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The Clouds


God, can I hold your hand and follow you?

"Gods voice"
My child, it is I who will walk with you! You walked down my path with and without faith. You took my protection to ease your pain. My shielded wings comfort you during your moments of suffering while your life staggered across earth. Your love and devotion are what made you strong. Every time your dreams were broken. You managed to build more dreams in their place. You called my name during your happiest and saddest moments. You ran to me when you fell behind. Your secrets became our private talks. The key to your heart was always unlocked. I was there during your trials and troubles and tribulations. We could not speak, it was my light that kept you from going weak.

God, are you a dream of beauty? The holy book.
My preacher spoke of the afterlife, calling it paradise. 
I remember now, I felt this company once before, this light.
Many times, I forsake the light and still you never left my door.
I felt it on the day I was born, 
the day I became baptized in your holy name. 
I felt this light before, can you explain it once more? 
Lord pleases clarify the day I fell down to my knees, accepted Jesus as my savior? 
On that day, I felt as if you stood away and walked on by, allowing me to face my  failures’.  
Was my life a waste in this impossible world?"

"Gods voice" 
My child, this is the everlasting light you will feel every time your body is re-born onto a new road.  This light never left you. 
My sweet child did you not listen, 
Matthew *19:26* MY SON looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with ME all things are possible. 
My child, you were not searching for the right answers.

My Lord everyone told me if I prayed you would come. Did I not pray enough?

"Gods voice"
My child sometimes your heart asked for more than life itself,  
I always answered even when you shunned heaven away from your eyes?
The obvious question is whether this is the final immersing of your soul's disguises.

Lord, I have other questions to ask. 
What should I expect out of my personal sins? 
My testimonial sits in the palm of your hand
My mind and my heart's inner core have been wicked since my adolescence-- 
How is it that I am in your promise land?

"Gods voice"
Getting right with me has brought you here!

One more question My Heavenly Father
Can I see My Daughter, Mothers, Sisters, family, and friends?


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2012

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Mother and Child

and she said Yesterday,I lived for thoughts and dreams but today I live in my daughter's happiness All my goals I left behind to watch her reach her own All my friends I do not see,to stay with her at home Money might get tight,but what is money compared to pure joy of a child What is money compared to her almond eyes Success lies dormant on shelves for years to come But what is success compared to first giggles to first steps, first mouthfuls and her little grabs Compared to gurgles and babbles to first time she calls me mama and hold on to my hands What is beauty in the world compared to a pearl This innocent child,a coloured coral petite pretty girl Yesterday,I lived for thoughts and dreams But today I live in my daughter's happiness I had my days of wine and chocolate eclaires roses on doorstep,unsigned love letters with spiced cologne and enticing words Today I live in my daughter's shadow To watch her live her own dream I watch her bloom in autumn gardens from princess of hearts become queen Tomorrow I will not be here She might not get to see the white of my hair the wrinkle in my smile But,today she knows I love her long more after petals wither long more after a mother's hug fades long after I shine from the sky.
Dedicated to my beloved Christina with love Happy first birthday wrapped with barney hugs and Winnie the pooh kisses :-$:-|B-)

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2013

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Do The Math

On the banks of a river under the nest of a dove
He looked into the eyes of the girl that he loved

She was simply as beautiful as beautiful could be
He was bitter as the salt, which came from the sea

But something about him she could not resist
Perhaps it was the tender way that he kissed

They were truly as happy as two kids could be
Sitting there on bank under the shade of the tree

Sharing all of their dreams and all of their hearts
Not knowing their parents would soon tear them apart

She told him if I can’t have you no man will have me
Those words that she spoke were true as could be

She turned to God and he turned to dope
I guess each of them needed something to cope

She became a Nun a beautiful heavenly flower
He became a convict with a shot callers power

Throughout their lives as the story is told
Each held the other more valuable then gold

Friends to the end regardless of the path
Its all very simple if you just do the math

Written for Elaine's contest

Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2009

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Faraway Dream

Thorns tearing as a soul cries out 
For a magic star to appear in the Heavens
Lost in the silver of the moon face 
alone inside a chandelier 
star lighting crystals a rainbow of love
In each teardrop one star falls
Within thoughts dust a trail 
falling water sparkling over jewels glistening 
in each and every wish granted
Shimmering silver treasure 
falling in love you are so beautiful 
sweetly beyond this world and the next 
Twinkling behind dazzling sparkles
jewels of everlasting happiness
bliss will be the joy it brings 
in never ending beauty sings 
Each a warm fluttering inside wings
blushing ruby red lips kissing desire 
deeply turning keys passion hotly breathes
Warm with a fire burning bright
flames openly embracing you love
softly and tenderly sighs sweetly
Touching this dream a gentle warm glow
holding the heart open 
to one stunning beauty of a queen

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2014

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Other Side of The Rainbow

It was on the other side of the rainbow
When I slid into a dream
I guess at that time nothing was, as it truly seemed
People came and people went
The needle played my blues
Through the rainbow dreams into leprechaun schemes
I was Papa Smurf with the magic brew
I built a Crystal Castle
On the shores of nevermore
I guess sometimes I wonder, “What was I searching for”
Beauty danced with big brown eyes
Though the faces always changed
Many times I slept with gals I thought were rather strange
Magic slides that no one hides
I wonder where they go?
I once slid down the rainbow just to see the show
The stars are bright it’s a beautiful night
Moonbeams illuminating mushrooms all around
Here by my house crickets and frogs are the only sound
Fairies dance like fireflies 
It’s really quite the sight
Ever tripped down Hollywood and Vine on a Friday night
I have lived through many dreams
Shared many angels souls
Shattered dreams and broken schemes, nothing but empty goals
Broken hearts torn apart
Blowing in the wind
Like fairy dust you just can’t trust
Not even your closest friend
I dove into a crystal pool on the other side of the hill
I swear sometimes in my ears I can hear the ringing still
I rode upon the tornado just to go spinning through the sound
Landed in a concrete room bouncing all around
Leprechauns and rainbows
Unicorn’s beautiful and white
When I finally kicked the horse
It wasn’t a pretty sight
Like a frog on the log or a sick old dawg
Just a skeleton in a box
With the strength of Arthur's sword and trust in the Lord
I shattered a thousand locks
Now I’m back on this side of the rainbow
And every thing’s looking bright
My Guinevere is here and I love her dear
She is such a lovely sight
Trials come like waterfalls
Flooding though our life
I truly am a lucky man to face them with my wife
Well let’s gig the frog and fire up the log
We’ll roast us a pig tonight
Life is good in my neighborhood
Nary a single vice
The other side of the rainbow now seems so very far away
I guess that is really about all I have to say

Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2009

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By The Ocean

Laying here staring out across the ocean,
listening to the sound of waves roaring,
gazing up at all of the glimmering stars,
lighting up the sea like a dance floor.

Counting stars as blessings life has given me,
thanking God for each and everyone of them,
so relaxing just lying next to the shore lines,
trying to draw in the last bits of the night.

The full moon shining ever so brightly now,
and the waves calm down to a gentle splash,
a light breeze pushes softly against my skin,
I grab my sweater and drape it around me,
as I go to leave I stop and turn around,
just to admire the ocean one last time.

Copyright © Rachel Trine | Year Posted 2015

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Back To Fairyland - The Narrative Style

~Back To Fairyland~
( Story or Narrative poem)

All the fairies were gathering at dawn 
And they were so happy in giving a hand 
"Cause in a few moments David the Gnome would be 
Arriving to fairyland and they wanted to make it grand 

David the gnome was so happy to be again with all his friends 
All the fairies and elves, leprechauns and gnomes wanted to attend 
Tinkerbright and Aethelwyne just descended from a tree 
And happily started to cheer and when they saw David they did glee 

With all their might and with their adepted tiny little hands 
They started to clap and sing sweet songs that were grand 
With joy and laughter all the fairies, leprechauns,elves and gnomes rose 
For their hearts full of happiness did glow as their joy just arose 

All of sudden there was not a sound and not a single bird from the boughs sang 
Everybody looked around and they just smiled with joy as far as a mile 
Then they just run and put their little arms around David the Gnome 
Who was smiling so very happy too to be with his friends back again in Fairyland for awhile. 

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


~Author's Notes:

 " Back To Fairyland" this is just part 1, to be continued in Back to Fairyland part 2:)

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2015

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Hypnotic and Deep

               I inherited a magnificent antique natural black diamond ring,
it is an impure crystal from Central Africa, it is entirely opaque;
     a precious gem, absolutely beautiful and quite valuable,
a mesmerizing color created by nature, it touches my very soul.
          It inspires me with it's hypnotic quality taking me deep,
and I see it's power in my accessories, always black and sensual;
                the black diamond is mysterious and shrouded in drama.
many a death has been cast by a particular black diamond stone.

               I did research and found out-  a famous black diamond,
was pried from the eye of a statue in a sacred shrine temple;
     in Pondicherry, India by a travelling monk thief, so the myth says,
the theft created a cursed diamond called the Eye of Brahama.
          The myth then states that the diamond caused three deaths,
people would throw themselves off high buildings by suicide;
             later the diamond was cut into three breaking the curse,
of course, my ring is not one of the pieces, yet is still lovely.

               The days I wear my ring and my lovely black accessories,
I transcend this world, my makeup and hair become magical;
     seeing the world with my third eye and it is so very amazing,
I am a different girl-   dark, sensual, and so very mysterious.
          And when I take off the black ring and accessories,
a mere girl stands in front of the mirror, natural and glowing;
          the magic is gone but the inner peace remains and inspires,
I think what we put on our bodies should have a soul- 
                                                                   hypnotic and deep.

August 3, 2016


For the contest, Black Diamond
sponsor, Nayda Ivette Negron

First Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2016

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Over the hillsides, together we burn space and time....galloping with the wind...
Clouds take me by the hand, and wind takes you by the mane
Nothing outside our world can rival this contentment
I can close my eyes, and trust that you will keep me safe
O' beautiful creature that you are, your every movement breeds a fever
Your every stride, takes me onto the precipice of happiness
We are runaway dreamers, in the moment of some happy memory
I hear the infinite past at the heels of your enchanted hoof
Which ancestor first felt this same connection?
At one with nature, at one with beast....O' beautiful creature that you are

In the deep evening light of the early winter storm
We are in a crystal white garden, 
just a trace of a moon between the clouds
The chill of the snowflakes falling,
as the wind is the force  behind us
while sight of your warm breath streaming
is white in the moonlight's beam

A trail left behind in our intimate world....
Such a moment is an ancient legend
That we have passed this way
Snow is still falling, but nothing can erase that we have been here
We are the messengers...together we will be witness to the world
That the hearts of species as wide as the universe
Wind beneath our souls as one
Can beat as one....drawn together, like poetic and timeless music
I am part of you....and you are part of me
And that both hearts can feel the same remorse when day is done


Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2010

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God's Love is not a Weapon

The church we sought to find a home in no longer exist.
Our courage is strong, our future belongs to temptation consisting sin.

Woods cut and gathered with selfless labor shall provide us a ship.
This is where I realized that Noah was wrong let the story begin....

The bible has been written by other humans and not by god himself,
If that were the case this place we call earth would surely be squashed by his thumb:

If Noah was chosen by the lord himself why wasn't there taken a vote.
Only those true to the cause, who never broken a law are the only ones who can travel afloat.
If you ask me workers with skills, hunters, doctors, and authors had to be put on the boat.

Waves. collided with storm, some fell overboard, and disease killing the most.
This was not a story written down in the bible, it was clearly a religious joke.

Finally a sigh, purely blue sky. God questioned himself an said this must be why.
After the glory of Independence wore off,
cold came with hunger, sickness with coughs.

Prolonged by sinister thoughts.
Tundra frozen softened, by mayflower drops.

Searching for freedom of religion has fueled actions of the devil himself.
Natives survived years beyond measure and offered to help.
Simple measures of using world greatest treasures,
are kind to share if all is replenished.
Rivers provide water to fish, drink, and refresh.
All mother earth asks is to be shared and respected.

In the name of any religion, sins are forgiven
mothers love fathers, and together form children.
God is good, life can be better.
jesus sacrificed his life for happiness of others.

Where did it all go wrong?

Copyright © Gerald Moise | Year Posted 2016

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The old man sighed
Sitting on a rock next to a pond
Crookedly balancing Yin and Yang between his eyelashes
Conversing with the Lady of the pond
Jade eyes and un-wrinkled time
In Her beautiful face
Held in his hands
An old fishing rod

Bends and flexes with the times
It holds and catches even the biggest
Devils in the water 

The lotus flowers embrace the jade tide
Soft-hearted water caressing unmovable rock
Trees bent in silent reflection

The ultimate knowledge, the Lady whispered
Lies between the murmur of the leaves
The laughter of the lotus
The bend in the trees

Listen! Listen!
These will outlast everything

He thought
I shall give knowledge to my sons
And teach them

The old man contemplated
The secession of his life
There is a time to hold on and a time
To let go
This time, his time
Is over, long gone with the Maiden on the Moon
Beckoning him home

He taught the young men
To bend with the rod
To bow to the spirits
To be one with God
To be forceful, to be soft
To listen and to speak
Wise Man’s words
And Foolish Man’s dreams

He told the Old Stories
He sang the Old Songs
Traditions and ancient verses
To light their path through life’s courses

And as each of his sons threw the rod on the ground
Frustrated with the old man’s ways
Outdated methods and foolish wishes

The heavens opened and unleashed
The ultimate Father’s Rage
The rain pounded on the once peaceful pond
Dismantling the flowers and smothering the land
With a wrathful urgency
Drowning the Lady in the lake
Her beautiful jade eyes never again to reflect philosophies
Hidden in the reeds
The lotuses closed onto themselves
Never again to give such a sweet smell

The old man sighed
It’s out of his hands now, it’s out of his hands now

And this, 
This will outlast 

Copyright © Bella Cardenas | Year Posted 2007

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                                           Anisha Dutta	

 Full Moon closest to Fall is termed ‘Harvest Moon’
 That’s the seasonal time to harvest
 Next Full Moon the ‘Hunter’s Moon’ comes very soon
 To go for hunting is the best.

 In respective orbital path
On certain Full Moon night
Sun-Moon in-between Earth
Come in a line, just right.

 Sun-Moon-Earth paired together
 When come in perfect alignment
Lunar Eclipse will occur
Technical term ‘SYZGY’ has been set.

 Under thinner-most shadow of Earth if Moon slips
Eclipse is known to be Pen-Umbral
If partially shadowed, it’s Partial Eclipse
Fully shadowed Eclipse is called Total.

Total Lunar Eclipse, now being called ‘Blood Moon’
As the eclipsed moon is not dull or dark losing glamor
But exhibits rusty red-hue glow looking boon
 Sun-spectrum through atmosphere display reddish color

If the Harvest Moon shows Blood Moon at perigee
The closest position of Moon to Earth
One tenth larger and thirty percent brighter to see
Spectacular ‘Super Moon’ most worth.

If consecutive four ‘Blood Moon’ appeared
Rare occasions of lunar performance
The event is known as ‘Lunar Tetrad’
In between eclipse to come has no chance.

Watching ‘Super Moon’ I felt lucky
 Then, have I gone lunatic? 
Enjoying marvelous cosmos beauty?
No, I am just romantic.
 Themes # 5  Poems on Moon Contest    Honorable mention
    Sponsor  SKAT A 

Copyright © Anisha Dutta | Year Posted 2015

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The Bee and the Butterfly

(A Fable in a Poetry Form)

Once there was a lively bee
Flying on the lake so free
He stop on a certain flower
That seems to grow each and every hour

He went near and nearer to it
Smeeling every petals so sweet
He turned to it 'round and around
And oh! Then found butterfly on the ground

It lies there as if no life
Under the heat of the sunlight
He flies to it 'round and around
And what's this? the butterfly make no sound.

The bee wondered what to do
He think everything he could do
He tried to wake the butterfly
At last it moved slowly and  tried to fly

"I can't fly"said the butterfly
"My wings are so tired and weak."
"I could help you fly" said the bee to butterfly
"And help you a place and comfort to seek."

But the bee is to small to fly
He couln't carry the butterfly
At last he think a good idea
That'll help them both went above to fly 

The bee flew and went to his place
And called every companions at pace
He came back with the other bees
Carried the sleeping butterfly at peace

When the butterfly was awake
She remembered every moments in lake
She called out for a feast
Invited each and every bees as a guest

Then the lake went colorful
All the flowers bloom from gloom
Then the bees are full of laughter
They and the butterfly unite forever.

Moral Lesson: It doesn't matter what you are and who you are and what's the difference between you and the other person. As long as you help one another, you will live happily forever after.

Copyright © Angelo Faunillo | Year Posted 2015

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Wild Flower

Wild Flower
By Nate Spears
Published 2013 In Death Of A Rose by Nate Spears
Rescue this sunflower
It's capable of being a ray of light
Nurture it, value it, and love it
Its petals are more delicate than they appear in sight
 A wild flower it is; but it displays beauty
The facts of its species remain unknown
Its fight to reach its true potential is admired
It’ birth to existence is undetermined
 It’s roots shows trauma
Its presentation brings hesitates to potential caregivers
No one's prepared to take a chance
This flower is destined to win
All earthly roots sprout from above
At some point in a life’s span; we could use a kiss or hug
 He who refuses to display any element of the wild
Is merely real
An artificial representation of life
Stuck in Styrofoam surrounded by fake moss and dust
No breath, no soul, non-existence
A human being choked from an outer dimension.
Rescue this wild flower with love.

Copyright © Nate Spears | Year Posted 2013

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- Me Myself I -


                      A girl was born a beautiful summer day
                 She had beautiful blue eyes and light curly hair
                            The girl ...... it was me myself I
                      My mother has told me that I was a kind
                                     and happy baby
                    The baby became a chubby girl who liked to
                          play with soft teddy bears and dolls
                           Chaunted and singing all day long,
                                 yes I was a happy little girl

                             When I was seven years old and the
                                 commitments hour had come
                       First day at school, dressed in a dress with
                                  flowers and ribbon in my hair
                        I wanted out of the classroom, I wanted to be
                      free to play, sing and dance.... be free like a bird
                          Plus, minus and A-B-C... yes it all could wait
                      School years passed by and I learned: plus, minus,
                                   A-B-C and more than that

                   "Almost adult" - a teenager, yes waithing for the time
             Girls with menstruation, and acne wich we covered with powder
                         Boys with pimples, wich reflects like flashlights
                           Girls who "giggled" of everything and nothing
                          Boys who speakes with deep voices that bursts
                                     Interested in the opposite sex
                                       It`s was an exciting time ... 
                                     Distance love, blushing cheeks
                                              Will you be mine?
                             Go hand in hand and perhaps a gentle kiss
                               Heartbreaks....well who has been there ?

                But as in a fairytales the princess meets her prince, they are
                   in love....married... and have many other commitments,
                                         work, home and children
                               Fairytales have always a happy ending
                                          What about the reality ?

A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2012

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Taste like Chicken

In the wee hours of the morning
When the owls and imps were upon the marsh
We would take our old pirogue and paddle into the darkness
Our intent was to catch bullfrogs but anything was game 
We were two young boys armed with BB guns and fishing poles
Headlights strapped hard and tight around our skulls
We searched the shore and stumps for eyes glowing in the night
Cypress trees towered overhead and occasionally the canopy would break
And we would see the clouds drifting quickly past and catch a glimpse of the moon
The paddles would never break the waters surface, as silence was our friend
Once we spotted our prey we would move in slowly and my brother would creep 
Slowly to the bow.  He would bend over the bow reaching out many feet in front of the boat and grab the frog behind the front legs and quickly stash it away into a burlap sack
Every catch brought us great pleasure, as this was no easy feat.  We could have shot them with the BB guns but that was illegal and not nearly as fun.  On occasion we would have to steal them from a water moccasin that was ready to strike.  Those moments were like lighting and only steeled our intentions to catch more. 

Once we had caught a dozen or so we would begin to look for other prey to catch or harass (we were teenagers and couldn’t help ourselves).  The occasional raccoon caught out in the open was always fun to chase but never pleasurable to have in the pirogue with us.  We learned that lesson the hard way one night when I pushed the boat into the fork of a cypress tree with an old mother coon eating a turtle.   My brother and I fought like hardened sailors to keep her at bay but both ended up in the water and nearly sank the pirogue.

Other occasions found us pulling loggerhead turtles from the depths and trying to dispatch them before they bit off a finger.

We both have all our appendages to this day, but I swear Lord we tried, we really tried to lose them. 

I never saw a frog leg jump from the pan, but the old man did make us slice them at the knees just to be sure we didn’t loose a piece of that meat that tasted better than any chicken I ever ate.

Copyright © Stephen Kilmer | Year Posted 2014

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The Beautiful People

Spent some time today amongst the beautiful people In the downtown area of the big city Everybody rushing about oblivious to their surroundings Intent on doing what they set out to do Alone in their own little world Unaware of hundreds of people passing by Other people, each with their own agendas Heading to business meetings, wining and dining clients Clandestine meetings of secret lovers All happening before our very eyes When you live in the burbs, it can be a real eye opener Surely the clandestine meetings are going on here too But on a much smaller scale and a much less obvious manner I don't think it has really changed much over the years Other than just becoming more overt The rumour mill is most likely still churning But the sensationalism is missing It has become more routine Well spending time in the big city was a real eye opener Makes me appreciate my retirement life in the burbs A WHOLE LOT more! © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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The Abstract Angel

her wings do spite her

her soft lips beckon

behind them, shearing mouth does wait-
her black and white heart loves to hate

her claws tear at my flesh-
with soft hand wrapped in lacey mesh

her skin glows with light-
her scales as dark as night

my heart she handles with gentle peace-
then devours with ferocious teeth

this angel, her wings do spite her

Copyright © James Sessions | Year Posted 2013

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PINKTOBER you will always be beautiful to me

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she feels broken
Wondering why this evil disease has taken her womanhood
Feeling like a shadow of the woman she used to be
It is not about vanity, but dealing with emotional vulnerability
In a society obsessed by the fascination of breasts,
she feels her beauty has been stolen, as has her class as a lady
The physical scars are nothing compared to the psychological,
which have destroyed her confidence and self esteem.
Just before sadness can fully overcome her, resulting in tears
She hears a whisper in her ear telling her how beautiful she is
Her beloved warps his arms around her, reminding her of his love
As he holds her tight and reassures her of her many beautiful traits,
he tells her he will kiss her, soothe her and wants to heal her.
How wonderful she is and how lucky he is to have her
A smile appears, as she thinks to herself, how lucky she is to be alive.

Dedicated to a very special friend who had a double mastectomy

The Silent One
6 September 2015
PD's PINKTOBER contest


Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2015

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Beautiful Scars

Sometimes beautiful is ugly.
Plastered layers of charcoal covered color covering imperfections,
masked makeup monsters modeling on the front page of magazines
selling dreams and skin care creams while life isn't what it seems.
I was a teenage beauty queen, top shelf rolling in wealth.
Light bright with seven ways to shine on the drop of a dime,
I could pose with the pros and expose everything from tips to toes.
High praises on runway stages mentored by experienced ages,
trapped in a world of rib cages and dark diary pages.
Sometimes beautiful is ugly.

White bright smile, take an inch and my looks get me a mile,
I was who you wanted to be, take a look at me, I've got style.
A beauty, a cutie, pretty damn sexy for seventeen in the city,
tasted and wasted ego and energy got the best of me.
Headlines of mine screamed at the screen "role model fails"
Pregnancy halted my exhausted name, flip the coin and I'm tails.
Media slanders and slants my loose shirts and pants, making me mad,
Act naturally with this thing inside me, telling me it's bad.
Sometimes beautiful is ugly.

This baby girl, she was born away from the heated press,
But cameras and chaos follow me, my life still a mess.
A beautiful face was an addiction to the billboards, more they ask.
I give them what they ask for, I give more and more, beautiful skin.
A world of sin, I side step the drama for now I am a mama and I must behave.
I gave them all I had left inside me, and they took like hungry wolves.
Sometimes beautiful is ugly.

That night I won't forget...
Lights followed me as I drove home, not alone, my daughter in her seat,
she wiggled and giggled her stripped stocking feet, laugh, whoop and repeat.
My interview went well on the hottest talk show in the country, positive, that's me.
Nothing could bring me down, I felt like a bird in a feathered gown and I was flying,
High into the air, my daughter and me, we were welcomed there.
Then a crash, louder than any noise I have ever heard before, ripping time.
Screaming into the night, eyes go colorblind, head pounds and bleeds.
Smoke starts to seep and I keep inhaling until I cough. Burning blood drops.
Electrifying vision doesn't stop but echoes with explosion. Get out..get out...
But I twist and turn as I burn to get my daughter free of restraint.
Alarms ring, sirens sing, broken bones crack under my fingertips.
Somehow by the grace of God we get free as the fire consumes the wreckage.
Sometimes beautiful is broken.

Recovery keeps me secluded, depression has me in a stranglehold.
My body feels the degrees of being warm yet my heart feels so cold.
I cannot go back to the world I once knew, beauty has too high a price,
and I can no longer pay, that world is a snake pit, it is not nice, not forgiving.
I would not take a single call, ready to shut the door to it all.
Scars deep from my head to my toes, self hate grows, regret shows.
But one more interview, that is all I'll do, then I'll take the money and run.
My ugly is a loaded gun and I will not let them torment my tragedy.
I could only imagine what social media is already doing to me.
Sometimes beautiful is burned.

First steps into daylight, anxiety fright, I have never been so afraid.
But I hear applause, I see signs and support, those who have stayed,
praise for my actions, satisfactions for my humanity, they grieve with me,
they believe with me and I am welcomed into the light again.
These scars so bold on my face that make me turn, teaches us to learn,
Beauty isn't just the surface, it is inside and outside and around everyone
It is a message that we are not alone, we are never done, never forgotten.
Sometimes ugly is beautiful

And in the mirror beauty is clearer for it comes deeper than the reflection
but shines from the inside in an outward direction.

For Contest: Beautiful Scars
Poet: Casarah Nance
Date: 11-20-15

Copyright © Casarah Nance | Year Posted 2015

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The Cottage

The long drive is almost over
Slowly I head down the hill
In anxious anticipation 
Of what I will find
I don't really know what I'm expecting
Just something new maybe 
An overgrown path in the center of the road
Lets me know I am one of the first
I wildly shift my eyes back and forth taking in all
The beauty this place gives never disappoints
Sometimes it's a flower peeking through the leaves
Or a vine growing, maybe a new bush
Slowly I exit in anticipation of familiar scents
The cedar, the green, the lake all have their own flavors
As I put in the key and slowly turn the knob
The scent of cottage envelops me
For a second, I am at peace, home
And after all is settled, and all is unpacked
I listen, to the sounds of the forest
I try to hear the waves, are they crashing 
Or still, I wonder what tomorrow will bring
But for now, I lie still and exhale
Nothing can find me here
No stress, nothing, but peace
And a familiarness felt by those before me
I often wonder if they visit here too
But for now, I am alone in my calm
Until tomorrow, when I will explore
My favorite places, do my favorite things
If I want to 
Because here time stands still

Copyright © Jennifer Marie Oliver | Year Posted 2013

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They say some girls just can’t be fixed
They say pain can always be felt
They say guys are easier to read than a novel
But who is they…
They is just a figure of speech that has no voice
No description or meaning
Any girl can be fixed or healed
All pain can’t be felt 
And reading one guy like an elementary book 
Doesn’t mean that the others are at such a low level
So why listen to the unheard voice or a song that has yet been produced
Live life full of joy and accomplishment
And surpass what the voice is saying
Living life day by day…Sunrise to sunset abundantly 
Is the only way to overcome the unheard 
What’s the word hot, cute, and sexy mean
Why is the word beautiful such a drive in a females heart
Both are heard from a human voice
Both go to the heart…but
Only what is unseen can be felt
We can’t see wind but its felt
We can’t see feelings but they pierce our bodies daily
We can’t see love yet we still feel the strength of its power
B…Because we are led to believe the unseen
E…Even though sometimes it’s so unreal
A…Associating with its uncertainty and loyalty
U…Unified and brought together what is seen and not seen to create an emotion  
T…Together growing into a feeling called love which can’t be seen let alone expressed
I…Involving two different aspects of live and making it become one
F…Fulfilling all of life’s expectations and becoming strong in what you believe
U…Ultimately overcoming all fears and disregards you may have against the unseen 
L…Love has been created  
That is why the word BEAUTIFUL is such a drive in a females heart
That is why I use it to describe what you are
Then unheard has no reward
But the unseen….has one

© Jeremy Fennell

Copyright © jeremy fennell | Year Posted 2010

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Indefinite Love

I saw a young lady who was so perfect that she made my heart beat
I could not figure it out and now I really don't know I had to take a seat
She smiled like an angel in the heavens with glorious blinding teeth
She seems so kind and full of life and never put people beneath
I do not have a bad thought or a moment without any ease
I notice that because she pulled me up and smiled with a tease
She kept things close to her like my hand and my heart
She knew that I was just the man that gave her a good start
I never had a thought of leaving because of a fight
I will never part with her because she is my sight
She looks forward at all times and never looks back
She knows how I am if some one would hurt her I would attack
I will never leave her side with out her knowing she is safe and sound
I am the man of her dreams I will never let her down hard on any ground
She loves me with all her heart and I know this because she gives me the look
She knew how long I waited for her to notice me, I remember it was long time it took
I waited by her side when she was ill and could not walk 
I held her hand and made her smile when I told her I love her, when I talk
She noticed it in my voice the feelings with care
She never looked at me in a blank stare

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2013

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Upon A Bed Of Petals

                                                        Upon A Bed of Petals
                                    The fragrance is so heavenly full of romance
                            With petals smooth and colorful it puts me into a trance
                                    The light shines upon the area of which they lay
                               With the oasis of beautiful smell I fall in a deep delay
                                    The aroma of sweet beauty comes a dream
                                With motion that reveal emotions with great steam

                                                        Upon A Bed Of Petals
                           Comes a well spent year with joyous laughter and self appeal
                                   With open arms we embrace the life that is surreal
                             Comes a time that we do have to dream with petals of life
                                         With occasional choices of passion and strife 
                                   Comes a venue of flowers of many beauty with value
                                      With another part of each season we stand true

                                                         Upon A Bed Of Petals
                                  The scent of life passes through and makes new
                                With loops that can be seen in an open sky so blue
                                   The wind takes one petal or two to show a trust
                          With to passionate people lying by the petals love is entrust
                                     The beauty is that the petal lasts in memory of
                              With two people passion with love rules true and above

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2013

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As a stranger I met you

As a stranger I met you
Pure and gentle was your appearance
You spoke a touch without words
A breeze so pure like light

As I listened with my eyes
I smelled the taste of beauty beyond honey
What a feeling?
An emotion lost within expressions
An experience of heaven's true Agape

Oh what an experience to share
A beauty whose light can't be gazed
A gift priceless to be bought free
Your touch so perfect to the broken

Yes your name is Love
Your nature perfect in quality and in glory
oh Eden's first language
You're that truth I can't hide 

Copyright © Jacob Owusu Sarfo | Year Posted 2013

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To Live This Life

To Live this Life

Inertia it is something we can’t stop once put into motion.  It has a destiny unless abruptly stopped.  But to let it linger on in it’s own way has a way of causing extraordinary consequences.  If we let it take it’s own course it turns into fate.  I know you don’t believe that?  Think about a stream of water running through a dusty schoolyard started by a forgotten hose.  It has the potential to start a lot of things.  Some good, some not so good. But it is inertia.  To flow the constant need to go to ground.  It doesn’t think about it it just does.  It could care less about the consequences of it actions it is not thinking.  It is working from the laws of nature and those laws seem to be steadfast and strong.  There is a mean time between failure on every thing…. including us.  The laws of nature apply.  A tree in the forest will crack and fall given a certain age and density and no one will notice.  Your mind will give out before your bones and someone will notice.  It’s ok.  There is a design for watching it and it places us where we need to be.  Some of us in the pines other’s along the sea and yet others in the high mountains.  Places we yearned to be.  Some will call it God others Mother Nature but whatever you call it call it home.  For we must all come home to meet our maker and on that day we will grin for life has given us what we never knew we had inside.  And it will be a peaceful day to lay under the shade trees on the other side of the river and know you have lived a life in this wonderful world.  They say some of us come back we shall see.  To live once is a blessing to live twice is a chance to make a difference.

Copyright © Stephen Kilmer | Year Posted 2015

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The Rainbow

The Rainbow.

It must have spanned a quarter of a mile from 
ground level end to end, a quarter mile
high in the sky.

I saw some children coming from their cars and
I said look there’s a rainbow. They did not seem
to dare nor to care nor understand

The shopping mall is new, the children are too
I wondered about both to big to
numb to rainbow.

I sat in my car, rain began to fall, the rainbow
in the sky began to fuse at one end to become
one with the sky.

The other end seemed brighter for a time
I figured it was time to leave. I drove
closer to home.

The people in their cars staring only at the line
of standing car in front of them. I wanted to shout
there’s a Rainbow!

But questioned why bother, it’s dying but not
As dead before it’s time as those who did not
wish to Rainbow.

Thoughts came of yesterdays and what of the
Tomorrows the children will they see as I
it’s rainbows of life.

Tears did come, so pretty was the rainbow. 
Other thoughts came. It’s better to
think not of tomorrows.

Nor the many yesterdays, think only of today
and what a beautiful life to behold
any of it’s rainbows.

I know well of the pot gold at the end of
life’s rainbow. It shines brighter to a heavenly
light on into daylights bright.


Copyright © John Hardison | Year Posted 2015

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Second Hand Leather

Second Hand Leather
Cocooned in love
The day was frightfully cold with snow softly falling. I was not prepared for this but 
only for the warmth of sunshine. I stepped off the plane covered only in a sundress 
and sandals.  I began to shiver as I rushed for cover. My sister in laws would bring 
comfort but little did I know just how much!
Welcomed with open arms I began to thaw and settle in a bit. This was going to be 
a trip that would forever leave a print on my heart. We were going out for a special 
dinner. You see it’s Christmas! She opened her closet and took out her very own 
coat. This was the most beautiful coat I had ever seen.
This is when she handed it over to me and said, “Try it on darling –if it fits and you 
like it –it’s yours”! I could not believe it as I knew it cost a lot of money and it was 
just beyond beautiful. It was a Full Length Leather Coat with beautiful designs on it. 
I had never had anything so wonderful given to me.
When I put it on it was magical. The fit was perfect and for me there was a 
transformation. Somehow a feeling came over me like nothing ever before. I felt 
special and could hardly wait to look in a mirror as I knew something changed inside 
me forever at that moment. What was it, what had just happened?
I wore the coat and danced around in it when no one was watching like I was a 
princess. I had this second hand coat for many years and always felt beautiful and 
special when I put it on. It was the love that I was cocooned in. She cared enough 
to give me her very own coat that she had bought for herself. I wore it until it was 
tattered and someone said to me, “I would love that coat”. I took it off and passed 
it on with the same love to cocoon that person.    


Copyright © Debbie Knapp | Year Posted 2011

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The Woods

The twisted trees swayed
as the wind swooshed in the night sky
The gates intertwined with vines
that blossomed the thorns of time.
How they come so close
To your heart
But yet so far way
You stand here counting
as days go on by.
But what you don't realize
is that 
you have 
wasted your 

Copyright © nicole ussery | Year Posted 2015

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An Unexpected Visitor - The Narrative Style

~Another Fairyland Story - An Unexpected Visitor- Part 1
(Short Story or Narrative poem)

It was very early in the morning when I was just having 

What I thought was a very good time relaxing all by myself

And remembering all the wonderful times that now have gone by

Since another year had come and left again here  in Fairyland.

It has been all to tell the truth not all that great all the time

Since there has been quite some days that I wish rather not 

Remember now especially today when all seem to be so sad.

I was about to embark in another one of my exciting journey 

When all of sudden I heard what sounded like my front door

Opening and right there behold came bouncing in with a big grin

My very good friend and roommate the Mouse, who just been 

Himself as usual said his usual greeting with a very warm hello

And a happy wave of his hand in my direction as he spotted me

Sitting at the table and having my usual hot and nice cup of tea.

This afternoon I was having a very delicious blend of mint tea 

With other few spices thrown in the mix to accentuate its favor.

I wavered my hand at him and smiling I said hello to him too and

Asked him to stepped in the dining room and invite him to have 

A nice cup too and he told me grinning that he would be more 

Than content and very happy to do it since he was in need of

Having my very good company and having a good conversation

With me and update me in some recent happenings in Fairyland.

So he came around and just sat in his usual chair, then served 

Himself a very nice warm cup of mint tea too. Then he turned

To face me and started to share with me many  things that have

Been Happening in Fairyland for the last 24 hours or so and I was 

More than happy to hear what he was sharing with me when all

Of Suddenly I heard what sounded like a very tiny fainting little

Childs voice coming somewhere from where he sat and asked

Him if he's heard it too and then just smiling at me he dipped in

Deep into one of his shirt  pockets and gently brought out ...

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


~ Authors Notes:

To be continued in the second part by the title...An Unexpected Visitor Part 2.  :))

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2016