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P- potential
U- underestimated 
P- presents from Heaven
P- pretty cute cuties
I- important to all that are awesome
E- essentially they are never really gone, just hidden!
S- so sad when they go to heaven... waiting for us to come, out puppies, our friends!

  a note from my pup (she's on my keyboard!):

                            /8welkrfcb/LEFB540 XZSD    SHE WISHES YOU A GREAT DAY!

Copyright © Gracelyn Mims | Year Posted 2012

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     P-Purpose to write
     O- Often thinking
      E-Enjoy writing
      T-Treasured words

Copyright © Darlene De Beaulieu | Year Posted 2017

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Animal Abuse

..."Animal abuse should be a felony."

Animal abuse should be a felony.
No creature should be beaten, tortured, and abused.
I have never known how anyone could be
Malicious and demented, so cruel and unforgiving.
And for what, what is the reward for you,
Laughter for a moment, looking big, showing off for your crew.

Animals, I have seen, 
Bloodied, beaten within an inch of their lives, dying.
Unloved, unwanted, neglected, abandoned
Starving for food and love, in my head I can hear them crying.
Every little piece of love is needed, every little soul needs fed.

Written by Gina Young
for Write It Deep and Dramatic, Please
on 9/4/11

Copyright © Gina Young | Year Posted 2011

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Bruiser, A Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

Rough and ready

Ultimate companion

Intellectual breed

Shadow by my side

Ever so playful

Regal little dog

Copyright © Susan Keogh | Year Posted 2009

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The Swimmers

In the wake of its

Fighting spirit---with
Its gold and

Copyright © Brandee Augustus | Year Posted 2010

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Vicky My Cat (acrostic poem for her) 4-6-06

                                                    Vicky my cat

                                                    I love you are loving and

                                                   Caring when you know when I need you

                                                    Kind, silly, cute, and

                                                    You are my little angel

Copyright © Susan Dwinchick | Year Posted 2006

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House Cats

How varied in color they are
One after another, a palette
Under house cat code
Some will stay true to their species others get spoiled
Everyone has their own individuality.

Cats never slow down
Are hyperactive comets, ricocheting
Throughout a house
Settling down is forgotten completely.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2014

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Last Walk (acrostic)

Late afternoon, on a June day, I took a stroll.
Another day like any other, but soon no more,
Shaded area before, darkened my heartfelt soul.
Talking to him, just a few minutes before, the roar,

We were pals, my little canine friend, poet and me.
Always together, except, when truck came speeding.
Listening, this terrible sound, how could it be?
Knowing the worst, I carried him, my heart pleading.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2009

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Raven-- Jackdaw or Rook,

Adaptable and Intelligent Crook!

Very Black or Black with Gray,

Every Caw-- An Ill-Omen, some say.

Never More: Poe-- such a grave day!

Copyright © bill frew | Year Posted 2010

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R eady to serve
O pen to kindness and understanding
T otally dedicated and devoted
T olerating only one true master
W illing to learn
E ver faithful
I mmense heart filled with love
L onging only to be loved as he loves you
L oyal and accepting to the end of his days
E xacting in his duties giving what he thinks is expected from him
R ottweiller - A good dog but not for everyone.

The Rottweiller is probably descended from the Italian Mastiff during the Middle Ages
and was originally used as a herding dog. 
It was bred in the German town of Rottweill.
It has a massive, powerful body, powerful scissors type bite and dark brown eyes 
with an expression of quiet good will and loyalty.
His personality is nervous around others but tranquil, brave and obedient with his 
family. He is easily trained with someone who knows what they're doing and has 
great desire to please. If he knows what is expected of him that's exactly what you 
will get. HE IS A NO NONSENSE DOG and becomes vicious if he thinks he or his master 
is in danger. He will give his life in the protection of his master or his master's property.
He is used as a herd dog, in police work, and as a watch dog and body guard.
Extremely affectionate but NOT the dog for everyone.
He needs a master with common sense, not some idiot who wants to beat him into 
submission. NO DOG NEEDS THAT!!
                                                                                          Judy Ball

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2011

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Cat Nap

Crawling, furry pet 
Aggressive, yet so lovable
Trying to get any sign of attention and winning it 

No worries planted in their feeble brains 
Attractive and a clever animal
Pleasurable extra family member, always keeping me busy!

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2012

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Tucker is our eighty pound Dogo 
Argentino family pet.

Under foot is where he lays.

Creeping into the kitchen at the 
smell of food; hoping, if he’s lucky
he’ll get a crumb, or two.

Keeps me tripping; he’s leading, 
then he abruptly stops, to see if 
you are still behind.

Evening and morning; you see 
two shadows, one is mine, the 
other is not.  

Rotten; spoiled beyond repair. 
He doesn’t know he is a dog, 
he thinks he is human.

Copyright © Madalyn Rosario | Year Posted 2016

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Wayward Friend and Pal

Was not looking for any more pets,
Although worried about this mutt.
Yes, I fed him, French fries and burger.
What I had not eaten, myself that day,
A stray that everyone thought stupid,
Reluctantly he stayed clear of many.
Daring not get caught, he ran away.

Free spirit, never loved by anyone it seems.
Raining one night, daughter brought him home.
I was surprised and captured, by his remembrance.
Everywhere he followed me; he was my friend.
Never forgot did he, that I gave him some food.
Delightful puppy I named Poet, he was part of me.

Always waiting for me, when I arrived home,
Now and always, his free spirit was his own.
Daring little mutt, not afraid of our bigger dog,

Precious thoughts of his strange habits, always there.
Along with the way, he loved to play and lick my ear.
Love had grown, between Poet and me, remembering here.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2010

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Human, is part of the word humane.
Universally, we should all be human.
My worries are; have we become insane.
Animals are to be treated, the best we can.
Nearer to God, we should be without distain.
If you mistreat an animal, that would be inhuman.
Tell me why, we allow so much worldly, human pain.
Yet, we all strive to save animals, with much acumen.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2010