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Old Friends

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For Brenda

I'd been thinking 'bout a show we did together.
Get a call out of the blue,
You're in town , just passing through,
Maybe we could meet up later if I'm free.
You say the name of your hotel.
Yes, I know it very well.
Why don't you go down to the bar
And wait for me.

It's more than twenty years since we last saw each other,
And before we've even started,
It's as if we'd never parted,
That's the kind of friends we've been for all those years.
You say I haven't changed a bit,
And I say you're still looking fit,
We laugh and hug and choke back, Liar!
Through happy tears.

You're on tour, and, you have left another lover.
I laugh and say what else is new,
I'm between romances, too,
It's a shame we don't have better taste in friends.
And we consider why we do it
And the pain of getting through it.
There's no excuse, 
And we'll be doing it again.

You want to know if I have lived with many lovers.
I reply, there've been a few,
But none measured up to you.
We'd be happy for a while, then she'd move on.
You say all loves come to an end,
That's why we're better off as friends,
And we'll be that way
When all is said and done.

Then I ask you if your life is ever lonely.
Do you ever feel despair,
Or afraid when no one's there,
Ever feel like giving up and going home?
You say an actress comes to love it
'cause it's part and parcel of it,
And helps to make the most of good times
When they come.

So we sit in that bar and talk 'til two,
And reminisce as old friends do,
And tell each other what we've been through,
How far we've come, things left undone,
The loves we've known, why we're alone,
And promise not to wait so long
To meet like this again,
And how very glad we are
That we're old friends.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 3/24/2018 2:39:00 PM
Great verse Jim, how true though , you have friends and go your separate ways and it's always too long a gap in between. And yes you always vow to keep in touch but sadly years again go by.
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Slaughter Avatar
Jim Slaughter
Date: 3/24/2018 3:40:00 PM
Thanks, Tom. Sometimes that's why I think it's better to have a smaller circle of friends. The chances of seeing them more often is/may be better.
Date: 3/24/2018 2:22:00 PM
this is very touching, jim! i was able to picture it all and know just how you were feeling (or how i think you were feeling, anyway). great poem...
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Slaughter Avatar
Jim Slaughter
Date: 3/24/2018 3:38:00 PM
Thank you, Ilene. Brenda and I do, and have done for many years, kept in touch by email and Christmas and birthday cards, but this get together was literally "out of the blue". We had an all too brief but lovely time together.
Date: 3/24/2018 1:58:00 PM
a FAVE, my friend. Lovely reminiscing and such smooth delivery and rhythm. Totally lovely, Jim. Awesome poem.
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Slaughter Avatar
Jim Slaughter
Date: 3/24/2018 3:35:00 PM
Line, thank you.
Date: 3/24/2018 1:27:00 PM
I could imagine this set to music as a country song Jim I think its a scenario that some people can relate to:-) hugs jan xx
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Slaughter Avatar
Jim Slaughter
Date: 3/24/2018 3:35:00 PM
Thank you, Jan.