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My Knight in Shining Bone

I opened the emails: nothing.
I looked through the mail: nothing.
I checked my cell phone: nothing.
The elders always remembered Valentine's Day, but not the children. The youth I had saved from death, spent thousands on to improve their quality of life and gave them my time to ensure a full day of smiles and laughter. 
Their Valentine's Day always remembered.
Mine always ignored.
I stood up and threw the computer into the wall and slammed my cell phone into the front door. Tears tackled my face like wet wrestlers. My mood brooded into sheer madness.
I raggedly rushed out the back door, reached for my weapon and shot in several bullets into the ground. Gun shot after gun shot rang out as I cursed my own heart.
Panic pounded me like a drum as all the lights went on in the neighborhood homes. I forgot to drive out to the secluded forest and fire out my fury.
I hid my gun a la James Bond style and whipped down the rest of the whiskey. The hot sauce trailed all over my face and around my mouth.
I stumbled back inside into the living room and collapsed.
Swirling sirens surrounded my home.
I could see all the neighbors outside. Again.
Staring, glaring, leering and sneering.
Oh well I was the Pinstripe Drama Mouse.
Five medical people stormed into my home and found me on the floor, panting, sweating, crying and clutching a Valentine's Day stuffed bear.
“Ma’am, tell us your name please.”
“A, b, c, d, e…”
“We don’t have time for games.”
They looked around my home to see the plethora of medication and alcohol evidence.
“Don’t you realize alcohol is toxic?”
“I’ll show you toxic!” I slammed my right hand into a broken beer bottle. Blood blushed everywhere.
I awoke later in a padded cell in a straitjacket.
My body ached with bruises, dried blood and my brain bubbled. I vomited repeatedly. Insanity played me as if I was his instrument of foolishness. I began body slamming the walls and started screaming.
Black steam surged beneath the door, and I saw the twinkle of white.
I smiled.
My knight in shining bone had arrived. His skeleton shimmered. His ebony robe thick with king authority and his scythe sharp as a sword ready for battle.
“Sh, my mouse, my mouse.”
I crumbled and cried.
His scythe slit through the straitjacket. I stood shaking naked before the Grim Reaper with my body a map of bruises from the Ivs that dug too deep in my skin, vomit crumbling off my face, urine and feces stained my skin. Tears and sweat were rivers running down my being. My hair stank foul. I was humiliated.
His beautiful pearl bony hand stroked my left arm repeatedly. Bones of silk steamed inside and outside of me. I was having a spiritual and physical ballet spa at once. Now, I was dressed in a long white satin gown.
My body healed and my soul resealed.
He clutched me and kissed me passionately. I was his dove in his black tree of the afterlife. I could hear his beating heart.
Yes, Death with a beating heart—for it was the souls reuniting as lovers, families, pets and mother nature re-blooming.
“What is going on in there? Are you trying to escape?” 
The Reaper slammed the door open with his scythe. He stood over eight feet tall. 
The nurses began crying, “I..I…am not…”
Death remained silent and we floated fast to the nearest window to the left of my holding tank.
“Are any of them…” I whispered to Death.
“Did you make an entrance?”
Death eyed me and smiled, “I am all about the exit.”
With his right skeleton hand holding the large scythe, he smashed the window open and we drifted out. Everyone in the hallway had passed out.
Death threw his sickle into the silvery starry sky where it transformed into a cloud in front of the full moon.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“Your favorite!” Death winked at me.
We arrived at Multnomah Falls at in Bridal Veil, Oregon.
“My mouse, you need to re-charge as a Fate. Tonight, I will be with you on Valentine's Day.” Death bowed to me, and his pearl skull grew a dozen red roses. They floated away as Cardinals.
A tear danced upon my heart.
The Grim Reaper and I entwined as lovers. We rushed up and down the waterfall like two crazy partners, laughing and smiling. Full moon winked at us.
Sunrise rose slowly.
Death carried me, and we transported to a different home, my beach home on the Oregon coast. He placed me in my bed, and my three cats curled around me. My lover then steamed away...


Sponsor Anthony Slausen
Poetry Contest Life of Death

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 4/9/2018 12:21:00 PM
Wow what an awesome Valentine's Day tale with just the perfect amount of guilt tripping !! Love it. The vast majority of kids sure are ungrateful and self-centered. They'd rather play their computer games than spend five minutes acknowledging someone. There that was my rant, I feel better. Awesome poem, Chantelle. Love it.
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Date: 1/21/2017 8:19:00 AM
Like a crazy dream! Full throttle content! Congrats, Chantelle!
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