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The Battle Of Darkness

The Battle Of Darkness

I have myself toiled in sadness of darkness
While searching for freedom
searching for truth; 
I spent many hard cold years
the tears that poured out like rain 
while I had been toiling in so much pain
in the traps of despair.

Oh, life why don't you care for the soul
that toiled in the sand that is taken a stand? 
I'm still hanging on to hope 
where visions of light plays in my eyes, 
it is a battle to do what is right 
it is always a fight 
to make my path right.

As time moved along 
so did everything else that I loved in my life, 
I found myself in so much pains
where my heart is wounded
cut so very deep; 
I was left out to bleed away
in a place of true darkness.

I been cast into a darken dream
where my eyes can see how malicious
people really are; 
lost of faith holding no truth to their words.
their words are very sharp like a sword
that cut deep piercing away at my soul.

my poor heart just bled like the sea
as I write down all that I see
in the flow of ink that is in my pen
I write on paper, on the sand
in my heart, and mind all the time.

The pain is holding me down in darkness
in the coldness, 
where I stand out in boldness
I found my self lock away form what is real to me 
friends they come and go
they fall like snow
that is the show 
like the smoke of a fire 
they hold no desire.

The ones that call their self my friends
are something I once known in my past
but nothing never last 
they still are lost in the past
I try so hard not to look back
because what they show me 
is the lies of darkness in scrutinize eyes.

They still try so hard to have some kind of hold
on my soul, I know I must let them go; 
I'm always among every tears that falls
every cry, every scream of pain
were all those malice words bring on the rain
hateful people examining all details of me.

They're always out stalkers my life, 
making quarrels of lies 
that brings on a battle of the night
while I fight for my life
Oh, you scrutinizing eyes 
your always watching my every move 
keep other confused about me.

Oh, how the night speaks out in the rush of the wind
in torn ligaments of feather wing's
where I do scream
I know this is only dream
but I can still feel all the pain 
that keeps hammering on my soul, 
they have broken my wing's
where I could no longer fly.

This is the battle of true darkness
I have no friends here this I can see
they hold so much jealousy in their eyes
where they speak abusive things about me
they shamed my good name
casting all blame my way.

Their words are brutal that makes fights
hate is all I can see in their eyes, 
they are always at me making me struggle
But, I fight my own battles of the night
I fight for what is right in God's eyes
this is a battle I will soon win
but until then 
I will rid the raging storms 
that comes my way in all my darken dreams.

Poetic Judy Emery 1980
Darken Dreams

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 11/7/2018 5:40:00 AM
many thoughts deep within are shown to conclude your need to break those chains and let you inner soul speak out loud.
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