The wind blowing swiftly through the night
where the rolling of the sea starts to scream
out its own agony to me in darken dreams, 
the sounds are painful as it tumbles along
like an old sad ancient song, 

while the waves are scraping along the banks
where love once walked
But now all I see is the transparent of time
in a distant thunder rumbles in the sky
Oh, how I miss love being by my side,

The rain falls hard on my broken heart
while the memories sweep over me, 
where I see darkness that is luring of opaque
window over my eyes
Where the lost is roaming around like clowns,
Like something is beating them as they walk
crushing bones into dust 
dreams is all I have that seems to last
where all reasoning can be so misleading
pushing along in a revolution of its power, 

Where the reviewers praised the liar 
that is setting on his dark throne of lies
I feel it, I know you do too
I dream it 
I even write about it 
while my soul bleeds out like ink
for all to read what it is I see,

Composed of the elements of the disparate souls
that are in defending of rebels
that walks around like the living dead
that has lost their minds to the time we live in
listen to the sounds of how the wind blows
Oh, how it takes me back to a painful past,

Where all eyes are always on me
making trays for me to fall in
while I hear Dark Angel telling me 
come to me Moonlight and look deep into my eyes
tell me what it is you see
that's when I started to scream,

He takes hold of my hands 
and we started to dance 
while his grip got tight as time moved on
he would stair deep into my eyes
like he was reading my thoughts,

while he holds me close 
like he is a fared to let me go
then he said, your visions are volatile to me
you are the light of my darkness
I won't ever let you go
this you should know,

This is written down deep into my mind
where my heart bleeds out to you Moonlight 
So, tell me changeable one
What is it you see that is coming to me
That's when I started to speak,

I see more dilemma coming your way
While your heart will always weep for me
I will harvest in true beauty
that will always take your breath away
But I will never give you me,

I hold all that you need
just like you are doing to me
Your sneaking around like a snake 
Your eyes glance with poison charms of wonders
rolling around like thunder
praising all my attempts to change all your evil plans,

You speak to me in a way like you are reading a book
But you know you don't scare me 
I am here just for a testing
you gather an audience that sees things your way
while they are cleaning behind bars
your puzzled by all my mystery,

Good I like it that way
you delayed your smile 
while your eyes are launching in space
like a shuttle is about to take off
your thoughts are scorn with great contempt
to find ways to try to break me down, 

But when it's all over with 
you will be crown the foolish clown of the town
that is the vision I do see
while the sea cries out in agony in darken dreams.

Poetic Judy Emery ©

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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