Quasimodo Has Lost His Mojo - Part 1


Quassi me old mate - just how come you ended up with such an ugly face? 
To be dumped by the gypsies who took Esme the good looker into replace

Poor old Esme’s mother took one look at Quassi - fell into despair and fled
And thought dear little Agnes was dead and a meal to the gypsies then fed

Poor old Quassi was for some strange reason excised then sent on to Paris
In fear of the kin folk left behind who they thought he may well - embarrass

Frollo the lustful adopted Quassi on account he was 5ft 4 - but full of muscle
And sent Quassi on a mission to see if the good looker Esme he could hustle 

Quassi who had not excised for a while failed in his job to some guy Phoebus 
Ended up returning empty handed and now up for kidnapping was full of cuss

Poor Quassi was sentence to a day in the pillory - while spat at - then mocked
It was Esme who showed pity and gave Quassi some water then was shocked,

When he asked to kiss her hand - course Quassi had falling quite madly in love
But his handsome good looks kind of repulsed her - so she gave him the shove

Bringing curses by who it was yet to known - Esme’s very own long lost mother
Who thought her long lost daughter Agnes has been stolen & eaten by others!

Later on Esme saw the dear old Captain Phoebus and his fiancée Fleur - de - lys 
His piece of posh fluff he wanted to marry - whist Esme as just someone to kiss

Esme took offence on hearing this news and was just about to get up and leave
When Phoebus played his ace of a card hurt face and Esme - returned to please

But little did they know they were being spied on by - I do not give up cad Frollo
Who in a jealous rage stabbed the old Captain Phoebus in the rumpus to follow

Poor Esme on the mere sight of blood - ended up on the floor after she fainted
Didn’t know that - it so didn’t happen murder of Phoebus she be would tainted

Her delicate little dancing foot was then threated to be put in a crushing device
Aiding her to confess to something which even to her - she knew was not right 
Even her weird best friend of a goat was used as a witness against her in court 
Though we know after a few bags of rolled oats the darn goat had been bought

Guess who turns up but Frollo the lustful who offers Esme - me or the rope card
Angry with Frollo and even more with me as a poet - yells “Out you’re both bard”


Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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