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Joy and happiness dance in my beautiful soul
As i picked up my companion to write this eulogy,
Mother , i love and cherish you more than thousand luxuries
An epitome of beauty, pride of savador
Citadel of knowledge and wisdom you are
Woman of prestigious honour and peace.
I speak of your peace and reputation
When the air has gone on vacation
and The oceans on a journey faraway.
You give life to me upon many odds and misery
Behold me in your humble arms amidst joy,
Tribulation, pains and sorrow yet you complain not.
Call on the nightingale to sing melodiously to me
When i cry, you cry louder
You feasted on decayed food to give me better one
Led me along an arduous path of healing and wholeness.
I sing of your joy and love
among the heartless hyenas in the wild wood
You never leave me behind the stormy weather yet
The dimples on your cheek remind me of hope and success.
I adore you mother, queen of the east
Priceless gift of nature.
Nwanyibuife your native name remain me of woman value
I am on the other side of the world
To bring back the lost glories to your home.
Cry no more for the sake of your beauty
Your unfaded skin which remind me of African beauty.
I love you mother beyond human explanation.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2014

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The Son of Aleppo

The Son of Aleppo

“Mother why are you crying?”

She looks at he’s small gentle green eyes with ashes surrounding his skin. 

“Momma why are you crying?” 

Her voice slowly appears into the mist of desperation and sadness. Her voice is trying to gain courage not for her but for him. So his eyes can come alive, for his hope to not vanish, so He can see there is good in his lifetime. But she is not soo certain if there is any good left. She wants to hug him but her weak body is not able too, Her eyes are burning with red lines surrounding her watery tears that fall down without her consent. 

“Mother why are you crying?”

Again her weak voice is trying to gain courage to speak. Her fragile body is shaking and all she can do is fall to the ground so she can see him right into his eyes. But  her tears are covering her from seeing him. Her arms are slowly moving towards his shoulders. And whispers to him “Be brave my son….. Be brave…”   “My son be brave.”   

“But Mother why are you crying?”

Her tears are falling un-controllably and her arms are squeezing him tightly and her wails of sorrow start to come out. She is yelling and sobbing. Her cries can be heard far away. 

“Mother don’t cry.. Please”

She couldn’t answer his question. For there was no rational explanation to let him know that his heart and mind has been overshadowed by hate that has been consuming this world . The explosion that they both had to overcome is just one of another for him. She knows that living around violence and hate is normal. For he has not seen peace, he has not seen tolerance, and he has not seen compassion.

“My son….”

He has only seen fear, hate, and war. There can no be any rational explanation for it. He has never had a stable home. He has never had a warm meal, and he only knows his father’s name but has never seen him because the father was killed before he was born. 

“Please do not cry…..”

She can only have hope that maybe this destruction from Greed, Hate, and Fear can vanish.  The sounds of gunshots and bombs are the only thing close to home. for the both of them.  It is the only thing that keeps them closer as Mother and son. 

His future seems to be darker and darker as the days pass by.  Will he be taken by the rebels and force to fight? Will he be forever be a refugee and no nation wants him? Will he just get shot or lose an arm? Will he starve to death? Will he get lost among this never ending destruction? 

Copyright © Melissa Duran | Year Posted 2016

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Fire, Fire, Burn Brighter

The destiny of death dashes through the door,
where I cannot collect or contact a calm nature.
Exalted enemies slip into your sliced system,
while wicked, wanton disease waste my sanity.
I scream loudly for the litany of life to
beckon and bring back the beauty in your face.
The fierce fates hear and halt to my demands.
Slowly, the deadly doom diminishes.
A sacred smile blesses your blooming body,
while my ice soul regenerates and restores heat.
The bright blazing emerald eyes excite and
rectify the red flame of your sparkling spirit.

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2016

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I have the finest mother
that I could have nother
she shows great concern
and showers joy, I learn

she cleanses all my clothes
and never complains of her toes
I I'm ill ever
she is beside me forever

she treats all my friends
and the good time she spends
she has that utmost patience
that gives us keen existence

I like mother, to the fullest
cause her presence is the tempest
I now feel the world change
without her I can't manage

Copyright © REMALLA S SOMAYAJI | Year Posted 2015

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Mother luck shine on me
Like the sun on a steel
Make way for me in the desert 
Let them know i come not in vain
In this world but to impact
On my generations not to watch in vain
Shine greatly on my face and body
Honour my soul to actualize 
Those dreams nature gives to me
Mother earth was there, she bear
Me a pleasurable witness on that day
The creator gave the birth right of success to me
Shine hope on me, i do not crave for foolish
Riches rather for goodwill and honesty 
among my people and the next generation
Mother luck shine on me for success
Shine greatness on me not failure
Shine smiles on me not sadness 
Make the air pronounce my humble name
And single me out for good from the multitude
Mother luck smile on me like the sun
On a steel.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2014

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What makes a great mom, dedication to all moms

What makes a great mom, 
Is love from the heart. 
You’re a great mom. 
We try our best,
To raise our children right. 
Teach them wrong and right. 
Guide them in the right direction. 
Even in the good and bad times, 
We still love them with all are hearts. 
They have our hearts, 
Even when they grow up. 
A love from a child is forever, 
It’s a gift from god,
Also the greatest love. 
We raise our sons and daughters right,
It shows and will always show. 

Copyright © Angel Hale | Year Posted 2012

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Writer Crazy

Life is so crazy/ 
Death so busy it never get's lazy/ 
Thoughts blurred and blinded by true lies that they always get hazy/ 
The mother ****ing devil is always trying to chase me/ 
But I'm stronger than that I won't ever let *****like that ever ****ing faze me/
 I no longer care if any muther ****ers want to over or under rate me/ 
I've already been ****ing up on my own lately/ 
I take your ****ing criticism greatly/ 
*****es I'm too real for any of you fake mother ****ers to fake me/ 
I'm too ****ing still in God's foundation to let the devil shake me/ 
I'm the general, the king of my own *****nobody can't ever break me/ 
**** what people say for I am the maker of my own *****people can't ever make me/
 I'm the leader and deliverer of my own *****you can never take me/ 
Who want to question *****about *****mother ****ers thats why I'm Writer Crazy.....

Copyright © Travis Lone Hill | Year Posted 2012

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Hate to Nurture

Have half to hang hand in hand
And harp the harmless hate
Then heap the hazardous haze of heartbreak 
And heave the ironic heroine 
Because the hollow horde that hovers over head 
Is now the narcissist on narcotics 
Creating nausea near the neglected one
While the network of nerves brings news 
Of the night nitrogen seemingly never-ending
So end the notorious nudge of nylon personality. 

Copyright © Gabrielle Wolcott | Year Posted 2011

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Grace of the Glove

The masked palms pondered and perceived
many moments marked by life's ladders.
Yesterday, lilac extensions flourished 
around the charm of a child's careful
contemplation by the cardinal's song.
In May, graceful gloves gripped the
grieving over the loss of attenuated love.
An anniversary arrived, and opaque hands
remained colored by diamonds that gestured.
They hold an antique letter with worthy words--
a proud tear stained the treasure, and one
hand reached for oneself, not another.

May 3 2002

Dedicated to my mother Claire Gail Cooke
Her second death anniversary
July 19th 1943 to May 3 2001

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2016

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Divine Goddess

Maternal maidens modestly make miracles
Incubating infants into incarnation
Loyally loving laundering life
Completing consciousness crowns, circulating
Fortuitous freedom, forgiving
Enlarged egocentric expulsions
Boundlessly boiling beseeching brothers
Preventing planetary peace
Wisely Worship women with wholeness...

Copyright © Darren Garmer | Year Posted 2011

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The Beauty She is

The beauty she is, she walks across all 
different phases of life and yet show
with such elegant display to enlighten others

The beauty she is, she speaks like an
angel and exude with graceful poise despite 
when others deny her

The beauty she is, she possess with
a sparkling touch on her gracious face
to shine a light on others

The beauty she is, she reminds me of a 
green flourish evergreen tree, strong 
and vibrant to survive when face with 
stormy and disaster weather

The beauty she is, she is filled with
optimistic and persistent when life 
lets her down 

The beauty she is, she carries with 
a joyful personality with greatness
and appreciation for life

The beauty she is, she is always so 
uplifting and exuberant for the love 
of passion in life

The beauty she is instilled in me with
great moral and true character to be

The beauty she is, exemplify with honesty
and graciousness to treat others

The beauty she is, she glows with
radiant and sincere that put others at
ease and a jolly smile

She embodies with courageous strength
and determination like a great tall 
mountain stands high in the blue sky 

And the beauty she is…….
She comes to know my very own dearest mother

Copyright © Hanh Chau | Year Posted 2017

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Mary's Motherhood

The Church cannot forget her mission Was made possible by the Motherhood of Mary Who conceived and bore a Son Who is God from God True God from True God Mary is truly the Mother of God Whose motherhood as the vocation to motherhood Bestowed by God on every man raised to its highest level Thus, Mary becomes the mother of the Church and to be New Eve The mother of believers, the mother of the living J.

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2012

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Best Breakfast

My mystic mirror 
Shades silver stones simultaneously 
Later, light leaked 
Unconsciousness uttered
Sleep splashed sincerity
Amidst an aesthetic 
smile, stood shining stars
I immediately identified 
who was welcoming 
morning marvelously; My mother...
Sleep slept, smiles spread
Today's treasure,
Best Breakfast...

Morning, Mother...

Copyright © Sara Zahed | Year Posted 2008

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My Prudent Boy

We missed you my sweetheart
many years away from us
You left when you were twelve
Now look at you!!
You have grown like a tree.

Here you are more handsome
Educated to the highest level
You went overseas to get education
I am proud of you my love
You are going to lift this family
We are proud of you.

Go to the courts my love
Rule with justice without haste
Let the sky be your limit
Do not listen to bad people
Work with zeal my love
Never give up to the end.

By Vincent Omondi

Copyright © vincent omondi | Year Posted 2011

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Mothers love

A mother does more, 
Then just take care of there kids.
We go out of our way for our kids,
Even as a single mom.
We try to give our kids everything we can.
We try to give our kids the best we can.
No matter how tired we are,
We get up for our kids.
No matter how much pain will in,
We fight through it.
No matter how hard it is,
We still stand strong.
No matter what, 
A mother’s love is one of a kind.
We love our kids with all are hearts,

Copyright © Angel Hale | Year Posted 2012

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Pearland High School I graduated in 1995.

I always wanted to be an my heart I knew I always was one.  I really 
need to go to New YOrk and paint abstract art.   My Mother and Father are real 
talented.  My Mother is an Artist.  I guess I got it from her.  I will never be as good 
as her. of course I have my own style.  I Know I am better I really can excel at 
things ya know I could be all american.  I ran track and did some things with 
which I considered  to be my friends it was a wonferful excellent time.  I will 
always cherish it.  Now with my disease I have dreams and nightmares.

Copyright © Jennifer Kruvalis | Year Posted 2008

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for this girl of 6,
so lost and unfree,
her father abandon her,
"where are you daddy?"
scared to the flesh ,
she searches her home,
looks at the id,
no one called on the phone,
as she finally stops,
she gives into herself,
she knows hes gone,
nd left her in hell,
the tears fall down,
as she covers her eyes,
her face gets redder,
as she crys and crys,
"mommy is dead"
"lying on the floor"
"its all your fault daddy"
"i love you no more"
as she quietly shivers,
she remembers the past,
her mom was at home,
he shot her ass,
"whyd you do it daddy"
"whyd you shoot mommy"
"how could you do it",
"when you loved her softly"
so she went on her life
and remembered as she grew up,
"i hate you daddy"
"i hate your guts".

Copyright © Bunny Olivarez | Year Posted 2006