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In memory of 9-11

Do you have that memory of where you were,
When certain events in your life did occur.
Where were you when Elvis died or when,
Armstrong stepped on the moon just before Aldrin.
When 9/11 occurred I was delivering in my van,
I didn't connect when I first heard the man say
That reports were coming in about that fateful day,
I asked my customer to tune into CNN just to see,
If what I had heard could tragically, possibly be.
That a plane had crashed into the World Trade Centre,
We all watched in awe him , his wife and me,
Even seeing it wondering if this could possibly be.
As  went back to my van to collect another case,
My radio shouted out "Another has hit the same place"!
Back to the house I ran, the woman was crying, so was the man.
We all watched in horror as scenes to horrible to contemplate
Then before our eyes, an unbelievable sight unfolded,
Tower One, like a house of cards crumbled to the ground.
People cried and screamed on the TV as we heard and saw,
Tower Two follow into that dust filled Maw.
It was up to then and also since been a memory of dismay,
That from my mind I have never been able to put away.
Many are the terrorism and conspiracy theories that abound,
Still will not bring back the 2996 now under the ground.
God Bless all those who somehow survived this scene of hell,
God Bless all the emergency teams who worked hard as well.
That this actually happened is still hard to contemplate.
Fifteen years on and I pray for a release from the hate,
So America, rebuild and remember what has made you so great.
In a world of turmoil and unrest, may you stand tall,
To you I say God Bless You ALL.

©  Dave Timperley 11 September 2016 

Copyright © Dave Timperley | Year Posted 2016