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Ode Summer Poems | Ode Poems About Summer

These Ode Summer poems are examples of Ode poems about Summer. These are the best examples of Ode Summer poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Ode |

- I admit my summer flirt -


   Once in a while 
   I say no 
   But you are so seductive 
   and dangerous 
   The taste of you ... 
   You are melting 
   on my tongue 
   A pleasure
   of  love 
   On the surface you are so sweet 
   Your inner self is frozen 
   Even if you 
   are cold 
   you warm 
   my heart 
   A little kiss 
   my hot lips 
   become numb
   I taste you 
   with greed 
   Bits bit of you 
   Just a little
   Sweet taste in my mouth
   Close my eyes 
   Enjoy ...
   Do you want to taste 
   my delicious 
   strawberry ice cream

A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved 

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ode |


Summer has arrived,
you can hear it in the pulsing air.

Watch it 
as insects busily work.
Rushing to collect and pollinate
knowing time ticks on relentlessly.

See it
in the burst of colour. 
Drink in the heady scents
of blankets of rampant flowers.

Feel it 
as you gently touch blossoms
feeling grasses brush against your legs.
Hold and hug the gnarled old oak
with it's rough textured bark.

Taste it
in the Summer berries
that burst with flavour as you eat them.
In salads and tomato's  and plump peas.

Summer's bounties
soak up the hot rays and bask in them
whilst surrounded by sweet Summer scent.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ode |


I owe so much to you 
When you pulled at me,
Tugged me from my toiling, 
When I was crouched low,
In the kitchen, blurry choke of tears 
I saw the outline of your peninsula 
Etched in florescent blue in my mind
A little red star on a map 
Such a hard drive (for me and the Ford) 
But I, swept into the arms of that gentle house, 
Saw a clearing in the nettles, one that I could pass through
And those turned to violets that kissed me as I was waking up 
And going to bed, listening to the healing black wind 
Through the many cracked windows 
Presque Isle with her flags and sea glass 
The promise of going to Canada 
Turning my head to look at the lake, that dark lake
Itself enigmatic- a sea but not a sea 
I think about that, brush the snowy sand from my palms 
Yes, in a way,
That could be me 

Copyright © Jeremy Martin | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ode |

The Last White Rose of Summer

I watched it as it was born in the drenching rains of spring, 
Cool condensation drops left over from winter's cold, 
As it grew and grew and finally petaled 
Into a white, but, quite young rose. 

As a child of youth, it swayed in spring and summer 
Breezes, winds and gales, heat and cold, 
Its petals enlarged and its fragrance became 
A daily delight to inhale whenever bumble bees had gone. 

Maturing, it grew beautifully, along with its siblings, 
Arrayed upon so many branches of its home, the rose bush tree, 
And provided me a diversion by its beauty from my daily 
Worries and concerns - and life's hustles and bustles. 

But alas, summer could not sustain itself beyond its appointed time 
And began fading into fall, that time of red, yellow, brown and golden leaves, 
Browning and dying tall grasses, shortening daylights and cooling evenings, 
Deep into this Indian summer, onward towards winter’s cold and snows. 

It gradually lost a pedal here, a pedal there, a pedal every other day 
And finally had but one white pedal left which I watched fall floatingly 
Down upon browned and yellowed grasses dying, leaving but its sprig 
Upon its home rose tree branch in September breezes. 

It had lived. It was bloomed and went through its cycle of days and months, 
Sunrises, sunsets, moon sets and moon rises of silver shines, 
Folks admiring its beauty and inhaling its stirring fragrances, as I had done, 
And in its time succumbed to natures laws of life and death. 

If it did nothing else, such as make a great discovery, climb Mt. Everest, 
Win Olympic gold medals, become pope in the Vatican, it did a greater thing 
In reminding me life is short; we must enjoy it now – it will be gone tomorrow 
 - This last white rose of summer. 

W.C.Hull © 2012-23-9-772 (D)

Copyright © W.C. Hull | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ode |

The End Is Nigh

As days get shorter and night stretches out.
Summer fades away and earth gets colder.
Soon, Oh too soon snow will again rule and 
the earth will slumber under its folds.

Until then we enjoy the fruits of bounty
smelling the last of sweet summer flowers.
Crops stand ready in the fields for collection
Combined harvesters busily at work.

Fat stalks of golden corn, rye and barley
tied in bundles ready for threshing.
Seductive scents of apples waft
as down they are laid for storing.

Frosts now lay the land bare
as the leaves part company
some red, some yellow, others orange
they blow and scatter in the wind.

Trees looking stark and bleak gaze
o'er the stripped fields with snow sprinkling
the now barren ground and soon Winter
will once more rule in her glory

Gone now the lazy days of Summer
her flowers and perfumes distant memories.
Now the hues of colour are subdued.
And all around the land sleeps on.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ode |

Summer Love

A summer love, so riant and so warm 
Underneath the rays of gold 
Though covered with sudor, I want to be around your arms 
Forever is nothing but what I hold 
And yes, it was but summer 
Goodbyes are kept until we're home again 
We spent the season out of the boundary 
But it wasn't like what I remembered 
And so I yearned for home, refrain  
The way back home is my quandary

Copyright © Hansteven Selfa | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ode |

Changing seasons

Take a walk towards an autumn day,

stray past summers end into a fallen

red yellow and orange blend. Although

it seems we are heading into seasons

of wither, the beauty of every season is

at work. Open up let Mother nature in,

she can do truly amazing things. Realise

even winters chill can be special and

brilliant. Like softly falling snowflakes

dusting over the whole place, far and near

what a truly wonderful time of year. A

magnificent pure white landscape has



what a truly wonderful time of year. A

magnificent pure white landscape has


what a truly wonderful time of year. A

magnificent pure white landscape has


what a truly wonderful time of year. A

magnificent pure white landscape has


Copyright © Andy Craig | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |


                                        ODE TO SUMMER

                                        There is a green
                                        Beyond all green
                                        That peeks around the wintry white.

                                        a green so sweet
                                        that tears slip from the eyes
                                        and turn to dew upon the ground.

                                        the green so sweet
                                        that from the grave
                                        beloved dead burst into flowers
                                        before the snowmelt sings in high summer.

                                        Bird song
                                        with warbling sweetness of the green---
                                       'Til green tumble-slides down mountains
                                               with a slam into the frigid sea---                          
                                        Iceberg Blue to sing reply.

V Anderson-Throop 2013

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ode |

Ode to Lily

On our disparitive continuum 
when after dusk the dawn is flowering
and skies aglow in rose chrysanthemum
have scattered banished darkness, cowering;

And when the silver drizzled fingerlings
traipse slippy streaks upon our timid hold
of dimpled melodies the robin sings
beneath an ever blinking marigold;

In oscillation then returns a choice
between relinquished self or dim retorts
where fools admonish rain and wise rejoice
reflective puddles pooled on tennis courts;

Since by the day is night from whence the day,
and by the morning clouds a midday rain -
in either or exists enough to say
that by the by for none should one complain;

For when tomorrow reigns and shadows clear,
while through replenished streams fresh water flows,
what babbles life in dawn ‘til stars appear
is that by which my daughter Lily grows;

And though at times unsmooth, my pendulum
will always sway by her empowering;
the brightest light on my continuum 
whose love brought back a father, cowering.


Copyright © Phillip Garcia | Year Posted 2017

Details | Sonnet |

Ode to Arizona on a Hot Summer's Day

Ode to Arizona on a
Hot Summer's Day
Written by Adam M.

Oh sweltering is
summer's day of
So hot the desert's
kiss from sun above.
And sweat that drops
cause me to
reminisce -
the past, a summer's
day a child would

A playtime in a
grassy field of
and from a hose the
water cool and free;
oh such a joy is
this midsummer's
the children's
laughter flows in
joyful spree.

I wish that day
would greet me just
once more,
The joy of feeling
free on summer's
Instead I am
confined to cool
Upon my laptop
typing verse to

Midsummer's Day you
make me such a fool
I fear your heat
will be forever

Copyright © Adam M. Snow | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

Ode To Summer

Summer days drift away 
carrying freedom's smile in tow
misted rainbows make memories 
lost within a kink in the hose

Drips from the faucet start to slow
marigolds out in the fading garden
gasp for one last and final drink
before bowing to a hardened earth

Darkness takes over daydreams
beating down ever-early new sunsets 
water fowl sing their final goodbyes 
as with warm breezes south they fly

Farewell my love farewell
I weep for your return

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2016

Details | ABC |

An Ode to my friends

communication from above the air 
random as it doesnt compare 
the meet of peoples taste
so many exceptions, unknown where it leads
but a friend can call on formiddible times
can suprize and place you up there 
on that higher ground
where we all belong
they can be the calling we need
the lift that stands
the love we crave 
we all meet at random places
or odd situations 
we have the best times
the moments we never forget
the memories we look back years later
and just smile 
thankful we had the time 
and wish we had all over 
again and again 
always repeat those days 
those conversations 
the real deep and meaningfuls 
for what time we may have these tresured lives 
that we share 
may not be for long
but id never let go of those times
they made me who i am 
the path i walked on 
i might not see them all the time 
but i do think about them 
how i smile from to ear to ear 
money cant buy that
no one can replace that 
so with age comes being wise.. at times 
and its those days that we had 
makes life abit easier to live 
they keep us going 
and we never forgot them

Copyright © Aaron Wilson | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ode |

And Summer Gives Way To Autumn

Ode to Summer A scurrying sound Like a mouse in the attic The rustle of Summer Gathering up her things Impatiently packing Sometimes erratic It’s baggage construed From butterfly wings One last look cast about One last satisfied sigh One more Season over and done No more Summer thunder Nor lightning rent sky A satisfied feeling And in dire need of rest Summer finds That prospect appealing… Time to put Fall to the test Crisp breezes of Autumn Begin blowing in As the new season arrives And Summer is bourne away With the wind A wind that sings songs Both serene and erratic With a scurrying sound …like a mouse in the attic…

Copyright © David Whalen O Haolin in ancient Celtic | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ode |

Changing Seasons

Shamefully dull, life would be,
Without seasons to nourish me.
Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall,
Nature’s blessings the nourish us all

Apathetic and harsh, winter is,
With arctic gales that pierce 
Every linen shielding my frame.
Anomalous flakes of snow drift from the sky
As sheets of white accumulate on the ground
And weigh down the healthiest trees,
Teasing those ready for winter festivities.
Once the snow angels and snowmen are made, and
Once the sledding and snowball fights are done,
Into their warm homes, all will run,
Hiding under hoards of fleece 
Until it’s time for spring to come free.

Pleasant and lively, spring is,
With liber rains falling lavishly
On soil beds of assorted seeds,
Nursed diligently by the avid gardeners
Who thirst for the sight of the first blossoms
Of poppies, roses, lilies, and tulips.
Blueberries, cherries, and strawberries
Entice the onlookers waiting to pick
The ripest harvest in a timely manner
And savoring them until summer can flare.

Fierce and fervent, summer is
With a feverish breath, that makes rain a treasure.
People gather in masses to absorb the bodies of water
As a radiant sun desiccates the land.
Outdoors, pitchers of lemonade are carried everywhere
And thriving honeysuckle sweeten the air.
Yellow lights of fireflies flicker through the night
As exhausted bodies relax beneath the stars,
Gazing in admiration, until autumn can appear

Calm and homely, autumn is
Wither green, red, and yellow foliage taking over.
Crisp leaves bustle about the ground,
Trapped by flurries of whirring winds
Until they are raked into heaps for children to dive in
And pumpkins growing in preparation to carved or baked.
Families huddle together around brilliant fires
While couples stroll through parks, taking delight in the landscape,
And having picnics until winter’s brisk rise.

Copyright © macy southern | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |

An Ode to Birth and Death

Darkness ended, Winter released her icy grip; budding crystals soon began to drip.

The Earth then tendered, its surface filled with life; Spring now wed to Summer, the
radiant rays piercing the frozen skies.

But Beauty gives way to Destruction and forests turn to tinder.

Here lies the crossroads, an Ode to Birth and Death.

A flower that slowly bloomed left stranded now in late Spring, scorched by Summer’s rays,
but oh its beauty still remains.

It lives on desolate ground. A mind unfolded, it's heart retouched.

And at last outlasted a depression that once did rule. And you the fair Demise, how will
you compromise? When we together win the prize.

Flailing futilely in a sea of lies; the Fountain of Youth was found, its waters tainted.

Perhaps it’s best not to toy with Life and Death.

The Seasons unwillingly shifting, the Sun now in full bloom, and the flower starts to wilt;

Beautiful, as death begins to set, while Summer touched the Earth.

Petals fall away like tear drops on the skin, and light penetrates in a wonderful array.

Ever growing heat, now begins to drain them of life, while petals turned to dust, carried
away in gusts.

Together fertilized, yet unaware, it only dares to bring about despair.

Death gives back again to Life; an early end to a late start.

A new beginning comes from dust and decay, as the Summer sun now fades away.

The burning skies teaming with gray.

Death takes a new form; white, blinding, crushing and consuming.

Oh but gorgeous it remains, In time, life grows again,

Coming from the wastes of a flower that late bloomed.Yet life anew begins too soon.

In Winter’s last grasp, her touch did drain, when frozen ashes did remain;

Here is life’s penultimate breath, the greatest Ode to Birth and Death.

Copyright © Mathew McKelvey | Year Posted 2010

Details | Ode |

Ode to Brugmansia in the Heat of Summer 2011

A glimpse out the window morphs into a gaze
Brugmansia, your mystical delicate beauty clears
Air conditioned stupor. There you sway
Gracefully grasping toward thirst-quenched solidity.  
Firmly rooted one strand beyond limp susceptibility
Leaves randomly ragged from young rodents' teething
Swelteringly bearing the dark side of nature
Fresh blossoms emanate dignity's essence
Despite gloomy doomsday predictions
Angel trumpeting goodness and peace.

Copyright © Nancy Jones | Year Posted 2011

Details | Haiku |

Ode To Summer

...for jhl
shimmering thermals
rise like the unleashed phoenix
summer storm has fled

Copyright © James Marshall Goff | Year Posted 2009

Details | I do not know? |

Ode to Summer Days (For Beautiful Form Contest Sponsored by: Catie Lindsey)

Ode to Summer Days

Oh summer days, thy laughter, children playing,
Thee, from whom sorrows fly and joys blossom,
Are singing, like angels with smiling eyes gleaming,

Savory sweetness released before autumn,  
Prevalent giggles multiplied in thee,
Who coloreth each new day bright and gladsome.

Delightful squeals, escape young souls and float
Upon the wings of heaven carried dreams
Forever singing songs young poets wrote.

Thy splashing fish spawn light into daydreams. 
Making young boys who dare to cast their nets
Seek lively views and honor bestowed gleams.

Oh summer, which in precious love begets
Sweet pleasures ever-growing sings duets. 

© © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
May 30, 2010
Poetic Form: Terza Rhima

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2010

Details | Pastoral |


Around the corner,
Days of grey
Drab winter gloom-
Warm,sunfilled and set so fair;
Long,sweet summer rare.

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2007