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What is a Poem?

Poetry can be said to be a careful, inventive, or creative consideration of words written in order to convey some thought as a literary arrangement. Usually, but not always, the words written are designed to evoke emotion. Poetry can manifest itself as a two-word phrase, spoken word, or a one-thousand-page book.

The word poetry comes from ancient Greece. Poieo translated means “I create”. Poetry, when it is well written, goes much deeper than the words on a page. The ability to use written words to create images and feelings in the audience mark the abilities of a great poet. Much like sculptors have stone and painters have a canvas, a poet’s medium for expressive art is writing. Poetry is an art using language, but it is also a state of mind.

When many people think of poetry, they think of rhythm and flow. While this is a widely known and accepted form, there are many types of poems that don’t rhyme or follow any direct rules. In fact, some of the greatest and well-loved poets in history pushed the limits and broke the mold of what was considered acceptable prose. Instead, we should consider the ability of those words to speak to us, to make us feel something, rather than what rules they follow.

Also, when something from any art medium stirs feelings and emotions, giving your imagination freedom to roam and consider new possibilities, it is considered poetical. For example, dance performance can be called poetical for showing rhythm and creating strong feelings by using music and movement. The artists, or dancers, in this case, can help control your emotion and the emotion in the room.

So, poetry is a form of art in which expression is used to reveal, interpret, or express things which would otherwise be difficult to express. Poetry moves, speaks and is written. Whether life, love, nature, or humor, poetry has been used to interpret it. What life cannot express, poetry does. What love cannot articulate, poetry does. What nature and humor cannot say, poetry does in a way that does not duplicate, but compliments. Poetry is an interpreter of life.