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A New Year

Crisp January morning stillness
holds dampness in the air.

Mistletoe still hanging in the trees
and everywhere.

I inhale deeply to rejuvenate my
sleeping senses.

The fresh smell of winter, my soul
it truly refreshes.

Red berries hanging on the Holly
Hock trees.

Alive with color and bursting into the 
morning breeze.

Poinsettia flowers in its chilled loveliness 
so vast.

Upon my heart its beauty, it so
gracefully cast.

A new year and with it, it brings 
new hopes and beautiful dreams.

Copyright © Sharon Gulley | Year Posted 2016

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Looking Back On 2015

Retook a relationship, 
With an old friend, chip. 

Bought lots of new clothes, 
There weren’t any woes.

Became a vegetarian, 
Not an authoritarian. 

Got back to YouTube,
More of the mind cube. 

Wrote evolution essay, 
Not creationism heavy. 

Wrote about my brother, 
Who was often my other. 

Contacted a technology OT,
I’m not special blatantly. 

Downloaded a course,
Won’t become hoarse. 

Wrote lots of poetry, 
Not ashamed, openly.

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2016

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Just Looked Outside

Just Looked Outside
By Franklin Price

Just looked outside what do you know
I think I see some flakes of snow
In the window they appear
It is the first snow of the year

Tiny flakes they're almost rain
Don't know if they will remain
On the ground to make it white
We'll know much more before the night

I like to see snow on the ground
An inch to six could fall around
Would bring a smile upon my face
Don't want two feet on this small place

Copyright © Franklin Price | Year Posted 2016

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The Seduction of January contest

The first month of the year is like a thrilling new bond
It’s as if someone has waved a magic wand
Seeking new dreams, desires and goals
January seduces like two yearning souls
Vigilant and eager, while daring to do what hasn’t been done
Just like the early stages in a relationship, this month seems to be all fun
Suddenly you’re inspired, motivated and alive
Throughout each new day you discover your vivacious drive
But just like any fast pace fling
By the end of 31 days most lose their zing
Reality sets in and you become more aware
You question if in the next 334 days you will still be committed and care.

BY: sabina nicole
contest: January

Copyright © Sabina Nicole | Year Posted 2011

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1.19.17.// 2:53 P.M. 

You are the drug I should've resisted,
I should have stopped, but I insisted. 
So now I'm high off of your laugh
and time stops like a photograph.
In your eyes, I see my dreams,
though things aren't always as they seem. 
Now I am yours, and you are mine,
but then we're not at the same time.
I'm so clingy, and you're so not,
and after days I feel so caught. 
But I don't want to get attached,
like a lock with no key already latched.
I like you more than you'll understand,
my feelings for you are like quicksand.
The more I move, the faster I sink,
I must stay calm and just not think. 
And now you're more than just my drug,
you're my addiction, and I can't unplug.
You're my favorite thing that makes me smile,
but there's not that much inside that file.
Though you are still the number one,
for anyone else, I'd have been done.
You said that you like me a lot,
though then your story was not bought.
But now I see you really do,
and I feel the same towards you too. 
Now without you, I'd feel so numb,
so we will see what's yet to come. 

- J.T.A.

Copyright © C.J. Langdon | Year Posted 2017