Dark Angel, always tells me how much he loves me
But as soon as his words left his mouth
He started beating me down, 
The pain is so unbearable it is killing me slowly
but I still stand up boldly to him.
He would keep on telling me 
I am his everything life could ever bring
That he is my king and I am his queen
He loves me more than words could ever say
Oh, here comes more pain 
bring on the flash flood of rain, 
he kept on telling me 
I will never let you go
I will never let you have that kind of freedom, 
Not in life or darken dreams
I am his queen and that is it for me, 
so, he takes me down into his darkness
with a deadly kiss; 
down we go in to darken dreams 
where all I hear id the agonizing screams, 
I feel so sorry for all those slaves
that has lost their way; 
their tears will fall like floods of blood
upon the sand where it is I stand, 
Oh, this pain he keeps given to me
That he calls it Love; 
All those rains of yesterday's pains
come rushing in like a tidal wave, 
I try so hard to never look his way 
Like I am doing okay; 
but his anger is all over the place, 
slaves are dancing around in pains
calling out his name while their tears fall
like red raindrops, 
just the thought of him next to me 
makes me so very ill; I can't even breath, 
I feel his eyes are always on my every move
I try to never say the wrong
But where I'm at nothing is never right
all I hear is lies that plays on the mind, 
I can still feel his old cold hands touching my face
while he looks at me asking if I'm okay, 
I look at him while his cold hands move along my body, 
I ask him why is he doing this to me? 
Then he said because I can I am your man
The king of all your dreams, 
I know he loves me because he tells me 
over and over in darken dreams, 
oh, how he loves to hear me scream, 
why does his love have to hurt? 
why does he have to play so many hateful games? 
He tells me to look in his eyes
then say to me, what is it you see? 
that's when I started to feel so much agony 
tears started filling my eyes; 
I could smell the smell of death
where so many has lost their heads, 
Then I started crying out in so much pain
And I said all I see is darkness and pains
I find the darkness of your soul of hades in your eyes, 
there is no ending to your darkness, 
and all I hear is more lies; 
then he stood over me saying, 
It's you want and nothing more 
So, get up from the wet floor
Before I beat you down some more, 
now I started cry just to get away from him, 
but he will always be in everything I see or do, 
I could never forget him, But I truly want to.
he is always with me playing on my mind
day and night making me feel like I'm going crazy, 
I could feel the change come over me 
While others look me up and down with jealousy, 
I cry out my beauty isn't everything about me, 
I do have a soul that bleeds just as they bleed
I am a white woman with a good heart, 
But everyone wants to take me apart, 
They call me different because I hold love within me, 
Because I get visions at times or dreams
Some are very good and a lot are very dark
That eats away on the mind, 
Oh, how I do cry….
I ask God to please forgive me for all my sins, 
Help me please get through this time of testing…
I feel I'm about to lose control over my own soul, 
Please dear God never let me go! 
Dark Angel gives me a life of his darkness
And he tells me to write it all down what it is I feel or see, 
While he gives, me darken dreams; 
He looks at me and tells me, I love you 
I will break you down and let you bleed out like ink
Into the sea of me in darken dreams; 
You will feel all my pains
And you will know some of what I think
Your heart will bleed and you will write
I will call you Moonlight my queen of dreams, 
Then he would say, When I'm through with you
he tells me over and over 
then you will know how much I love you, 
how much he needs me, more then you will ever know, 
Oh, how my world has grown cold, 
in a world of an unknown, 
I see him wherever I go even in the snow, 
his words haunt my mind most of the time, 
they play like an old mystery song, 
all my blood stain ink of what I write 
will go down history of me in darken dreams.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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