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                                   Students studying Social Studies
                              Sacrificing under the sun shine
                         So sudden, so sad
                    But sharp mind shining on
               They share, tiredness they spare
          At last they survive!!
     Shamelessly showing their
Sweet success

Copyright © MariaDiding SajSam | Year Posted 2012

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School of life

Every Situation that is challenging
Trust me it is life Changing 
And if you think I'm joking
You should ask yourself why I'm always praying
and not playing

Life is not taught or bought
You don't Log-in to Google
And Google How to Live
There is no lines talking about living
Ask me...what Is life?

You have to take the wrong 
just before you reach your final destination
After I..took it
I see Life in a 3 Dimension

Copyright © Xihluke mlangeni | Year Posted 2015

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Nurse, Nurse

Nurse, Nurse I have an owie
I don’t’ know what to do
Because it’s getting soggy
Please tell me that you do

Nurse, Nurse I think I have a coco
I tell you, man it hurts
I feel it’s driving me darn loco
Although it comes in spurts

Nurse, Nurse I think I sprained my pinky
My pencil fell and as I leaned
I smelled myself a little stinky
But help me please and I promise I’ll get cleaned

Nurse, Nurse I think I hit my head
As I stood up my brain was spinning
And I felt a bump and feel I’m dead
Help me please I want to play 9 innings

Nurse, Nurse I feel a little down
They said they didn’t like me
They’re making ugly sounds
Please tell them, they need to let me be

Nurse, Nurse I’m back at school today
You made me feel much better
I want to work and play
But most of all, to tell you, you made a difference! 

Copyright © Maria Elena Enriquez | Year Posted 2012

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God's Greatest Commandments are good works
Gives us Graces we need
Gifts of the Holy Ghost
Gives us guidance
Gospel Goodness
Gets us going to grow for the best


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2011

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Pearland High School I graduated in 1995.

I always wanted to be an my heart I knew I always was one.  I really 
need to go to New YOrk and paint abstract art.   My Mother and Father are real 
talented.  My Mother is an Artist.  I guess I got it from her.  I will never be as good 
as her. of course I have my own style.  I Know I am better I really can excel at 
things ya know I could be all american.  I ran track and did some things with 
which I considered  to be my friends it was a wonferful excellent time.  I will 
always cherish it.  Now with my disease I have dreams and nightmares.

Copyright © Jennifer Kruvalis | Year Posted 2008

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Holi, a hearty enthusiastic festival in horizon
Colours curdling, water washing every moron;
Out of us evil ever going and playing on
Land of character cherished by coloured lawn.
What a scene to see! Gracious glory gone
If you miss this mesmerizing festival upon
A folly. Foolish will be called such a conn.
Holi, a hearty enthusiastic festival in horizon

Holy played in school is highly pleasing crayon,
For Kinar, Aayushi, Kunal. Aryan or John.
Monorhyme has one colour, holi many micron.
Mital, Mitesh, Vaikhu, SIddhu, Saurabh are don.
This day even principal thinks to prevent throne
And join joy with teachers - see anxiety thrown.
Holi, a hearty enthusiastic festival in horizon

Songs, screams; dance, D.J.; homage and hymn on;
This day with Holika heavy burdens and sins thrown.
Cruel Hiranyakashyapa was killed; glory was won.
Kunal, Arpita, Sandeep, Amit and Shreyas on lawn
Play water and colours with cool Pari’s scone
In Jalgaon, Agra, Kanpur, Karanja, Surat or Bonn.
Holi, a hearty enthusiastic festival in horizon

Copyright © Sanket Jain | Year Posted 2017