Poet's Notes



I use the classical formation (below)

for end word pattern in both parts 1

& 2, with leeway given to modify

some of the key words in the tercet.


Stanza 1: ABCDEF

Stanza 2: FAEBDC

Stanza 3: CFDABE

Stanza 4: ECBFAD

Stanza 5: DEACFB

Stanza 6: BDFECA


Phew! These are hard to do!

Sticking to the required pattern

almost had me tied in knots!


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Part One

Now Zeno was a ladies' man, It's true.
He had the looks, the charm, the way with words
To woo most any girl, and win her heart.
But Zeno was a scoundrel, that's a fact.
He lured each lady to his web with lies;
Disdainful of the damage that he caused.

Each tear that fell, each heart that ached, he caused;
For he could not in any way be true.
He'd used each girl, cajoling them with lies;
Sweet poison in those sugar-coated words.
He fed them fantasies devoid of fact,
And then he'd go and break each tender heart.

Indeed, it could be said he had no heart,
Considering the carnage that he caused.
He was a heartless libertine, in fact,
With no intention ever to be true.
He was a master craftsman with his words,
But almost every sentence contained lies.

Yes, Zeno had the guile to speak such lies
As though they came straight from a loving heart;
When in reality those very words
Were poisoned arrows in disguise, which caused
Such pain within those tender hearts so true.
The varlet had no conscience, it's a fact.

And let me add here yet another fact:
On top of all the rogue's seductive lies,
He gave cheap trinkets, feigning love so true.
By such foul means he won each maiden's heart.
Oh, think of all the mayhem Zeno caused,
With dirty deeds and sweet, deceitful words!

But liars can be snared by their own words,
And such a thing did happen here, in fact.
His own mendacious tongue caught him and caused
Distress for Magda, who saw through his lies.
She knew at length, though feeling sick at heart,
That such a blackguard never would be true.

This caused her then to use her own choice words.
What Magda said was truly based on fact:
She said, "I've seen your lies! - and your cold heart!"

Part Two

Yes, Zeno was a ladies' man, for sure;
And every girl, he thought, was there to use.
His facile charm hid well his darker side,
As women danced, unheeding, to his tune.
His list of lovely conquests was quite long,
And it would surely grow, if given time.

He'd worked his evil spell time after time,
And thought that things would never change, I'm sure.
He'd cheated trusting Magda for so long,
He took it as a given right to use
His 'talents' tailored to his own sweet tune.
But all the while he hid his shady side.

He must have had the Devil on his side;
But even demons can run out of time!
Soon fate would play a different kind of tune,
And Zeno would be made to pay, for sure.
Then all the cunning ploys that he might use
Would miss their target, and fall short - or long.

Yes, such a thing did happen, ere too long,
As Magda - who had seen his darker side
And suffered by his hand - now vowed to use
Whatever means she could (all in good time)
To bring him down. And now she felt so sure
That she could make him play a different tune.

She found a rough-hewn chap who was in tune
With her own feelings, and before too long
They'd hatched the perfect plot, they both were sure.
And so, with this young ruffian at her side,
The vengeful Magda knew that it was time
To put her willing henchman to good use.

She paid him well, but bade him not to use
Excessive force when beating out a tune
On Zeno's ribs! "And now," she said, "It's time!"
Poor Zeno was attacked both hard and long,
Before collapsing, dying on his side!
The henchman had used too much force, for sure!

Fate's fickle tune changed key that day, and sure
Enough, would use those notes in triple time
For long-lost souls - one dead, and two inside!


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