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can't live without u

If i could never talk to you,
i would go crazy.
If i could never see you, 
it would break my heart.
If i could never hear our voice,
I dont know what i want do.
I cant live without you.
You make me happy.

Copyright © Angel Hale | Year Posted 2012

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Cheater's Chair

A destructive dance indeed,
betwixt the two we bleed.
A bellowing, bloody abate,
this stale, seductive state.

Simple, senseless steeds,
jealous fires feed.
Perjuring petty plights,
demons do delight.

A crimson, cheaters chair,
awful angers air.
No trust, truth or taste,
wallowed wantons waste.

Envious, eager eyes,
rejoicing a wrathful rise.
Coveting, careless couth, 
yesteryear's eager  youth.

Copyright © Stacy Stiles | Year Posted 2012

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My Love

My love I can not find you anywhere, 
I feel like I lost my soul somewhere, 
because you are my soulmate, 
and us being apart can not be fate. 

You did not leave because you wanted to, 
It just was just something you had to do. 

I was not right, All I wanted to do was fight, 
and knowing you was the love of my life, 
yet I would not make you my wife. 

I know that's what you really wanted 
and now I am feeling haunted, 
by the things I should have done, 
and you being the only one 
I ever loved and will love forever, if it was'nt for me we will still be together. 
But you are gone 
and I can not go on, 
so I must say good-bye, I'm leaving myself to die.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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My Worst Christmas Ever

Snow falls around us 
as we hug for the last time
Niether of us let go
Our first Christmas apart
since you met my parents
I feel as if holding on forever
could possibly prevent the end
As I look into your eyes
You brush a tear from my cheek
"I'll always love you," you say to me
As we kiss for the final time
I remember all the time spent talking when we met
Knowing you was enough back then
I never thought I would lose you
We finally let go
You brush back my hair and said not to cry
As you walked to your mom's car
it felt as if I died inside
You climbed in and closed the door
and we waved our final goodbye

Copyright © Sierra Arnold | Year Posted 2010

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Waft my wonderful words to my waiting woman

waddle along wise women
whisper this wayfarer’s wishes
with will and warmth
wind your way- waggling wheels
whiz this way and wear my wit to my wiry wonder

wiggling wave wash my wits
weave my words like a wreath
and wedge them on my winsome would-be
wag my wealthy words whirling wind
waft my wonderful words to my waiting woman

Copyright © Olugbenga Hodonu | Year Posted 2015

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My eyes have danced along the lines of your sex, wanting to behold what's most complex

Hard and soft
Soft and hard

Go deeper, push into my heart

Wet as water
Warm as the sun

Thrusting deep inside until we are one

Enter my mind,
Ravish my soul,

Breathing and moaning

I relinquish control

I surrender only to you,
Because this passion originated with you 

No, another won't do
My sex wants only you

Copyright © Latisha McDougall | Year Posted 2016

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what u mean to me

You dont see what u do to me.
You dont see what u mean to me.
Cant words cant express enough.
u make me happy,
more then i've ever been.
u treat me right,
that means alot to me.
Your everything i want,
even more.
u amaze me in so many ways,
never met any one like u.
But i'm glad i did.
'Cause i've falling in love with u.

Copyright © Angel Hale | Year Posted 2012

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Wasteland of Shame

Bound by blame, broken by blight,
Scarred by a stolen satire,
nuzzling necrophiliacs within the night.

Tangled in torment, tied untamed,
blemished by the blasphemy,
of never speaking your name.

Shackled in sin, shredded sovereignty,
dealing death’s doses,
murdering you and me.

Cuffed with candor, calling our crimes,
to an impetuous enslavement,
tortured through time.

Set me free, to flee this fool’s game,
where we're always left wandering,
in this wasteland of shame.

Copyright © Stacy Stiles | Year Posted 2012

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Look At My Man-go!

Look at my magnificent man.
So sweet and sultry and always has a plan.
Every lovely layer I pull back I find gold
When God gave me this glorious man He broke the mold.

Walking and whistling is what he does with ease.
He's always so sweet and satisfying to please.
Taking a bite out of him and take a trip to the dentist.
Any girl would be lucky to be on his love list.

However, this heavenly dream has become just mine.
He's a walking dish---so delicious and divine!
He became such a special surprise on those sultry summer days.
So refreshingly refining that he put me in a haze.

Others I find ogling at my oh so original man.
It used to brutally bother me but, now I understand---
Not many have such a sweet man to go home to.
But ladies, I'll let you look just once, and that's all I can do.

Ladies, I'll give a little advice on landing a good man.
Appreciate all his attributes, even the ones you can't stand.
His sweetness and his smile will always satisfy you.
Bumps and bruises in life will come, so learn to appreciate them too.

Copyright © Brandee Augustus | Year Posted 2010

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It is up to us

It is up to us
If blissful beams will brew from the 
Bloom of our bounteous bond

It is up to us
If moving melodies will mount from this duet
In a magnificent mode made up by the Master

It is up to us
If this handsome halves will hatch and harp
A harmony no haunting heinous one can hack

It is up to us
To nourish it with noble nosh and nectar
And nurture it in nice notions and nature

It is up to us
To deck it in devout drapes and dye in dazzling decors
With no dint of debauched debris

It is up to us
To deliver this destiny to divine dominance
Or divide in the devil’s divorce and discord

Copyright © Olugbenga Hodonu | Year Posted 2015

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More Bounce Per Ounce

<            Betty Boop bought boyfriend Bimbo some basketballs to bounce 
              But being blind her boyfriend Bimbo bounced Betty Boop 
              Boy Betty Boop did boldly bounce bad

This Little Lady Is After My Own Heart
For No matter What She Does Wrong
Her Eyes Seem To Capture The One She Loves LOL
And Also One Of My Favorite Cartoons

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2011

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As I Watch you Sleep

I watched you sleep. In the dark of the night
With such a smile on my face, That brings joy to my heart.
Night after Night, We're so out of sight, Nobody knows.
Alone so empty, Betrayed by love,  Ones we trusted.
Ones so close to our very heart, Ones we thought so true. 
Yet what could we do. 
Lost souls of the heart, Its what we'd become .
Now we bond as one, You said yes , Im so glad as did i , 
On that very site, To our delight .
Then we spoke , How could we have known.
What we'd feel, On that very first night. 
So much in common, It took us by surprise, 
So alike my love, In so many ways.
Miles apart yet, So close in our hearts .
They beat as one .
So much passion, Our open hearts share . 
Yet so much pain, Just the same .
Our betrayed loves, Its what they done .
Destroyed us bit at a time, Then came back for more .
Now its us, In so little time, yet so close we've become.
A feeling so strong, A bond so close.
One of a kind,  We're both the same.
I give you me, Heart, body and soul.
I promise you loyalty, truth and never will i betray.
A love so strong you'll never want let go.
A heart so pure, You'll always believe. 
No cause to doubt, Its just me. 
Thats what you'll see. 

Copyright © donna burns | Year Posted 2011

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Fragile Feelings

Your youthful presence puts my mind asunder.
Taboo things come carelessly from your mouth,
While we scream and shout. ---

Lousy lurker you must look elsewhere for your love.
Search sideways and under, 
Over open fields and
Through thick groves.

May Mother Mary have mercy,
Should she show to you many mortal loves
Once our argumentative aroma is done.

I inevitably loved you like a lamb loves it's flock.
But because our differences deepen our anguish at all times
Carefully convey your fragile feelings to another.

Copyright © Matthew Lorenz | Year Posted 2010

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Can't seem to say how much I've wondered About the way I found you here To think the ways I could have blundered And never known that you were near Life's funny how it plays it's aces In many ways it's all a dream Nobody knows it's many faces And things are rarely what they seem. So fate has thrown our lives together Can't say it picked the best of scenes Or even that this storm will weather but Time will tell us what it means To use this time and make it better Enjoy our romance in a letter

Copyright © Anthony Cassano | Year Posted 2015

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my world

Your the sun,
that makes the world light up.
Your the stars,
that shine in the dark.
Your the spark,
thats in my eye.
Your the picture in my head,
that i see.

Copyright © Angel Hale | Year Posted 2012

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Arms of love

When I lay in ur arms,
i feel safe. 
Laying in the arms of love,
never wanting to leave,
I wish i could lay in ur arms.
Forever and never leave.

Copyright © Angel Hale | Year Posted 2012

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My Aphrodite

I once had a love
Who was most beautiful to me.
I even went as far
As to call her Aphrodite.

Because she was the one
From which I learned to care.
I loved her deeply back then,
But now she is no longer there.

Though I still have much to learn,
Since I am a mortal man,
She showed me I can do anything
If I truly believe I can.

Just like ancient Greeks of old,
My Aphrodite made me feel like a Hero,
And, just like Hercules, she told
Me, I am no longer a Zero.

I am grateful to have asked
Her to be with me.
And now that she is back in the Heavens,
She is now truly my Aphrodite.

Copyright © Caden Jones | Year Posted 2011

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A tale of two in time

Thus they trust their tale to tell
of two in time, twined and twinned
Travelling this thorny track
But tracing a treasured trail of truth

Though today in tasks and toils to tackle
And trades to take on in throes of tides
Yet also in the tapestry of teeming twists and turns
With thrills and treats, transient and timed

Tomorrow at twilight, to tenderly throw off their troubles
And thankfully take up treasures and trophies
As triumphant tell-tale tunes tickle them to thrills
With Ten thousands times ten thousands 
And thousands and thousands 
At the threshold of timelessness 

Copyright © Olugbenga Hodonu | Year Posted 2015

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Fragrant strawberries
resembling plump lips,
when no other fantasy could ever excite us more;
creating a lover's luscious desire
anytime you stare at them with a tempting eye...
taste their sweetness and sigh! 

Fragrant strawberries
growing in sunny fields to delight everyone;
pick many and enjoy them with appetite,
don't forget to fill up your basket 
for your noon snacks and strawberry cake...
taste their sweetness and sigh!

Fragrant strawberries,
dreamed by lovers for their red, attracting color
to invigorate their passion at a later hour;
O sweetheart, kissing you is like tasting them!
Shouldn't I enjoy this feast without haste...
taste their sweetness and sigh?

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2010

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Girl's Souls

Snips & snails & midnight shadows unaware--

...the soft flesh of wildflowers tremble
in the blistering wind.

Slowly shifting their tattered reflection...
Twilight fire, painted angels
bleeding dreamlessly.

A perfect stranger
melts like a million echoes ground into dust--

Eternity glows like a falling moonstone.

Girl's souls
really are sugar and spice...

Copyright © red barchettadrive | Year Posted 2015

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I was born in Babylon
Everyday I want to be alone
I prayed not to get low
Everyday Babylon claim more soul
I just have to go, seek for more show
I grow with no shoes under my foots
Ganger is my food, 
Mosquitoes sing the reggae allover my room 
Webs block my views, killing my crews
What can I do to survive when am buzz

Where is that place to get crazy?
That place you cannot erase,
That camp with more space,
Where you don’t have to get late
That place where you just want to be free from
“Babylon” Babylon” Babylon…I want to be free

If there is a question, it should be about relation
My action will generate your reaction
Is substitution the way to be free from Babylon?
The game is always ON, grow horns like Capricorn
Cut the vegetables; let’s be able to be stable

Copyright © tomiwa simon | Year Posted 2012

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Angel in my life

Walk in a room as it lights up.
Angel from heaven above. 
Sweeter then candy.
Smile is contagious
Arms warm around me.
Warrior who protects his love ones.
Being around you becomes a chain reaction. 
hazel eyes that you cant look away from. 
More to see that lies behind a gorgeous face.
The Angel in my life

Copyright © Angel Hale | Year Posted 2012

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Make me Happy

Never been this happy,
Till now.
How can some one have so much love,
That it warms your heart?
You have a big heart,
You Love every one.
You never hold a grudge, 
Even when some one does you wrong.
You forgive,
Never get any one back. 
You treat me right,
Never had any one like you.
You make me happy.  

Copyright © Angel Hale | Year Posted 2012

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Gorgeous Eyes

Your eyes so gorgeous,
They light up.
That they become breath taking,
Taking my breath away. 
I look in your eyes,
Getting so lost.
Never wanting to be found.

Copyright © Angel Hale | Year Posted 2012

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Unspeakable Love

No one knows the higher heights to which their love had climbed Or how their simultaneous thoughts, fluidly flow Required replies to queries crisscross from minds in sync And countless compliments and sweet gentle gestures, he lays upon her heart Popular redundant rhetoric, now unnecessary is made extinct by…unspeakable love ~*~
For: Adeleke's "Unspeakable Love" Contest

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2011

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Fight for you

My family looks at you;
They don’t see what you mean to me.
They say your hold me back,
But there wrong.

You make me happy;
I don’t want to live another day,
Without you in my life.
I’m not going to let them break us up. 
Cause I know now, 
What you mean to me.

I don’t want to see you upset.
I don’t want to break your heart.
Give me another chance.
Give our love another chance.
I bet we get it right this time.
Let’s fight for us.

It don’t matter what any one says.
It don’t matter who is against it.
They don’t understand,
Without each other we are barley breathing.
So let’s get air in these hearts again.
‘Cause I can’t live without you. 

Copyright © Angel Hale | Year Posted 2012

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Lasting Love

Ravaging roundness renews romance when you are near.
Your raspberry shaded lips linger lovingly to be admired.
Firm and flavorful, flirtingly flaunting each New Year.
Succulent and sweet, sending Sapphic desires inspired.

Latitude of our lasting love litigates to our passion.
Summarizes sensuality securing the scent which fires,
Excitement and endearment, enriching eager fashion,
For favorable forever fervor, fuels favorite desires.

Raspberry aroma allures anticipation of one kiss from thee.
Luscious lips of my LuAnn, I await, another kiss for me.   

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2010

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Te Amo

Your gorgeous blue eyes, 
I love your eyes on you.
Your sweet voice that’s like a song,
I love when you sing to me.
Your arms around me,
I love when you hold me.
Your love is real,
you still love me
and never stopped.
You’re so sweet,
I love how your kind to others.
Te Amo Pat
Always and forever. 

Copyright © Angel Hale | Year Posted 2012

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A Fussion of Fate

I cherish the chains of her 
chocolate cheers, 
her chuckles charmed 
me like a cheap 
she lurks in love like 
lilly by the lagoon of 
my flawless flower 
flows... so fantastical.

A celebrity so sublime, 
with a celebral...celestial.
She dances  in the 
darkroom of my desire,
with drumbeats of delight in my 
dream at dusk,
Epic and exquisite, 
her elegance is so 

Rare, a ravenous 
rose, reigning on throne of 
glee and glow 
garnished her like 
golden glacia, 
bloom and beauty billows with 
bliss on 
her body,
O, what a terrific 
treasure, so timely and timeless.

Her inaudible 
voice slowly screams 
out loud,
her sweet smiles 
sound like effusive 
glamour gallivants 
all over her gorgeous 
wildest wishes 
whirls arround 
my wonder-willow,

She is the zenith of 
my zeal, a zestful 
cultured with colours of courage 
her tender tales are 
tainted with truth and 
on the hall of humility she 
hovers in a hall of honour.

Days drown into minutes and 
minuites melted into seconds
as we swim in the streams of 
serenity and simplicity;

I whirl in her wild world of 
warmth and wonder, 
in excessive exploration of the  
expanse of excelence.

Imprisoned, just to impress an 
emollient empress
taking my time to twist and trail 
from top to toe,
nurturing a nude nature in a 
nebulous night,
as the yellow moon of a moist 
morn moan mildly.

Under the rain of romance, we 
drolled to dance,
impervious to repellent, 
immersed in love,
in a fussion of fate, an irony of 
flying incognito, 
defiant to... desalinate, till we 
drank the dew at daylight.

Copyright © Adeleke Adeite | Year Posted 2006

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She spins in silly circles,
Ranting in ridiculous rhymes.
Giggling, giddy, and girly,
Forgeting fabled fears.
Twinkling tears tug heartstrings
Of her lover dear.

Copyright © stephanie Heward | Year Posted 2009