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Details | Blank verse |

Boastfully, I regret no deeds,
my sins are minor, lame, and weak.
These children, though born dead, are strong,
like a necromancer, I make them dance.

Machineries, and wretched whores,
all linger midst my core's hollow depths.
So violent, I reproach their names,
like demons, they return the favour.

Silence now, no not a sound,
save for my gears, grinding gold.
A littany, these vicious lines,
meant to be enjoyed in Death.

So let me sleep, wake me not,
the Grave is my truest home.
Quietly, I shall decay,
and I will become my art.


Burn this body, this sinful cage,
bound to Earth's pleading ways.
My soul is chained within,
the keys just out of reach.

Pleasantries, I crave emotion,
intoxicated, I find them here.
Cells may rot, the better then,
so that the soul may roam.

Spread the ashes near and far,
somewhere left unseen.
Not valiant, not brave,
I am the Coward's King.

So still my heart of violence,
let the impurities flow.
Diminish all your foolish laws,
this soul belongs to me.

Copyright © Saint Alphonse | Year Posted 2009

Details | Bio |
My list is long today.
But the voice says sleep --
Don't engage,
Don't create,
Don't make the bed --


Begone sunshine.

My mind falls to empty thought --
Is this dementia?
Will my mind curl up
     and sleep to death?

Will I follow my mother into the depths
     of lost thought and fabricated reality?

Will I know my husband
     when I see him again?

Will I even find him?


The depression lulls me back into myself
     dulling the memory of lost tomorrows,
          begun today,
               nine years ago.

Copyright © Judith Angell Meyer | Year Posted 2007

Details | Sonnet |

At midnight, he'll propose a toast
and raise to them a fluted glass
as they gaze, muted, at their host.

Though in his eye may sting a tear,
he knows theirs will stay dry, en masse,
as they ring in the coming year.

That he alone bears witness to
this cheerless savoir-fair, is clear
but he's forgot (or never knew)

such camaraderie, at most,
is retrospect to spirits here,
where every guest is but a ghost...

At midnight, he'll propose a toast
that he alone bears witness to...


Copyright © Lycia Harding | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
Something about January
Broods my blood to slush.
A new year's unknowns
Hearkens hope to hush.

It's a dark visage that stuns,
Heritage of Januarys past.
Death calls my loved ones
With winter's harshest blast.

It seems we're trying to cope
By saying "Happy New Year!"
Yet one must toast the hope
That a wish can fight a fear.

But I think—I'm sure I'm right
The Reaper so deathly scary
Will call me an ice-enameled night
In the cold heart of January.

Copyright © Paul Schneiter | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |
Early darkness; as oil we drip
Through the heart`s engine
In black; lemon-faced we
                     shadow the next,

We hesitate with tears and
stutter over earth; arms linked,
                     distant and cool

To scare a circle of crows
And a falling steeple,music and
words break the shocked ring,
                     then that is all.

Copyright © Leslie Philibert | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |
If these eyes shall become blinded, and if this
hair shall come to be combed thinly and grey;
No, it would not be the end of the world.
I would still see beauty therein this world through
the songs of Crickets and Feathered Songsters.
The breeze would yet whisper and trees still dance.
I would yet smell the freshly bloom of Spring.
I'd still endure Summer's sweltering heat.
I'd yet feel Autumn's leaves crunch 'neath these toes.
I'd still long to be fireside with Winter.
Disabled or not, perhaps I'd yet walk
therein wonderful imagination.
How I'd be forever young at heart!
Then just as one journey came to an end,
I'd indeed greet another with a smile.

Copyright © Anthony O. Mitchell Jr. | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
At the beginning of her life 

the flower blossomed big and 

her pedals were bright.

Her skin shined with glow

and her laugh was delight.

Then one day

the storm came and

loosened her stem 

by a nudge. More and

more it came around 

as it kept getting 

stronger. Even through that

she still kept her smile and it 

has yet to knock her crown.  

The wind blew

and the sun tried to shine

She cried herself to 

sleep and tried to stay in line. 

Her imperfections impacted

her greatly and she'd scream as

her leaves fell off. 

Eventually, like the rest, all her 

dreams were doffed. 
When the next storm came back around it knocked her stem half way and she was forced to look down 
But stood so droopy was her crown
Then her hope grew less as she wasn’t

able to grow from the sight of the sun.
Her roots were giving out 
as she finally realized it was almost done.
When I went to visit that beautiful flower while the others came along she told us her time left  wasn’t long

So the bed gathered to tell the flower
How beautiful she will always be. 
She will always be bright and big 
No matter how tall the trees got to be
As her Dark purple became lavender 
Everyone got to say good bye, all except one.
When the last storm came it knocked her whole stem down. She laid there looking up at the dark sky crying and screaming “why?!”
And as her delicate heart gave out, her crown laid side by side to the beautiful flower that shriveled up 
While everyone buried her and her coronal I cried because I never got to say goodbye.
And what I’ve learned from this beautiful flower and broken stem is to never take the time you have 
with people for granted. You never know how long you have with them.

Copyright © Julie-Marie Alvarez | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
He seemed an ordinary boy
until he found the supreme joy
of snowboarding, made it an art
in which no one can take a part
without recalling Craig, and how
he was the start of all that’s now.

He is recognized by his peers
as one of a few pioneers
who brought snowboarding up to par,		
esteemed as other snow sports are. 
It now is an Olympic game,
bringing other young folks fame.

He attacked his sport with verve and vim.
World accolades belonged to him.
He made the loved sport his life’s work.
Craig Kelly was not one to shirk.
He took responsibility
for safety to the nth degree. 

It’s such a sad,  ironic touch
the mountains that he loved so much
would be the reason for his death.
Their treachery would steal his breath.
Craig well knew the danger there
and went about his work with care.

Craig had his followers and was
Idolized by them, because
He was the master of his game
Teaching them how to be the same.
Unassuming and understated,
Craig was simply, dedicated.

Dedicated to work and play,
And to his loved ones all the way.	
How many long-lived men can say
When they have met their final day,
“My life too short when it was done,
But every year of it was fun.”

For Chris Matt's "Gone to Soon" contest 			
If you are a snowborder you know his name. 
If not just google-- Craig Kelly Snowboarder 
b. April 1966--died January 2003  
He was my step-grandson

He died in an avalanche in the Canadian mountains in January of 2003	

For contest		

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2011

Details | Verse |
Exercising belief about unknowns.
Makes sense to take your best guess.
Using history, numbers, extrapolation.
Getting the trajectory right for re-entry.
Few dissenters left for climate change, evolution.
Nuclear power brings a process to earth
that occurs only in space. Dangerous
but necessary? Not a risk-averse weasel.

One among many mammals is the weasel,
not known for its consideration of unknowns
but, for its extreme caloric needs, considered dangerous.
My wife says in England violent gusts
forced a locomotive off its tracks. One interpretation
might reasonably be that the mother, earth,
has stopped mothering man. We're entering
a period of unknowns and must evolve.

What might this involve
and what adjustments are possibly feasible?
Walking rather than riding to the subway entrance,
using less electricity until more is known,
preserving agricultural soils and forest land,
buying fewer plastic contraptions.
My brother's washing his pajamas less often.

None of this may make the slightest difference
in how the earth and the sun and universe revolve.
But we are human and addicted to action,
the probable less attractive than the possible.
Also, there's no percentage in respecting death
unless it's imminent. Better to remain centered,
focused on food, child-bearing, war and the poem.

All driveways plowed, all lawns mowed.
Just in time before the first snow, I raked our leaves.
Two eight hour days. What percent of all time is that?
Draw a ray with point A the first pile of leaves
extending to the extrapolating end of universe.
.01 of Aaron. Zero of Zach.
Hawks playing, hunting, mating, canaries in the mine.

Having been too many places to count.
Sex bars, infant formulas, fire crews, last rites, permanent jobs, traffic
      tickets, judges' chambers, out houses, wedding banquets, boiling
      teapots, frantic centuries, facial tissues, presumed innocent, clear
      intentions, stainless steel.
Spiderweb glove. Deerfly earring. Daddylonglegs seeingeyedog.
Memorized songs. Privatized loans.
You cannot know what you're doing until you've done it.
Erudite sweep the floor. Articulate make the bed.
Infrared town hall. Crab nebula. Your last crap.
Eye of the tropical January sun. Slouching toward temperate zone.

Copyright © Robert Ronnow | Year Posted 2015

Details | Haiku |
The cold wind blowing
Across shadowed timber beams
Death becomes open-space.

Copyright © Matthew Sample | Year Posted 2012

Details | Acrostic |
Born January 31, 1953  – Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson – Died January 30, 2048

HeRe, tell the truth,
   liEs The Right Reverend Hudson
 reBorn almost a century ago –
 thE time was winter,
suCh long, long hours
baCk in cold, cold days
 clAndestine rape

SaFety was unim-
poRtant for women
whO were married –
noNe spoke of
  thIngs back 
  By God! This woman
   refUsed to let that
  get In the way of
 her Living –
she Excelled at life

she Understood her birth
    diD not define or restrict
her Self, her choices, her
      lOve, her presence, or her death –  she
    kNew, with certainty:  only truth is true!

Nota Bene – January 30, 2048 is the 100th anniversary of Gandhi’s assassination

We Thank All That Is Good She Was Here!

Copyright © Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson | Year Posted 2007

Details | Prose Poetry |
Her eyes amused me, slices of January that held April tightly....

she could rain in snow, drop from upside-down skies, and we held tightly to the tears that
only appeared on the opposite side of closet doors as we marked our claim on unusual with
hand prints that never saw the sun.

Two days could have passed underneath us before we blinked, my windows whispered glorious
promises but we kept them closed for safety, for the opposition of who we could be, and
she knew the secret of every season, she knew how to laugh when bedroom doors...


I drew her behind the mirror and we created October across December stars, we became
disobedient underneath the glorious names we sang that night for lips speak magic when
they pretend to lie and dishonesty was but a kiss away from sunrise.

Time stung me come August, come March, come the age of thirty-two, her eyes had been shut
for years now and she sunk beneath flowers I am positive would be beautiful enough to
photograph had I the courage to glance, but my feet have never crossed the grass that
blankets her and roots her promises...

tangled beneath tomorrow with a tight grasp on yesterday, and I wonder if the days have
yet to fade the color of her hair.

It rained in January when I existed miles away, teardrops of memories that fell as softly
as the whispers of her name, I closed the bedroom door tightly and listened intensely for
the echoes of dishonesty, for she remained there, somewhere, behind mirrors that painted
her and the lies that bit my tongue, that reassured me...

our hand prints would hide from summer...

covered in ice-cream secrets that screamed her pain from a smile, from a foolish wish that
spoke us inseparable.

Her eyes, blue as October, slapped me, that day, as they painted themselves the secrets
girls are never supposed to witness, as they refused to allow April to fall but declared


with the beauty that she

could never see.

Copyright © JeanMarie Marchese | Year Posted 2007

Details | Prose Poetry |
“Buy me a scarf” she said and curled her toes through snow to demonstrate the color of

“Buy me a scarf and I'll wrap our memories around my neck, you can watch me smile in
storms as I contemplate warmth and look at you beneath the sky.”

I wrote promises on windows with fingers that touched shadows and counted snowflakes
crystals as I destroyed their patterns in a feeble attempt to claim love...

There, in the house that spoke one thousand tears, I thought about the secrets we
whispered when the year turned and purple was fantastic on the other side of frozen lakes
despite the voices that named us something unspeakable.

Rings and silver and I wore one on my toe, polished perfectly, my feet felt summer and I
laughed in lilts of June and breaths of lilac bushes that lined my backyard, but I kept my
closet door shut, winter stitches on shelves so January's voice would never be heard...

I boxed up photographs and letters that quoted songs we had sang together, I covered up
her haircut and placed her eyeliner in an envelope but I knew, beneath the ground where
lilac bushes rooted themselves...

she wore the ring I had placed upon her finger on her fourteenth birthday, on the day
August spoke up and we listened intently, mocking 


and bedposts that wrote her name...

and I sat, cleaning prints off of windows, erasing promises and eluding love, wondering,
if I had learned how to knit, would sidewalks have been so convincing?

I listened to memories and bought myself a scarf, wrapped stitches of January around my
neck and heard her, in laughter, as she whispered through the wind that numbed the fingers
that broke promises...

“Lend me your scarf, and I'll see you, I'll hold your hand when August knocks you down.”

Copyright © JeanMarie Marchese | Year Posted 2007

Details | Elegy |
I couldn't see your struggles, or perhaps I missed a sign.
I wish I would've noticed, noticed you weren't fine.
You laughed with me the day before...
And now I wish that I would've said "I love you more." 

I was ready to go to church, but then I heard a crash.
I wasn't sure if it was you, but anyway I got up in a dash.
I saw you lying there I was screaming your name.
I screamed, but there was no response. I felt it was my fault, I felt the blame.

I didn't know the demons you’re were fighting.
I only saw you smile as your little Amya was writing.
I called Mom and she told me to shake you.
However I knew you were gone because your skin was blue. 

I ran to the kitchen, I ran to Dad.
He shook and screamed with no response, I knew that it was bad.
I did as Dad asked and I called nine-one-one.
However, your demons fought a battle and this one they won.

The medics and firefighters came and did everything they could
If I could go back in time and change what happened I would 
I didn't know the things keeping you up at night 
However, I do know what happened to you wasn't right, 

I got calls and texts asking if I was okay.
I thought I wasn't, but the pain I was feeling was child's play. 
Instead of them asking me, I should've asked you.
I thought you were getting better, I didn't know you were so blue.

We went through our day and we moaned your death.
We cried because that day you took your last breath.
I will always be sad that you went so young.
I wish I had picked up the phone when it had rung.

I want to go back and help you with your trouble.
I could've helped you, helped you out of the rubble.
You are gone now and there's nothing I could do.
But know that I love you and I'll miss you too.

Many told me, "I'm here if you need anything."
Those people just never asked you when all you needed was one big thing.
Your cries were help were labeled at attention. 
However if you were asked you would've able to mention.

You didn’t deserve to feel the way you did.
If someone would’ve reached out your problems would’ve rid 
You didn’t deserve to die
Maybe it would be difference if someone would’ve noticed when you would cry.

I was at the mall the day before you went away.
The last time we talked I called you back, I wanted to know what you wanted to say.
You told me that you called to ask what soda I wanted from the store.
We finished talking so I said I love you, and as I hung up the phone my heart tore.

I didn't it know it then, but I know it now.
The last thing I said was I love you, but others didn't get the chance I got.
Oh, wow.
You are gone from Earth, but you aren't forgotten.
I wish I would've cared more instead of being so rotten. 

You loved me so much my whole life. 
Maybe if I would've showed you the love you showed me you would've one day been someone's wife.
You are gone now and I don't know what to say.
I just know I want to go back and be there before you left that way. 

I'm so sorry big sister. 
I didn't realize your life was a twister. 
You were spiraling out of control and I didn't help you out. 
Instead all I did after you were gone was cry and shake and shout.

I loved you so much, 
But you'll never know what I thought about you such
as how I loved that one pair of shoes 
or how I loved your magic kisses that healed my boo-boos.

It was Sunday, January Two-Nine,
I woke up and you seemed fine.
A few hours later and you were gone. 
If only I would've awoken you at dawn...

I couldn't see your struggles, or perhaps I missed a sign.
I wish I would've noticed, noticed you weren't fine.
You laughed with me the day before...
I wish that before you left I could've said that  "I love you more."

Copyright © JoAnn Saloga | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |
You starred in Die Hard and also in Galaxy Quest.
And you starred in Dark Harbor and The Winter Guest.
You starred in some Harry Potter movies and in A little Chaos.
People are saddened by your demise because it's a big loss.
In 1989 and 1990 you starred in Quigley Down Under and The January Man.
In 1991 you starred in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and also in Closet Land.
I'll tell you something that is certainly true.
You were a great actor and people will remember you.

(Dedicated to Alan Rickman who died at the age of 69 on January 14, 2016.)

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2016

Details | I do not know? |
The lines were too dead for urgency
The shaman couldn't be reached
The celebration is an emergency,
My heart was finally breached.

The crime scene, darker, meaner, time slower, 
A pandemonium should have happened there
But it was outside, and my line was dead
Or it was just this party has no power,
The ghouls tried while I had a spinning head.

The call was nearer, clearer, the light brighter
The master could be easily reached
The place, better, cleaner, safer, prettier
The celebration couldn't be impeached.

The garden with lights that forever burn
Welcomes me with songs of joy,
I can fly now, I giggle in my every turn
Here, I don't need a kind of toy,
One last look..Tears. I will never return.

January 11, 2017, bestrevolver.

Copyright © Robert Velves | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |
The searing pain of death
Took her uncle, Seth.
He had a heart attack 
And he is never coming back.
She had a best friend,
But her life came to an end.
Put a gun up to her head,
Pull the trigger, now she's dead.
So much sorrow, 
Two people with no tomorrow.
She sits there, wishing it were her instead
Who was laying limp, dead.
She loves on though,
Amidst all this sorrow.
Honoring those she lost.

Copyright © Justine Hansen | Year Posted 2017

Details | Lyric |
January 1st 2017 St. Francis Hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrest Written: by Miracle Man 8/4/2017 Sixteen bags dangled from a medical drip frame, Each dripping liquids for prolonging my survival; Now, as days pass by a question lingers the same, Why from the throes of death came my revival. Everything had to be perfect and each in its place, A window of five minutes, I’m told, existed for me. Were I not at the hospital, and but for God’s grace, I’d not be here today but be counted an absentee. I believe for each happening God has His reason, And yet I find myself struggling for some resolute. I know that for all things there exists a season, Was it for my testimony on my remaining route? Doctors and Nurses at the Hospital referred to me As The Protected One or Miracle Man I dedicate this to the giver of life And all those who had a hand in extending mine; Tom

Copyright © Tom Wright | Year Posted 2017