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ode to fear

Part I

Fear, I know you. 

You are my secret	
wound. You are a 
putrescent, honey droplet.
You are a back-hand, 
hand mirror.

Your name sounds like
all, I have failed to love,
and all, I have failed
to fight for.

You are neither 
being, nor doing, 
but a never, 
ending, undoing.

You are a hand, 
a foot, a wide-opened 
mouth, voiceless. You 
are a broken branch. 

You are a serpent 
planted in the fields.
You are a still-born
wind, born at the 
bottom of the 

Fear, why are you

 Part II

Fear, don’t you know, 
I can see you? 
I have seen you
all my life. 

I see, in my,
mind, you, watching
me like a shadow
in the shadows,
standing naked

save that red-parrot, 
feathered hat, old 
walking, stick, raged 
hunting dog, and 
white falcon. 

I see an old
tree bent in the 
shade, with knotted
branches for arms, 

toenails deep like
roots, and fire-blue, 
indigo eyes
molded from time

I see your grip
on that bird-shaped, 
handled, walking 
stick, carved from a 

stolen Yggdrasil 
branch, and the veins
that, like worms, roam
the back of your 
You ancient, 
standing tree, I 
see you pointing 
that stick at me 
for your hound to

track, so, that your 
falcon can mount
my shoulders and 
whisper your words.

Part III

Fear, there is no
room for you on
my shoulders, 

I do not want
your counsel for 
you whisper it,
not like others,
by the ear, but 
from within deep, 
down like a 
fallen stone. 

In the past, you've
turned my sword into 
a dropping hand,
and my fingers 
into canaries.

You left stones in
my mouth, and where
my heart once sat 
now stalks a dark, 

So, falcon, take
these grapes, carry
them back to your
master and be
on your way. They
are ripe and plump 
with ash and dust.

Please take them and
go, or I shall slay you 
complete and drag
you back to that
untouched corner 
of creation.

there is nothing
but fear; 
fear feeding fear; 
fear all around.

Then, I will wash
my weapons in
the sea and be
on my way.

Fear! There is no 
room for you on 
my shoulders, today!

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 10/29/2017 8:18:00 PM
Right on! Ther is no room for fear. Have a nice evening my friend.
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Date: 9/23/2017 1:34:00 AM
wow! incredibly awesome write!!! :)
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Jasso Avatar
Pio Jasso
Date: 9/23/2017 9:04:00 PM
Thank you for your very kind comment.