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A message from Emilly
By Angelo Casiano

A message from above to those of you I love.
I love you more than you’ll ever know,
Even more now that I’m gone.
And my love for you will grow and grow,
Like the chorus to a song.
I had to leave much sooner than
 I thought, I must admit.
But you know mom, until I’m done,
 I’m never gonna quit. 
I left behind some parts of me,
 I have so much to give.
Because of you I’m strong enough,
 to help some others live.
So Daddy when you think of me,
While you watch the Phillies play. 
I’ll be sitting next to you. I’ll be with you every day.
 You’ve given me the best of you.
And now I’m giving back.
I will love you for eternity. No matter were I’m at.

Copyright © Angelo Casiano | Year Posted 2014

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loving sister
I write to you as a writer
know you are in school
Because you are still a big fool
Your being wise
wholly lies
On your book
that you should keenly look
open every page sister
read every text sister
Get that wisdom
Embrace that wisdom.

sister write every word
paint every picture
for those words
that picture
pictures your future
so don't sleep
for you might slip.

it is now 7 months
in your form three
I check at my wrist
my watch is ticking
click by click
time is whiled away
sister use every chance
exploit every minute
for you are worth
living this earth.

I have to say
that day
u got the accident
I realized you are a light
to several hearts
embrace that and shine
For you are a true NDHINE
Realize your potential
for you are exponential....

come next year
I want to praise you dear
I want to hear the people calling out
I want to hear the world shout
I want to see your parents Marvel
For they gave birth to Marvelous Marvelous.
May you live long and shine bright like white.

Copyright © Griffins Ndhine | Year Posted 2014

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My grandmother came from Ireland from far across the sea. She had romantic tales to tell to Sister and to me. She angered my darling mother by filling up our heads with stories of the little folk who lived beneath our beds. She whispered us a secret that our mama didn’t know. She said that it would be better if we would keep it so. When she crossed the sea from Ireland, she had a little lad. He was already two years old before she met Granddad. She told Grandfather her story, a selkie stole her heart. He came as a handsome mortal and fooled her from the start. He loved her and then he left her, was claimed back by the sea. The only thing she had of him was a wee lad to be. She knew right from the start, her son was borrowed fom the sea. In time his tie to land would end however long that be. She watched him growing tall, with dread, as handsome as his sire. He wandered near or wandered far, girls gathered to admire. Before our eyes our grandma changed and she became the girl who long ago had loved a man who set her heart awhirl. He had deep eyes of darkest brown, and unreal velvet skin. He charmed her as no Irish lad would know how to begin. “Where is he then, our dear uncle?” My sister and I cried. “I guess the folks who knew him well, would tell you that he died. They saw him walking by the sea, watching the tide come in. Though we searched for many a day he was not seen again.” Now when I see the silky seals on warm rocks in the sea I fancy one is a selkie, who looks a bit like me.
( I have read that male selkies are very handsome in their human form and have great seduction powers over mortal women. Poor grandma then was a young Irish lass, full of dreams and he was so handsome. In their true form they look very much like seals.)

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2011

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EvE has left and I am so very heartbroken
Again someone hurt her beautiful heart and soul
With tears in her soft, beautiful brown eyes
There's no mistaken she will never come back

She even sold her most special prize winning horse
Only this time she has all the money that can keep her warm
And especially keep her destination unknown to many
She had left us all for fifteen long and endless years

Not even the Private Investigators we hired could find her
It was if she really did fall off this planet earth well worth
She never told one soul to where she had gone and resided with
My shy and not one bad word to say about anyone person alive

The only thing she wants to be known is that she doesn't want anyone
Looking for her, for she just needs her quiet time alone and doesn't
Want to hurt anymore;  she kept all the necessities to me to leave to
her children.
God, please shelter her and keep her safe from harms way
My long endless tears are flowing so fluently that I had just found
my beautiful sister after not seeing her for almost twenty-one years.

AND NOT EVEN A CELL OR ANYTHING. I have to keep them all in her bank safe till she decides to return again. Which no one knows when that will be.


03/21/ 2016

Copyright © Theresa CW | Year Posted 2016

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A Better Life

I don't know why she hides,
I don't know why she shivers,
I don't know why she cries,
I don't know why she quivers,

Daddy's girl is all alone,
And I don't know how to help her,
Daddy's world is all but blown,
And I don't know what to tell her,

What happened to her confidence,
And her self assured way,
Which used to be so prominent,
In all she did or would say,

Who stole my little girl’s heart,
And drove her to such confusion,
She now slowly does her part,
As if all she has is illusion,

She knows I would kill any other man,
For doing such harm to my little girl,
But this is much more than I can stand,
As it has forever blown apart my world,

They took ‘steps’ to the next level,
And now they each look to me in despair,
I warned them each to be careful,
But the forbidden fruit they shared,

Now I look at one without trust,
Yet I still love my son so very much,
I still hold her distant as I must,
But she needs Daddy’s healing touch,

Why do I have to be the bad guy,
When my children need my help,
I pushed one out and I still cry,
While I can't help her help herself,

There is no way to win here,
And my tears won't stop falling,
I have lost them both I fear,
And my fears won't stop calling,

I don’t know what to do anymore,
Or how I can help either of them,
Both children my heart cries out for,
But the truth is neither can win, 

And for this my darling kids,
I am so sorry I can’t decide,
Which to disown or which to kiss,
When I am actually on both your sides,

So I pray that both her and him,
Of whom I am so very proud,
Do not give up and become victims,
Who wear this pain like a shroud,

I pray both of you hear my advice,
Get over this hardship and understand,
This lesson with its terrible price,
Is one where you do as best you can,

To forgive and move on from here,
Without Dad having to choose a side,
And to let go of all that you fear,
If you want to grow to have a better life.

Copyright © My Gull Wheels On | Year Posted 2009

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Great stories will be told
Of great men and women who lived and loved
Of legends who spoke of power and prosperity
Of those who served humanity with dignity
Those who died in truth lies they loathed
Those with a heart in them,
She will be among such great stories.

Hear her and save yourself
Hold onto her words live with them
In those words dwell wisdom for life
In those words dwell wealth and good health
And these that I tell you, are not mine but of her own
I have been with her enough to know what to tell you.

Remember many have passed through her hands
They never disappointed her, in good lands they did land
where will you be? will you make her proud? 
she has always counted on you,she saw your worth
This she kept saying since your birth
so rise and live her dreams for you
Show her your have known yourself
That you have broken out of the comfort zone cocoon
That your are hatched into a butterfly of duty.

when you fall you must rise
when you lose you must  persist to win
when you sow you must reap
when you abstain from pleasure you live
when you earn learn to save
Always know Jesus saves
These her words always like fresh manure
sprinkle them on your roots and grow.

Copyright © Griffins Ndhine | Year Posted 2015

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Some songs
Are of saddest times
The skies of darkest days
Some words
Bring such discontent
There are no gentle ways
To tell the tale
Without the tears
That tear the heart in two
But I will share
This saddest tale
Of hearts both black and true

There was a widow 
With a son
He was a spunky lad
And when she found 
Another man
The boy turned
Mean and sad.

The maid who cleaned the widow’s house
Saw the what was going on.
How each day the battle raged 
As soon as she was gone.

The man took off
His silver belt
And like a man insane
He beat the boy, he cursed at him 
And called him filthy names.

The mother’s love had maddened him
 He hounded the poor child
Jealousy had filled his head
By hate his heart defiled.

He loved the widow, now his wife
Her son was in the way.
He sent the boy away to school
On that their wedding day.

The boy wrote home--
He hated school
They beat him there and worse
They starved the boy
To punish him
For writing silly verse.

The boy wrote home to plead his case
He promised to be good.
He begged to be at home again
He’d even chop the wood!
At the widow’s urging
The man re-read the letter
'He must come home'--his sweetheart cried--
'He's promised to be better.'

The man sent off the widow 
Quick to get her son
She left him on the next train
Before the day’d begun.

The day was hot, the winds were bad
The clouds, they shouted rain
The neighbors said that angels wept
As they hailed the train

The man stopped by to get the mail
Without his widow’d  wife
Another letter from the school
How tiresome was his life!

He put the letter in his bag
And headed his way home
When bedtime came he got it out
He liked to read alone.

'Your son is dead,' the letter said,
The hand was from a man
the school was starving naughty boys
the lawmen had a plan.

The school would close, the boys all leave
But one boy would remain.
The dead boy would be with his ma
When she returned by train.

The man who loved the widow
And took her for his wife
Hanged himself before the dawn
And took his own dear life.

The widow and her son
Returned through beating rains
She walked into that darkened house
And blew apart her brains.

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2012

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I have brothers and sisters
Not by blood, by an unspoken bond
Some wear leather some wear lace
We all ride our bikes to and fro

We are a community within a community
We know what one is thinking just by a look
Based on Respect ,mutual trust
We live, love and laugh just like you

We ride the twisted, curvy roads
Wind in our face, no destination
Sound of our engine, appreciating nature
The smell of the grasslands

We're like the indians
With our own reservation
We're like cowboys, who ride a horse
Ours is a steel horse

We protect each other
And will help out anyone
Funds are raised, toys for tots
Breast cancer awarness
A family who just lost a loved one

I'm the sister who saved your daughters life
I'm the brother who protected your son
I'm a mother a father, a daughter a son
A sister a brother, an aunt an uncle

We love the same as you and yours
Our family is bigger, the ties run deep
So next time you see us, remember this
One of us might be the one to save your life

Copyright © Letitia Alvarez | Year Posted 2012

Details | Ballad |
I’ve found myself just sitting here;
Surrounded by my tissues and tears.
Asking myself “could it be?”
That God has forgotten me
I know he says he’ll always be there;
Always watch out, and always care.
Yet lately it seems that he;
Well that he has forgotten me.

It started about two months ago;
I had been dealing with my foe.
And a lot of pain had been coming to my life;
I felt like giving up the fight.
Yet instead I had turned to God to help me;
Yet it seemed like he had forgotten me.

Things were starting to get worse;
And I felt like a walking curse.
How can a loving father as he;
Well, forget me.
I’d quitted my job b/c I couldn’t take anymore;
I was too mentally messed up and sore.
Now I’m barely making it on ends meat;
And the worse part is, I think God’s forgotten me.

My sister is sick and I don’t know if she’ll make it through;
She says she loves God, and I love God too.
I just think he may be busy with everyone else’s life;
To realize my sister is about to die.
Just when I began to give up all hope;
My sister awoke.
She says “I don’t know what could be the matter”
“But all of a sudden I feel much better”
She got up and whispered to me;
Do you still think God has forgotten thee?

Copyright © Symone Grant | Year Posted 2007

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New moon
New leaf
New sorrow
New grief

New pain and suffering
Never ending, never dying
Not a soul, not a sinner
Never wishing, never crying

Now a time, then a place
First a heart, then a spade
Next of kin, next in line
Never being, never made

Not to be mistaken for
Not to be forgiven from
Never to be damaged for
Banished to or driven from

Take my hand, take it now
Take it while you can
Take your time forever
Help me understand

Take it to the smithy
He'll bash it out for you
Take your heart to Hylda
She'll bare it on the wall

Take it to the jester
He'll figure out the gist
Who can see your mind
Who can hear your fist

Take it home to Linah
She'll box it up for you
Serve it to you backwards
Send you to the zoo

New moon never rising
New leaf never dying
New sorrow never sown
New grief never known

Take your mother by the hand
Touch her soft and gentle soul
Touch your brother, take his hand
Take his burden, feel him stand

Dear Linah, sweet goddess
Please tell me, is it you?
Catch the breeze, catch the wave
Feel your heart drift away

Copyright © Mike Martin | Year Posted 2015

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I was a boy not quit seventeen,
I enlisted when I was sixteen…

Wanting to serve my country…

I had no family it was just 
my sister and me…

My mother had died, when
 I was very young, new family
 adopted me…

My sister was also adopted,
 by another family…

As you can see, it was just
 my sister and me…

It wasn’t long before my adopted
 family, first my new father died 
then my new mother, followed him…

She missed him so much, for
 she had a broken heart,
 that wouldn’t mend …

I went to war as a little boy,
 came home a man…

As you see I was just sixteen…

The time was at “Chaute Thierry”,
doing world war one…

As a young man I thought we won… 

Standing behind a cannon as 
it was fired, shell casing discharging 
from the breach, sent hot shrapnel 
and pain into my foot… 

Sent me to hospital where I
 laid in pain, until they treated me, 
sent me home, with crippled foot, 
shrapnel of imbedded in my foot, 
as well as the pain in my foot…

I’ve never been able NOT to work,
 even though I have shrapnel
 in my foot, walk with a limp, and 
have pain in my foot everyday…

Now you can see, that it didn’t
keep me from work…

Though I was wounded during
 war, no purple heart was given
 this boy a young soldier…

Wasn’t until my son wrote our
 Congressman, explaining what had
 happen, and what hadn’t been done…

Took over fifty years, but I got my
 purple heart, thanks to my son for 
what he done…

I would have gone to my grave,
 for I wouldn’t have said anything,
 as I hadn’t for years, for I thought it
 was their job, to recognize what I
 had done…

My family was proud, of what I’d
done, but I feel, that they were more 
proud of me now…

Only told my story a few times,
 mostly to a few close friends, and my
 children, for it was part of history…

Now you know my story, the young 
soldier, just boy…

By Sandra L. Hoban

This poem was written and dedicated to my father who served as an infantry soldier during World War I. This is also dedicated to all those who have served our country and was wounded or lost there life while serving, not just World War I but all wars, conflicts and military police actions.

Copyright © Sandra Hoban | Year Posted 2012

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All the magic a sister brings 
glorious times, echoed cries
beauty that shines through sunlike eyes
mirrored images of loves union
shared dreams, whispered nights
stories shared upon listening ears
memories brought with each new year
battles fought, lost and won
the seal of a wonderful sisterly bond
father's vision, mother's mission
God's humble servant always giving
I hear the spoken words of a sister
prayers from the heart 
that forever glistens
through good times and bad times
past times and present times
the family we love
prayers we've shared
cherished are the memories 
of the sister within me.

Copyright © Yolanda Scott | Year Posted 2016

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You call me your hero but honey,
don't wish to be more like me.
I'm a baby giraffe, firm in my ways
but sometimes
just too carried away.

I'm stand up for myself sure
but you're sugar.

You're beautiful, more beautiful than you can get
and yet,
I swear you don't know it, but how?
When thats what all strive for
but you're
down to the core

Dark raven hair
adorable stare
so unaware
that you're 

You don't think you stand out,
but in a crazy busy crowd
its you who's sought out
and you wonder how.

Oh sugar,
you're sugar.

I see you. Your color
is different from every other.
You're the hue of peace and sweet,
if that can be,
and if it can,
then that's 
what I see.

I love you.

You're perfectly you and that's sugar.
You're sugar, yes that's what you are.

Copyright © joy bohland | Year Posted 2010

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What do you mean it isn’t real
It was a winning ticket
And now all I can think to do
Is wonder where to stick it

A barcode and instructions
It sure looks real to me
It sure looks like a winner
How could this ever be

Well …
If you try to scan that barcode
You’ll see just what I mean
You just might see blue smoke
And wreck the poor machine

You buy them at the five and dime
Two fifty for a pack
I only gave you one
Or you would have a heart attack

I really didn’t mean it 
When I said those nasty things 
I really love your family
And the way your mother sings

The way your sister struts her stuff
And flaunts her diamond rings
The way your brother stuffs his gullet
Full of chicken wings

I would have gave it all to them
You know I was just fooling
I hope they keep on bringing food
You know I’ve had no skooling

Who thought that I was capable
Such utter foul demar
Who knew I’m so despicable 
It’s bound to leave a scar

Dang me and defeat me
They ought to take a stick and beat me
A tree to hang my shame on
A rope to write my name on
Copyright © Mike Martin 2015

Copyright © Mike Martin | Year Posted 2015

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My sister Shelia is in need of some prayers,
She hit her head in a bad fall,and at times she not here.
Her left side is paralised,with no hope in sight,
Only prayers give her the strength to fight.

I can see the hurt in her eyes , each time i go visit,
Not knowing what went wrong or why she was admitted.
We tell her she had a stroke,and there is no cure,
Only God and his goodness can help her for sure.

We ask Angels to watch over here through out the night,
Dont let her stray, but keep up the fight.
If the prayers are so many , i am sure God will hear,
Put peace in her mind ,so she no longer holds fear.

I would thank you so much and im sure my sister will too,
To know what perfect strangers prayers can do.
It can open peoples eyes , that could never see,
People get up and walk,with two busted knees,

Sickness get cured in a blink of an eye,
The power of prayer would never die.

Copyright © Alan Fitz | Year Posted 2008

Details | Ballad |
There is a lady Oh so very kind and fair She has golden sunlight In her hair The resonance of her voice Is especially adorable to hear Which makes her such a Sweet, sweet dear.

Copyright © Sheol Moribund | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |

The ten pack has been separated

How do the survivors feel about one being eliminated,

We are the Stanley's that have endured a lot of hard times

Do we all go on and pretend we are all still in our prime,

Can we go back and rewind the video to when it all was good

Make it where the ten pack is all together like it should,

Having all ten of us packed neatly in a safe pack

Where no hard could come to us and we had each others backs,

Can we not break the seal and hope it was all just a bad dream

Or do we have to face reality and realize that we are no longer a team,

God help us when the pack breaks all apart

Even though we are strong we are not made of cold hearts.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2009

Copyright © Michelle Born | Year Posted 2015

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All I ever wanted                                                   
You make me doubt the love in our hearts
Even afraid to confirm
I talking just take away the passion out of you
You listening to me, is a bomb about to explode
Having not the feeling to defuse it, my heart cries.
Well to the other you speak about, just a myth.
For known if only able to keep yourself in place,
Maybe you’d see who is for, and before your eyes,

Perfected to how you’d want me to be, well I’m not.
Scary things come out of the heart when you,
Allow it to stand for what it believes to be true.
Fearing the wrong one might come or the right one,
Might be the wrong one, you choose…
If I’m for you then why question yourself of who’s with….
The one who stole your heart and you just don’t accept or approve?

Your hands slip away Every-time I hold; hugging you takes your thoughts,
Away so as to think strange of me.
If only I was to be alerted to your heart that I’m not a stranger in your heart
Out of questions I’ve asked or could possibly ask, one remains the decider
If I knock in your heart will you open?...answering would make us utter
Hateful words and all to find would be you apart, me searching
For you again in someone else.                                                                                 Karen. f Mathe

Copyright © karen mathe fumani | Year Posted 2015

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The year was 1994 and it is now 2005
Time has passed and continues to pass!
I can still see her lying in the hospital
I can still see her sweet face
Even though it was drained from the pain
And of course the tears she cried!
I can still see the drips through her nose
I can still see the anguish in her eyes
I can still see the beating of her heart as it races with sadness and regret!
I can still hear the doctors talking though I don’t know what they are saying
Talk, Talk, Talk that’s all I hear
Yes, my precious sister is still fresh in my mind.

Jade, precious is what you are
You are never far away from my heart
I keep you close, ever so close
You are my precious sister and I love you!

My eyes are filled with green, showing my envy
My heart is filled with black, showing my lament
Why lament? 
A state, which we should envy?
Yes because precious you were and precious you are
My precious sister!

In my heart and mind you are
Day in and day out!
I long to talk to you and
Tell you that I love you and
Tell you that you are my precious sister

Copyright © Alicia Van Aarde | Year Posted 2007

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Dear brother Jack's still tucked in bed,
unconscious from the fall.
My advice to those who love their heads:
beware of hills and walls.

Does Humpty Dumpty ring a bell?
He too impaired his crown.
But oh!--much worse, much worse he fell,
says every knight in town.

My sympathies to the goodly egg,
but Jack moves more my heart.
Oh Mother Goose, of you I beg,
rewrite my brother's part!

Let not him tumble carelessly,
make flat that horrid hill--
and if need be, do this for me:
let Jack swap roles with Jill!

Copyright © Michael Perriatt | Year Posted 2011

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Oh my dear Sister so precious to my heart,                                                   
 how doeth I ache within to hear your sweet voice once again. 
 to see your beautiful smile abound upon thy lovely and caring face, 
 a memory I shall hold always, and will Embrace.
 for when Tears shall fill my eyes,  then comfort will I take;
 knowing  you dwell in A Heavenly place.
 for in the arms of the Creator God is your Resting place. 
 For a Dear Angel has he Received,  one so wonderful as thee.
 that you may place a Kiss upon his cheeks, and a smile on his face.
 so until the time when he shall gather us all together Once again.  
 Know that we love you always and forever. Amen 

         Poet: John J Myers

Copyright ©2009 John J Myers

Copyright © John Myers | Year Posted 2009

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Where's my mommy? Where'd daddy go?
Older sister says she's nobody's daughter.
Loveless lament as I realize I never had parents.
In our lives, no arch angels or saving souls were sent.
I hold my sister as in pretense she tells us no harm was ever meant.
But sociopath mother and murderer father must be held responsible.
Forever gone in a loveless void, their sins are irreconcilable!
As the strangers take us away from the past I look towards the shining sun.
And I yearn to forget my mother's blood and my father's smile as he guiltlessly grasped
his gun.
They've destroyed themselves and left behind a distraught daughter and solemn son.

Copyright © Jordan Adorno | Year Posted 2008

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I left her womb with so much love.
And prayed that when you, from above,
came down to fill – where I ‘fore shared.
Her secret thoughts; her silent prayers –
Would find the same sweet comfort there.
This angel’s warmth; a mother’s care.

Then once upon a day I heard.
A babe was born, her name of bird.
And, how your face, imprint on me.
This, small of smalls, my sister be.
Back then, I could not comprehend
but knew, for life, God sent a friend.

As days went by, I heard you cry.
As days went by, I saw you try.
And in my own, mere childlike state,
had vowed that I’d anticipate –
your hopes and dreams; your longing here.
To soothe your pain, your doubt, your fear.

Still loving when, this bird doth perch,
upon my love, my soul; To search
for what it is, her love aspires
for what it is, her soul desires.
And every day, thank God above,
for this, His gift; This bird of love.

Copyright © Gavin Joachims | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I went to visit my sister Shelia  today,
                                There has been no change in any witch way
                                I tried to cheer her up, but i dont think it worked,
                               She had tears in her eyes , and i though i was making her feel worst.

                                When she started to ask me if i would take her home,
                                A tear filled my eyes, and she looked so alone.
                                She may never leave this nursing home alive,
                                Not many recover or even survive.

                                She has a strong sprit, of that i can see,
                                Where most would have given up, she strives to be.
                                I still pray to the Lord that she will get better,
                                For only He and His goodness can fix whats the matter.

                                Ive been through some hard times in my life,
                                But never have seen anyone put up such a fight.
                                Its as if she knows one day the good Lord will say,
                                You have suffered enough,now you can go on your way.
                               I would ask you please to keep Shelia in your prayers, 
                               Without them i know ,she wouldent be here.
                               One day i hope and pray she will walk out those doors,
                               It would be a mericle to see, and hear her cry no more.

Copyright © Alan Fitz | Year Posted 2009

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They are sister and brother,
Yet not quite the norm,
Suzie wants her doll, 
And she'll keep ranting
 long and loud,   
Sometimes flying off the track,
Violence can erupt,
No way tp figure out, how and when,
She's a terror to handle,
This autistic child,
Seems only Rosie can do that,
the woman I love..
Tender words she does use.
Only my Rosie can calm her,
This poor lost troubled child,

Then there's Mikey,
Perhaps more peacful is he,
Just rocking back and forth,
Rocking so endlessly....
Maybe he's happy, in his own world,
At other times he can become more active,
And then the pain shows for all to see.

There are many others, in this clan, so seemingly cursed,
Deep, dark secrets of childhood sexual abuse,
By peripherial relatives dealing with their own phsychotic demons,

And, as almost always the case, Mama doesn't want to hear it,
The abusers Masquaraides too clever,
And all the others, all effected, insane brother,
Oft in jail,
troubled,pill dependent sister...
Another sister expecting to be poisoned daily,
So many people molded in pain, and in a disfunctional confusion.
The one Pillar of Strength is my Rosie...
From the sad day of her mother's death,
She has to ruled this insane mess.
As close to a "Mother Teresa'
That we'll ever see.

Copyright © tom bell | Year Posted 2007

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                                 THOUGHT WRONG
You picking my feelings would make you hate me
But to love, rather both we hang too close to the thoughts
Before getting carried away, who knows where….
The heart cannot fade, but to a pint of death shall it be so.

The love of the heart cannot be denied if known to be of the heart.
Blame it on me, if you blame it on me, but please one thing pleading on,
Not the heart, for with it does so it pleads love
And if it’s not gentle love may it be schooled by your blame for the heart.
If the first will always be the last, 
Why then worry thy feelings covered by hate 

To the heart that is to be set aside.
If you can prove illegal love then do so too mine
For sure to let go of mine awaits’, out of the carrying heart
And shall be of no more to remember, but not the mind

If the mind forgets, it might by also do the one next to you
That is not known to the heart accused of seeing two and not one.
But if mine heart cannot be proved illegal, then in due time let it be.
Saying to have climbed that high to bend the knees would be lie,
To have went down again would be falls to who im said to be,
But more of the two can do the high and bending to pray
If I’m for you the be for me.

Copyright © karen mathe fumani | Year Posted 2015

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Ive tryed to learn 
Ive tryed to fly
all you seem to want
is for me to cry
Tryed to run
tryed to hide
you love my pain
youll love when I die
I said I would follow you to the end of time
but if you dont step up this heart well stay mine.
I wake every moring to only pain
my life is unliveable 
why wont this change
I dont want heaven
nore live in hell
just remove this life
form this cell
stop my time
stop my pain 
noone knows
to them is all the same
But I have to wake every day to other peoples happiness
so fuk your games 
Ill die alone if thats the only way
what can i do. 
when my little sister curses you.
Maybe shes right!

Copyright © Jason Crump | Year Posted 2006

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           No More Hurt And Pain

A sister and also a child of God is who you are.  You brought laughter, tears And 
joy to those who knew you, close and far.

Your smile made people’s hearts feel warm inside. Your Kind and gentle touch 
was always part of your pride.

In times of need we now know pride was all you wanted to keep. Although In 
hinds sight, It made you weep.  A phone call always revealed an “upbeat voice” 
and “I’m doing Great!.” If only you revealed to us your true heartache.

God felt the time had come to take his plan one step more.  He wanted to
Make sure you were there at his door.  

We know in your heart you knew who made you, and gave you life.  At times we 
don’t understand  and it causes us strife.

We question the plan that he has made for you, but we know you are at
his side , not having to worry with the thought of pride.
We will miss you so much and life shall pass, but not ONE MINUTE
Will tick by without your memory and face as if etched  in glass!

God took you home to be at his side April 10, 2006.  No more sickness, no 
More tears, most of all, NO MORE FEARS!

God is your father, and he shall keep you safe.  You are in his mercy and his 
Grace.  Most of all, you are standing with him face to face.

We love you and you shall never leave our hearts. Rest in peace now Jan, 
And he’ll do his part.  We will meet all again in one accord and separation will be 
no more!



Copyright © tammy cox | Year Posted 2007

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Copyright © ruth york | Year Posted 2007

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She wears a metal bracelet, oh, so proudly,
With a POW’s name upon her arm.
She earns her living working in an office,
Typing letters and filing all those forms.

The girls down at work, they tend to gossip,
They talk about her, but not in an unkind way.
But all the same, sometimes it gets too personal…
On the coffee-break, you ought to hear what the girls say.

Welcome home, sister, tell us about Vietnam,
Welcome home, sister, tell us all about it, if you can—

Now what possessed a girl like you to go over there?
Were you running from yourself?—that’s what we heard.
Did you go for the thrills, did you go for the men, did you like those uniforms?
To carry it on this long, it seems absurd.

Yes, I played Country music for the G.I.’s,
I made that USO club tour scene.
And I rode with body bags in the helicopters…
And I saw a night-club blown to smithereens.

And yes, I go to D.C. on vacation,
I spend a lot of time beside that cold, black wall.
I recognize some names upon the surface…
Sometimes it feels just like I know them all.

Copyright © Steve Eng | Year Posted 2009