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Star Gazing

Star Gazing

As the darkness falls across the sky,
Stars start to shimmer very brightly.
Your eyes reflect them clearly,
Hiding your grief and pain.

At the ocean shore, you gaze the stars,
Reminding you about your dreams.
Awakening about your reality,
Wishing it was just a dream.

Copyright © Nayda Ivette Negron | Year Posted 2015

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The Ocean

My heart sleeps by the Ocean.. Give me beach therapy please..
When all this world's troubles come upon me.. just let me dip my feet in the sea..
I don't ask for much just a little sand between my toes 
Enough to make this ole girl go ooohhh lala and away she goes.. 
When it's time for me to return back to reality.. 
I'll just stay here a little longer living in Peace you see.. 
Because the sand, the waves, the pure blue, green water is where I long to be.. 
Nothing can take place of living at the beach in splendid harmony..
Walking with Jesus is where I'll be living in serenity.. 
Talking to him about all the things I see.. 
Just pouring out my heart to him makes me feel free.. 
I want look back at all the things I left behind
because they want matter to me this time..
I'm on the beach you see where life is happy as can be..
Just to feel the wind upon my face as those waves come in it makes my heart race.. 
Ahh the feeling is so grand all the stress of life there's not a strand.. 
Ohh my see that beach over there that's it that's the place God gave to me, 
My my look at it glow.. More beautiful than a diamond in a bridal show.. 
I found my home where I belong.. 
Now I can finally sing my greatest song..

Copyright © Rose Stephens | Year Posted 2015

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Ode to a Mussell

A palace on the rocks
washed by the sea
impregnable and strong
fit for a queen
softened by a carpet
of Ulva green
dotted with coins 
of Halimeda weed
adorned with peacocks
fan Padina
and feathery Caulerpa
red, pink, and green
lulled by the waves	
fed by the sea
fit for the beauty
of a mussel queen.


Copyright © Frances Schiavina | Year Posted 2017

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Beach Backed Chairs   

Dutifully I strode, 
struck past police 
look for police 
past police 
look for past 
me too- 
night bright searchlight 
protect[cone]cove from shadow 
gain much 
as man no walk now 
crawl[space]- square shadows all 
the German place 
spews music from non-window squid fry round 
tall hall- guard gun iguana[Guam] and some beach chairs some[moss-Hun]
 	one left out. 
there, coral sand staggered 
	rack on head 
of man[Poulos?] 
straining in sand of light and destiNATION 
[waning] wave too sad a night.

Copyright © Thomas Stanton | Year Posted 2009

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       GOOD TIME ( translated in  two other languages)
Good time lies in onerous tracts
Where the minds reject
It shelters in a solitary world
Fidgets like a hovering danger
Reluctance, the only neighbouring sister
Dominates the city

Good time lies in the secrete
They entomb under the catacomb of rigor
Where man in his journey is castoff
Her footsteps leave no footprint
As she moves in visible darkness

Good time lies in the extreme of life
Their beginning marks the end of our journey
Loneliness seems to be close
But it castles on air
Good time sometimes, arrives at the wrong time
When the night of the day is near

Good time lies on your hand
But can't ride alone
It's height and low
Sometimes at the stake
Let's journey with might and main
Good time is in the closet

(By Opurum Precious Nigeria)

Copyright © odiboyp  24/07/2016


Bon temps réside dans tracts onéreuses
Lorsque les esprits rejettent
Elle abrite dans un monde solitaire
Bougeotte comme un danger planant
Réticence, la seule soeur voisine
Domine la ville

Bon temps réside dans la secrete
Ils ensevelir sous la catacombe de rigueur
Là où l'homme dans son voyage est défroque
Ses pas ne laissent aucune empreinte
Comme elle se déplace dans l'obscurité visible

Bon temps réside dans l'extrême de la vie
Leur début marque la fin de notre voyage
La solitude semble être proche
Mais ce châteaux sur l'air
Bon temps parfois, arrive au mauvais moment
Lorsque la nuit du jour est proche

Bon temps se trouve sur votre main
Mais ne peut pas rouler seul
Sa hauteur et basse
Parfois, sur le bûcher
Passons en voyage avec force et principale
Un bon moment est dans le placard

(Par Opurum Precious Nigeria)

Copyright © odiboyp 24/07/2016


Buen momento está en vías onerosas
Cuando las mentes rechazan
Alberga en un mundo solitario
Mueve en exceso como un peligro que asoma
La renuencia, la única hermana vecina
Domina la ciudad

Buen momento se encuentra en el secrete
Ellos sepultan bajo la catacumba de rigor
Donde el hombre en su viaje es castoff
Sus pasos no dejan huella
A medida que se mueve en la oscuridad visible

Buen momento se encuentra en el extremo de la vida
Su principio marca el final de nuestro viaje
La soledad parece estar cerca
Pero castillos en el aire
Buen tiempo a veces, llega en el momento equivocado
Cuando la noche del día está cerca

Buen momento se encuentra en su mano
Pero no se puede montar sola
Su altura y baja
A veces en la hoguera
Vamos viaje con todas sus fuerzas
Un buen tiempo está en el armario

(Por Opurum Precious Nigeria)

Copyright © odiboyp 24/07/2016

Copyright © Precious Opurum | Year Posted 2016

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Yes I Do

I wanna love you 
Like the sun loves shining it's light on earth 
I wanna beautify you more with my love 
Like stars love to beautify the sky at night 
Not just at night cos my love for you 
Stays crystal clear 
So you could see through me 
Like we see through pure still waters 

I want to own you like weathers, 
Own it's time and season .
I always want to be there for you 
Like answers to prayers 
I wanna hold you so close 
Just the way we have breath and nose

Like and just 
Just and like 
My love for you stays justified 
Cos all these I want to do 
Just to hear you say 
   " Yes I do " 
When we're on Suit and Flowers  

Copyright © Olumuyiwa Onaf | Year Posted 2017