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The days seem to go by so fast. there is a void in the air, the birds have lost their vibrant beat, the ocean has lost its luster, the soil feels solid and dry.
My soul feels as if it has left my body before my death, my dreams haunt my day, the tears stain my steps, my doctor says that it is depression, I say that it is reality, I am intoxicated by society,I am numb by perscriptions.
Why do I feel so isolated within myself? is there no one in my painfully tight shoes? can anyone understand my pain? can anyone melt in my sorrows? why am I this way? why is the world so cruel? why can't I be normal?
Wait! I am normal, what am I saying, I know now, the veil has been lifted, humanity is my enemy, the sins that drip from their sweat, the dread that follows their shadows, their souls of black, their intentions of greed pull a shade across their eyes.
They are destined for doom, they will not be saved, they will not find salvation, they belittle me, they curse me, they shame me, but they are right about one thing, I am different, unlike them, I will be saved in the last days.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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Salvation for a Stranger

The streets are busy with silence,
And Sammy is in his own little world,
Focused on his own private route.
His own secret place,
Private, it’s a funny word,
A funny word just like, secret,
Sometimes we fail to realize how we carelessly carry our secrets on our sleeve.
Sammy wants his feelings, emotions, his life to be hidden away,
Still, in the silence of the streets, 
I see the sadness and stress all over his stance.

The shops are packed with stillness,
And Sammy is doing his job, keeping stands tidy, 
Keeping customers happy,
Making his manager proud,
Happy, it’s a strange word,
A strange word just like proud,
Feelings for ourselves that we sacrifice for the satisfaction of strangers.
Sammy thrives on the temporary moods of others to determine his contentment,
Yet, in the stillness of the shops and the silence of the streets, 
I see the sadness and the stress all over his stance, 
In each fragment of his face.

Between the shops and the streets, 
Sammy finds a place that he can refer to as home,
But in the silence and the stillness of his slow beating heart,
He understands that something greater than his being is missing.
And Sammy needs a friend, a friend to show him the truth.
A friend to show him that in the stillness of the shops and the silence of the streets, 
He carries sadness and stress all over his stance, 
In each fragment of his face, and in each shy shift of each shoulder,
For one reason, and one reason alone. 
He’s missing one more word oozing sibilance, 
The one word that completes, this poem and will fulfill his life.


Copyright © REGINA OLADIPO | Year Posted 2013

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I am a woman, not a woe-man

I am valuable but not worth any price
I am precious but far more than gold
I am productive but not for abuse
I can talk but not to be abused of talking
I am hardworking but not to be a slave
I am a wife but I am an individual too

I am a mother but I'm just human
I am strong but I get tired too, 
I am in flesh, so I need rest
I care but I value myselft first and foremost
I am kind but need kindness too
I listen but not to be lied to
I run the house but I deserve to run myself too

I am the help meet but I need support too
I understand but not to be misunderstood
I provide but I need to be provided for too
I run the kitchen but I need to run my self too
I am the housewife but I am a wife too, 
I am married, to my husband, not the house!
I love but I should not be taken for granted

I am weak but not to be raped, beated and scratched
I am submissive and obedient but not to be exercised power abuse on
I am a cheerful giver but not to be robbed
I am soft but not to have my blood squeezed out,
I am full of life but not to be taken away from me
Yes, I am a woman,
Created to live,
Not to be a woebegone!

Copyright © Ame Aron | Year Posted 2013

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The Magician

I was drawn here today,
to the quiet woods, to sit and think,
About life, love, fear...
For today it was the only near sense
Compelled towards this delicate space
As I watch those that pace by,
Spaced out...
Do they not find the woods fascinating
Do they not hear the quaint whispers
Through the wind, through the trunks
They do not see me amongst the trees
And at first I believe I am alone,
Perched on a rock,
Gone from reality...
And then suddenly, the butterflies,
They are here floating all around
In the air doting, dancing, rhythyming
How organic I feel...
How dynamic that living is constantly changing me.
I trip out on life sometimes
Alive at the edge of something else,
And in all the breath of air
An entire moment, an entire memory
A sequence of individuality,
The oneness of immortality,
How dare such a nature exist!
And fear, she is always persisting
Down in the corner of your binding thaughts,
Re-ordering momentum...
Sending you searching across parallels of perception,
And then suddenly this,
And interjection...
The magician...I AM HERE
As mother, she is calling me near
Speaking of love, of fear, surrender
I close my eyes to hear what I feel,
To sense the invisible side of real
As mother's queer tones circle around
Begging my eyes...
moving my soul...
And now here, some kind of vibrating,
Heart rezonating...
A serenade of sounds
And love...
Profound always somehow she finds
opening the doorways to the other side
Again I close my eyes, this space,
Touching gently against my mind
Behind these patterns I transform,
As I've seen what is out there being
And how we hide,
How fleeting it has become,
For inside another universe resides.
Here, in this space between spaces
We're looking in, and we're looking out
Through the perculiar, perpetual alive
I feel to shout
Down the valleys of existance the voice ecos out,
Travelling down, around, in, through, out and again I shout,
Sometimes im trembling...
Tasting bittersweet apon my lips
As the unfathomable rips through
My thaught inspection...
And then suddenly this,
An interjection...
The magician... I AM HERE
Questioning it all,
Using love to open more doors.
The unknown...
This, the inescapable trilogy we raom
To say we know...
This has no justified place
For the only known existance be...
That which the magician creates.

Copyright © Dominique Baptie | Year Posted 2015

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African Allliteration

#What we want#

Dear Dada,

What we want is worth

Let love live, 

Peace perfect praise...

...Let long lasting law

rule round reign.

Copyright © Abdulhafeez Oyewole | Year Posted 2013

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To Sin No More

(Out of Eden IV)

I’m cross as I cross The Cross
And wonder as I wander
My Spirit has rejected the spirit in me
For fear that it’s fare is fair.

The cause of my ‘coarse’, of course
Is as tied, as the tide betides
Fight then the fete of fate with faith
The feat, by the feet, defeat.

The bait of my bate the debate
As I bare the obeah that I bear
I’m taut with thought of tort I’m taught
Indecent descent to dissent.

Now, Requiem of Carpe Diem
Like a fool, I lived life to the full
My sinews of sins are a scene of obscene
Whether it’s seen or unseen.

It’s whether I’ll weather the weather
Just pray that I’m not the prey
My life is a life, in life, for life
Too dear and so dear to ‘dare’!

Please pass me a piece of peace
And sing me a song sung strong
To laud The Lord as loud as allowed
His Reins shall arraign to Reign.

						(The Fg 81.5.8)

Copyright © Robert Amure | Year Posted 2015

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a little ration

Heat my heart I hear a hero
this soul soothed, stilled, and silenced
golden, growth, gave me a guru
within, wild, waiting to whisper
I inclined, initiate impossible
imagine infinite isn't so infamous
IMHO SMH serves no justice
TKO LOL no need omega
delighted to deliver dharmic direction
self-appointed steward of selfless
practiced not perfect, positive portions
critical for compassionate connections
we, world, will win, with unity
culture continues to counter crosses
mediated meeting my middles merciful
If you think you know then answers pass by
not one mind built this vision
landmine lands filled with landfills
minus minding multiple menaces
covet care cause its a rare case
corporate ladder, or conscious staircase
choices chastised, for coursing courageous
caring contagious, counting on cowards
evils aired aren't left faceless
sights for sure are sore from wayside
be the change to see a day is seized
stay cold-hearted and this place will freeze

Copyright © Davin Payne | Year Posted 2013

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He swifts on by like a moon lighted night. 
He shines bright for a moment in time. 
His arm's always open with warmth. 
His smile always bigger then everyone elses. 
His heart of rage and fire. 
He swifts on by, he swifts on by. 
Who will know the true man within. 
The man thats full of sin. 
No one can, no one can, for we are all just man...

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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Eternal rainbows

When the world paints itself in a butterfly style
We can sit in its meadows and watch for a while,
And remember how beauty can rise from the earth
When rainbow wings rise from a butterfly birth,
In a fluttering heaven of life’s sparkling skies
Each sweet soul is a butterfly that never dies,
Wherever life tumbles through soul scattered days
There is always a field where the butterfly plays.

When the Springtime and Summer are merged into one
The butterflies dance before warm dreams are gone,
And when Summertime shifts into rich Autumn gold
It becomes the right time to come in from the cold,
So the butterflies search for a safe place to sleep
Until Springtime returns and the newborn lambs leap,
As the meadows grow carpets of exquisite blooms
And the butterflies feed in their colourful rooms,

The butterfly flutters by on Summer wings
Like a verse from a poem that quietly sings
As earth’s cycle returns to its elegant style
Still the butterfly lingered for just a short while,
Before leaving their eggs to hatch young ones one day
As the circle continues its wondrous way…

Copyright © Keith Robson | Year Posted 2014

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Flames roared through the nights sky. 
A glimpse of blue still protruded through the flames. 
The heat warmed the mortals below. 
They believed that this was a great night. 
The sky emulated a beautiful red color. 
The color was extraordinary with remnants of blue. 
They believed that they were all safe. 
They were not nearly as safe. 
They were witnessing Armageddon. 
The war between good and evil. 
For no one is safe until judgment day. 
That is the day when the sky will forever remain blue. 
The birds will sing a tune. 
The flowers will bloom. 
That will be the day. 
The day when we will all be ok.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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Soul Food

The taste of passion drips down a paintbrush,
Stroke after stroke with emotion in each drop.
A story told without words,
Is one to be ravished.
Can you feel it?
The change of heart within each pigment.
Fighting between love and hate,
Deciphering the symbols against a stigma.
Do not question creativity.
Question what makes you creative,
Then chase it.

Copyright © Evan Mattingly | Year Posted 2017

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This heart

This heart,
This physical, spiritual domain beating us alive
relentless like bees to their prized hive,
our honey of life,
our taste of a free mind on solid ground.
Freedom has opened up with honesty from inside,
out into the light of our expanded love.
a rare thing love is...reflecting? its own truth,
rejecting old patterns of disillusioned games,
the same confusion that cripples our souls flames.
and now i find it has been blown wide open,
unable to hide,
freeing the magic,
exposing the feminine and masculine aligned,
love is only accepting of what we find.
behind these closed curtains we reside in fear,
afraid to catch the shear waves of tide...
the flow of existence in engaging the now.
We face the self through the sublime eyes of others,
uncovering a healing miracle of a kind,
selfless acts...
sincere reflection...
an art designed to open our true heart.
unbent intent
heart expression holding nothing back,
for that which we fear is only that which we lack...
love is certainly enough as it is

Copyright © Dominique Baptie | Year Posted 2015

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Whiskey Magnolias

whiskey magnolias...

patchwork tongues
dart at the deep glass glistening--

We are painting the
wrought-iron spider webs
with silver moonlight.

My soul and the universe
are burning
at both ends.

Copyright © red barchettadrive | Year Posted 2015

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She Goes Back

She Goes Back
By Lillian J. Jeffrey

Whispers flow like a river
she will be sold
sold or rented like a cash crop

Born on a Maryland plantation
her mother works the big house
Harriet runs barefoot in the woods
side by side her brothers, nursemaids 
her younger brother, childhood ends at five

She is rented, sleeps on a cold, cold floor 
shares food scraps with dogs 
wounds yarn slow they say 
checks muskrat traps in marshes 
barefoot in icy waters she looks 

Her lungs fill, fill with fluid, her body burns 
she is sent back coughing, coughing, holds on
fights off bronchitis and measles 
her mother helps nurse her back

Rented to take care of a baby, clean house 
the baby cries, she’s whipped, whipped, she runs
runs like the wind, tumbles into a pig pen 
pig fights for potato peels

Her stomach empty, rumbles, she 
returns to her mistress, the whippings set
her back on fire, she is sent back.

Rented, rented to load lumber
hears Nat Turner led a revolt 
losses fighting for freedom
rebellions spark hope in her heart
whispers spread she will be sold

Her master dies, the new master 
rents her to a local builder 
the builder permits her to rent herself 
she makes money, saves, saves, runs, runs
bends with the wind.

Empty of fear, full of dreams of freedom 
doors open, slips of paper lead her way 
through the Underground Railroad, 
a network of shifting safe houses

Her heart skips a beat,
beads of sweat roll, roll down her cheeks
she crosses, crosses the Mason-Dixon Line.

Free at last, lonely, life stands still
like a still life of shells and bones
she is cut off, she longs, longs for her family

The sounds of rattling chains, cracking whips,
echo in her ears, she hears her mother’s
cry, hears her mother's cry, she goes back, 
helps her family, friends escape, escape 
on foot, through cemeteries, swamps, 
around hills, she never losses a passenger.

A will as strong as a rock
a will to endure, persevere 
a will to help others
nineteen times she goes back 

Shoes worn, spirits strong
more than three hundred slaves escape 
Harriet Tubman is nicknamed “Moses” 
for her fearless bravery, 
thump, thump, thump
bounty hunters on her trail.

Copyright © Lillian White | Year Posted 2017

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Dear fly...
How did i not truly see you before that day?
Before I lay ignorant with distaste for you
But you came, anyway, and loved me still
Be still you said....we are together now
We are touching, our souls have kissed
I am here as the reflections that you missed.
I cried when fly left
Tears so potent running down my cheeks
I cannot count the weeks, the months, possibly the years
How profound that it took tiny fly to release the fears.
Sunlight so bright inside and out
Revealing art...healing truth
unprisoned by the prisims of your heart.
You braught it back to me, dear fly
a memory that I lost
What we are, how we share ,
Rare perspectrives of seperation fear
Although we are physically apart today
In here we are together
communicating from the heart
I love you fly...I always have

Copyright © Dominique Baptie | Year Posted 2015

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Sublime Solutions

Sublime Solutions Squalid screams, shingly shores Slushy sullen spells Skies spewed sour solitude Supportive sidewalls sank Scrimmages sans solutions Sea splashed sorrowful songs Searching sauveness sauntered soul Sought soothing Supreme’s shower Scarlet smog swiftly swept Shimmery sequel sparged!
3rd November 2016 For Contest:CONTEST 233 any form,any topic max of 10 lines Sponsored by: Brian Strand

Copyright © Anulaxmi Nayak | Year Posted 2016

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A Remnant Remains

What Remains
Rick Folker
June, 2017
Kansas City, MO

When the crowd clamors
And the tocsin clangs

When the mighty and powerful
Crush the weak, the vulnerable,
The poverty that chains and shames

When fear fights fiercely
With the menacing gang
Silencing the prophets
With their poisonous slang

When the refugee seeks safety
Those sojourners are met with a
Door slamming
And a deafening bang!

When these omens and portents are
The normal sturm und drang
Of a soul-less people clinging to
Myths of endless positive change

When all of these mindless, pointless, 
Strife-filled days
Divide and dwindle down

To the ashes of the last 
Death pangs

A Remnant Remains
A Remnant Remains

And life and love are reborn and return
Again! and Again! and Again!

Copyright © Rick Folker | Year Posted 2017

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Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2007

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Anoint Me Oh Lord

anoint me oh Lord 
and please dry my tears
I'm trusting in your promise
to relieve my fears
anoint me oh Lord
show me your grace
as I worship You 
In this sacred place
anoint me oh Lord
please order my steps
lift me up
from the darkening depths

you're my tower of strength
you're my guiding force
you're my strongest ally
my spiritual source

anoint me oh Lord
as I bow to thee
praying for Your mercy
down on my knees
anoint me oh Lord
and to you I vow to serve
giving You all the praise
that You richly deserve
anoint me oh Lord 
on this very day
revive my spirit
and show me the way

you're my creator
the one responsible for my seed
you're my spiritual generator
who'll supply all of my needs

anoint me oh Lord
let me bask in Your light
show me perfect peace
all day and every night

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2007