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old bayonet—
I wonder if one touched
my grandfather’s body

June 12, 2017

Copyright © kabuteng P.iNk k. | Year Posted 2017

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As he cast his line
through brown pipe smoke and fog,
Again, he sits and waits.

Copyright © Diane Munsinger | Year Posted 2013

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                                          Suns Anew Radiance Aglow
                                              Oh smiles newborn
                                      May thy blessed son continue so

Copyright © Tonytocaa Camacho | Year Posted 2015

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  -Dharga Nagar Safa

Great grandfather,

Planting a mango tree,

Smiling the grandchild!

Copyright © Muhammad Safa Thajudeen | Year Posted 2014

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What People Were and What People Are

People were
Many things.
Strange or not

People were
Different and
Odd and fun.

People were
Monsters but…
That’s not all

People were
And still are
Strange and odd.

People are
People. For
life is life. 

Yet not.
Not is lies.
Truth seeps from

Every mouth
Lies, lies, lies
Move, move, move

But somehow
Lies prevail.
Lies are life.

Lies are death.
Lies are homes.
Lies are pain.

Lies are truth.
Yet somehow.
Truth prevails.

Truth is life.
Truth is death.
Truth is home.

Truth is pain.
Truth is lie.
Truth is that.

Lies will die.
Lies will cease.

Truth will live.
Truth will be.

Copyright © Layla Elkoulily | Year Posted 2013

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august evening
grandfather whittles
the light away

Published September, 2009, The Heron's Nest

Copyright © Thomas Martin | Year Posted 2015

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Memory making

The memory I’ve 
Created is my Grandpa
Tossing me up

Copyright © Hannah Corey | Year Posted 2016

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fun haiku

Short fun haiku 

God didn`t like snakes 
 So he told lies about me
Man loath and fears me  

I`m a crippled tree
In the middle of a wheat field 
Doing nothing 

I`m the big rock
The farmer ploughs around me
One day he bitterly says.

It was the tallest tree 
In the petrified forest 
Lightning struck in half   

I`m the smallest tree 
In the woods of trepidation
I starve to stunt growth 

At the restaurant 
I`m the last the waiters see 
Serving stops at three  

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2016

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bent winter elm sways

bent winter elm sways
brittle and cracking 
like grandfathers bones

Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2016

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We are the three together

My father went one third,
I can reach half of the rest.
My son will avail the goal.

Copyright © Dibbendu Dwip | Year Posted 2017