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The Hangin' Tree

Folks avoid that spooky place 'specially on dark and stormy nights!
Heard are eerie moans and shrieks and seen are mysterious lights!
A driftin' hoss thief by the unlikely name of One-Eyed Buck LaHore,
Was strung up on the 'hangin' tree' way back in '72, accordin' to local lore!

Now, ol' Jedge Stern, renowned as the 'hangin' jedge' in them there parts,
Owned the hoss that Buck stole, showin' no respect and lack of smarts!
Buck vanished in the night a-high-tailin' it fer the Mexican border,
Trailed by a posse to bring 'im back dead er alive upon the jedge's order!

He was found carousin' in an El Paso cantina havin' a grand ol' spree!
The sheriff said, "Son, come with me! You've got a date with the 'hangin' tree'!"
There was little Buck could do with a dozen forty-fours starin' 'im in the face!
"Boys, you got me! Don't make a scene! Let's git outta this here place!"

Hauled before the jedge, Buck admitted he'd been a hell-raiser all his life.
"But, jedge" he pled, "I didn't cause no harm like molestin' a feller's wife!"
Judge Stern saw things diff'runt 'specially since 'twas his hoss he stole!
"Son, you're to be strung up on a tree and may God save yer rotten soul!"

To this very day on moonlit nights Buck can be seen swingin' in the breeze,
Clawin' at the noose about his neck yellin', "Jedge, have mercy on me please!"
That stern ol' jedge has shown no mercy as is evident from all indications.
Alas, the ghost of that wily thief will haunt local folks for many generations!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2011

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Up in Colorado, in the forests of Pikes Peak
A cranky critters conference was held just this week
It was led by a mouse, 3 legs, whiskerless & without tail
"Against a common foe!" He said "We must Unite! We must prevail!"

He hobbled out to the edge of the woods & pointed toward a house
In that house, I once lived a good life, a young & healthy mouse
Then one day the rancher's wife decided she'd had enough
I will say she is a worthy adversary, Mercy she was tough!

He looked around at all the critters, weasel, skunk & squirrel
& said "I hate to admit it but I was bested by a girl!"
Its true, I escaped alive but she got her trophies, too
For I left my tail, paws & whiskers stuck there in her glue 

The squirrel spoke up in a streetwise Brando voice
I'll accept the challenge! For this mission, I am the best choice!
I know this lady well, having enjoyed seeds & nuts out on her deck
I am not afraid of her & will show her we deserve respect

So the squirrel plotted & waited until the time was right
He saw his chance & took it while in the birds she took delight
He scampered up a pine tree & scurried out on to a branch
While she was distracted with a phone call & a pretty bird, he seized his chance

He took a flying leap, landing square on her blond head
Taking great delight in her squeals of surprise & dread
He then let loose with a torrent of the defecation sort
"That's for all the dead & walking wounded!" was his parting retort
The moral of this story, for one there must be
Is be mindful of avenging squirrels when you sit beneath a tree 

Copyright © Catherine Devine | Year Posted 2005

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

Copyright © Smail Poems | Year Posted 2013

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The Tree The Bells The Blazing Guns

         The Tree 
         The Bells 
         The Blazing Guns

Seemed like fate never saw kind, on that drifter called Stone.
Riding the dusty trail, over the Rockies, alone. 
With winter behind him, on that warm, spring day. 
He was planning for Calgary, by the mid-month of May. 
Winter was hard for him, fending off the bitter cold. 
Was many a nights, the devil had wanted his soul sold.
But despite those hard months, he had managed to stave. 
Enough strength to keep both feet, out of his own, self-dug grave.

When the folk of the town had found their loot gone. 
Was then when Stone just happened, to come rambling on. 
The truth of the matter, was not plain to see. 
Because when Stone rode to town, it was all contrary.
With the real culprit gone, so no one else to answer for thieving.
Left Stone all alone with nowhere to run leaving. 

Stone heard the bells of the small town church sound. 
With guns blazing, the town folk shot the thief they had done found.
And because they were all, as mad as can be.  
They hung poor old Stone, from an old hanging tree. 


Copyright © Scott Howard Myers The Gypsy King | Year Posted 2013

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Come and meet me under the Oak Tree

Walking along this long
and a lonely road
Completely flanked by tall trees
Blossoming with rich berries waiting to
be plucked
Blossoming with flowers waiting to
usher us into a new dawn
With sweet fragrance in the air and
colourful birds singing
With their soft and tender tones in the
cool hour of the day
Calling for a lone lost heart faraway in
the wood
Faraway in the wood, love comes calling

O my darling
Come and meet me under the oak tree
I have been waiting for you all day long
Now it is night
My heart is blazing with distress

In this cool afternoon, every bird sings
itself a love song
Every heart sings a new song
Every wing creature captures her likes
and soars away to the trees and
Every creeping creature religiously mate
beneath the earth before night falls
When darkness covers the beauty of

Walking down to the wood this dark
eerie night
Praying and waiting for you
Under the moonlight and the shade of
the oak tree
To present to you my beautiful flower
and sweet berry
That will usher us into a new dawn

O my darling
Come and meet me under the oak tree
I have been waiting for you all day long
Now it is night
My heart is blazing with distress

All night long my heart longs for you
Crickets rustle out your name
My pretty little Angel
My mouth cannot express what is
On the pages of my mind
How I long to kiss your soft and tender
How I long to be sheltered in your arms
when soft rain falls

I am thinking of you O gentle lady
I am thinking of your smiles- the smiles
of an Angel
I am thinking of your eyes- the eyes of a
goddess filled with the colours ofthe
I am thinking of your dark hair, long and
flowing like a fountain of water
I am thinking of your lips from which
lovely words flows

O my darling
Come and meet me under the oak tree
I have been waiting for you all day long
Now it is night
My heart is blazing with distress

Copyright © Jonah Okpabi | Year Posted 2016

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The hanging tree the hanging tree, 
A great big cottonwood that waits for me.
Just out of town by Old Boot Hill 
Where they’ll take my body and a grave they’ll fill

Now, I don't know, but I was told,
They’ll use a slow horse and a rope that's old. 
Lord, have mercy on a sinner's soul; 
To end up in heaven was always my goal.

It's true; I’ve stole a horse or two,
Even after pledging to you.
I've drank to much and loved to many
Became plain stupid and spent every penny.
Come first light I’ll greet my fate 
For the hangman and I have a early date.
I'll mumble and stumble then hold my breath
As I pray for God's grace after my death.


Copyright © Tom Zart | Year Posted 2006

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The Arizona Kidd 
The Path Of The Wind 

The Arizona Kidd hung up his spurs the day the tree split into crosses from the 
lightning bolt surmising that his LORD was not well pleased with him that day 
the Sherriff made his play. The Kidd wears a Jean Vest and spurs his boots are 
always black and shiny his Hat is leather with a nickel band no feather his Indian 
friends one day took his Rodeo hat and stuck a feather in it and laughed so now 
he avoids his Indian friends. The Holsters on his web belt are reversed for his 
quick draws the one on the left is his Silver plater hanggun. The holster on the 
right has a Gold Plated thumb gun the trigger is tied back to shoot the bullits one 
by one in a quick lethal manner he is shooting at the son of man to warn them to 
be left alone at sunrise come. He used to use the silver bullits but the leaded 
ones are nicer and the cost is so much cheaper and the Golden bullits on the 
belt are costly and not cheep palaver is not his forte. Listen as this tale is 
fabeled. He was drinking whiskey the Sherriff swore he would arrest him or die 
with his boots on trying to uphold the lawman looked like he had never missed a 
meal his bald headed visage in a grimace climbing up that hill to get a look down 
on that killer's camped out near the tree was tall and filled with wormwood and 
on that fatefull day the wind made a mourning noise and came near to watch the 
Sheriffs' play with the Arizona Kidd. He could not see into the sun. This was the 
Sherriff's thinking some people call it cheating. 

Copyright © charles hice | Year Posted 2008

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The Hanging Tree

                                    In the Old West, when a man stole a horse
                    There was one lesson taught, no judges bought, problem solved
                    There were no singers of sad songs, guilty were hung by the neck

Copyright © Danny Nunn | Year Posted 2009