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The bookcase

A room without a view, unkempt for many a long year
Dusty aging book slanting within a bookcase
Closet doors creaked, the wide boarded floors moaned as I walk
Adjacent to the bookcase is a stone fire place with iron kettles aside.

Am mystified who lived here, how long ago?
I was led by a path that I had not known before. Discovering 
a path was great but curious where it would lead me. 

I did not take the path, it took me, I left it intact as I traveled, and it was walked upon before, I know. 
I had come before this house that obviously was unkempt and no signs of life about. Standing before the bookcase I brushed away the webs and dust that covered the titles. 
There was an assortment of literature, novels and fiction books all 
arranged by genre. Some books appeared as they had been sleeping for a hundred years. 

I came across some books that drew my attention by the title names. 
‘wisdom’  ‘knowledge’ ‘learning’ and ‘hope’.
Never have I seen such titles and especially with an author’s name. 
No publisher noted and no date of its writing.  Each book was written
in ink, and perhaps from an old dipping pen.

I needed to rest awhile after my walk on the path. I decided to sit and take a look at those books. I wasn’t sure which book to check first. All 
appeared to  have  an importance to me.
I choose to start  with the learning book first. I felt that the wisdom book would be something to read later due to its relevant material which
I would better understand. 

The learning book explained that life is school which we gain insight
and advance in  grade to higher levels  of intuition. 

The book of knowledge reiterated what we had learned and how
That would be useful to conduct our lives and live among a 
challenging world.

The book of wisdom explained all we had learned and now known,
was there to justify its truth and relevance in which to formulate
our own  moral principles.

The book of hope was my last book to read. The day was getting
close to dark so I had to take it down to the porch under better
light to read.
This book did not tell me how or what to hope for, but 
described hope as an intuitive tool to inspire one to have an open mind to gather impressions and discover ideas to construct a goal to strive for. 
How could hope tell me all of that?
By hoping it would diminish feeling of melancholy, give an uplift
to a mundane  life.
Hoping would fertilize the way to achieve a better understanding of where I’ve been and where I am to go. 
All of these books are now well read, and all of the pertinent guides
will be a cornerstone for a happier and enriching life.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 11/26/2017 2:20:00 PM
Hello Dug, all these books you are telling jus about, I am interested in. Can I borrow these books? Have a nice day my friend.
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