Quasimodo Has Lost His Mojo - Part 2


Quassi seizes his only chance as the ever swinging rope starts to get even nearer
Into the Notre Dame crying sanctuary like we couldn’t hear him any more clearer

Nobody had any idea of what to do then - so it thought best to let them both be
As Quassi got to know Esme and Esme got to know Quassi - all over a cup of tea 

Esme at last gave in and gave Quassi a kiss and in return he gave Esme his grizzle 
Sorry my mistake there - due to candle lighting that was meant to say - his whistle 

Hope you are all keeping up with this - it’s gonna be a long un . . . ; ) 

Should in her time of need and he is away - all she had to was give it a little blow
Flippin’ ‘eck - this poem just gets even worse the further along it all seems to go

So . . .   

Of the whistle it was just as well as Frollo the lustful decides to make a call on Esme
Thinks Esme - it is that darn old git Frollo the lustful again trying to over whelm me

Grabbing the whistle that we are best Bessie mates Quassi gave her she starts to blow
With only seconds to spare of losing her knickers - didn’t dear Quassi make his show

And in the darkness gave old Frollo the lustfull - a pretty good bashing by all accounts
But as the moon shone on Frollo the lustful face - Quassi saw who it was and dismounts

His old dad - who had adopted him from this very own foundling bed at - Notre Dame
Frollo now angered by it all shouts “If I can’t have you - nobody can” and left in alarm

Frollo - the now not so lustful went off alone to fulfil his evil claim - to kill Esme his aim
Used Pierre Gringoire who Esme had saved from death and had married all but in name

Gringoire thought he knew the score - called the gypsies in - and tried to save Esme’s life 
But poor Quassie did not know any of this and there ended up one ‘eck of a flippin’ fight

King Louis XI had got wind of this and said all of this has to stop - and ordered in soldiers 
To stop the rioting and for the fun of it Phoebus was fighting along shoulder to shoulder

In the fray - Esme takes leave and is about to run from Notre dame when met by two men 
One is cloaked and the other is her husband in all but name Gringoire which both pretend

To offer Esme a passage out via the river Seine - faints on hearing her death chants thrown
When again she awakens from this deathly pose - who other than Frollo she is with all alone


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