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Limerick Memory Poems | Limerick Poems About Memory

These Limerick Memory poems are examples of Limerick poems about Memory. These are the best examples of Limerick Memory poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Air Head

Don’t memorize things, Einstein said, if it’s easy to look up instead! I’ve got taped to my cell what I still don’t know well: My own number! Why clutter my head? This is a true story. From the quote below, I’d say Einstein’s “got my number!” “Never memorize something that you can look up.”

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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You drove the ball high
It flew and touched the sky
I heard, “FORE!"
And ducked therefore
But the ball hit my thigh

Some of the things mom never knew happened;-)

Copyright © Thabang Ngoma | Year Posted 2015

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Vitamin B-12

Started taking Vitamin B-12 for my memory Reminding me of the B-29, a question for Jeopardy A bomber during history's dark time World War II, a disgusting crime We must all be sure so as not repeat this treachery © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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My Valentine

Remember, my sweet Valentine, the moment you said you'd be mine. A rug by the fire, we shared our desire and pledged that our hearts should entwine. ~ For Poet Destroyer's Valentine Competition.

Copyright © Charles Clive | Year Posted 2013

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Though Aunt was a senior citizen

She liked hanging out with younger men.

Ole maid dated a lot,

Guys’ nicknames she forgot;

And choked on desserts using her pen.

Andrea Dietrich's Write with the Wit of Twain
"You can't depend on your judgment 
when your imagination is out of focus."

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2015

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A Rambunctious Teen

It's the year two thousand and sixteen Many years since I was a rambunctious teen With slicked down hair It was devil may care Surrounded by young fillies so peachy keen

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2016

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The Grass is Greener

We’re not called upon to choose anything we live through;
Neither parent nor sibling nor school nor form of sinew;
Neither colour of hair or eye or skin,
Nor love or hate, nor loss or gain
Nor opportunities nor whence we come. So much is true.

But as much as this truth I hold as true as sunlight,
I know that painful times will time to time alight
When with bitter phlegm you curse
The earth where you breathed first
And wish your day of birth were scratched by He with might.

I know. Same feelings have plagued my adult soul
And the wish for better home to make each day whole
Has been dashed by shameful news,
Where Hope, seeing Hitler, and 94’s Hutus,
Needs to hide its youth to stall the death toll.

But amidst pain, hate and bottled despair rife
There’s the rare love, innocent and hardly grasping to life.
For here, we can give our all
When we choose to keep you from a fall.
We really do it: humble, loving…just like the Lord’s life.

Yes, it’s easier to perceive the weeds in one’s garden
For the pastures beyond gleam in our myopia, hiding their burden.
And seeing that weed can cast a shadow
On all that’s sweet, but cause much ado
About the bitter parts, and it day by day your heart will harden.

Think of the evening breeze on the night grill,
Feeding the flames of a delicious family fish meal.
Think of hitting the unadulterated
Lands of hills where ancient rivers percolated
And happy goats skip, and cattle graze and one can feel

Life whizzing through rustling leaves of dancing old tree or reed,
Playing the music our ancestors learned to read,
Making your lungs touch their purpose,
Dazzling your eyes like a Jabbawockeez pose,
The music we’ve forgotten as we focus on some RSS feed.

Think of the youths wise with tradition re-enacting solemnly
The dances and music handed down from before when Ptolemy
Phrased ancient philosophical data,
To the time of the expansive empire of Sundiatta
Beads stomping the dust frantically in musical poetry.

Picture the pure darkness which crowds the silent night air,
Unveiling the marvellous dotted and scattered there
In the moonlit heavenly canvas,
Watching us from light years past,
And we fascinated by the sparkling magic they share.

So to sum it all up, I know it cannot be perfect,
And sometimes I rant and make massive graffiti of its defects,
But this home my parents chose
Still draws my spirit close,
For the bond is deeper, far deeper than human senses can detect.

(c) Nyonglema

Copyright © Nyonglema Pisoh | Year Posted 2014

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Where Did It Go

As I sit here and wonder where did it all go,
  Why did I hurry to get here is something I do not know.
My life has pased by so quickly just a blink of the eye,
  Can't remember all the things I've done or the reasons why.
What was the purpose of this it all seems so insane,
   I'm left with nothing but emptiness am I to be the blame .
Where are my friends and family am I the only one left,
   I guess because of what I've done this is what I get.
This isn't what I was looking for not what I imagined at all,
   There is nothing I can say or do and theirs nobody I can call.
Will it ever become clear to me why don't I understand ,
   Is this that wonderful plan was that God has made for man?
The path I chose to follow always seemed to take so long,
   I'm begining to believe that just maybe that I was wrong.
Thinking about all the things in my life that have come to past,
   Down deep I have always known that they were never meant to last.
So this is what it is like to reach this old age of mine ,
   I'm starting to see that it was never really about time.
Waiting seems to be all there is for me to do these days ,
   Untill the time that light shines bright showing me my way.
Feeling much better now that I have come to see,
  That there was a plan and it was made especially for me.

Copyright © TIMOTHY CARTER | Year Posted 2013

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its make s you cry
make you lie
feel like you won't die
it has a beat
that gets underneat

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2013

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A river of scintillating tears did fall There was scarcely enough pumpkin pie for all The pie looked so belle I drooled at the smell A winter memory I can still recall Contest 5 word challenge sponsored by Timothy Hicks Pure fiction write I've never tried pumpkin pie! 05~25~16 Five words from my best poems list are: PUMPKIN SCINTILLATING BELLE WINTER RIVER

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Do You Remember Where You Fell In Love

Took heaven to help me to see
That with her I wanted to be
I first felt love’s glow
And this I still know
We kissed under coconut tree

Copyright © Martin Kloess | Year Posted 2013

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I know I Possibly Wrote It

There once was a memory man Who remembered all that he can So he wrote in a book Which was gone when he looked Now he's doubting his memory span http://www.thehighlanderspoems.com/humour-2.php

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2010

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A Howling Session

I fondly remember a lady named Karen Each morning at 7:00 we had a howling session Much silliness galore Whatever was in store I remember those days with great affection © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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JoJo's Memory

There once were two people online
Through e-mail their lives intertwined
They swore in each letter
That they'd get together
Neither one knowing what they would find

So one day when both had the chance
To see under what circumstance
They would think of each other
Be it friend, be it lover
Either way it'd be one heck of a dance

So the one went to the other's town
To see which emotion is found
But they must grow a bond
Before taking love on
Even buildings are built from the ground

The first day they soaked up some sun
Followed by dinner and fun
There was no stopping
Their bar-to-bar hopping
both drunk by the time they were done

They ended up at his hotel
"One more drink", she had said, "that sounds swell".
But the kissing, caressing
Led to them undressing
Ignoring their White Zinfindel

They woke the next morning perplexed
The ache in their heads had them vexed
They both had enjoyed
What they tried to avoid
Neither knowing what they should do next

So neither one spoke of last night
And both were nervous and uptight
But it would be a shame
to be pointing the blame
at what at the time seemed so right

But knowing it couldn't be ignored
They talked and their feelings were poured
They both felt confused
And a little bit used
But it was something they both could afford

When the trip came to an end
They enjoyed the time they did spend
With a kiss and a sigh
they both said goodbye
And to this day remain closest friends

Copyright © Moose Polk | Year Posted 2005

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The Shadow Knows

What evil lurks in the hearts of men, “Only The Shadow Knows” An introduction to an old radio thriller, scared me down to my toes But had to stay tuned The bad guys harpooned Three cheers for justice, one of the great radio shows © Jack Ellison 2016

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2016

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Acme To The Rescue

I fondly remember Road Runner cartoons
That amused us until weekend afternoons
Wile E. got just desserts
On that barren desert
But I wished Acme mailed him Kevlar balloons

12/28/15  for combination of three words contest

Copyright © David Fisher | Year Posted 2015

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Raul Mondesi, Jr

Raul Mondesi is back from wherever he’d been hid
Storming into the Big Leagues and making another bid
But he played over a decade ago
Guess for me time hasn’t gone slow
And the rising star this year is Mondesi’s kid


Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

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Remember December

Remember December, it's dead and gone Gonna be cold and blistery from this day on Fooled ya huh Got used to that stuff Well news bulletin, it's winter's same old song © Jack Ellison 2016

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2016

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Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2014

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At Age Thirteen

Used to look up at the clouds and dream Shapes reminded me of mounds of whipped cream Delightful summer days Dreaming life away As the pretty fillies caused my ears to emit steam

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2017

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My mummy fell upon her ass.
It was a gas.
Best of all,
after the fall,
her sciatica was a thing of the past.

Copyright © JEAN MURRAY | Year Posted 2016

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The Atchison Topeka And The Santa Fe

“On The Atchison Topeka And The Santa Fe” This song is rolling round in my brain today Was it the Modernaires or Pied Pipers Which group were the blighters That made us sing along in a hap hap happy way

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2016

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The Shadow Knows

What evil lurks in the hearts of men, “Only The Shadow Knows” An introduction to an old radio thriller, scared me down to my toes But had to stay tuned The bad guys harpooned Three cheers for justice, one of the great radio shows

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2016

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Remember Diddley Squat

When we get to the ripe old age of 80 plus Our memory can deceive us without much fuss Remember diddley squat Frustrates me a lot Oh to be young and virile with charm surplus

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2016

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Memory Lapse

It's time to celebrate a new year
with an old tradition and much cheer,
so while the ball is dropping
the champagne will be popping...
Here's to headaches and actions unclear!

Copyright © George Aul | Year Posted 2016

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Our newest favourite restaurant is called Wimpy's A character needing hamburgers to fill his rotund belly From the Popeye cartoon A loveable buffoon His big belly jiggled like a bowl full of jelly

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2017

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Lost one Limerick

Will write a Limerick I think Sought out some paper pen and ink By the time I did this My words had gone amiss Guess memory is on the blink
Penned 10 June 2017

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2017

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Total Recall

Air bags not deploying is not very good,
would bring to the dealership if I could,
my imagination,
in station wagon,
job a crash test dummy with flesh and blood.


Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2016

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A Tall Glass Of Kool-Aid

I'm feeling a bit down, wish I was lying on the sand With a tall glass of Kool-Aid and a young sweetie at hand Not young anymore Can't buy youth at the store If we could, there's be a lineup from here to Afghanistan

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2017

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Biddity Bobbity Boo

Biddity, bobbity, boo... this tune's hanging round in my psyche A hit when I was a wee tike running around in my nightie How old was I? Allow me to clarify The Second World War hadn't begun and Mickey Mouse was almighty

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2017