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A Butterfly through the Storm -- plus a call for submissions for Christmas poems

Christmas poetry submissions call below poem...

A Butterfly through the Storm
By Stacy Savage

 When they first dated
 He treated her good,
 And did all the things
 That boyfriends should.

He gave her compliments
And made her grin,
With stars in her eyes
And feelings within.

She was eighteen.
He was her first love.
He was all that
She was dreaming of.

Then as time had passed,
He showed another side.
He had two personalities,
Like Jekyll and Hyde.

He talked down to her
And made her cry.
He’d steal from her
And then he’d lie.

But she was in love
And couldn’t break free,
For his good side
Was all she could see.

He beat her once
And she left him then,
But after months,
She went back again.

She wasn’t back long
And they got in a fight.
Then he strangled her
With all his might.

She almost passed out
And was gasping for air.
Then he let her go
As if he cared.

He looked at her
As she yelled and cried
And said how he wished
That she had died.

She was devastated
And left him again,
But unfortunately,
That wasn’t the end.

A couple weeks later,
She found her way back.
And soon, there would be
Another attack.

They got into an argument
And he beat her once more.
He picked her up high
And threw her to the floor.

She was bruised all over
And although it was tough,
She finally decided,
Enough was enough.

Two days went by
And she went to the cops.
She knew the string of violence
Had to stop.

She began to realize
She didn’t deserve a man
Who called her names
And raised his hand.

She broke away
And found her voice.
She finally made
The wisest choice

To leave behind
A worthless man
Who will never, ever
Lay a hand

On her again,
For she said goodbye
And now,
She is a butterfly--

She can spread her wings
And move on with strife
And enjoy all 
The pleasures of life,

Without the bruises
And all the pain.
She found the rainbow
After the rain.

Thank God for helping
Her break away.
Now, she lives
Another day,

With a smile on her face
And a future bright.
Domestic violence
Is never alright!

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