I hear a man cry out in the desert wind 
fear yet don't eat no meat or you will soon vomit
ravens are out on the trale ready to eat on your flesh 
warning do not fall in deep sleep 
I have seen many things in darken dreams
Oh the cries ,
those sad painful cries of the young and old
you don't want this emptiness to take hold
move along and sing your songs 
in the still of the night ,try not to cry 
for what it is you see with your eyes
Thats when I would hear Dark Angel speek
while he stands so bold in the desart wind
take my love, it is not clean I do give to the weak
So let it tempt you while you bleed 
come and feed off of me
in a world of pains of darkness you will see
and you will be alone with these
who cries in the night to be set free
but that will never be because you are in darken dreams
take and drink all this pain in and dance with me 
in the rain of a hurricane where coldness grown in your vain
you will hear and see things
that will make you feel your going insane
a place where life seems so cold yet so bold
I could see him talking away with new faces 
I had uncapped my pen to write down all the things I hear
oh, the pains are coming near holding much fear and tears
where lies cut deep into the night
where shame feeds on those who bleed
oh, the sigh for my bed i lie
I see skeletons that ravens left behind 
the bones are dried up on the desert sands 
where it is the evil stands
upon silk paper in my own blood stain ink,
for others to read what it is my heart bleeds and see 
the sounds of water from far away lands 
the waves push upon on the banks
where Dark Angel walks about scattered souls of long ago
into the clouds of weathering smoke
Oh, how my tears did flow
I have seen many things in darken dreams
how nature of man could make so much commands
with ancient anger hold in the  eyes that once 
gazed in the sky asking God why 
in the silence of their minds 
Oh, how I could hear the cries of all kinds 
I stand in the filed upon the blood stain sand
in the sound and the mood of ancient time
beneath my feet are souls of long ago 
that was abused and used
because they loved God they were slaves of the true faith
the young and the old they stood so bold
they died for what they believed in
they will always be the beauty of light 
that shines so bright in the love of God
Oh, ancient moon you hung in gloom in late June
where fewer summers came along hearts are shattered
soul is broken down day and night
tears flow like rain in so much pains
but the mind of the slaves remembers
there was once a true beloved face many
pains on earth before his death
Oh, how his love shined in the slave’s eyes
Because that beloved came from heaven above
He is like a white beautiful dove
that flies high into the sky of love
that one died for all of us who loves him
beneath my feet on wet ground are the cries 
of an ancient time
Where trembled hands where words and commands
came from he who haunts me
who gives so much pains his eyes are following 
my every move, ceasing away faith and love
I always had wondered how could he live with himself
life isn’t a game, but it is a gift
just like the sea that flows in darken dreams
the ocean blues and rivers and streams
hold the love of who created all things
while slaves are being termeted in all things
God Jehovah and Jesus sees all things
even in darken dreams that makes me scream
upon crying tones, blood has fallen beneath the feet
while the spirit still speaks
in places of the unknown where true agony was made
where tears fall while the body is beaten down
where found, feelings had no share
because Dark Angel don’t give a care
The sight of light never shone in his eyes
Dark Angel doesn’t know what love is
on all crying souls of long ago 
their words are still being told their pains are 
bring on the rain, while they call upon the name
where infant cries while they died
while mothers slaved out for their lives
friendships are bestowed upon the land
While Dark Angel beats them down
He calls out my name, Saying Moonlight
tell me what it is you see, come cry to me
Moonlight stands on her feet tell all what she sees
while slaves of faith weeps
time is a clock that plays the games of tick, tock
But no one knows the time when God will
make his show, to a place he will make war
a war not of man, but a war in his command
So, while you’re out being slaved to a word of pain
never loss your faith, love one another
I see faraway lands of true freedom
where the light will shine so bright
Where true love will always be
This is what I see.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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