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You Bring Me Down

You Bring Me Down

Respect isn't something we have
in what you call relationship
when I needed you the most 
you are never around 
and when you are 
you just bring my spirit down
I lost all respect for you 
because you never had any for me
you can't fix us now 
because I set my self free
you lost me 
at one time in our life we had together 
I thought just maybe I could count on you 
to show me love and respect
but you acted like a creepy clown
always bring me down
I don't know what is your problem
when I speak to you 
you don't take me serious
you think you are irresistible
but to me you lost it
I tried and I tried to make this work
but you aren't worth it 
Don't you dare call this love
you are a handful of drama
take it back to your momma
you are the reason 
its so hard for me to trust
all you do is bring me down
you are the talk of the town 
oh, how you bring my spirit to lowest 
you're not the man I need
Your invitation for us to have a talk
No thinks 
I'm tiered of wasting my time 
No more tears 
the damage is done
you put love on the run 
you was never fun
every time we had a talk 
you would interrupt me
and started turning everything on me
you interfered in my life
way too long 
I'm moving on 
all you ever did was bring me down
you are a sick clown .

Poetic Judy Emery 2010

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 11/4/2017 1:08:00 AM
Sometimes poetry can morph into a plea, out crying, release or letter. When the mind is full and the heart heavy writing a poem can be that thing that will help set the spirit free. Keep writing. Never stop writing and be at peace with the world. Nice poem.
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