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In midst of night,
When I was deep in slumber,
The memory rattled,
Eyes sunk with fear,
Saw the houses crumble,
The trees tremble,
The thunder storm made me nimble,
The ocean in fumble,
Tried to reach me and hug me in grumble.

I went slowly to the balcony,
Tried to reach out to see this mesmerized agony,
The agony was far from imagination,
It’s a terrifying situation,
God is slowly destroying its creation.

The waves shook the landscape,
The geography is jeopardized,
The houses drowned,
And with it are the people,
Cries of the birds,
Made the atmosphere filled with shrill,
The painful and subdued voice of the animals,
Made it sure of their fatal deaths.

The water is beneath,
Thunderstorm is above it,
No place for shelter,
The houses gradually decreased,
With water slowly increased,

I saw human beings floating in it,
I knew some of them, were also in it,
Saw the animals gradually going deep in it,
Trees are getting shaved,
Houses are getting razed,
The plateau near my house is gone beneath.

The things happened so quickly,
And it was so horrifying,
that I forgot my own situation,
Now I am in pain and sorrow,
for what I have seen slowly,
Happening beneath my eyes.

With this grief and agony in my heart,
I turned back to get inside the house,
But I was knee deep in water,
And the water is rising faster,
I am late in making my action,
Now my life and my existence is in jeopardy,
And with the flashes of the scenes running back and forth,
Made me cripple,
I wasn’t able to run,
I gradually gave up to the faith, 

But when I saw the death creeping near to me,
A terrible fear ran through me,
My face became pale,
And the blood started drying up,
I started weeping and prayed to spare me,
But a dark shadow engulfed me,
And a terrible wave galloped me.

I was desperately moaning,
Then suddenly my eyes opened,
My bed was completely dripping from the sweat,
For few minutes I couldn’t make out what’s going on,
But then I realized that it was a dreadful dream.
I closed my eyes and prayed to God,
Thanked him that it was a dream.

Copyright © Partha Pal | Year Posted 2008

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

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Devastating typhoon come
Sturdy than ever

Foretell its mighty
Long before hit the downhills
Flooding all over

Wandering chelas
Discerning how it may create
Learning to alter

Uniting mass wind
Resonates with  human's mind
Soaring consciousness 

Denser form of thoughts
Materialize its energy form
Experience choices.

Copyright © marvin celestial | Year Posted 2015

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Fertility Marred With Miscarriages

The fattest land mass within the borders of Europe is also a mother with an extremely fertile womb to once go third in the global grain export. Sitting on a ground blessed with hidden treasures, it has unfortunately been blown by the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl. Its architecture, literature and music are a mirror reflection of its faith, the borscht and verenyky- the appetizing symbols of its meals; built ‘the Dream’ to wow the world of flight and weight and emits the radiance of the Carpathian mountains through the longest musical pipe ever played. Home to the greatest ever boxing family and having cities with their individual bragging rights. Accumulation of cafes stands tall in its western giant to the point, one of them exhibits masochism in soft core; while its heart is home to the deepest Metro station and also a sustainer of the chronicles of the Bald Mountains. Among all is its amazing feature of having the globe’s most beautiful women. From Stalin to Putin, its road flirts with Russian misfortunes and restricted by the limitations of corruption’s chains. As one of the detached buttons of the soviet design, it falls off but still tied with a closely knitted Slavic thread. From such a connection, it has since been under the suffering of its disowned father to mount the stones of instability on a ground up north the black sea for its identity to remain fully eastern.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2015