The Four Emotions of the Body: 3-14-17-228 Words

All these voices babbling,
Now the body is trembling.
In horror it awaits,
the terrible fate that is waiting for it at the end of the tunnel-
hypothetically, I mean.
But even so, as the body waits,
shaking to the core,
the terrible four argue some more,
which adds pain to the body.
Now at this point the body is confused.
Should cease to exist? The four would be amused.
The body has a choice but knows not what to choose.
Let the four overcome me,
it's easier to lose.
But not in the mind,
the mind always knows. 
The choice you make might allow you to grow.
But choosing wrong could get you hurt,
so think twice about what you 
spurt-from your mouth.
Or things could go south-for you.
And a life without you,
is something new,
that only a few know how to do.
So the body sat there and wondered:
What to do in the situation that made her encumbered.
Rise up and conquer the four that await?
Or let them come? 
If only she didn't procrastinate.
Her time was under restraint,
the moment coming nearer.
In a last minute beat she decided they would fear her.
No more hiding, no more waiting.
No more this or that-no.
She was the key to her own victory.
So from now on there was no more misery.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 3/15/2017 1:46:00 AM
What an incredibly unique poem, with a great poersonal style. Very emotional, yet at the same time distant to be able to obsereve and analyze. Wonderfully written. Welcome to PoetrySoup.
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