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I am Woman, Fear Me!

Pretty, lovely, 
Beautiful, Stunning
I am woman, 
Fear me!

Sassy, saucy, 
Feisty, spunky
I am Woman, 
Fear me!

Smart, intelligent, 
Bright, clever
I am Woman, 
Fear me!

Independent, free,
Autonomous, Self-sufficient
I am Woman, 
Fear me!

Fear me because I am:
Pretty, sassy, smart, independent!
Fear me because these things
Are a danger mix and explosive combination

Fear me because one day
You'll have to answer to me.
Fear me because soon you'll look up
For advice and I'll be the face there.

Fear me because to you
Women should have no power.
Fear me because to me 
I will have more power than you.

I am a woman, 
Fear me!
Fear me!
I am a Woman!

Copyright © Chyrelle Woods | Year Posted 2005

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ode to fear

Part I

Fear, I know you. 

You are my secret	
wound. You are a 
putrescent, honey droplet.
You are a back-hand, 
hand mirror.

Your name sounds like
all, I have failed to love,
and all, I have failed
to fight for.

You are neither 
being, nor doing, 
but a never, 
ending, undoing.

You are a hand, 
a foot, a wide-opened 
mouth, voiceless. You 
are a broken branch. 

You are a serpent 
planted in the fields.
You are a still-born
wind, born at the 
bottom of the 

Fear, why are you

 Part II

Fear, don’t you know, 
I can see you? 
I have seen you
all my life. 

I see, in my,
mind, you, watching
me like a shadow
in the shadows,
standing naked

save that red-parrot, 
feathered hat, old 
walking, stick, raged 
hunting dog, and 
white falcon. 

I see an old
tree bent in the 
shade, with knotted
branches for arms, 

toenails deep like
roots, and fire-blue, 
indigo eyes
molded from time

I see your grip
on that bird-shaped, 
handled, walking 
stick, carved from a 

stolen Yggdrasil 
branch, and the veins
that, like worms, roam
the back of your 
You ancient, 
standing tree, I 
see you pointing 
that stick at me 
for your hound to

track, so, that your 
falcon can mount
my shoulders and 
whisper your words.

Part III

Fear, there is no
room for you on
my shoulders, 

I do not want
your counsel for 
you whisper it,
not like others,
by the ear, but 
from within deep, 
down like a 
fallen stone. 

In the past, you've
turned my sword into 
a dropping hand,
and my fingers 
into canaries.

You left stones in
my mouth, and where
my heart once sat 
now stalks a dark, 

So, falcon, take
these grapes, carry
them back to your
master and be
on your way. They
are ripe and plump 
with ash and dust.

Please take them and
go, or I shall slay you 
complete and drag
you back to that
untouched corner 
of creation.

there is nothing
but fear; 
fear feeding fear; 
fear all around.

Then, I will wash
my weapons in
the sea and be
on my way.

Fear! There is no 
room for you on 
my shoulders, today!

Copyright © Pio Jasso | Year Posted 2017

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First Love

First Love

Her eyes showed me a way,
Her unique smile let my tears go away,
Her Beautiful face made me to say,
Is this Love, or what???

Started to have feeling of love,
Started to behave nicely and different,
Started to smile when there was no reason to smile,
Still, Is this Love, or what??

Tried to approach her, but felt belittled, lowly, shy,
Tried to ask her for date, but felt afraid, scared, shocked,
Tried to express my love, felt would be rejected, hurt, unheard,
Well still, Is this love, or what?

I can fix anything, why not this thing,
I can talk to any girl, why not this girl,
I can really convince anyone, why not this one,
Came before many girl, why not this girl.

Do please not tell me its just nothing,
Do tell me how to do something about this thing...Love,
Do tell me anything about this thing…Love,
Will there be rejection or appreciation??????????

Copyright © B S Sky | Year Posted 2013

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Breathe i breathless.
Sleeping in a nightmare of unseen loveliness.
Restless in my mind and body.
Through a tunnel of devastating reckoning.

Crying sound of a wounded ostrich.
The echo of a oceanwaves demolishing sea afterlife.
My feminist touches cursed.
His enduring love of a dying poetical.
He dies in his lust of pleasure.

Copyright © Robin Brown | Year Posted 2013

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Love is a thing which perches in soul
and never dies for those who parts
forever and dies reluctantly for all
those who deal it with dull verve hence finally retards.

Its intensity can never be matched
by any way, any sense or any being
the loveliness of soul which initially hatches
in eyes and finally lead to an undying thing.

The iniciated feeling kisses the eye and lead
the body to shiver and form an never ending joy
joy which increases with senses and feed
the soul with luxury of peerless eyes and soothing joy.

When eyes fall on thine god, a material being
a wave travel from eyes to soul
and leave us shocked and lead us to drowse in feeling
of the cosmic one more beauteous, pretty then all.

A word from her soft coloured lips is treat
for your soul and finally try to speak
to that elf, an everlasting meet
in your brain did relive forever and make thee week.

But when you have conversed enough and all
secrets did revealed, the enthusiasm, the joy, the love
starts to retard and mighty love starts to fall
and fall all thy passions, thy deity thine happy dove.

Your drowsing in happy feeling, thine everlasting thing
decrease by degrees, you being unknown
the thing which use to shiver thine ere being
your love dwindles while thine body had grown.

But after ages when ye become pallid and calm
its assistance ye need or when you lay in despair
in this material world, it seems the only balm
which provide thee love and care.

A never ending charm an ethereal soul
which lift the mortal man from dying and and taking birth
and make life and death traveling journey for all
  except those in whose nature there is love's dearth.

                                                                                                      AKASH SANGWAN

Copyright © Akash ripper | Year Posted 2014

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Beloved child of love, 

Help me overcome fear

As to sacrifice my ego

On the altar of


© Demetrios Trifiatis
     9 January 2013

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2013

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Further is Closer Than You Think

To see or not to see, past the illusion.
Of truth secretly whispered back and forth,
creating confusion.

Shakespeare publicly fought between life and death
for pure amusement.

Within my thoughts, hope's not lost but found,
don't fight with fear use it.

Time is endlessly precious when our soul starts to lose grip.
Loose lips, wondering eyes, curious minds
in search of the light.
Collide in a beautiful place
where I am nothing
connected to everything
real matter cannot be erased.

Copyright © Gerald Moise | Year Posted 2014

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Pink Pink Pink

Once in my life, breast cancer, I did not know.
Which was lost, and what would be gained.
I could not see, beyond her glow
Faith and strength carried and remained.
Unfinished things of her dreams come slow
These were not to be lost, our love holds true
Loss of her alluring game would not matter, I did say
In life and love, she is stuck to me with glue
She is more than any loss, which may take away.

Pink in October shapes her autumn sky.
More beautiful now she faces its lie.
Sunshine wakes her in a moonlights lure.
Fighting like a girl, she wins the war.
Dancing as a woman she captures pink ardor.
She is more than a woman, my lady, my love.
Pink, pink, pink color beyond her despair,
Trials and tribulations, rising glow,
She has won her fight; in the pink, breast cancers beware.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2012

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It is a place no one
can share,
That single place, 
a dentist chair.
Here they all come,
young and old,
The shy, the timid,
and the bold.

The dentist is a 
patient man,
Makes it painless
if he can.
Yet your mind is
full of fear,
As in your mouth
he bends to peer.

A little hole you
cannot see,
Although it’s 
really very wee.
Can plunge your
heart in deepest
Then grunts and
gurgles fill the

Sweating palms
are rubbed 
Head held upright
on the leather.
Half your face put
right to sleep,
Come now, little
one, mustn’t weep.

All over now, a 
shout of joy,
Of those silly fears
we now are coy.
Now all this should
not have been,
Had you kept your
teeth nice and 


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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What They've Done To Gary

What they've done to Gary is just plain scary. Global elites shut him up.Of their wicked ways, be wary.                                                                                                                       It is all in all,everything that they do,to try and scare me, to try and scare you.                     If they get their way,we'll all be shakin' in our shoes. If they can make us fear enough,they think they'll never lose.                                                                                                                                           For fear is their currency of delight,presses working over-time, ever in the night. Where their dark secrets lurk,hiding from the light.                                                                      With it they purchase hearts and minds, ultimately souls as their grand prize, To offer up to lucifer, in a scheme of grand demise.                                                                                                                                                        So take heart my friend and fear naught,but the Lord. This is wisdom's beginning, God's word, shield and sword.                                                                                                        Of this one thing be ever so aware, that those who hold God's spirit, they can not scare or make them slaves to the prince of the power of the air.                                                                                                                                              We, who stand with Gary, will remain strong and bold. Always doing what is right, not necessarily what we are told.                                                                                                 It is our one path to victory and bringing freedom home.                                                                                                                                                   Home, where our love dwells. Home. Dear, sweet home.

Copyright © John Carrier | Year Posted 2013

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To Pleasures Unseen

Look at the baseball field.
The poet’s words, a sword to wield.
To these pleasures I consistently yield.
But heavenly joys I often neglect.

Where are the heavenly spires?
The bosom that protects against the eternal fires.
Where in worship no one tires.
And the holy one’s face is clearly seen.

What is the reward that is beyond our sight?
How are we to navigate through the night,
With an invisible joy as our guiding light?
How can wicked hearts love one who is perfect?

And this thought perplexes me:
The one weeping in Gethsemane.
For his alienation from the holy trinity.
A fellowship not known by mortal men.

And yet my heart tends to go,
Towards the summer, and to the snow.
My love is for things that I know.
But the holy fellowship I‘ve never seen.

I can boast of the poet’s words.
I can admire the fish and the birds.
I can point to harmonies written in thirds.
But the Holy one’s face I cannot describe.

Man in his mind’s eye.
Can conjure up griffins and fairies that fly.
As well as fraudulent gods in the sky.
But a true deity he cannot draw a picture.

For the company of friends we are grateful.
In our camaraderies we are playful.
But we don’t desire to sit at the trinity’s roundtable.
Of that friendship we are alien.

And if there is a heavenly hymn able to touch my ear.
My eardrum may never again resound, I fear.
The face of the savior unclear,
To a mere golem returning to the mud.

Copyright © Daniel Carter | Year Posted 2016

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Ode to Maggie

Today I whispered my fears to you --
Wrapped my arms around your hard body
Scales tickling the underside of my arms
You've been keeping my secrets 
     since I was ten
You were barely as big as I 
     now behemoth 
You can almost touch the sky
Reach right up and greet the sun for me
I bury treasures at your feet --
Dig down deep into the earth 
Careful not to tap a single root
You've been the protector of my bounty
     for your entire life
What knowledge you bear, all for a little girl

In gratitude, as proof of Your love 
     You present to me
          One perfect white blossom

Copyright © Lori Carlson | Year Posted 2013

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Ode on Sorrows

A traveler has traveled far and wide,
Lost in the plains of yellow flowers and Poppies
He saw the tree that stood
An Oak tree it was, with stream of water from underneath.

A reflection of his image he saw,
A fallacy he denied. 
Like a fool he talk to trees and skies
The west wind blew and his heart felt
Heard his name sorrow, thus the wind Whispers
“A man is weight by the sorrow in his heart”

Thirsty, he drank from the stream.
Bitter it was, but the stream was as clear as the sea
An epiphany he had, the taste of bitterness,
Was from his heart, the taste of sorrow.

Green grass withered and the sun died,
Illuminated by the night skies;
He mocks the heavens
And he curses the ground.

The heaven cried out,
“Man is imprisoned in the passage of time”
The stars died too
The stream dried out and came a man
“I am thy sorrow, thy need, thy fallacy”.
“I live in denial, for I know not the man I see,
I know not of my weight, my sorrows”

“The yolk of life that I carry has undone me”
“Emptiness in a man’s heart is the presences of grief
Atlas! How well did my heart grief” said he
“How well did my heart swallowe’d” 

Darkness came over the plain,
the beauty was shunt from man.
A voice he heard,"nature of man is beautiful and deceitful"
Dawn came, blissful, as the early birds began to sing
the dew drops that fell on the grass, illuminated the plains
his heart was filled with tears of truth.

Copyright © LIde Sangtam | Year Posted 2012

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hush my baby

hush my baby listen very close,to 
everything you've ever heard.
so you can remember,
every sound and word.

being strong against your deepest fear,
that one day you may not hear.

though thiers no real gaurentee,
thats sounds will take priority
you'll remember each sound
and hear by what your eyes are able to see.

i know it won't be the same,
as when you could hear,
but you have to be strong
against your deepest fear.

so hush my little one,
listen close to all you've ever heard.
so you'll remember every sound and word.

just remember we will always be here,
when you need a hug,
to make the anger disapear.

caused by the stillness ,
that haunts your ears.

Copyright © dennis camp | Year Posted 2012

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" Hail to courageous Patrick! "
The Christian Irish loudly sang,
taking their chant to all Ireland...
and that made Milchu very sick!

In his veins ran pure blood of Roman nobility;
at that brutal era, Druidism was Ireland's religion,
and he, the follower of Christ, felt much contention...
but armed with determination Patrick fought it fiercely!  

" Hail to courageous Patrick!"
As a saint he never accepted defeat;
he was bread and water for the weak...
endless fear for the High Priest!

" Pagans, you shall not worship neither the Sun
nor idols, Christ is your true Lord! "
He preached in all villages ignoring any frown
from that warrior waving his sword!

Would he had never been captured
and sold into slavery, all Ireland wouldn't have known liberty;
his task was to tend sheep as David,
but choose to give his entire soul to God to wipe out idolatry!  

" Hail to courageous Patrick! "
Every man, woman and child shouted without being afraid;
they knew that God had sent this holy and kind man to them
to teach prayers of fervent faith!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2013

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Ode to the Pale Horseman

People fear me - touch not blood
yet through their own i do yet flood
I lie...and steal from their tender love
Send many down...Send some above.
I take their light touch as my own slicing tounge-
and whisper myself into vein and lung.
they try to fight!
they squirm - they pray.
i rend their flesh,
more everyday.
Succulent sweat and bile sublime
Even in the air i dance,  with time.
they flee from me.
they shudd'r my kiss.
why do they fear my final bliss?
i do not care.
they taste yet ... the same
even as they hiss my name.
those who hate me - i take them too-
worm my way though their gloves of blue
they tried to end me
they yet do fight.
And so they weep now - wheeze in night.
they thought mine weren't yet unto me-
And so, they too, are becoming me.
their blood, it's burning up...so high
will Fever take them to God-knows-nigh?
Or sister's loving, ending we?
tearing the cells
so gleefully
My Family follows me you see.

We'll take it all
ev'ry last bit.
Human lives do end so quick.
Thay failed to fear me, they failed to see
that one so small can kill violently.
Now they know me- Now they've named me.
Letters and numbers...H's and 3's.
We've had other names,
playing the same game,
burning and tearing so many, so long.
We've  done so ever since Old Abram's song.
They knew us not then,
Knew not what we were-
But by now, dear host, you've  probably heard.
The killers are here,
know now not mercy.
I am the sickness to sing you to sleep.
When i am in you, you too are me.

Copyright © Robert Herriott | Year Posted 2015

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Cant be trusted

With diamond like skin, she cut me deep with her venomous attitude 
Frustrated at the sound of her voice,
nauseous at the smell of her breath
My blood pressure boils angrily,
turning my head into a tea pot
As she slithers closer to me, my skin begins to crawl
For she is slimy like the wettest reptile 

Copyright © Jaquay Atkins | Year Posted 2016

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Ode to fear that gives me control,
allows me power to feel whole.
It gives me strength when i am down,
ode to fear when i am down.

Ode to strength the power to fight,
and show them how i am polite.
With strength i am and fear i control,
ode to people i can control.

Ode to control the demons flight.
when they betray me and i lose the fight.
My power was great but not to there's, 
they were many and i was scared.

Ode to morals that show you truth,
that shows the right when there's none to boot.
The moral is and always was, 
when you ode to fear destruction comes.

Copyright © PATRICK CLARK | Year Posted 2012

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Dream or Reality

Stuck in this cave inside my head. Used to be dark and ominous, now it's a safe place instead. Your voice is just a whisper now, as the blackness washes over me like a shower. Nails dig into my flesh as I hold myself close to me. Too much pain, have to keep it hidden so no one else can see. The torture, the tears, all the times my soul was ground into the earth, since the very day of my birth. I try to smile on the outside, It's not so easy. I try to believe that love and life is pleasing. But the fear of repeating life's mistakes is too heart wrenching. There is a light at the end of my tunnel. Beckoning me to come outside of myself. I inch my way, trust is not so easy. Closer now , I feel the warmth cover me. Could this be a dream, or is my soul finally free

Copyright © Bonnie Frascarelli | Year Posted 2012