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Ode Dance Poems | Ode Poems About Dance

These Ode Dance poems are examples of Ode poems about Dance. These are the best examples of Ode Dance poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Ode |

Love's dance

Sweep[ me off my feet
Walk me to the dance floor
Slide your hands on my arms
Shake me to my very core
Twirl me out bring me in
Hold me from the back
As we sway and we groove
Passion neither of us lack
Dip me so smoothly
As you kiss my neck
Pull me back up
My heart i must check
I crave you so much
Even from our very first glance
Fall into forever with me
As we indulge in love's dance

Copyright © April Mitchell | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ode |

Paranormal Par Excellence -

Alphanumeric emergency is her agency of supremacy,
press your neck with a kiss ment for carniverous kinesthetics,
move you into a position of requisition, repitition aphyxiated with joy,

she can always be found on the border of banishment and bedlam,
bedevil you between hesitation & aggression, hug you inbetween love & anger,
place a soul betwixt a lamb and lion, orchestrate necessity with a natural nimbleness,
ask one to trample or tumble upon the question mark,
numb you as a plumb hung on a ledge too long,

she'll say thank you as your resources become a subject of ridicule
and when the lungs of childhood age with exhaustion from hailing her
more effort she will exhort, bite you on the fingertip of surrender
reminding us that glory is a growl from the jaws of jealousy,
earthy are her entanglements,
healthy her arrangements,
keep you searching for fragments on battlefronts -


Copyright © Justin Bordner | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ode |

ode to shadows

ode to shadows as i peer out the glassed portières penumbral visitations mock me; dare they deign to scare this parched crypt of adrenaline and cortisol, usurped by unquiet scourges over lifetimes' rebirth? steps shifting in the dark, familiar and beloved; the shushing and stirring, commit to draw me near; umbral amici and i provide a panoply o'bosky trappings f'thee a joinin' we, or off to obscure pastures to wee thee pants for eternity!

Copyright © Kathryne Ankney Higheagle | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Ode to Beer

The first drop – an instantaneous plunge
Into another world,
blushing, warm, and welcome

Dazed and daydreaming,
My taste buds singing,
My palette bathed in smooth softness,

My soul turns bright and whole,
Full dark with barley juice,
And happy Irish cream,

And as I raise my glass to Bacchus,
and curse the sober world,
So gray and plain and dead,

I hug and cling to chaos,
So colorful and free,
And dance and dream like pagans do,
Until the music dies.

Copyright © Nick Ruff | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ode |

Delight of the drummer boy

"...Maybe they would allow me to dance,
perhaps they would allow me to dance;
let me ask the landlords,
If they would allow me to dance.."

Twenty horse power!
Forty horse power!!
The horses can keep their power;
Eebudola's power is reliable.

Who would not be amazed?
Half a century of cultural dance:
Dangling head like pruning pigeon,
Winding waist like spider its web,
Throwing hands and legs like javelin,
Rock-still, yet rotating like a rolling coin;
Your magic baffles me.

Delight of drummer boy,
If I may ask, tell me:
Which nut bolts your bones?
Which hinges are on your joints?
Which spring bounces you?
Tell me what makes your bone unhollow.

Your antics like parachute in the sky:
You can fold, you can unfold,
You can swerve, you can still
You can puff up, you can sag.

The day you became flame
Before the high and the lowly
Behold kings and queens 
Craning out necks on their toes
To have a glimpse of the dancing height
'Dola, 'Dola rent the air.

Sure, it is now rhetoric;
It is now superfluous to ask:
Who can dance for the king 
And his crown will fall?

Dance on, dance on,
Yeye Asiwaju dance on;
We are the landlords,
Dance on without any angst.

Copyright © KAYOD5 Kayode | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ode |

Dearest Poetry Angel

Dearest Poetry Angel,
When I came visiting today
I was in a gloomy mood.
Your poetry burst away my clouds
And a radiant rainbow appeared.
Thank you for sharing 
Your divine gift with me.
From your fountain 
Let more words of inspiration
Sparkle on us mere mortals.
Please give us more poems 
Of  your eternal meditation.
Pain in the heart 
Is so easily  contagious.
Delve I into the depth
To find no solution.
Running away from truth
Leads to further tribulation.
Seeking for salvation
Is beyond my aspiration.
Reliance on anyone
Is a bar I cannot cross.
Banks I find none
For my surging emotions.
My wild untamed desires
I cannot transform.
A  dual life is what
I am perennially living
In reality and
In my castle of dreams.
Engineering connections
Is hard to come by. I 
Yet when I meet you
My heart contracts not.
My lips curl into a smile
And I start celebrating my life.
The clearest sky is above with
The rainbow coloured peacocks delicately dancing.
Dearest Poetry Angel I understand you not
Nor ever want to understand your sheer enigma.

Balveen Cheema
Gudrun Kaur Mann

Copyright © Balveen Cheema | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ode |

DANCE OF THE BOOGEYMEN(An unusual Halloween hors d'oeuvre)

Twirling around and around in the Night Sphere
Creepy eyes that scream out for a Partner in Loungerie
plus 2
6 and then Twenty
The Boogeymen of the night
Catching the souls of the departed in flight
Sending them to the loneliest corner of Hell
With a Dunce Cap on every head that read:
A quiet empty trio of fools who did not play it cool while they were alive
Who refused to submit to the booze,the Pot,and all that Open Up Jive
Sweethearts on the dance floor where the Dead party all without a smile
Takes us back to that Halloween Trick or Treat town,at least for a little while
Mothers swing their Fathers
The Grim Reapers do their do-si-do
Harper Valley 1-800-NEXT-OF-KIN
Biting Teeth on a Harker Jonathan
Sipping blood with a grinning Mina
She is lovely in that shade of dead
Vein vessel blood all around her neckTAR and thy Head
Here in the ram shackled Studio 50 for DEAD
Dancers are the Boogeyshoes
With one eye alive and the other socket popped out
Sleep Deadly tonight Beneath the full moon and the Tango of cold Harvest Fright

Copyright © Bart Jonas | Year Posted 2006

Details | Rhyme |

Tap Dance Ode to the Writer's Pitch

You better be a little rich,
If you choose to make a pitch.
By bus or car you make the trip,
You've trained yourself just not to slip.
The agents sit; a motley crew,
A few may even look at you.
To them it's just the same old hat,
To find some meat stuck in the fat.
The writer wonders what they think,
Is he good or does he stink?
Most go home with little done,
Was this pitch just done for fun?

Copyright © Gary Kraidman | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ode |

Expressions of the Universe

For now I see,
further than I have ever seen before,
beyond the twisting streets
and winding alley ways,
beyond rolling valleys 
and desert plains,

that this world,
is smoke,
it permeates and lingers,
but through the eyes of an outsider, 
watching beyond the perspective bias of time,
the world is formless, 
where once space was empty,
there are planets, stars, nebulae and galaxies,
moving, dancing, expanding and dividing,
a star today,
dust tomorrow,

this world is smoke, 
nothing solid about it
and we ourselves are smoke as well,
the wind blows, 
causing change
and we jump up and down exclaiming,
"we did that",
"I did that",

but the truth is the wind didn't come from us,
but merely passed through us,
our drives, our reasons, our choices,
all created in womb and by our environment,
created by a thousand wombs 
and eggs 
and mountains
and oceans,
just one big gust of wind,
that we are so excited to claim ownership of, 
but really we are just riding, 
like the planets 
and the stars
and the nebulae
and the galaxies
are just smoke,

in the grand scheme formless
but in the moment,
a beautiful shape,
a gorgeous expression of atoms,
a living miracle.

Copyright © Oliver Gould | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ode |


<  > My people in villages and surbabs
       men and woman of all races sizes and shapes
       from different back grounds and different life style
       but one and only one common denominator 

      Jikinya,a joyful dance that expresses happiness 
      joy and greatfulness
      good times and memories that last a life time
      jikinya my people jikinya

     jikinya for a new life,jikinya for the rains
     for every God given gift  and blessing

    skies are covered with dust
     in our rich undiluted mother tongue we sing
     men thunder in deep voices
     songs with massages that lingers
     jikinya my people jikinya>

     the grounds we dance up on
     will never be barren 
    the rains will fall up on it and good grains will be ours
    shouts and praises to the pure dance
    a dance that liberates our spirits and ignites our bodies
    filled with joy we explode
    jikinya my people jikinya

Copyright © odeline chigwedere | Year Posted 2012