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 She danced across the heavens
 Whirling and twirling in delight
  She slid up and down creating images
  With delight she colored the sky
 She made no sound as she moved
  She sculpted as she danced
 Unique patterns unfolded
  the heavens became her canvas
  colors became more vibrant
 Her colors changed with each breath
 She danced merrily for hours on end
Until the final curtain was drawn
With the up coming dawn.


Copyright © Phyllis Babcock | Year Posted 2013

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the last word of hunter

As I seize from greener pasture
Forgive me for taking away nature
lives have always been in vain
stopping them from breathing with pain
I toil never to hold my gun
with tears full of fun
The sleepless night became difficult
Because hunting was my cult
I regret taking away this joy of hunting
But not jolliness of killing
remembering the beautiful butterfly
and the choral singing of birds pass by
I never forget about the forest
even when I went to rest.

Copyright © Amin Tres | Year Posted 2008

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The Table

Men of substance
I implore you
Rise early
Come gather around me
I have no ears with which to judge you

Allow your ideas to resonate
Vibrate within my core
Bounce from my surface
Come to life

I was formed for a Holy purpose
Placed in this room
Enclosed within these walls
A host for your imaginations
A silent witness to community

Men of substance
Think each others thoughts
Breathe spiritual breath
Allow me to be your Altar
Join your hands
Bow your heads
Be thankful
Blessed and courages

I am your silent witness
Made for this time
For this purpose
I welcome you
My honored guests

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2013

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Charlotte Sweet Charlotte

Charlotte Sweet Charlotte
You are quiet tonight
You can still see the stars from your streets
A city so charming
And filled with delight
This southerner sure can compete

Unlike other cities
With tall buildings and more
You still have the grace of a gal
Who stands center and strong
To a heart filled with song
Who cares if you’re a femme fatale

For the glory is yours
Each day you do rise
To the sounds of the cafes all bustling
And tighten your boot straps
For Nascar, perhaps
Where Jeff Gordon will surely be hustling

Yes, the Speedway is here
With its cars and bright lights
And legends are made on the tracks
But even momentum
Some beer and adventure
Won’t stop you from feeling relaxed

Charlotte Sweet Charlotte
You are quiet tonight
But soon it will be football season
And the Panthers will play
The foe they will slay
Sweet Caroline plays for a reason

Your spell is cast nicely
On those who pass through
For your wonder will captivate
Just shy of the Mountains
Or East to the sea
Our Charlotte is Queen of the State

The Blue Ridge is glory
The landscape sincere
The small towns are doing quite well
The farms and small places
With warm familiar faces
The stories those mountains will tell

But if you drive East
Of this sweet Charlotte town
You will find country charm by the sea
Where sweet tea is custom
And corn bread is bakin’
And Carolina love sets you free 

Charlotte Sweet Charlotte
You are quiet tonight
You can still see the stars from your streets
A city so charming
And filled with delight
This southerner sure can compete

By Mary Susan Vaughn

Copyright © Mary Susan Vaughn | Year Posted 2016

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Thoughtful Thoughts

The furniture, Tell, them it's the furniture, The chair is heavy, And the blanket is warm, For me to go there, I would have to be here, For you go there, I would have to be... Somewhere where the new moon rises, And the blind people sing, About the Glorious Love, That they share, That they are, That they give, In essence, you, me, that tree, those animals, that day, Always inside of you, me, those trees, those animals, those days - See more at:

Copyright © Kody Dibble | Year Posted 2014

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O Pacific, I Miss You

O Pacific, I Miss you

You probably never knew it,
But I once lived within five blocks from you
I and my kids visited you often to play and to view

You consumed us with sea shells, sand castles, beach balls, and a Frisbee
Those gallant waves from across the sea, most times, were as calm as can be
Slowly washing upon the shores, but occasionally, splashing against the rocks
Your reliability and timeliness, so superior to my own, and more faithful than clocks

From your sandy shores on a non foggy day 
Sometimes atop the sea cliffs, whether bright or gray
I watched the sea gulls and my dear children would play
Often your winds were enough to take my breath away
But I never fretted, because I so treasured what you had to say

I miss those regular visits, bringing  you greetings
I wish that I could sit in those special meetings                                            The ones where you and the moon make plans and plots
When the two of you with your creator decide, El Nino’s or not

I miss standing above your gusty shores                                                         on an observation deck, viewing a Golden Bridge                                  
I miss the sun sets so enchantingly beautiful,                                                 as they sheepishly hide beyond the waters
I miss the soothing fog horns of ships sailing in
O Pacific, the list is much too long of what I miss

02022016(PS Contest, The Sea Shore. Sponsor, Steve Cornish)

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016

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A Special Place

I have been to many, yours and mine!
So much seen with these eyes!
I’ve walked the lonely highways night and day,
Powered with great energy to just run away,
I have crawled so deep within myself just to find you.
Running with a bleeding mind with so many views!
I have a special place that I come to.
It‘s extra silent!
My time to be quite!
It’s completely in sync!
My time to think!
It’s so beautiful!
My time to feel wonderful!
It’s a special place that I find plentiful!

So many I’ve already been! 
But many I have still never seen!
I have thought many times of my broken dreams, time and time again,
Powered with great energy to just run free with the wind,
Sunsets and sunrises capturing my view,
So many to come with a gleam that shines through you!
I have a special place that I come to.
I have many visions that I see.
A world untouched and unscathed by its common ground,
Touching a very special place inside of me!
Such a blessing I have found.
It’s extra special!
My only pedestal!
It‘s without pain!
My only gain!
It‘s so exceptional!
My only interval,
And it’s completely unconditional!

Copyright © Ann Rich | Year Posted 2010

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January Flumes

Jetting out first as many cascades,
Addictive in a calendar of twelve,
New Year’s Day known in charades,
Unknown factions continue to delve.
Again and again it shapes natures tune.
Reveling waterfalls rouse in faded moon.
Yet without, life would have no commune.

written for
Sponsor nette onclaud 

written by
Cecil Hickman

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2011

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A Mountain Walk

Your sighs bleached the cool air
Like so many fireflies,
As I told you it's not fair 
And you ignored my lies

Because it was fair I knew 
This was justice going on,
It was stones that I threw
Though I knew that I'd done wrong.

I shivered, my regrets making me cold
The snow was falling fast here
Where I struggled in your howling hold
Feeling my end was near.

I guess I got myself into this situation
A kind of self-inflicted karma,
I swore to protect an important relation,
I thought you couldn't harm her

I left her comforted by your melting sighs
We'd both decided you looked so nice,
But now you've got me and I swore I saw her eyes
As you tossed me after my sister straight through the ice.

We were walking but you stopped us
you were green we thought you warm,
you taught us how wrong we were to trust
In a fireflies flickering swarm.

How were we to know a storm would come
You seemed so calm and still,
But now the dark clouds have blocked out the sun
And you're primed and ready for the kill

It's cold here now in your grip
Trapped by your tree-root ties,
We both hang off your summits lip
Caught by a mountains treacherous sighs.

Copyright © Alice Woede | Year Posted 2012

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The Disconnect

***********What is a disconnect?********

         - When -
 We spend....
More Money defending
              Our people,
Than We do feeding
      Them, then....
Your chances' for success
There-by.....and by
Are very Slim.....
That is the disconnect
What do you expect!


Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2011

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Winds of Change

The wind howls. as the grey wolf licks his wounds
pareparing himself for the next battle
he survery the area as the ground shivers
beneath a winter's chill

Instinct didn't prepare him for the attack
as the leader snarled and snapped
the others stood with clenched teeth
and tearing jaws

Spawned by the pack he recently joined
he wanders alone in the threatening wood
though two greys approach on the ridge, growling their disapproval
he follows in the distance

Soon his cuts will heal 
the earth will revel in its thaw
and once again, he'll join the pack
as an equal

But for now, his out-cast
and kindred spirit
is broken
by the Winds of Change

As he follows in the distant night
his solemn cry is lost...
in the approaching storm

Copyright © Jack Kenny | Year Posted 2009

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The Trainer

The Trainer is skilled and knowledge is way too real.
Precision is marked and the course plainly lain out.
The trainer is everything and has no room for doubt.
Our lessons are here in which we share what we feel.
We’re certified by gold appeal to His right thumb seal.

Our perfection with His direction is a challenge we must all meet.
Teaching or lectures the trainer’s word sits upon a cozy high seat.
The Trainer is the one, teaching us why we have all come to care.

Articulate in balancing those massive scales, 
He is making us ready for His truth or dare.
Slowly but surely He removes all of our veils.

Testing and provoking the thoughts that we all must greatly compare,
The Trainer is detained and responsible to the reality we all shall bare.
So listen here and listen there, eventually fame is no more good or fun.
The Trainer teaches us that it is our principles to be all by being one.

The Trainer is well thought out even if the job comes undone.
The Trainer is my heir I bare for global defeat fair and square!

Copyright © Ann Rich | Year Posted 2009

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A Highway Run

From city to city I can see the lights!
From time to time they are incredibly bright.
I’m on a highway-run to my destiny!

From city to city I can see new things!
From time to time instant excitement it brings.
I’m on a highway-run to my identity!

From city to city I can see all there is to be!
From time to time I am beyond my own capacity.
I’m on a highway-run to my reality!

From city to city I can see so much!
From time to time I am more than enough.
I’m on a highway-run to my eternity!

From time to time and from city to city,
A highway run for me is more than enough for my plenty!

Copyright © Ann Rich | Year Posted 2010

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Jagged trees eat the sky, hungry for its breath.
The jaw of the ridge curves around a valley throat.
As I descend down the steep canyon to the lake,
The sun drips from the east to the west.
By the water, the mood gentles.
A sunlight sonata plays.
Each ripple holds a separate sun.
The rocks above the water's surface match those below,
both wearing ringlet gowns of shifting animal print.
I float on the dance floor,
beneath the wild sky.

Copyright © Elinor Swanson | Year Posted 2017

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With you,each day
in the quiet,pray
For you I wait each day
while you go into the 'fray
On my own alone
I laze the day away
Without you,I doze each day
how long I never say
In the sun I fade
your covers so deftly made
To me,exhausted you return
a faithful friend,so taciturn
With me,you take great delight
later,as you bed down, for the night

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2009

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The star runs
away from the moon

It takes a breath 
In the grassland
On the wet soft grass
Then runs along

Copyright © Chastity Frazier | Year Posted 2006

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I Am

I am something you hold when you miss,
And I am forgotten all but a gentle kiss!
I am the cold draft when you’re all alone.
And I am the smile that generates your happy home.
I am something for nothing but I’m more than most.
And I am your summer breeze, I am your host.
I am the tear that falls from your eyes,
And I am the light that outshines your lies.
I am the flutter in your beating heart,
And I am the breath that gives you a fresh start.
I am the lump in your throat when lost for words,
And I am the silence you have always heard.
I am the warmth traveling in your blood,
And I am the memory you instantly flood.
I am the dream you’ve always had,
And I am the one with you happy or sad.
I am the one that always told you so,
And I am the only person you positively know.
I am taken and given because I just am,
And I am exactly what I am,
And not even by you will I be jammed!
© Copyright  Ann Rich   2006

Copyright © Ann Rich | Year Posted 2010

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They grazed their sheep upon my grass
So many centuries in the past

In feudal times,a monastery of hope
'Til King Henry divorced the Pope

In later times upon my hill
They set a smock windmill

As Victoria came on her throne
A brewery made this site its own

Later in more social times, a public bath
In which poor folk cleansed at my hearth

The 'sixties brought a different call
Under an impersonal shopping mall

Change continues on,so persistent
But my soil stays,omniscient

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2008

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Upon my face of earthenware
So many feet have laid bare
Maiolica wearing thin-
My colours now growing dim
Revealing my kaolin

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2008

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Window Sill

Stubborn smog;
creeping on my window sill;
billow, thicken, stay unclear.
Drip your lazy finger tips across the plain, cracked wood.
Dispense ever so slightly, your molding breath, 
canvasing tenderness with your teasing mouth.
Harden as you try to pass through listless glass;
glass that has been viewed upon by so many others,
feeling like a whore without a single ounce of payment;
for she has been spread to be displayed without her authority.
Her only friend is the visiting salamander, that surprises her with a needed massage.
He speaks to her of his travel of the broken floor; 
a floor that has been trampled on by other many travelers, 
that do not bide their time by watching their heavy steps.
The smog tires of their conversation and let's himself obliterate slowly, but knowingly.
He speaks to the glass held by the window sill, on how she will never be free,
that she should be hopeful to see the many passing things.
Hopeful that many creatures crawl upon her face and rest upon her body,
hopeful that he will not come everyday to blur her visions of the world,
hopeful that one day, she will be graced with death;
from someone breaking her gaze...

Copyright © Jessica Arteaga | Year Posted 2009