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From a three-sided angle
Astrological purpose is unmangled
Triangle on top
Square on the bottom
Bright halo around God
Our tears fill His bottle
A Pyramid is a monument to death
A Tabernacle of wealth
Which comes into effect
When there's no longer breath
Is it mourning or celebration in stealth
Beyond Technology
Architectural prophecy
Geometrical philosophy
The place where Kings and Queens lay
Buried on a sun-disk
Dedicated to Day
The final form to decay
Hands form this shape
When they're positioned to pray.

Copyright © Torian Lockett | Year Posted 2011

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History In A Black Robe

Waves of anticipated distance- cheerfulness and goodwill reasons to part quite enormous reflected in displayed emotions long hugs, passionate waves, incomplete smiles and contact exchanges. Queues and checkpoints, controls and duty free sales all activities winding up in a goodbye From the departure lounge, mothers with their kids walk fathers with uptight faces already anticipating the next business moves children in mental freedom roam and play singles, so direct in focus to the flight entry’s aisle unfortunately it’ll be an irreversible one and an exit with a permanent stamp. A calamity not even the tenders of coincidence anticipated a disaster totally human in occurrence forcing the Germanwings to get broken by a hand unwilling to perish alone. Exposure wasn’t enough to nurture a sense of humanity education was weak to pump water on a soil of love a hundred and fifty lives given to hades without cause or reason, just on a platter of Gold a well calculated crime beats the justification of a psychiatric malfunction resulting to an all-lose situation broken wings, lost lives and broken hearts as once again, history stands still in black robes for us all to say goodbye our friends and adieu to our beloved children

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2015

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An ode to the Unsung Angels

Written on 21st April 2012
By: Sashi. Prabhu (zeauoxian)
(This Ode is dedicated to the Administrative professional / Executive Administrative Assistants/Secretaries.  I dedicate this  to all the unsung champions who have worked selflessly in the shadows to brighten the futures  and then silently steeped away into the twilight of their lives without a ray of expectation in any form.)celebrate 25th april 2012 ,60th anniversary.

You make yourself graciously present from the beginning or start, to align processes and routines you pour out your big heart. No words or action suffice to thank you enough, You stand by and support through thick and thin when times get real rough. Your tips, guidance opinion and advice, are of utmost importance and cannot be gauged by monetary price. You can never be thanked enough, You really help mould your superiors and aid them to take on situations that are all rough. To work without you is sure as hell, In circles of times round and round without progress will superiors dwell. To work with you is a real pleasure, Your honed competencies, skills and ways of problem solving are a treasure. You simply slice the ropes (lengthy time wasting procedures) that curtail us, You battle the winds of change and interruptions for us to be in time to catch destiny’s bus. In the hustle and bustle of daily chores and routines, You execute work with precision by all means. In stormy weather you stand by with great strength for all to see, And when the chips are down you stand tall deep rooted like a tree. Your kind heart and beautiful mind is a combination rare, Every time we saunter or amble to our cabins you are there with a smile filled with care. We really appreciate your kind and generous ways, The order you bring with your overpowering yells and disciplinary displays. You are always there to be a part of a team, And back up everything to bring about into existence everyone’s “dream”. You come to my mind when I think of sharing, You come to my mind when I think of appreciating You come to my mind when I think of giving You come to my mind when I think of forgiving On this occasion would like to thank you once more, For all the things you have done and said open hearted and galore. Thank you so much for supporting and being a beacon of light, And it’s because of people like you many Executive futures have been made bright……..

Copyright © sashi prabhu | Year Posted 2012

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Sleep, sleep
Sleep till another day
For another sunny god
Sleep sleep sleep
Find your own peace
Your black midget maid
Had disappeared
Your sandwich is on
Its way
The dirty blood
Was washed away
They brushed your hair
Sleep sleep
For the love of god
For the mother mary love
They already put a spell
The holy sky 
Will save your heart
So please try to sleep

Copyright © Mystified Story | Year Posted 2011

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Defiant Beauty

A heavy beast,
sluggishly crept
ever onward,
it's coat 
a ton of beautiful fur,
wet from the morning dew,

patches of white light
shone out, 
reflecting from the fur,
patches of brilliant light
that shone and danced,
upon a creature
who struggled to breathe,
who's every step forward
was a brave act of defiance,
who's eyes could not betray
fear and pain,
but who's heart
was too strong and
too proud to quit without a fight,

in the clearing
heads turned,
vultures landed to stare,
prairie dogs gathered in rows,
not waiting for there chance
but in awe they watched,
this magnificent creatures,
defiant swan song

and you could swear the wind 
was no longer howling but singing
and that the chirping of the birds 
had joined in chorus,
for just that one moment
the world took notice
and joined in honouring
the last moments
of a creature of such profound beauty,
such defiant sad beauty.

Copyright © Oliver Gould | Year Posted 2015

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Ode to Sir Paul Reeves

Ode to Sir Paul Reeves What a magnificent servant you were Serving God And serving Man in plight Nothing but your quite demeanour To disarm the most cantankerous and disagreeable alike You served the Church You served the public You live to serve and thought nothing of it Now your bright spark has vanquished And only a memory of you remain Recalling what you have done Have destined you for fame We who remain are lessened by your absence Salute you and your deeds That we take heed of your lessons So farewell dear friend and think of us fondly As you reside in your heavenly abode While we below find something to fill the hole.=

Copyright © silafit silafit | Year Posted 2011

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Hannah Rain

Lowering him down upon his curved back,
On silky blue sheets, all pleated and tacked,
A pillow they stuffed beneath his cold head,
And combed his gray hair, that once was bright red.

Then buttoning his tweed, colored dark blue,
They crossed his thin arms and tied his black shoe.
His leg they stretched out, his eyes they sealed shut.
He’s thin as a pole, where once bulged his gut.

Completing his pose, they closed the lid tight,
Thus shutting him into perpetual night.
While sealing him in, they shook and they sighed;
Tears for their buddy could never run dry.

And grasping the rails, six men then lifted,
Heaving and hefting, as their feet shifted,
Tucking a shoulder 'neath a sharp edge,
The men now a square bore their friend’s bed.

Then slowly they marched, to breach in the earth,
And lowering him in, respected his worth.
Standing they pondered their suffering in war;
He’d been dismembered, and never restored.

The lemon trees close by, dropped sun colored tears,
Reminding the men how bitter the years
Would be without him, whose one legged jokes
Provoked them to laugh, but irked the grim folks.

Shoveling his bed o’er, with grayish brown dirt,
Despite clunks and thuds, not one of them shirked.
‘Cause each man did know, deep down in his heart,
Their brother did sleep, did briefly depart.

They knew they'd see him, once Christ opens the sky,
When graves open up, and they will arise;
For hearing God’s voice, His heavenly call,
They’ll bolt awake and meet Him one, all.#

Copyright © Hannah Rain | Year Posted 2017