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Ode to spring

The light breaks free from winter’s bone
to cast its warmth; to life atone,

to warm the dark; to thaw the chill,
to synthesize through chlorophyll,
a dormant seed to resurrect,
and coax a soul from introspect.

Awake! And breathe the wafting spice
of lilac buds and wild rice,
the lavender; the orange puccoon,
the sweet of honeysuckle bloom.

An overture, the sparrows sing,
to celebrate the oeuvre of spring;
while wind and weeping willow dance
to promises of new romance.

Come alive! Draw in your breath,
let winter die a noble death.
The seeds of yesterday are strewn;
it does not do to weep and croon.

If you seek, so shall you find,
as true for darkness as divine.

Copyright © Thvia Shetley | Year Posted 2015

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Morning Mist

The mist swirls through the deep vale
shifting slowly and giving glimpses
of the lush vegetation and flowers.
Slowly it dissipates in dawn's sunlight.

Teasing as it lazily drifts 
showing for a brief second
a colourful bank rife with flowers.
Then blankets it from sight.

As the day warms up
it appears to thicken
then yield oh so slowly.
Wisps of mist now fading.

Before our eyes lies
startling beauty.
Nature's riches displayed
a wealth of orange and yellow.

Pinks, purples and blues vie
each more beautiful
and lavish green trees
gently shade the saplings.

The Treasure of Nature's Canvas
is now stretched out before us
while the birds happily sing
as they rush to build their nests.

Insects buzz with joy as they collect
the pollen and nectar from flowers.
In this new spring day
life itself is reaffirmed. 

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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Ode to Spring

Through a fluttering veil of luscious hues,
Fair Lady coquets with the majestic Sun,
As the wicked Wind caresses her tender cheek,
The harshness of Winter all undone.

Sparrows perched upon the towering trees,
Whistle sweetly at the colorful array.
Fair Lady hums and sways in warm ecstasy,
As the wicked Wind drifts away.

The sinful Sun glows after a wearying day,
And spans its gaze upon the fields of fruit.
Fair Lady drowsy, lies upon the prickly grass;
The darkness envelops as all goes mute.

Copyright © Deepanshi Chaudhry | Year Posted 2010

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Ode to Spring

O, sweet silence of Spring,
maple seeds rain down and I am
entranced by music from the trees.
Inhaling the fresh mowed grass,
after the drone of the Cub Cadet
I wake myself with a sneeze.

O, sweet silence of spring.
Squirrel scampers building its nest, 
your winds scatter the dandelion.
Blessed you are with no prejudice
regarding weeds and “plants”
watering them all with oblivion.

O, sweet silence of spring,
your rest notes fill in the measures
of the birdsong, the day's invocation.
I rest my eyes on the beautiful 
colors of tulips and peonies, becoming
engrossed in thoughts of renewal.

May 6, 2017
an ode for contest by Broken Wings:  Form O, Only One (oblivious)
titled edited after contest was judged from  (Oblivious in Springtime)

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2017

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Spring Dreams

How my heart longs for spring
with its warm light breezes.
To see the wonders of young buds
slowly unfurling bringing colour.

The promise of new birth all around,
baa of new born lambs as they skip
through the green lush pastures.
Chasing after each other gleefully.

The happy songs of birds gathering
up wool and twigs to refurbish nests
Some already sitting patiently on eggs
their mate bringing fat worms and goodies.

The longer lighter nights hold promise
of the hot summer that is soon to come.
Spring flowers adorn woods, fields and hedges
and gentle splash of pastel colour fills gardens.

Until Spring gently takes over from Winter
I will dream on wrapped up in woolly fleece.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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Child of Spring

In this passage of time
I long for the month of my birth
a real child of the spring am I
born on the Vernal Equinox
I come fully alive in spring

The sights and sounds of spring
do hold me in enthral
the beauty of each emerging bud
and oh to enjoy the warmth of sun

The busy work of nesting birds
the joyful songs they do emit
filling the world with wonder
as busily they feed their chicks

The carpets of the spring flowers
strewn here and there at random
gallant bluebells wave their trumpets
while stately daffodils bow their heads

All these bring such joy and lightness
to this weary old soul of mine
giving me the kick I need
to put away the winter blues

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

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Ode to a Bee

Swift bee, the gilded messenger of bliss,
    Begirt with golden stars of Heaven’s span,
What draws you to the clover’s gentle kiss?
    Sweet nectars, that the strongest drinker can
    Carouse with dreams and dizzy waves of sleep,
        Or mocks the freshest breath of summer’s clime?
            Swift bee, a flame-plumed star of black and gold,
    Why do you with your mouth, completely reap
            The liquors that each golden bud does hold,
        And lulls with somnolence the might of time?
Oh, bee, you spread the tufted pollen clouds
     Like nebulae of opal stars crossways
The delicate, soft digitalis crowds,
    Which passionately garner sunbeam rays
    Within their coral shells. I can’t express
        How much your toil’s worth to coming spring,
             And how so passioned glide your wings around
    The purple, gentle harebell’s loosened dress,
             And make, through pretty hums, spring’s hopeful sound
        Oft too profaned by your most fearsome sting!
Oh, pretty hummer! Hearty worker! Bee!
    I see you roaming round the garden’s bend,
Where sweet, white daisies wreathe a canopy,
    And make you but a hearty, cheerful friend.
    Swift bee, the aching, swollen heart of mine
        Desires comfort where pain knows no ruth
            The buds hold, like rich garners golden grain,
    Ambrosia of the gods, dream’s honeyed wine
            So bring and let dear bee, such moisture stain
        My lips and warm my heart with spring’s bright youth!

© 2014 Gleb Zavlanov

Copyright © Gleb Zavlanov | Year Posted 2014

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Ode to Spring

Fair Spring, a lady, palely loitering,
    Whose brow is decked with flowers and with dew,
Whose bosom births youth’s essence which does bring
    Unto the barren glades, a glory, new,
    Where have you been for every heart had pinéd without you?
Where have you been, when winter with its shroud
    Had wrapped the world with thorns of frost and snow,
And when the strength of Cheimon’s hoary cloud
    Had swallowed worlds and bound from head to toe
    Each aging tree, and froze the rivers which once, swift, did flow?
Fair spring, I’ve grieved and skulked in mortal grief,
    And wept for endless days. I craved your breath
To make once lively every faded leaf,
    And save the sprightly buds from early death,
    And blossom effervescent flowers from the earth, beneath.
And birth sweet fruits, ripe with rich, temp’rate blood,
    And kiss the earth’s wan cheek and ever store
With ripeness every stalk and shoot and bud
    And with pure sweetness every apple’s core,
    And turn to foaming bubbles and bright verdure, winter’s hoar.
The spirits of the worms all beam with pride,
    And all the swift-heeled elk run round the leas,
And mid the blossoms, nightingales hide,
    And sing a tune that gently, long the breeze,
    Wafts through and through: an ode to you, your beauty, ne’er to cease.
Oh, spring, at last, I bear a mighty beam
    For seeing your first budded rays, which bring
Upon the glades, gold wealth and honeyed dream.
    At last, the winter fled upon his wing
    In fright of all your powers, for you came, at last, fair spring!

© 2014 Gleb Zavlanov

Copyright © Gleb Zavlanov | Year Posted 2014

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Ode to the Cherry Blossom Tree

Pops of pink, sprays of white,
your canopy of petals shimmering with delight.
Blossoms that glow at night and fall all day,
catching the light in the most visceral way.
Sprays of new life and branches anew,
fragrant with joy and possibilities in the morning dew.
Every Spring we await your bloom,
Cherry Blossom Tree you are Spring's magical costume.

Copyright © B Marie Furcron | Year Posted 2015

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Snowy white grounds fade with the sun
Time to go out and find all the fun
The playground is busy with everyone out
The flowers all pretty are starting to sprout
I hear the bells ringing and run to my mom
She hands me the money, she is…the bomb
I stand in the line waiting my turn
The sun is strong and I’m starting to burn
Sponge Bob, Dora, Choco Taco and more
I settle for a King Cone, it’s what I adore
It drips down my arm and onto the floor
Lick it up quick, maybe I can get more.
I finished it all, now the truck has gone
Maybe tomorrow, time to move on.

Copyright © Cheryl Sheridan | Year Posted 2014

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Ode to Nymph

SHE beams with joy, like one in love
     with love itself and all that’s lush;
and when the mythic Nymphs above
     unloose her from the morning's blush,
she descends like the milk-white dove
     with the notes of a singing thrush.

With golden locks, as light as air,
     and liquid, limpid eyes most blue,
none is like her or can compare
     to her beauty and lovely hue
which lift the humble souls that dare
     come to her for her balmy dew.

As wind and air Nymph and as muse
     with the nimbused crest of a saint
which no man can therefore refuse
     or with mean words tarnish or taint,--
so let all Creatures freely choose
     to honor her without constraint.

Copyright © Ngoc Nguyen | Year Posted 2013

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-Ode To Spring-

The telephone rang, I answered cheerily
When the niceties were over, the voice inquired
"How is it going with the gardening today" quite sincerely
I could not refrain and out of exuberance, desired
to extol the virtues and due attribute to the joy that Spring is bringing.

The Birds are chirping away
gleefully abound at their playing
rejoicing the rebirth of Spring today
and now have more hours to bask in the sun
That's the glory and joy that Spring is bringing.

The Winter's gloom of body and mind is now done
the Trees and Shrubs, in the breeze can't restrain their greeting,
The Peaches are busy Peaches-sing
the Figs are Figging away
and the Apricots are buckling in their blooming.

The Guava's graciously budding and Guava-ing the whole year 
as with the Parsley's and Celery's luscious greenery,
The Paw-paw's are Paw-pawing, the Avocado-pear
so generous in their giving, through-out the whole year,
It's amazing, all the joy that Spring has sprung.

The Quince's are heavily wincing
the Mango's are flowering and ready to Mango-ing
the Banana's are Banana-ing
and the Plum's, purplish in their Plum-ming
so too are the Tamarillos heavy in Tree-tomato-ing 

While the white and mauve blossoms
of the Yesterday Today and Tomorrow's, soften's
the most perturbed mind with their heady aromatic scent
and the Jasmines exudes a fragrance extraordinary,
As with the Clivia's in saffron pride, glistening in sun-lit dew.

What an awesome, wondrous sight
to see Mother-nature's beauteous, creative delight 
blending so, with the Omnipotent Creator's panoramic scene   
Set so, that we the Immortal Mortal care-takers bear in mind
that His Garden and the giving Spring, is of the sharing Kind.


Copyright © Christopher Stopford | Year Posted 2012

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New Orleans, Louisiana: aka The Big Easy

What's go great about New Orleans, Louisiana, is that of its jazz music and its voodoo culture. The city has been known as "The Big Easy" since the 1800s. It seems that all of the tourists from across the United States have considered New Orleans their favorite vacation spot. There's always a Mardi Gras every day, we've got people throwing beads at each other, jazz musicians playing their instruments (the saxophones, trumpets, etc.), and people dress in costumes every single day. But what's so great about New Orleans, Louisiana, most of all is that when spring breakers come to the city for spring break, even when they're still going to college. Everybody knows that the Big Easy is also known for its Cajun cooking, especially when the chefs are known for making a lot of jambalaya, gumbo, and a lot of Cajun foods. And what's so great about New Orleans, Louisiana, is when MTV was there, especially when the MTV network executives had been recording episodes of "The Real World:" one back in 2000, the other was back in 2010. New Orleans, Louisiana, is the strongest city in America, even though it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina back in August 2005. But the famous street best known by New Orleans, Louisiana, most of all is the French Quarter and and one of New Orleans' favorite landmarks is the St. Louis Cathedral. And the New Orleans Arena and the Louisiana Superdome are home to the New Orleans Hornets (NBA-National Basketball Association) and the New Orleans Saints (NFL-National football League). Even the late Louis Armstrong was from the city. Well, I hope to go to New Orleans, Louisiana, one day. And if the City of New Orleans were to stay on the map for a long time, it's going to be like a Mardi Gras on a Saturday night and Fat Tuesday in the afternoon.

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011

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Ode to An Oncoming Spring

Few hearts now weep to see you go
O cold harsh naked winter
The last icy tremor of your merciless winds
Fizzling through the choked air
Leaves it's thinning  threads in
The oncoming fairyland of Spring.
Winter have you gone, answer me?
A refreshing winter you have been
But how we have longed for your departure
Away away and bury yourself, O harsh east wind
Go now, your season is over
Snatch off your furred coating
And bid welcome -
To a bursting singing Spring.
Welcome, welcome, first lady of creation
Your sweet scented grass sheds tears of dew
Tears of elation, as morning peeps.
As foetal clouds now bathe us
In your new re-birth
Winter threads it's skeleton hand
With it's new love Spring
And with it a new energy is  born.
Greenery buds with purity and freshness
The orange canopy floods us with her mirth
While the swelling sun in giant splendour
Can no longer conceal
The first flush of Spring.
The world is awakened by it's mighty arrival
The dance of the daffodils is about to begin.

Copyright © Deirdre Omaidin | Year Posted 2009

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Early Showing

(Ode to the Crocus)

Before the bud appears 
          	to trumpet winter's end,
before the robin comes 
         	 	to bob-head for his worm,
before my heart rebounds 
         		 from razor's keening edge;

I walk the hidden path 
          	of garden's withered past,
in search of one who dares 
		ignore the blizzard's blast
and peek her cheeky nose 
		up through a snowy nest,

to wink her shining eye,
		at me, as I pass by.
Her flame, within itself, 
		ignites a tiny spark
of joy inside my heart, 
		on which I now embark.

Published LifeWay Press Magazine,
    Mature Living, March, 2010

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

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Ode to Spring

 Spring Sun brings hope again

 And fresh green grass reveals life innocence

 Blessful peace saturates my soul

Copyright © Olga Snitkova | Year Posted 2009

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An Ode to the Birds and the Bees

So happy I am for the Birds and the Bees,
who rustle and bumble all for our ease.
Nestled so sweetly in their nectar and honey,
no my dear, it is not for the money.

They garden the flowers and live in the trees,
so happy I am for the buzzing of bees.
As my head lay heavy on this pillow,
my ears perk to the chirping of robins outside my window.

I am gleeful as I listen to their joyous hymn
that I begin to hum along on a whim.
The dawn chorus was most superb that day,
if work didn’t beckon me, I wouldn’t have whisked away.

Beautiful blossoms capture my stare,
iris here, lily there, hydrangea’s everywhere.
When I ask who shepherds them, easily they reply
“the bumble bees nearby, often do supply
pollen with their feet, ‘tis really quite so neat!”

Copyright © Veronica Andemariam | Year Posted 2014

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An Ode to Spring

                         Walk along the river bank, lined with poplar trees,
                         Listen to the birds that sing their sweet melodies,
                         Mothers pushing strollers pause, to the humming bees,
                         A juggler keeps balls aloft, while on bended knees,
                         On the pond, pompous swans gracefully glide with ease,
                         Men in caps, meet on benches, enjoying coffees,
                         Children feed corn to hungry ducks, with quacking pleas,
                         Couples stroll the promenade, smiling in the breeze,
                         Picnickers open baskets of fruit, wine and cheese,
                         Playful dogs off leashes, catching flying frisbees,
                         Joggers pound the pavement, in shorts and sporty tees,
                         A beautiful day, to bask in eighty degrees.

     January 15, 2017 Monorhyme for contest 
                               Sponsor: John Hamilton

Copyright © Paulette Calasibetta | Year Posted 2017

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An Ode to my friends

communication from above the air 
random as it doesnt compare 
the meet of peoples taste
so many exceptions, unknown where it leads
but a friend can call on formiddible times
can suprize and place you up there 
on that higher ground
where we all belong
they can be the calling we need
the lift that stands
the love we crave 
we all meet at random places
or odd situations 
we have the best times
the moments we never forget
the memories we look back years later
and just smile 
thankful we had the time 
and wish we had all over 
again and again 
always repeat those days 
those conversations 
the real deep and meaningfuls 
for what time we may have these tresured lives 
that we share 
may not be for long
but id never let go of those times
they made me who i am 
the path i walked on 
i might not see them all the time 
but i do think about them 
how i smile from to ear to ear 
money cant buy that
no one can replace that 
so with age comes being wise.. at times 
and its those days that we had 
makes life abit easier to live 
they keep us going 
and we never forgot them

Copyright © Aaron Wilson | Year Posted 2013

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Ode to Spring - Villanelle

Soft shoots spring gently forth from the earth
They look to the sky with their open face
After the cold winter comes springs rebirth

New buds on trees grow for all their worth
Each day they welcome the suns warm embrace
Soft shoots spring gently forth from the earth

The sparrows and robins have all given birth
And nature wakes up at a slow walking pace
After the cold winter comes springs rebirth

The daffodils now open their face full of mirth
And crocuses blossoms all over the place 
Soft shoots spring gently forth from the earth

Natures bright canvas spreads forth its girth
Apple blossoms fragrant blooms now race
After the cold winter comes springs rebirth 

The warmth of the sun providing safe berth
For all creatures of the wood or open space 
Soft shoots spring gently forth from the earth
After the cold winter comes springs rebirth

Copyright © David Wood | Year Posted 2015

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Crooked Tom Thumb

shadow of the greyblue stairs
heading up to who knows where
jaws of a shark on the litter bone night wall

crazy to my right the lifeless painting
hangs speaking to no one
but the devils grass leaning
against the heavenly window

saintly church bell shadows
empty pews 
turning screws
confessional blues

feelin like crooked tom thumb on the run
fighting with giants singin with bums
achin to the bone sometimes numb
miracle train she runs and runs

Copyright © michael amitin | Year Posted 2015

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Changing Seasons

Shamefully dull, life would be,
Without seasons to nourish me.
Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall,
Nature’s blessings the nourish us all

Apathetic and harsh, winter is,
With arctic gales that pierce 
Every linen shielding my frame.
Anomalous flakes of snow drift from the sky
As sheets of white accumulate on the ground
And weigh down the healthiest trees,
Teasing those ready for winter festivities.
Once the snow angels and snowmen are made, and
Once the sledding and snowball fights are done,
Into their warm homes, all will run,
Hiding under hoards of fleece 
Until it’s time for spring to come free.

Pleasant and lively, spring is,
With liber rains falling lavishly
On soil beds of assorted seeds,
Nursed diligently by the avid gardeners
Who thirst for the sight of the first blossoms
Of poppies, roses, lilies, and tulips.
Blueberries, cherries, and strawberries
Entice the onlookers waiting to pick
The ripest harvest in a timely manner
And savoring them until summer can flare.

Fierce and fervent, summer is
With a feverish breath, that makes rain a treasure.
People gather in masses to absorb the bodies of water
As a radiant sun desiccates the land.
Outdoors, pitchers of lemonade are carried everywhere
And thriving honeysuckle sweeten the air.
Yellow lights of fireflies flicker through the night
As exhausted bodies relax beneath the stars,
Gazing in admiration, until autumn can appear

Calm and homely, autumn is
Wither green, red, and yellow foliage taking over.
Crisp leaves bustle about the ground,
Trapped by flurries of whirring winds
Until they are raked into heaps for children to dive in
And pumpkins growing in preparation to carved or baked.
Families huddle together around brilliant fires
While couples stroll through parks, taking delight in the landscape,
And having picnics until winter’s brisk rise.

Copyright © macy southern | Year Posted 2012

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Spring Feeling (an ode to michigan)

I love farmland in spring 
and new beginnings 
and winning in extra innings. 
I love a fat lady singing;
barbecues, chilling, grilling; 
no curfews, imported brews;
a lime or two beautiful women;
swimming in ocean michigan.
Bonfires waterside 
with fire flies flying by;
whiskey bottle by my side;
sitting, sipping, simply wishing 
summertime would continue. 
But autumn's harvest wont be far off
and winter blowing in is looking grim.


Copyright © oldcrow poet | Year Posted 2009

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The Opalescent Spring

O Spring, come spread smile,
          frozen days will turn bright,
Buds will peep in unique style,
     birds shall chirp with delight.

With scary sky, dull and grey,
          winter was all white and wet,
For your eternal beauty, I pray,
     with warm days, ideal sunset.

Cherry blossom, won’t be far, 
          maple leaves will appear soon,
Greenery will fill-up, soil’s scar,
     and stars will shine like moon.

Tulips shall dance with daffodils,
          butterflies will be fluttering,
Nature owns, magnificent skills,
     hurry up my opalescent spring.

May 9, 2017.
Form O - Only One - Poetry Contest 
Sponsored by: Broken Wings

Copyright © Meenakshi Raina | Year Posted 2017

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Ode to Spring in Quaint Quintain

An ode to spring
In quaint quintain
The birds all sing
Their sweet refrain
The winter cold is on the wane

An ode to spring
In quaint quintain
And on the wing
Here comes the rain
And all the world is clean again

This ode to spring
In quaint quintain
Is bound to bring
The lover’s swain
All along the lovers’ lane

Mdailey	2/1/12
Written for the contest English Quintain for a spring day

Copyright © mike dailey | Year Posted 2012

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Ode to the Daffodil

                           Always a thrill
                        playing peek a boo
                          with the ground
                      reminding us how the 
                   Earth will soon be crowned
               escorted vibrant colors all around
          accompanied by magical scents to tease
                                 AND  EYES
                                WILL SOON
                             BE  SO PLEASED

Copyright © Donna Roberts | Year Posted 2017

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Ode To Spring


Someone told me today I should write about spring
The promise of new life and the peace that it brings
I stand by the window and the birds start to sing
Thank you God it felt like a prayer on a wing.

Flowers pop up to receive rays from the sun
The beauty they bring not knowing what they've done
The blossoms open up it makes me feel so alive
They made it through winter and continue to thrive.

The birds build nests to continue the renewal of life
Pain melts with the sun and with it goes the strife
Soon they will have many mouths to feed
It's all very simple first you plant the seed.

Life just resonates without making a sound
While the leaves return, the green grass to the ground
Then there is love and what my heart's has found
Winter has departed and the days of light are abound.

Hope arrives not a moment too late
It's hand in hand coming down the aisle with fate
I awake this day with the promise of tomorrow
The spring sun has melted all of the sorrow...

Copyright © Mark Russell | Year Posted 2011