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War field

A soldier in war field
Using both my weapons, 
For I have other soldiers facing defeat, 
For oblivious they were. 

Not only physically, 
But also psychologically, 
Am I in the war field
-I am prepared. 

Different are the wars,
Different are the forms of attacks
-I have to be careful, 
For a family I have back home. 

Many were prepared for war field, 
But only to find that psychologically they faced defeat, 
For not only physically,  but also psychologically are war fields.

Copyright © Loyiso Kibido | Year Posted 2016

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Silent Honors

It is not in parades or days  		 
We find the fitting honors.		 
It is not in displays or ways 		 
We bring our veterans praise.		 

The highest honors silence knows;	 
In hearts and eyes and poses.		 
In hearts that burst with gratitude	 
And eyes where weeping flows.		 

In poses where the comrade stands	 
Stretched tall in firm salute.		 
They honor others with their hands	 
Without a word, stand resolute. 	 

In silence lift our veterans.		 
In honor, stop and remember when		 
A father, mother, son or daughter	 
Gave themselves for the brethren.	  	 

Silence comes and calls: “at ease”
And comforts loved ones lost.
We too find solace and reprieve
While heaven cares for these.

Copyright © Tom Valles | Year Posted 2015

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Roaring radiant raging waves of heat,
the charging beast, glowing red hot with anger,
devours all within its path; left over sable statutes
send streams of spiraling smoke sketching
grayish designs upon the hazy blue canvas above.   

Weary eyes reflect the yellow-orange-red glow
that only the rage of a Dante-like hell could bring.
The wretched earth once again lay hopelessly
on the remnant of her charred bed: awaiting
her steaming tears to wash away the ashes.

In the meanwhile mourners collect scorched
memories: telltale recollections of sacrifices
nature left upon her Vulcan altar.

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2015

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Words are strong 
Words are deep
They make you think
One simple word
Can change an opinion 
Where did words
get there power 
Why do words 
have so much contro

Copyright © Quincy Polk | Year Posted 2014

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Poignant proof primes
Meek memoir mimes

Time tells taut tales
Seek succinct sale

Meet moments meek
Precious plots peek

Memory mulls
List loiters lull

Spacious space sighs
Crisp clumsy cry

Treasure tough times
Rapture reaps rhymes

Calm craft charms choice
Ply profound poise

Sense solemn strains
Prize precious pain

Leon Enriquez
24 August 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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Make moments move
Play puzzles proof

Speak succinct say
Dream designs day

Live laughter light
Sense sanguine sights

Beam brilliant bout
Sweet silence shouts

Wear wisdom well
True touching tells

Watch weary world
Try tender twirls

Mind matters meek
Sensuous sway seeks

Dream dazzles dance
Choose clever chance

Leon Enriquez
11 July 2015

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015

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Bright blossoms bloom
Rich rapture rooms

Time trades treasures
Mind moves measures

Meet meddling means
Watch worry wean

Dare dreamy daze
Charm champions craze

Jest joins journey
Freeze-frame funny

Prime piquant pun
Real ripples run

Delight dream date
Forge fancy fate

Leon Enriquez
12 July 2015

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015

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Love lives
Grace gives

Light lines
Feel fine

Grand gist
Lines list

See sense
Treat tense

Sight shows
Grand glow

Pick play
Dream day

Heed hurts
Dust dirt

Time tells
Dream dwell

Wise ways
Pure play

Feel flow
Sound show

Art airs
Fun flair

Grand good
Moves mood

Leon Enriquez
25 January 2017

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2017