, and unraveling every seam.
Imaginary enemies
Whose roles change day to day 
A game with no clear rules 
Consciously  unconsciousness, I know that I must pay 
What promise can be spoken, to bring life into the void, uttered self denial, to speak within the ploy
And the enemy I can't see,  nor begun to understand 
Callously reflects my cards and always tips my hand
The price you pay for breaking souls, just keeps on feeling cheaper 
You soothe your conscience with the ancient line that your not your brother's keeper
There's no bad and there's no good, you played the only hand you could 
And the hollow eyes around you, pretend they couldn't see
You shake your head and try your best to pretend you don't believe 
Yet you know too well the horror. . .  Of what you've come to be

Copyright © Kelly Crenshaw | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |


Neither a fable, 
Nor a tale, 
This is a fact,
A story to tell,
To everyone, female and male.
To generations, younger and frail.

About a threat, a monster from the East,
That struck the world like a beast,
Attacked Europe by cold and mist,
Oceans of horsemen, millions at least,
Ravaged cathedrals, and crucified the priest,

How to cope and fight and face the ghoul?
How to reason with a barbarian, a crazy fool?
How to prevent a suicidal conflict to pacify and cool?
How to save the lore, the patrimony and the living soul?
How to reconcile with the unknown and use the best tool?
That was the question... 
That was the wisdom to lead and rule,

The Pope decided to answer in peace,
Then sent Carpini after a blessing..And a kiss,
Advising him to inform...and not to miss,
To meet the Eastern father, son nephew and niece,
To call for salvation and the Chris,

As soon as the monk began to trace,
With a great shock he started to face,
An unusual nation that was in race,
With time, with weather, with the cosmos and space,
No one could classify it, No one could place,
Its barbarity, Nay! its grace,

They consume everything, greens, pulses including rice,
They are carnivorous, they eat mice,
They spare not a single creature, including lice,
All seem to them, healthy and nice,
They worship Shamanism, horses and they play dice,
They conquer for pleasure, and race with the skies,

When Carpini reached the rising sun,
The great Mongol..The supreme Khan,
Who crashed Empires, who enslaved the Han,
Who scared newborn babies, woman and man,
Who, no one refused him, and who dared had to run,
For his life, for his family, for his entire clan,
Then Carpini approached the formal bar,
And addressed himself to the Lord Tatar,
Explaining to him that he came from far,
To preach Christendom not the Latin Lar,

Before the monk finishing his say,
The lord stood up! Angrily, with a reply,
"Go back to your Pope! Before I'll flay,
You" and tell him that the Tatar ray,
Is invincible in a warfare-play,

Fearful, the priest returned deceived,
More than what he saw and what he perceived,
How would he break the news? How would he read?
The powerful message, the humiliating creed!
In the end, he stood on his heart and then he did,
Europe was ready for the Great War,
Nations of the crucifix, thousands and more,
The bells of alarm sounded the lands, and the shore,
To prevent the conquest, that was the heart! And the core!
The call was "fight or flight" or seal your door!

But halfway...they turned blind,
To change plan, they did not mind,
To strike east, and there to find,  
A city of lore of rich and kind,
Baghdad the marvel that enlightens the blind,

There! They killed; they mutilated in countless,
There! They burnt libraries that were priceless!
They pillaged, they raped they were heartless,
No mercy, no help, the Baghdadeans were helpless,
To defend themselves against the infidel 
Barbarian Godless!
No place was spared from vandalism,
Places of worship and mysticism,

Circles of learning and sciolism,
Poetry, literature and euphemism, 
All had gone with "Gog and Magog" the cataclysm!
But "Ain Jalout" was the battlefield,
For generations to pick and read,
In history, and faith and heretical creed,
Where all religions had met indeed,

In a bloody war, all had to bleed,
In the end, the Armageddon had to finish,
To slow the spiting dragon and diminish,
Its arrogance, its myth and tarnish,
Its long lasting reputation, had to vanish,
Forever to allow another war and a skirmish.  
How would I judge? What would I say?

Was it a truth or was it a lie? 
Genghis Khan, and Kublai Khan,
Hulaku, Munghe Khan and low and high,
Were they all barbarians, or were all lasting heroes not to die?
This is the last verse and point to specify.

Copyright © Abder Derradji | Year Posted 2015

Details | Blank verse |

Guns and God

A Christian soldier with a gun and a crucifix is a man of God
A hoodlum with a gun and a crucifix is only a hoodlum
A Muslim with a flag and a gun is an Islamist terrorist
A Muslim with a flag and no gun won't make the news

Copyright © Cameron Hartley | Year Posted 2014

Details | Dramatic monologue |

speak only after

come quickly
come quickly
you silly old dog 
when they thought of the name,
they'd probably had thought of a creature like you-well then right on the dot
for a pig with a stick in his eye and a stye for a leg could have begged his way faster to freedom
and found more to eat in a day then you eat in a week-but you stay?
And i wonder and ponder by ponds full of water collecting my thoughts in a vase now discolored
what marvelous mischief might happen if beast were no sanction and all things with thoughts were judged solely on actions
morality then would weigh heavy with sanction and perhaps no man dines at the right of the lord
only a creature, deemed fit to absorb his observance
for now, it is begining to get very hot in this furnace

Copyright © chriss todd | Year Posted 2013

Details | Nonet |


Embrace the truth, we make mistakes, hate, death, revenge, attack, anger 
Embrace the truth, atrocities the act of war no reason
Embrace the truth, this raging devastation pain and death
Embrace the truth, the cost is just to great, nobody wins
Embrace the truth, hate from both sides, leads to war
Embrace the truth, death destroys, honours heart 
Embrace the truth, open doors with love 
Embrace a better loving life 
Embrace a better giving
Embrace each others hope
Embrace hug love 
Embrace love

Copyright © Bernard Barclay | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lyric |

The Way I Am

Yes I am white, and yes I can write
From the DM and V so you think
I can not spill my guts or MC
I am dumb if I  choose to believe
That I got any skill to convey
So much pain I have felt in my chest
From my dad smacking me in the head
Cause an F on a test and I guess
That's enough to put hands in the cuffs
And arrest the big pest that's oppressed
And has left me a mess and completely distressed!

I will no longer be so depressed
Or this pressed to suppress all  this hate I possess
So no rest till I break these two chains 
That have plagued all my veins, its insane, 
When we don't have an answer!

Bruce Banners, the standard, 
We lose all our manners
And start with the slander
Then harp on the "pampered"
With heart crushing banter
So dark is my candor
Were used to being used
and tossed in the hamper
I'll wash my lacoste but it only gets damper
And that's when I got get up, its enough
Cant let Russ, just adjust, my outcome
Or who I  become!

Copyright © Mike Conway | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |


My mother tells me not to worry
I'm young
These things shouldn't bother me
But they linger 
At the back of my mind
Deep in the thoughts that I sometimes express

ISIS is getting larger
Beheading, burning, imprisoning
Any one they see fit 
Christians, Muslims, foreigners 
Children, women, the elderly
Brave men and women who fight them everyday

It scares me
To be staring into the unknown 
To be on the verge of what could be world war three 
I'm not ready for any of it
But sometimes,
You have to suck it up and fight for what's right. 

Copyright © Pome G | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

There Are Two Kinds Of Evil Men

There are two kinds of evil men,
There are two kinds of men,
There are the evil men who think they do good,
And the evil men who know they do evil,
I am Cain who killed Abel.

Copyright © Dean Marais | Year Posted 2015

Details | Lanterne |



                                         the house

                                        of Thy love

                                     the seed of hate


© Demetrios Trifiatis
        10 April 2017

*At least 45 people were killed and dozens injured on Palm Sunday bombings at Coptic churches in Egypt. God bless victims' souls!

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2017