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Autumn's Breeze

Autumn drapes her lacey hoarfrost
Upon the vanishing vivid leaves of 
Colored trees, upon the fences and fields
Gracing them with her demure beauty.

With her breathy chill animals prepare
For Jack Frost's stealthy fall arrival.
When his first flakes begin to fall...
Oh the beauty of it all makes one sigh.

Glorious winter twirls her pristine skirt
And naked trees welcome her white layers.
When snow has covered all the grounds
And crystals in ice cycles hang from eave's

It is winter who has been crowned Queen.
Without her blizzard bringing the freeze
No ice skating fun for eager little ones,
Or romantic skating on the moonlit lake.

There's sleigh rides in the snow as children
Show adults how much fun it can be
To build a much loved snowman, as they
Recall the glory of it all from younger years.

10-28-17 rev.

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2016

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In Silence

And so it was that Autumn would die with a gust of wind she said goodbye Of love mortal she sits subdued sipping remnants of death imbued With curtains drawn she lie in rest in silent prose she relived each breath of life abandoned of weary roads where Winter's freeze would glisten alone And so it was that Autumn had gone in the lonely grips of winter without a song

Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2012

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Revised and reposted poem


Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2015

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.                         ‘Violin’ was written on a soft dark velvet night,
                As I drifted - in the dreams -  of the flickering -  candle light;
           Ne’er pre-planned -  nor pondered - nor was she - pre-conceived,
        She came from deep within me, appearing  on the screen,
               As did my favorite poem - my darling ‘Cannon Lee’.

                ‘The Love of a Gentlemen’ -  and ‘Where the Heart Resides,’
                   Came from treasured memories - I tried to keep alive;
                   With words - chosen carefully - to create solidity,
                          I brought them back to life - to live eternally,
                  In vivid hues - more beautiful - than all the autumn leaves.

                   Others - fell like drops of dew  - from flying fingertips,
           That raced across the keyboard  - in hopes they wouldn’t miss,
                The chance to share the beauty - my eyes now fell upon,
           Through the kitchen window  - across the river -  and beyond,
            Where fields of liquid diamonds - glistened in the early dawn.

                    Others came in metaphors -  disguising secrets held;
                      To painful in reality - for me to ever tell. 
                ‘The Rose and the Thorn’ -  poured herself upon the page,
                     A sonnet of over-whelming grief  - rising up from hidden rage,
                         Releasing me forever - from my gilded cage.

                        These poems I write - come day come night,
                                  Come candle or come neon light,
                       Come wind, come rain, come joy, come pain,
                They are the life - the Great Creator -  breathed in me;
                                         They are my breath! 
                                          They are my poetry!


                               Author:  Elaine George
                               Written:  January 13th, 2010

Inspired by:  Deborah Guzzi's contest 'How Do You do It - How do you write your poems'?

Authors Note:  This poem was written on route to Bath, North Carolina via Ferry 
crossing.  It was written on a note-pad from the' Hampton Inn' and transferred 
to my lap-top after returning to Swansborro.

Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2010

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Quaking Aspen

We are the high altitude sentinels.
Our small groves freckle the high plains.
We keep to ourselves, mostly
upon the snow burdened peaks
where our ashen trunks blend
and our barren branches cling
to icy white glitter.

As the breath of winter ebbs
we watch the crystal spring run-off
growing ever greener with envy 
of how it races down the hill; babbling.
We whisper this to one another
in the crisp mountain air, solemn
as we keep watch.

From our station on the precipice
we behold fully the majestic sun
revering at dusk how it paints the sky.
In the failing warmth of autumn, 
we offer in turn, our own reflection of
magnificent golden sunset skies 
in our shimmering yellow foliage. 

We keep company with pines,
firs, spruces, and other prickly sorts.
Conifers aren’t social, which suits us
as we keep mostly to ourselves.
Sentinels must remain vigilant, after all,
watchful for approaching danger. 
We quake from paranoia, probably.
Our bark is pale, above all, for fear.
We’ve seen your kind before.
Your kind we watch most carefully.
If you look close, you will see
from our thousand dark eyes
we always look closely back at you.

Are you dangerous?

Submission for contest: Trees Personified
Hosted by: Charlotte Jade Puddifoot

*I loved the aspens when my family would go camping in the high Uinta mountain range in Utah. They are beautiful and they can grow at such high elevation (above 10,000 ft) it's really amazing.

Copyright © The Grahamburglar | Year Posted 2015

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The Wind of Autumn

In the night
The autumn roars-
Blowing leaves
To my front door-
Begging me
To let them in-
To save them from
The cruel wind-
That tore them from
Their mother’s’ 
Loving limbs-
As helplessly
She stands by –
For with roots
She is tied –
Empty arms
Reaching to the sky-
As her children die-
One by one




Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2008

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Seasonal Closure

October cannot stay to show her love
As stars slowly light  her colored hair
She slowly blends into November's mist
Silently slipping away

November arrives  undressing autumn
With misty eyes of freezing rain
She beacons the seasonal closure
As days are laden with frosty mornings

December pulled out his robe of white
 slowly blanketing all within sight.
With a cold breath he bids adieu
Heralding in a new season

Copyright © Phyllis Babcock | Year Posted 2016

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Autumn is a thief! She stole my gown of gold She let it fall gently onto the ground out of my reach! Naked …I'm totally naked, denuded of my fabulous fallen frock Now I'm at the mercy of the wild wicked winter winds I’ll shiver until spring brings me a new dress of vibrant green Not posted in time for contest 11~13~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Leaves Leaf falls to chilly ground thinking back on summer days so fine. On broken stones it lies, awaiting dear friends to come. With grace they lie on each other, clad in autumn’s bright saffron death robes, dressed at their best in the fall fashion shroud. 9/15/16

Copyright © Janis Thompson | Year Posted 2016

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The Leaf

The leaf has fallen from everything it has known
The wind of despair drags the leaf aimlessly
The leaf can not find refuge from its tormentor
The Leaf begs for mercy

Withered and dry, as others float aimlessly by
Wishing for their company, wanting a friend
But, only receiving an evanescent try
Oh, how fate does not bend

Envy the evergreen
They dance with the wind of melancholy
Never falling from grace, never losing to nature's game
Why are they immortal when the rest wonder the earth alone until death

Crumbling, the wind does not stop, nor does it care too
Falling apart, the earth's soil reclaiming me
Fading away, is this peace, or is this just death
I am lonely, afraid

Copyright © Trevor Barnett | Year Posted 2013

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To The Fall

It is raining leafs'
They are pouring down
If you half listen
They barely make a sound..
The birds' they do sing,
They doth' fly south
The tinny tinkling
Taste of morning dew
Is so prevalent...
I can taste it in my mouth

Gary Fields

Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2014

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Undressing Autumn

The wind gently touched the colored leaves
Shaking them ever so gently and watched
As they glided gently downward to the ground
Soft and colorful not yet crisp from the
ever changing season's cold
Soon the trees will be barren 
The green dress of summer changed
to autumn's splendid colorful suit
The wind smiled for it will have fun
undressing and blowing autumn's leaves.


Copyright © Phyllis Babcock | Year Posted 2013

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To Be A Scythe

On the days the wind does blow life gets caught up in how things should go and winds gather up the harvest from the field to tow to blow up harvest in good flight it may freely flow but what of those who never know and never feel the warm winds of autumn blow and the scythes will never come home and all hope of good harvest is then forever gone

Copyright © Danielle Wise Baxter | Year Posted 2012

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I sit here enjoying nature
From high up on the tree
I gaze an encompassing all that is around me

The weather is cool
With a soft breeze flowing through the autumn  leaves
Colors of greens turning to shades of red, yellows, purples, and browns
Gently falling like a light feather
To the floors beneath the canopy of trees

A light  shower of cool rain
Settles on everything in sight
With sunshine reflecting of the water droplets
Each making a rainbow of it’s own
With colors of reds, yellows, blues, and violets

My attention is caught with the sounds of  movement in the brush
With the rustling  and stirring of the different  colored  leaves
Of shades of red, yellows, purples, and brown
On the floors beneath the canopy of trees

I fly very quietly in pursuit of my prey
Eventually spreading my wings and striking with my feet
To snatch my prey

I am sitting on my perch hooting
Swivel  my head more than 180 degrees looking in all directions
Encompassing all that is around me
Waiting for the sounds of movement in the brush to start again


Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2014

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Breath of Autumn

You can feel the breath of fall
as she blows cold air across the plain
she whispers to the sun
asking it to shine a few more weeks
while she gathers the bountiful yield
bringing closure to the seasons warmth
night temperatures begin to plummet 
her breathing becomes raspy
as  coldness encases
her labored breathing ceases
with a final breath she
brings forth winters frost.


Copyright © Phyllis Babcock | Year Posted 2016

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Two Merry Leaves

They danced and they turned and they tumbled
In wind, how it sighed and it grumbled
With force, how it howled in its fury
But still they bore no trace of worry

In cool autumn winds they cavorted
My foot! How they laughed and they sported
They flew through the air just like pheasants
Till set in my excellent presence

“Red Leaf,” quoth I unto the leader
“To fly, there is nothing more neater
But weren’t you the least bit affrighted
As thus from the breeze you alighted?”

“Dear sir,” quoth the leaf as he flitted
“To fear, for a leaf ain’t permitted
We’re taught from a bud in the cradle
That even a crash isn’t fatal.”

“I say,” quoth I unto the yellow
“You seem to be such a neat fellow
I wonder how likes you this sporting
Or if you a damsel are courting?”

Quoth he, “All this sporting is splendid
The days of my courting are ended
My lover has flown to the northward
While I am constrained to fly southward.”

Before one more word could be spoken
The peace of that moment was broken
Away flew those leaves o’er the treeses
Borne by the chill autumn breezes

October 25, 2012.
For the contest, Up in the Autumn Air. Second place.

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2012

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To Summer I Plead

Shed on that certain kind of warmth
You give the waters that washed away our footsteps

Illumine the dark leaves of our past
Blown away by the indifferent breeze.

Desiccate the grass that invited conversations
But leave the roots unscorched. 

I prayed to Autumn to blow away my pains
But Winter entertained me instead.

I won’t let Spring visit me
Until you burn down her cold heart, Summer.

Copyright © Glenn Sentes | Year Posted 2012

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If Leaves Could Talk

When the sun is beaming down upon us;
And we can no longer enjoy walking in the dust;
And not even a gentle wind is allowed to make a fuss.
No rain’s in sight; so the dust holds still, refusing to cuss
That's when sweat drops from our pours begin to fall.
A merciful cool breeze is our only prayer, plea, and call
Our prayer is heard, and we see a tree standing proud and tall
The comforting tree beacons me to come, and others one and all

The tree introduces us to members of his sweet and gentle family
The trunk, branches, and leaves spoke to everyone, including me
The tree loves all his kids, but today he found the leaves very friendly
The leaves in unison said, “We are delighted to shelter all those who flee”.

“Furthermore, the leaves continued, we fare best when green in summer.  Our Father Tree has taught us well; we are proud of the service we render.
We can withstand the most vicious heat, but we start to change in late September, and before long, we turn brown.  That's when Mother Tree hugs and tells us to remember.
She says, "Return to me after two seasons pass", in a voice so tender.
We cry, realizing we must die; so we change colors and fall to the ground in October.
09152916 PS Contest, Leaves Talking, John Lawless

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016

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The voice of our Star

Bumblebee’s soar through

The doors of spring.

Sharp icicles melt pools,

Of crisp, elegant, water

That sprinkles the ground before them.

While the wind whistles its tune;

The sun emits black rays.

People rise up, enjoying each day,

As if it were their last.


The sun emits black rays.

Daises bloom, sprouting

Its marvelous colors.

The sweet aroma of the Earth-

Fills the sky.


Brisking their wings-

The clouds veer closer. THUNDER howls-

Into the night.

Shouting its anger-

Snow crackles upon the footsteps of the people who,


Concerned, gathering to listen.

The leaves start to flutter away in the gust of winds.

Specks of fire fall to the darkness.

Azalea petals sail off on another journey,

Across the globe.



Melancholy looms

The clouds hover the sky

Water pushes and pulls of the coast

People lay at rest taking,

Their last breaths of the day.


The once bright, baby blue sky is now purple.

The once vibrant autumn leaves


The once radiant trees

Shiver to the flow of wind,

As the day turns to dawn.

The sun emits black Rays. 

Copyright © Angel classified | Year Posted 2015

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Autumn Delight

The autumn breeze danced
among the multi colored trees
It smiled mischievously as it
whirled and twirled endlessly 
tirelessly with strong forceful gusts
It tugged at the vibrant colored leaves
The leaves clutched the branches
not wanting to fall
They were no match for the brisk breeze
With a soft sigh they descend to autumn's call.

Copyright © Phyllis Babcock | Year Posted 2016

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As Autumn's Breeze

As Autumn's breeze starts to show its face
so does a gradual cooling of land begin.
Mottled colours of brown, green and golden
leaves drift down, spinning and twisting.

Bare branches start to appear as the trees
are stripped and scurrying insects hide
under the new piles. Still the sun tries
to hold back the clock to no avail.

Long dark nights and short days
take over as everything begins
to sleep and some to die off.
Long cold days now approach.

All too soon snow is in the air
soft fluffy flakes that drift down
blanketing the lands in pristine 
white that glistens and sparkles
like precious gems strewn about.
Winter's icy breath now rules
and mortals huddle by the fire.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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Copyright © Quondreika Cheatham | Year Posted 2012

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As Autumn's Breeze

Autumn's breeze picked up the delicate snow flakes
She tossed them until they turned to ice crystals
She recently put away her autumn colors
Now stirred Jack Frost into a frenzy
So upset he asked North wind to blow
in with a blizzard
North wind obliged and skated in with
a smooth glide
Showing Autumn breeze that her strength 
was waning
She twirled away giving North wind
and Jack Frost a cold shoulder.


Copyright © Phyllis Babcock | Year Posted 2016

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Oh how I hate the winter where my limbs are exposed and seen I just adore the springtime; I wear my dress of emerald green Draping myself in lush foliage, not an inch of body you can see Until warm winds of autumn arrive and begin to undress me Then I start to shiver as my gown of golden leaves falls away Leaving me cold and naked until spring returns again one day Originally written on 08~22~15 N/A In personification contest finalised on 10/19/16 I worked so hard on my personification Then looked at the list with consternation Saw the sponsor gave it an N/A Perhaps he’d had a tough day …. I now look to Constance for mitigation! 11~11~16 5 Line rhyme for Broken Wings Take the dagger from my heart please 3 Contest

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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You came to us graciously
Allowing summer to say her sad farewell
Your cool breezes refresh us
Your beauty we cannot tell.

A small child gathers your fallen leaves
She marvels at their hues,
“Look Gramma, a red one!”
How wondrous to see through her eyes.

We see God’s hand in nature	
We feel His presence in our lives
Each season is a gift to us
And to live for Him we strive.

Copyright © Myrna Terrell | Year Posted 2008

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August like a sullen glance
You’re having too much fun
Do continue bear in mind
While summer comes undone

August brang the summers eve
So subtle yet decided
Cleaved as were a maiden fair
The middle year divided 

A wind of change how hot and dry
A new way taking hold
Of packing up and putting down
And turning out the old

A breath of new life here there
Scant amid the falling
Tumbling death across the plain
The songbird never calling

August wakes the sky at dusk
Streamers all amiss
A hunter on the east horizon
Seeks the dawning bliss

                                       Copyright © Mike Martin 2015

Copyright © Mike Martin | Year Posted 2015

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If Leaves Could Talk, Part 2

Our purpose in spring, summer, and fall,                                                       
you will recall, is essentially twofold.
After a long and restful sleep in winter,                                                          we return from ashes to beauty in spring.

With earth tones of green, we shelter you                                                    
from heat waves of the sun in the summer.
We glow in awesome colors of orange in autumn.

You will remember our shades of green, but we must go now.
Please accept our showers of  ‘bright colors’; it’s our goodbye kiss.
Our season ends with a shout for your eyes only!  But we cannot stay.

09152016 PS Contest, Personification of Plant, Kim Rodrigues

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016

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Waiting in the wings

We stand here waiting in the wings, 
Our time to be on stage getting nearer.
There are still a few of you who remember last time we made it on stage,
Quite a drama it was though we never made it past the first act.

We weren't as big then and our numbers fewer, so we lost in that play,
As there were still people prepared to listen to those who knew who we were
And understood how much trouble we could cause.

This time it will be different,
We are bigger now and our numbers are growing all the time,
It won't be long and there will be enough of us to destroy all of you.
And nobody wants to hear about us anymore,
Most of you look to the internet, drugs or alcohol for answeres to your problems.

It won't be long now before the last of those who aware of us will be dead,
And there will be no one to teach you how to find us.
Nobody can ever see us until we are upon you,
It takes other methods too root us out.
Soon they last one with that knowledge will be gone and nothing will stop us.
None of you have even lost a wink of sleep dreaming about us for quite a while.
Not like the the days when scouts and guides were hugely popular and you were all prepared. 
Now there are so few who believe in our existance,
Us, your future problems who can only be stopped by those who know
How to extrapolate in order to anticipate where we will be appearing next.

We are counting down the years now and soon it will only be months before 
the last one capable of stopping us takes their final bow.
And there will be plenty of room on stage for us
But none for you.

Copyright © David Smith | Year Posted 2017

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As Autumn's Breeze

OPENING scene, A brush of a chill signalled the start of this overture
each plant howling for attention through the hue of its leaves
warming, inviting, seducing us with this libretto

The change was AN infection OF the air
as the heat was slowly enveloped by Mother Earth
only to leave the deep, gradual smell of mossy-manure 
and the predictable

The applause of this Opera was fading in snow
as the chirp of these birds became chitter and peep
An Aria of the night that faded with the rising of the dawn, 
much to signal these skating changes

Ode to our protagonist, Jack Frost!
Who has conquered the beast yet coward under the settling freeze
To slay but now to sorrow was the tenor of this scene

FINALE, these Days crept-on in silent undertones,
the rivers preparing to hibernate

From the subtle flirting snowflakes, 
to the clear and chill of crystals
So too, the blizzard awaits
in eager JAWS, agape.


Copyright © Sizwe Hlabisa | Year Posted 2016

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Lush Autumn

I am lush autumn grinding all leaves to the ground last golden picture

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2016