Professional Agitator

Wait a minute as unravels all these current
events-this just in
'S some poetic prophetic twist? check out 
name of appointed Treasurer
but to protect the dirty hands no name
I'll mention
While the ambitious perky journalist Kelly
's contract's up next year's possible 
Orangutang Prez elect'll pencil her in
get her in his pocket perhaps as press
relations speaker liaison?
That is unless of course while we all hang
on to the edges of our seats desperately hopin'
that the IRS still has 'nough power left to
pop him on tax evasion
Or plans to scrap the electoral college soon
happenin' n' recount kicks in n' Clinton gets in
by popular vote n' opinion 
Meanwhile in the almost comical power shuffle
we see Christie creme axed but the Prez elect
thinks like lookin' in the mirror there's the 
chubby faced almost Oliver Reed lookin'
character with unkempt hair's to be Chief
Strategist'd make sense 'cause Bannon
shoots the same hurtful balls as "Big T" 
outa his cannon
'S now over a week n' we still got violent protests
n' student marches 'cause plain unwillin' 
to own up to his stuff n' take responsbility
for fallout n' humble down n' issue 
an apolgetic public statement
'Stead like some goon bully kid spouts
I won fair n' square over her n' what's this?
simply blames people's reaction just sayin'
sad divertin' fault solely on shoulders
of the professional protester
Ah news flash there already has to be a cause
in place for so called professionals thrown
scraps to be brought in for existin' fire to be
stokin' 's why they're generally sent
Meanwhile back in D.C. neck of the woods 
uncharacteristically with hat on almost
completely pulled around like a knit bonnet
Under the faint glow of dark streetlight
steps out kinda hunched over not in usual
proud strut er boundin' down plane steps
hands energetically bouncin' scrunched up
like a T-Rex-it's our current Prez!
But hush hush as he exits the dilapidated
phone booth takin' back the dog leash
n' handin' over a box of Cuban cigars
to the secret service man
It'd be under the penalty of death or perhaps
an obscene payoff amount to repeat from
behind the muffled glass what he'd heard
Ah yes Secretary Clinton you can rest assured-
I got my best operative contacts on it.
Nov'-16-2016 Duncan R.M. Ferguson 

Thought 4 today: 
Could just be an observation
Or do i got my head up my ahum
'Cause I see a bunch of Chicken Littles 
their spindly legs flyin' a band
tryin' to grow their necks out 
to stick 'em in the sand. DRMF

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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