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"I can’t find the words I want to say! “
Under the moonbeam and sparkling scattered stardust, 
I can feel the dew, which surpasses through the night.
As I speak to you in tongue, this stale flavor becomes overdone. 
A taste of what is behind them luscious ludicrous lips.

I finally ask!
“Do you not feel what I feel?
Can you not feel my heart hesitating and holding hectically?
Addressed with attach anticipation on your side!
It is my hesitation, to answer with, “Please?”
The dwelling night disappears, underneath my deepen darken days,
In which makes every day, another night to come.
The wondering and whining worsens a little more.
I ache for seconds more, than my mind begins to mend.

The mornings keep approaching fast, the silences breaks!
Shattered scattered splattered words, finally released.

You start to nurture up around your notable noble nearsighted eyes.
For I have starved, just about all I can take.
Master of this crying slave… 
“Your perception burns, the prescription, of persuasive deception.”
Your inacceptable improper intention cannot heal me now!
Leaving an awkward awareness feel, which lingers to the lustiness’, lost inside of me.
With a wallow with a swallow, soaping and spiting the sight of you.
Meanwhile your thoughts focus on the painful pulsating pleasure. 
You will unleash on me…
For leaving all the crummy crumbling crumbs under our silver satin sheets.  
I will be smacking and snaking surrendering and yielding, yearning at your will.

Please Master Can I have another, Cracker in bed~~ ?


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2012

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F is for friends

Fantastic friends fry fresh fish friday for fun

Copyright © Harley Green | Year Posted 2011

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Five Funny Fairies

Five funny fairies, Fond of fairy-cakes Flying far from fairyland, Foraging for food Five fairies feasted, on flowers full of fat Freesia, Fuchsia, Fairy-fluff, frosted with fig fudge Five fat Fairies, full of fairy food Floating back to fairyland, flying far from fast
Contest : Alliteration Poems Please 2nd Place

Copyright © Nick Bagnall | Year Posted 2011

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Copyright © Juliet Ligon | Year Posted 2013

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Silly Sally scoffed six succulent spicy sausages Six succulent spicy sausages silly Sally scoffed Silly Sally succumbed to sickness! 11~16~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Fond of Food

Fond of Food
By Franklin Price

Fond of foods that flood the mouth
With salivation sweet
Candy's dandy for dentists too
When we have some sweets to eat

Copyright © Franklin Price | Year Posted 2016

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I Had a Vibrant Night

A Vibrant Night 

At night 
When the city is 
Lit with lights and literature 
Locals and visitors 
Ambiances and silhouettes  
Dances with the wet backdrop 
And the foreground 
Maybe a  new York playground 
The smell of the sound of savory sausage
Sizzling on the nights grill
Salivating tongues and painters pallets 
Dancing trees an autumn  light breeze
Brushes by as the train underneath 
Zooms pass passengers asleep
It's so unique 
The smell that permeates 
Pizzarias  and eateries 
It's so late....but that's okay
Let the night be our theater 
Now who's that musical  man over there
Playing his sultry song all night long
He sounds like Carnegie hall
Her dress is fighting the wind
His necktie is flagging the taxi 

She's tipsy, he's dancing like Fred Astaire 
Keeping her balanced,
Smells the mocha  in her hair
Their equilibrium meets with the stare of each other
Falling into each other embracing humming that man's song smiling...

Anton Brockenbrough

Copyright © Anton Brockenbrough | Year Posted 2016

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Creamy, Crispy, Criminally, Craved, Crimson Cravings

Copyright © Aaron Fletcher | Year Posted 2016

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Tongue Twister Time

'Tis a twisted, tawdry tale I tell
about traumatized turkeys in trouble! 
Two tense tribes of turkeys are in a tizzy !!!
'Tis no time to be timid, the time is ticking !!
Tongue-tied and tense, too terrified to talk!
their tail-feathers are twisted, it's torment they've got!

Taunts and threats are taking a toll
Tormented by a tip from a tacky, tattle-tale tipster
They are tagged to be treats and tidbits, tempting tasters
as tasty trophies, topping Thanksgiving tables!

Terrified turkeys are terribly traumatized 
Trembling in terror....tired, and too tuckered out!

Teary Old Tom is taking tranquilizers,
Tipping tequila....and teaspoons of tonic
Trudy, is trying to tame her terrible trepidation !
She's heard tawdry, tasteless, taboo tales of extermination!

The tribe tiptoes timidly, tearfully trembling 
Tongue-tied, trying not to tempt tyrannical terrorists..
Taking tactics, retracing turkey tracks, treading on ice,
teetering on the threshold of time

Targets for termination ???! 
This travesty is titanic, terrible, and too intolerably tragic !!

              !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!           P 
                !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!            L 
                   !!!!!!!!!!!             E 
                      !!!!               H
                      ^ ^            ^ 
                        O    -   > >
                    xx   xx

For Contest Sponsored by Mystic Rose

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2016

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Bubbling bacon
basks on the bright blaze
blobs blow up, 
burning beautifically on coal beds

The bark below bothers me
as I lay back taking the bite:
the branch bears the burden
of my tired bones

*Just a note, this is basically a joke written to try and figure out a genre, not really a serious poem*

Copyright © Grace Williams | Year Posted 2011

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Baby Bananas

Bunches of baby bananas
bright, beautiful
beloved bitty bites.


Copyright © Sheila Kathryn Barrera | Year Posted 2008

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Fruit Of Seduction


Soul-mates Sara and Steve share
Times of titillation, while tasting
Sweet scarlet shaded smiles.
Their reaching fingers find fruit,
As aroma arouses their appetite.
They’re helpless against a hearty hunger,
Yet, yearning is part of the yielding.
Planted for pleasurable picking,
The stem, still pliant secures temptation.
Softly, Sara squeezes juicy secretion 
While sensations slowly spiral. 
Steve licks lightly at the edge of her lips,
Sampling and savoring freckled spots.
Then, he drops downward to devour
What was offered to him without restraint.
The mouthwatering morsels make him eager,
But, patiently he puts Sara’s preferences first.
This is the way it should be, taking their time,
Lingering; as two lovebirds share lunch
Of strawberries, sweet and succulent.

Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 

Copyright © Virginia Mitchell | Year Posted 2010

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Soul Food

The taste of passion drips down a paintbrush,
Stroke after stroke with emotion in each drop.
A story told without words,
Is one to be ravished.
Can you feel it?
The change of heart within each pigment.
Fighting between love and hate,
Deciphering the symbols against a stigma.
Do not question creativity.
Question what makes you creative,
Then chase it.

Copyright © Evan Mattingly | Year Posted 2017

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Pudding preparation

A pleasurable, pleasing, pure pudding is being prepared
Covered and caked in cookie crumble
A really rampant, ridiculous but robust routine
Jammed jovially into a jumble

Copyright © Alexander Seal | Year Posted 2015

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Fragrant strawberries
resembling plump lips,
when no other fantasy could ever excite us more;
creating a lover's luscious desire
anytime you stare at them with a tempting eye...
taste their sweetness and sigh! 

Fragrant strawberries
growing in sunny fields to delight everyone;
pick many and enjoy them with appetite,
don't forget to fill up your basket 
for your noon snacks and strawberry cake...
taste their sweetness and sigh!

Fragrant strawberries,
dreamed by lovers for their red, attracting color
to invigorate their passion at a later hour;
O sweetheart, kissing you is like tasting them!
Shouldn't I enjoy this feast without haste...
taste their sweetness and sigh?

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2010

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Love, Like the Arils in a Pomegranate

Love, like a pomegranate can be bitter sweet. 
Its tang lingers long after laughter swells. 
The soul puckers pleasantly with each bite.
A luscious love, precious and unique, thrives.  
Life’s enchantment surrounds sweet-tart living,
Likened to the whitest pulp around twirls of tasty arils.
The future surrounds a delicious serving of dreams.
Where seeds of friendship are consumed in sweetness.

The pomegranate willfully waits, wanting to be devoured.
Wildly proclaiming ecstasy since the butterflies’ first visit.
Fabulous fantasies frolic from first inklings to forever. 
Reality rushes its rivers of waters roaring through rapture.
And springs forth this rare exotic fruit, ripe, raw and savored.
Budding beautiful love, which sings songs and satisfies longings.
Lively and luscious, unconsumed love triumphs over lust.
Spiritual passions simmer in life’s sizzling heat.

Tasting, like believing in enchantment, brightens beginnings.
Waiting awakening, flavors life like spicy pomegranate seeds.
Delightful daydreams dance upon the redness of love’s peel.
And reality races to anticipation’s castle in the sky… imaginings ravishing. 
Faith hopes that happiness hovers where respect and honors hold.
Perfection placed where enchantment becomes reality and fears forget.
Love’s season is savored more deeply and sincerely as lovers learn.
That beneath the hard peelings in life, sweetness grows, everlastingly.

© August 22, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2010

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Luscious Love Lingers--Linda-Marie

Peaches plumb perfection
Put peeled pickled and pleasing
Fruit fresh for freezing
Icecream in innocent
Hands has hundreds of hugs
Peaches perfection
Love light and lasting
Eternal ecstasy everlasting
Taste tongue to tummy totally tantalizing!
Smell the scent, senses soaring
Fragrantly frolicking face to face
Final fun frozen forever
Luscious love lingers!

**For Linda-Marie's contest note * tough subject for me Peaches are my favorite fruit 
and I just did the best I could with it.

Copyright © Doris Culverhouse | Year Posted 2010

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Twoday is terrific  Tuesday at TROUBLES  DOUBLES DINER.
EVERY  TUESDAY guests can have a $2 bargain price if they
Order before 2p.m.

2 times  Totally terrific.
Definitely DELICIOUS 
IS that  suspicious?

I said to the waitress TWINIQUE
I'd like to order a meal.
MAKE IT A DOUBLE if it's not to much trouble.

On second thought  let me have an eggnog 
I'D LIKE one meal two eat here and the 
Second meal to take out.
That's Two orders of the same dish.

I'M  TWO TIRED.  I Heard the food here 
Is twice as good as all the other  joints.
Twinique  turned to leave and I told her
"Make it quick  and quiet, please.

I observed the place  and realized I was one
Of two customers in the establishment.
She turned to leave and I stopped her a 
Second time two ask her for 2 pints of water
While I waited.

The winds were whipping at the door.  
Is that a twister?  Are they sisters?  I wondered
As two women  entered.  Then  2 minutes later
There were 2 men  entering  hmmm identical twins? I

Oh, yes. And I two have a brother we are
Fraternal twins.  Of course!!
The two women left, if you're guessing, you may be
Guessing right.
 They were TWINS.  2 sets of twins.
My LUNCH ARRIVED 22 minutes later.

I rapidly fed my face, with a ravenous appetite.
She  wrapped the second order to go.
I told her  I wanted two double surprise ice creams both
Laced with 2 bananas apiece.
I'm  much much two impatient.

Wrap those to go,  Thank you. 
The two bags were set on the counter 
2 minutes later I took a cab back two
My 2nd  floor apartment  at

22 twin state on second avenue, apartment 2B

Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2016

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Time for Tea

Tea time on Tuesday
Consumed in a chic cafe
in crimson colored cups
Tasty tradition for Townspeople

Copyright © Courtney Dyer | Year Posted 2009

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To Market

Butcher beats bloodied meats
Baker takes a heavy seat
Hands are flour’d, rolling dough
‘round wooded table to and fro,
Humming softly, braids and bakes
Bread loaves, muffins, pastries, cakes.
Olive bar, briny.
Plump lumps all soft and shiny.
Some are pitted while others, bare,
Engorged with peppers, cheeses fare
Better than their pitted mates
Drying out on doiley’d plates
For passerby to pluck and pop
Chew up, spit out
While they shop. 
Around the corner fishes stare
with cold black eyes and, scaly, wear
ice chips chopped from big brick blocks
mouths agape, tails curled mid-flop,
salmon, tuna, rockfish, crab
laid out for hungry hands to grab.
Children, cranky, fuss and fret
"Time to go?" Oh no, not yet:
The cart wheels squeal, high heels keep time
as mothers vie for first in line -
in hurried hand the checks, they sign.
Bag boys bustle by the street,
stuffing cars with eggs, bread, meat,
then the station wagons wheel away:
Another busy market day.

Copyright © Candice Fabian | Year Posted 2011

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The Aisles

Glistening counters of cooing concoctions packing covers of clever collisions. 

Rising towers of tasty temptation tricking triumphs too shortly forgotten.

Outstanding plumage of promised perfection packed perfectly into plump plastic pods.

Colorful rivers of ripening ribbons and rounds rolled out into rails.

Elevated sparkles of sweet saturation soothing swatches of swollen storms.

Rippling windows of widening whispers wishing wildly for fellows of wonder.

Yearnings hard howling holds hurried and helpless hoping high in the hallows of hunger.

Copyright © A. Sanders | Year Posted 2009

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Weighty Wanda

When weighty Wanda 
Discussed her dreadful diet 
She sarcastically said
Easy! I eat everything I eyeball

Copyright © Rebecca Beirne | Year Posted 2007

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Skinny Nick hid a jar of roasted peanuts;
a jar of roasted peanuts Skinny nick hid. 
If Skinny Nick hid a jar of roasted peanuts,
who found the jar of roasted peanuts Skinny Nick hid?

*My readers like this Nursery Rhyme,
because they love peanuts like
Skinny Nick did.

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2011

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They rattle my soul this mourning,
This slim redemptive moment held with in the hands
Of the clock – that lesser god who rankles low the
The vibration of the street; the movement
Of the sheets entwined around my ankles;
I sense the morning brew,
Seraphim dance around my nostrils;
My eyelids, screens of twin rainbow dreams,
The fluid of last night’s dreams has slowed
To level out my desire, for now.
God has banished all illusion,
All sin. All schemes – this moment,
Oh, brother how I breathe,
It stills my swirling soul’s articulation,
They can each have this day,
They billet back moments true and bright and 
Vivid –
Their sense of placement drives a nail deep
Within my awareness…

Copyright © Joe DINKI | Year Posted 2008

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Dining Dames

Dandy daffodils delight
Dainty Dames dining
Complimenting the crispy crossiants
Making their meal magnificent

Copyright © Courtney Dyer | Year Posted 2009

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Is It Soup Yet?

Peristalic pangs percolate
rumbling grumbling groans of,
"Feed me!  Feed me!"

Chocolate chomping 
does not curtail the hollow hollering,
"Real food!  Real food!"

A clock controls the
dashing diner of
lunch munch, breakfast break,
or dinner for a spinner
out of this humongous hunger.

A platinum plate if you please
piled provocatively
with a sprawling spread
of vital vittles ASAP.

Ring the bell
grant grace sublime
its time to eat
enough of this rhyme!!

Copyright © Sue Mason | Year Posted 2007

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Copyright © Michael Sender | Year Posted 2017

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Saccharine Sadness

Susie ate her sugarless serving with a slow spoon
Soggy sobs serenaded 
her seven-year-old sister’s
shocked, sensitive ears
Saccharine sadness sampled simply too soon

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017