One Day

One Day 

Some days I am lonesome 
because I want to talk to you  
I stand by my window
next to my bed looking out to 
a darken sky 

Even the stars wondering where you are   
Why do you have to be so far from me?
I call you and tell you I love you
because my love is true
I need You 

When I dream
I dream of only being with You  
In my dream, I am typing away ox to you
even when I am so blue crying over You

When I tell, you I love you? 
It comes right from the heart 
to you in a call hoping it reaches 
your heart 

When this old body is with your old body 
What a happy day that will be 
in beautiful Spring  

We can watch the sun come up 
and watch the stars shine above 
in so much Love 

But until then we must keep on 
talking on the phone hoping  
And wishing to be near each other 

Dreaming for our first Kiss 
Today I was going to write you a poem 
I made a pie instead  

It took about the same amount of time
of course, the pie was a final draft 
A poem would have taken some time 
Some days 

Maybe even weeks and months to come
In a year, you will be hear with me 
You say in a phone call away
I hear your words 
I love you on the phone and it sound 
so, clear to me 

Oh, how I wish you were her my dear  
Someday I pray this loneliness will
go away with the clouds of gray
I woke up from a dream 
then I slept again with so much going on
and had many more dreams 
you were here with me 

Then today an artist comes to me  
Can I draw you photo of the weather your end?  
Then he draws away of brighter days
He put a smile on my face  
This winter afternoon I saw and Old man 
and woman walking by my window 
And it drawn me back you 

The love they have in their eyes will be
One day you and me
and not just in dreams 

I hold on and one day you will come
home to stay 
That will be the start of You and I 
a Love that never died.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2004
The Queen OF Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 8/5/2017 11:58:00 AM
Great expression of thought and devotion. Very well put together. Very nice thoughts. I do like it.
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