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One More For The Road

Once he walked the verdurous trees of life,
a tall and upright equal, alive with credence.
Now, in this persistent winter,
like sneering Gulliver's they gloat,
towering above the withered leaves of hope,
where he now, so frustratedly dwells.

Disillusionment wraps him in a spinning parcel
of detachment; a centrifugal pulling from reality.
Reality? What is reality?
A naively-imagined norm?
A lottery of grotesque wealth or starvation?
A nightmare from which there is no waking?
A deluge of horrific images creating a torrent
In which, even the strongest cannot swim?

Even he, despite his arrogant posturing,
had sought that godly glow of peace,
believed by multitudes, delivered to none.
Perhaps he'll try one, last-grasp attempt to clutch
that elusive straw of unfathomable belief.
A desperate lunge to deny the rising
maelstrom of ever-increasing lunacy.

No, look, there gallops a herd of pale horses,
intent to leave the shattered bones of altruism,
empathy, peace and kindness, trampled into
the mawing mire of man's vacuous existence.
Cynicism, given the relentless stampede
towards the cliffs of self-destruction,
is justified, and hopefully an eye-opener
and salutary warning against the apathy
and delusion of the blindly optimistic.

My advice, for what it's worth:
Love those around you and those
who deserve your love.
Keep your world small, don't
ponder too deeply on the future,
mix a laugh with a glass of wine
and music that touches your emotions.
Then,you might survive the madness.
It works for me, though I need to pay
more heed to keeping my world small
and not pondering too deeply on
the future for the young.
Though, for so many, there is no future.
Come on,Jon, remember your own advice.
I guess that's just an act of self-protection
from a caring, irrevocable atheist.


' If there's one thing that makes me cynical
it's optimists. They are just far too cynical
about cynicism. If only they could see
that cynics can be happy, constructive,
even fun to hang out with, they might
just learn a thing or two.'

Julian Baggini.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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