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blue winged canopy
of a thousand butterflies
can not compare to
the fluttering of my heart
when your eyes and mine are one

deborah burch©

Copyright © Deborah Burch | Year Posted 2012

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one gorgeous red rose
aflame in the morning sun
throbbing all alone
both sentinel reminder
and summer’s glorious end

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2013

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my heart and I
  walk leafy woods
 breathing the green
       this summer day-

                   deep blue lake 

May 15, 2016

Non-Traditional Tanka

For the contest, Summer Lovin- Short Form Poetry
sponsor, Andrea Dietrich

Third Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2016

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Summer butterfly
vibrant wings brighten long days
heat from your passion
cocooned 'til our love flies free
as we dream of sweet nectar

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
for Let's Pass a Tanka Love Note contest (Rick Parise) 

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2012

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A misty ocean touches umber cliffs as chintz grass tendrils downward toward tidal foam on summer's tangerine and teal debut 3rd Place 1-10 Lines Old or New Contest Sponsor: Rick Parise 7/22/17

Copyright © Dale Gregory Cozart | Year Posted 2017

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Summer ending soon
The weather begins to change
Less hot humid days
Cooler days are on their  way
It means summer is ending

Copyright © Darlene De Beaulieu | Year Posted 2017

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An absent spider 
left a tattered web to blow
in rosemary spines.
An ancient silk ruin hangs
in memory of the past,

of disappeared life,
just as the spines turn brittle
to die in summer's
heat and tell a tale of woe
from a once vibrant garden.

The drought is now past,
but the damage has been done.
No more do insects
roam among the fragrant green
nor pollinate red roses.

Long abandoned hopes
like doors falling from hinges
waft in a ghost town.
Abandoned linen now torn
drapes then lilts in silent breeze.


Copyright © Dale Gregory Cozart | Year Posted 2017

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summer memories

evening walks along the sand

sound of waves crashing

moonlight upon the water

we stop long enough to kiss...

Poems by Shar

Copyright © Sharon Ruebel | Year Posted 2012

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summer harvest sweet
plump fruit ready for picking
a cornucopia treat
one would be wise to know how
quickly ripeness turns to rot

Copyright © Rickie Elpusan | Year Posted 2005

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summer's warmth returns
the wet sand between our toes
coconut lotion
children running and playing
our hearts and souls at rest...

Copyright © Sharon Ruebel | Year Posted 2012

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Dog days pass slowly
air is thick but there ain't no
miracle waitin
funnel cloud on horizon
and we’re still in Kansas, friend.

Copyright © D.W. Rodgers | Year Posted 2014

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	Tanka 6
	hot summer garden
	brown asparagus... okra...	
	bird-pecked tomatoes
	no delicacies this year
	to counter winter’s cold breath

Copyright © Jack Jordan | Year Posted 2013

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               Harvest Moon

     A fox cub barking, 
     Shadows long across the land,
     Harvest Moon rising.
     From an old barn an owl hoots.
     Summer fades, this tranquil night.

     Barry Stebbings

Copyright © Barry Stebbings | Year Posted 2016

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A summer rose fades
One by one its petals fall
In downward spiral
Scattered by an autumn breeze 
It's fragrance a memory


Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2013

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Summer Tanka summer loving hot, sunny and sticky still better than cold, dark and slippery winter loathing Sandra M. Haight ~2nd Place~ Contest: Summer Lovin' - Short Form Poetry Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich Modern Tanka Judged: 05/20/2016

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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SUMMER WEDS WINTER icy angels fall they coat white the earthly grounds lovers rest up-close thawing the cold-blooded air summer heat weds winter chill _______________________________ Visual #7 Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich Contest Name: Get Romantic Placed 6th O.E.Guillermo 8:17 pm, March 04, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2015

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growth, nature, rain, seasons, summer, word play,


Sunflowers in fields 
Bowing to the rising sun
Turning faced upwards
Withholding their mighty stocks
As all roots knit asunder!

growth, nature, rain, seasons, summer, word play,

Rain drops call from clouds
Wet the now blackening soil
New roots drink thirstily
Crops now grow from planted seedlings
Harvest 'feed' aplenty!

Copyright © Diane M Quinlan | Year Posted 2015

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I meander verdant valley
where meadows collide in windswept jade

Gentle hillsides bathe in succour sunrise
and oceans of clouds saunter
provoking moor land peaks

Seems so perfect here
timeless as the morning blends
to the dawn chorus
of nature’s own harmony
this in days of summer wine

Beyond the bustle
of everyday torment
a life that is shared.

Harry Horsman
For Constance Four in one Nature contest.

Copyright © harry horsman | Year Posted 2011

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 cat, dog, food, humor, mom, pain, summer,

I tripped over  feet
My shoe laces both came undone
Slid in my 'spilled' milk
Cut my finger on broke glass
My blood now was mixed in milk!

I sat on a chair
It was much too low for me 
Table top held my chin
Knees folded I knelt down  below
My neck got cramped looking up!

Taking a 'soap' soak  
I washed my hair in 'suds' water
Forgot to rinse 'wash'
Let the bath drain of cold water
Had to take a shower too!

I bit my finger 
A huge delicious apple
Choked on pieces bitten
And swallowed a broken tooth
It left an empty hole then!

Pits are wicked  on teeth
Cherry pits the worse for wear
Three cherries at once
Eaten you  choke on a pit
If swallowed you then will die!

Pepper makes a sneeze
Then coughing  up of chewed food
Follows up the throat 
Adding 'more' to the food plate
Appetite all lost!

Close your eyes and wish
Once upon a time like 'right' now
My mom told me so
Magic will make a wish come true
Then I learnt she fibs white lies!

Cats and dogs skip rope 
Jumping around up and down
When the double-dutch stops
Cat and dog hair flies about
 Then the fight is done double time!

Touring on my bike
I flipped ' head over heels' and rolled
 Down grassy culverts  below
Upon a stinking skunk hole 
Startling the homeowners there!

Belly laugh causes much gas 
That builds wind into a toot
Relieving  more pain
Reaching a higher stink bomb
That calls  more laughter!

My peaches are very ripe
 I squeezed one to check them out
Grab'n napkins and bowl
When bitten into juices pour
 Sliding stickily  down my chin!

Corn on the cob needs
Melted butter and wood toothpicks 
 Small bits catch in teeth
Cob takes two hands for chomping
All the kernels in a row!

Shaved cabbage ' coleslaw'
Sliced hamburger buns with meat
Chopped onions with sauces
Causes gall bladder  heartburn pain
 Trapped gasses giving 'piglet' shame!

Copyright © Diane M Quinlan | Year Posted 2015

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late summer
we gulp spring water from mason jars
during the harvest
and lay out sandwiches for lunch
and shelter in the barn from storms

Copyright © Thomas Martin | Year Posted 2015

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Summer Solstice”      (Starts June 21 )   Tanka Poem

Summer Solstice looms  		  
hot climate of the year booms	
vacationers like			
longest hours of daylight		
season of bird’s paradise.	

Composed by Dr Ko Ko Thein (a) Martin Chan
Salt Lake City

Copyright © Mya Thein | Year Posted 2013

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Bougainvillea 60 degrees Fahrenheit Enchanted moment Denizen of summer Purple petal, silent fall

Copyright © Delice Arleen Skelly | Year Posted 2015

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Tantalizing wind Meadow ripples, full of life Caterpillar morph Bird of prey, predator's eye. Silent glide across pasture.

Copyright © Delice Arleen Skelly | Year Posted 2015

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farm boy's daydream
acres of wheat fields
turning golden in the sun 
not these upsetting rows
of waving green tobacco

Copyright © Thomas Martin | Year Posted 2015

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Lang schon verklungen
Die Sommer Serenaden
Im frühen Rauhreif

Über dem silbernen Gras
Liegt jetzt schon sanft der Nebel


Long faded away
The summer's serenades
In the early rime

Upon the silver grass
Lies softly the fog


Hace  tiempo se apagaron
Las serenadas del vernao
En temprana escarcha 

Sobre herba platinada
Esta puesto suave la niebla

Copyright © Gert W. Knop | Year Posted 2010

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summer storm
her bra on the sofa
undressing. . .
faint scent
dark hair falling

Copyright © Thomas Martin | Year Posted 2015

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Colourful garden Herbaceous border delights Flowers ripple, breeze Fluttering colourful flash Settled on Buddleia. Soft gentle rainfall Shelter taken under leaf Out of human sight Herbaceous perfume pervades Solitary walk.

Copyright © Delice Arleen Skelly | Year Posted 2015

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Warm breezes blowing
LOVE on a sweet summer’s night
Words are my passion

Lazy days of FUN
Will spark creativity
Trying to capture
Tender cries of baby birds
Sandy walks along the beach

Children playing in the park
Inspire POETRY verses
Honeysuckle in the air
Prose expressively

Written by: Shani Fassbender

Copyright © Shani Fassbender | Year Posted 2011

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Summer Symphony

the sounds of summer
wrap themselves around the heart
urging us to hear
the cricket’s song at sundown
and bees upon the clover


Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2016

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summer winds
light and golden
away my heart
in hyacinth time

Copyright © Thomas Martin | Year Posted 2016