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The path

A path can lead or return those who follow. It will show 
you the way back from whence you came.
No need to give it much thought, right?
Perhaps you did not think about the path being there
in the first place.  
How did it get there and why?
Just imagine all of the stomping that made it a firm trail. 
Is there a difference between a path and trail? Perhaps....

What about those that cleared the way so that you can
easily follow it?
Least one more thought about it, why was it made?

A path is a mystery tool.  First, it’s a mystery because one
Does not know why it was there and where does it lead. 
Second, it’s a tool in the reason that it is useful to maneuver
around obstacles or to find one’s way. Sort of like a compass.

Maybe the path is a shortcut or that it leads to a special place, or maybe it’s a path to just run and get some nice exercise thru the woods. You can walk thru the woods and step over fallen trees 
and bulging boulders but its nicer to just have a clear platform.

Maybe you take the lead on the path, but who are you leading?
The path leads you. No one behind you?
You don’t take the bus, the bus takes you.  
You don’t take the road, the road stays there and you travel
upon it.  You travel upon the path and the path remains in place. 
Isn’t it nice to have that explained?

Can you find the way back by following your footsteps?
You trust a path more than your own footprints?
Having a path is quick to follow to get back securely and quickly.

Following a beaten path is mundane. Leads to the same place.
Nothing to spice up one’s life.
To create or design a new way in life is  an  awareness that a 
change need to be constructed. A change in the everyday aspect on one’s life. 
The same path we follow was of someone’s creation. We don’t
Know the reasons for it. We can make a path in our life that
is meaningful and resourceful. 
Creating a new one is beneficial to stamp out the old beaten path.
The boring one is with the packed soil and the roots coming up. Nothing there that is much of an interest to make you want to
To step upon new soil can be inspiring to spiff up your interest
To see what’s ahead. To go on the old path you know what’s
instore.  Curiosity does lead!
A new path in your life. Get out of the old rut in the mud. Put
some pep in your step. 
By having a new path (or trail) you can establish a new vision to 
incorporate into your everyday style. Something that you 
would not find on the beaten path.  

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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